INX Media bribery case – Bribe giver Indrani turns Approver

Indrani's turning approver in the INX Media bribe case could sound the death knell for Chidambarams' political ambitions

Indrani's turning approver in the INX Media bribe case could sound the death knell for Chidambarams' political ambitions
Indrani's turning approver in the INX Media bribe case could sound the death knell for Chidambarams' political ambitions

Bad days ahead for corrupt former Finance Minister Chidambaram

The INX Media bribery case got momentum on Thursday after the Special Court allowed the bribe giver co-accused Indrani Mukerjea to be an Approver by revealing all the dirty tales of the main accused, the corrupt, former Finance Minister P Chidambaram. The court also issued a warrant requiring the presence of Indrani on July 11 to go through the relevant documents about her turning an approver in the case and give her consent.

She is currently lodged in Byculla jail, Mumbai, in her daughter Sheena Bora’s murder case. Her husband Peter Mukerjea, the company’s founder, is also in jail in the same case. Special judge Arun Bhardwaj pardoned Indrani Mukerjea, an accused in the INX case, after she submitted that she voluntarily agreed to become an approver in the case.

Meanwhile, three months back, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has sought Sanction for Prosecution against four former officers working in Finance Ministry, for colluding with Chidambaram.

Indrani has already confessed to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) that she had given Rs.5 crores bribe to Karti’s firms for getting Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) approvals illegally after the directions of the then Finance Minister Chidambaram.  It is learned that the agencies have recorded her confessions which exposes the dirty dealings of Chidambaram who pressured Indrani to oblige his other demands apart from bribing money to son Karti. Indrani told investigators that she was forced to oblige to Chidambaram’s all demands as she was facing Income Tax’s prosecution for illegally bringing Rs.305 crores investments in their TV channel INX Media.

INX Media bribery case

In 2007, INX Media TV Channel owners Peter and Indrani got FIPB approval only to bring Rs.5 crores as foreign investment. But they illegally brought in Rs.305 crores and were caught by the Income Tax (IT) in 2008. When they got a notice from the IT department, Indrani and Peter approached the then Finance Minister P Chidambaram. In her confession statement, Indrani said that Chidambaram promised to save her from Income Tax prosecution and recommended that she give Rs.5 crores to Karti. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) found that this bribe money was parked in Karti’s two controversial firms – Advantage Strategic Consulting and Chess Management Services. After getting the bribe, Chidambaram, who headed the FIPB gave an illegal post-facto clearance to INX Media and blocked the Income Tax prosecution for illegally routing Rs.305 crores from tax havens.

The INX media bribery case was unearthed after ED’s Investigating Officer Rajeshwar Singh conducted raids at Chidambaram’s home and Karti’s firms in connection with Aircel-Maxis probe in December 2014. The ED and Income Tax joint probe also exposed the illegal assets in 14 countries and 21 foreign bank accounts of the family.

The CBI arrested Karti in February 2018 and sensing danger, Chidambaram rushed to the Delhi High Court and the 2G trial Court to obtain interim protection from arrest. In October 2018, ED had attached Karti’s properties worth more than Rs.54 crores in Delhi, Ooty, London, and Spain.

Meanwhile, three months back, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has sought Sanction for Prosecution against four former officers working in Finance Ministry, for colluding with Chidambaram.  The officers found in the investigation to be in conspiracy with Chidambaram in illegally approving the FIPB clearance in 2008 were former NITI Aayog CEO Sindhushree Khullar, former secretary of the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Anup K Pujari and current principal secretary in the Himachal Pradesh government, Prabodh Saxena and a retired Under Secretary Rabindra Prasad. The file is pending at present with the Finance Ministry and CBI is waiting for the approval to charge sheet Chidambaram and son.

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  1. The law is a slow moving train
    only an ordinary will understand its pain
    Judiciary will not understand ordinary’s stress and strain
    for PCs knock at mid night to get maggie anticipatory bail
    when we all look like fools and wait for law in vain.
    When the corrupts would be put in jail
    before they fly and go out and sail.
    Mother and Son worry not about anything
    Father and Son bothered about nothing
    Know they that the Judiciary is a slow moving train

  2. PC has been exempted from arrest 25 times like Ripley’s believe it or not. Then they tell you, tongue in cheek,” Be you ever so High, all are equal before law”. Open and shut cases means shut them down forever, it seems.

  3. Hope she comes very harsh on the “OTHER DEMANDS”, another filthy Abhisex Manu Singhvi. Maybe the shouting of Pakipanjabi-Xtian-Bdeshi (All white skin FDI prds, and most of them cryptoXtians OR “married”to White skins or Xtians) controlled CIA-ISI-VATICAN-OpusDei traitors shouting yesterday was triggered by This Only

  4. How many FM’s in BJP will work for PC? Fed up with this no movement attitude of our FM’s. Ignoring Swamy and getting some novice who looks like a shadow of AJ is no good. Can Pgurs, from its sources publish an article on why swamy is ignored and Nirmala Sitaraman inducted into FM post?

  5. PC has strong links and connection across the party lines at the highest level of BJP caucus to easily influence, peddle and cut coercive deals to delay any meaningful action taken against him or any of his family members, mind you without putting away even one cent from their looted/hard earned money. As it keeps on dragging for years and years, people would forget and it would be high time for PC to kick the bucket. Had it been any other country in the world, be it the neighboring Sri Lanka, Malaysia, China, Pakistan or for that matter in any other democratic far away western nations, courts by now would have given the verdict. Powerful Delhi Lutyens Lobby that PC has full access to, such as KT Tulsi, Abhishek Manusnghvi, Kapil Sibal can work with him, for him, to keep their Corrupt Chamchas – both the Chief and the Chota Chidambaram, the Congress Con-men from being dragged to the Courts and declared as Convict for Ever. It will drag on for the next two decades reaching a no-end ever. Slow and Sluggish India Stinks like a Skunk.

  6. Chidambaram will, without doubt, make all attempts to turn her hostile – either through heavy bribes or threats.

    Chidambaram may liquidate her by bribing the Jail Officials

    Still, if Indrani testifies & records her confession as an approver, the credibility of her Statement – being a murder accused – will be challenged.

    All such attempts to defeat the due progress of the Case or delay the trial proceedings will be made.

    What with trillions at his disposal, Chidambaram will be able to purchase the Judges too

    Salman Khan, with a few billions in his kitty has made a mockery of our Judicial System.

    Imagine – to what extent Chidambaram will go

    • No with AJ, Adwani, sidelined, the Pakipanjabi-Xtian dirt lobby in BJP is on retreat, so sanction may come soon, Wait and Watch


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