Is Arun Jaitley double dealing in ED and IT probes against Chidambaram and Ahmed Patel?

By not moving against known offenders in the Opposition, Jaitley runs the risk of practicing deception

By not moving against known offenders in the Opposition, Jaitley runs the risk of practicing deception
By not moving against known offenders in the Opposition, Jaitley runs the risk of practicing deception

For the past three weeks, a huge tussle is going on between the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and certain corrupt and pliant persons in the Finance Ministry under Minister Arun Jaitley. All the people in the corrupt ecosystem of Delhi are baying for the blood of ED Chief Karnal Singh and ED’s Joint Director Rajeshwar Singh after decisive action against former Finance Minister P Chidambaram in the Aircel-Maxis scam and Congress leader Ahmed Patel linked Sterling Biotech, caught in Rs.5000 crore bank frauds.

Prime Minister Modi speaks day in and day out on acting against corruption and such questionable calls by Jaitley is creating doubts in the minds of many.

Last week the ED officer Rajeshwar Singh approached Supreme Court for protection from anonymous complaints. ED Chief Karnal Singh wrote to Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia against actions on frivolous complaints against honest officers of the ED. It is reliably learnt that Adhia was forced to act on the anonymous complaints because of pressure exerted by Arun Jaitley. If this is true, then the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley must explain why.

Prime Minister Modi speaks day in and day out on acting against corruption and such questionable calls by Jaitley is creating doubts in the minds of many.

Further, it is reliably learnt that many Gujarat cadre Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Indian Police Service (IPS) officers are trying to pull wool over Prime Minister Modi’s eyes on actions started against Ahmed Patel, a fellow Gujarati. These officers appear to be clever with Modi while maintaining their secret links with Ahmed Patel, who used to pull the strings till May 2014.

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Director Alok Verma has now openly come out against Gujarat cadre IPS officer Rakesh Asthana, after his name was found in the monthly payout diaries seized from Sterling Biotech. Now CBI has registered two First Information Report (FIR)s against Sterling Biotech where the first FIR mentions the role of Ahmed Patel’s son-in-law Irfan for bribing accused Income Tax officers. The second FIR is for a Rs.5000 crores bank loan fraud. It is a mystery as to how Asthana continues to be in CBI, when his name is found in the accused company’s bribe payment diaries! Moreover, the banks under Finance Ministry have not acted on the Rs.5000 crores fraud by Ahmed Patel’s companies.

Asthana who handled Agusta Westland case has now diluted it making only Air Force officers as accused. Till date Sonia Gandhi or Ahmed Patel, the key players in the Agusta Westland case was not questioned by CBI, though the Italian Court judgment detailed their role. PK Mishra, the Additional Principal Secretary in PMO is behind the illegal promotion of Asthana, even after CBI Director objected. PK Mishra is also a Gujarat cadre officer and controlling all senior appointments and promotions. This veteran officer was a close confidant of Sharad Pawar and served as Agricultural Secretary during UPA tenure. It is a known secret that PK Mishra plays his own games in the everyday tussle between Shiv Sena and BJP to protect the political mileage of his old boss Pawar. The question is why Mishra is protecting Asthana, whose name was found in Ahmed Patel linked company’s diaries. Do both these Gujarat cadre officers have secret deals with Ahmed Patel?

Back to Arun Jaitley. The ED is totally under Revenue Department (always looking for new sources of revenue) in the Ministry of Finance. ED summoned Chidambaram’s son Karti in two cases and till date, he has not yet appeared. Why has Karti not been arrested? The buck stops with Arun Jaitley.

Why is he keeping quiet while an honest, efficient officer Rajeshwar Singh is facing hardships for attaching Karti’s properties in Aircel Maxis scam? The Income Tax  Department (ITD) is also under Arun Jaitley. On Subramanian Swamy’s complaint Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered the ITD to probe into Chidambaram family’s illegal assets in 14 countries and Karti and his firms undeclared 21 foreign bank accounts under the new Black Money and Benami Act. Modi ordered in June 2017 and till date, the ITD too has not arrested Karti.

