Dr. R Nagaswamy in his new book Dharma Yoga traces Manu’s Code of Ethics as far back as 1400 BCE

From Europe to the Far East, Sanathana Dharma and more importantly the Manusmriti has been used as a guide for the rulers. Using sculptures, coins, and other forms of identification, Padma Bhushan awardee Dr. R Nagaswamy traces the spread and reach of Manu's Code of Ethics, which seems to have been the inspiration for the Ten Commandments. A must watch!


  1. Please post the link to Buy the book. This is an excellent interview. My Humble request is whenever any book is presented it is better to put a word about the publisher so that it would be easy to reach out to them for purchasing it. A word of compliment to them would add more value and motivate them to bring out more such books.


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