With Prof Subhash Kak on Tamil Grantham and how one could write Sanskrit with it

Tamil Grantham, a language that existed not so long ago, had a comprehensive set of letters to represent Sanskrit completely, supporting all the matras and deerghaas. In this revealing conversation, Prof. Subhash Kak explains how Sanskrit was written, all the way back to Rig Veda.


  1. […] While this modernization was done under the guise of simplifying the language, the real intention was to de-link Tamil from Sanskrit, promote it as a unique language and consequently prove that the native speakers are very different racially and culturally from the rest of India. An average person from Tamil Nadu today is brainwashed to believe Devanagari is the same as Hindi or Sanskrit by intentionally overlooking the important distinction between script and language. In fact, according to researchers , Sanskrit was written in all Indian scripts including Tamil prior to the arrival of the British and there was no exclusive relation between Sanskrit and Devanagari. More information here. […]


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