Mr. Jaitley has much to answer – his inactions in moving against Chidambaram, son Karti, Ahmed Patel and son-in-law Irfan.

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  1. N.Venkataramanan
    It is time to consolidate P.M’s hands now than to let him down. But P.GURU champions
    a national cause and in a constructive way. Kudos to its efforts. The culprits are to be brought to book under nonbailable offence and the writeups would help that cause

  2. Law will take its course. People in BJP is also corrupt. The whole country is full of corrupt people. How many
    will you put in Jails. We need to build more jails!!!!!

  3. Jai Italy. This man is a National Sin. Fault is with Modi to accommodate in Cabinet after people rejected him in Amritsar for more than 2 lakh votes. Is he blackmailing Modi and Amit Shah?

  4. isn’t it the people are begging for right action against corruption and corrupt people but Modi goes blind in the love of Aurn Jaitely may be perhaps “pink in pond”.

    Its PM Modi who should be held responsible for such anti-national activities happening around him deriving power him only.

  5. Is in he grip of maze of legal system, are having edge, the last hurdles must be that system, or its nexus, guess Shri. AJ is last resort who can deal it.
    Isn’t it strangeBJP/NAMO who could deal with Shri.Advaniji likes,
    Hope he is not complicit and may deal it to overcome even at cost of sacrificing as it happened when NAMO raised to power.
    If intent is there can one not expect to happen as we see unfolding of various high profile/policy irregularities e.g. the letter exposed related to Tahelka etc.
    If Shri.Swamy and Shri.AJ joins it can be dealt and NAMO+Team takes India ahead.
    What better option ?
    If things are happening, solution is trust/believe it !! and of course raise question as is in this article.

  6. Thank you Sree Iyer! I would note that your article is also about the PMO (not just about the FinMin). If even a small part of what you have covered about the PMO officials is borne out, we may be in for more serious disappointments that just the stalled prosecution of corruption cases against UPA ministers. Patel is easily the second Jinnah, with all the international networks, backing and intrigue necessary to damage the very fundamentals of this country. To even think that a key official in the PMO might be inclined to do him a favor…. the potential disaster can be huge.

  7. It certainly looks like it. Beginning wiith IT on EPF, 7th PC GST, Aadhar Jaitley and his gang of Babus have undermined BJP’s credibility

  8. There seems to be no movement n most corruption related cases – national herald case etc. BJP will lose support if does not proceed faster in these cases.

  9. There is no question that BJP is going slow and not delivering on its promises to punish the corrupt.

    From National Herald down, not one conviction has been obtainined by it.

    Just registering FIR after FIR, going afterthe populist vote, with high decibel speeches does not translate into arrival at the promised land.

    Sadly, and tragically BJP is likey now, to lose the 2019 election.

  10. All of us who had a huge expectation from Modi are now feeling deflated. “Mei nahi Khaonga; khane nahi Deonga” has become an empty slogan, with people like Jaitley successfully stalling any serious action against accused offenders. If this same trend continues, even Bhakths will turn against BJP in 2019. We have a serious doubt whether Modi has “something” to hide. And that “something” is possibly known to Jaitley, who is blackmailing the PM. If there is no action taken against the Chidambarams and Ahmed Patels, we will conclude that our assumptions are true and opt for NOTA in future elections. This number is growing every hour!!!

  11. As a fan of Modi and his bold pronouncements, I am slowly realising that there is nothing which differentiates BJP from Congress. Modi keeps saying that he will certainly act against corruption. But the reality is different. Not a single corrupt personality has been arrested / punished or even taken up for interrogation. If Jaitley is the root cause of this inaction, Modi must get rid of him. If he is unable to do it, I suspect that Modi has “something” to hide and Jaitley is privy to that “something”. Therefore, he is able to have his say and blackmail Modi with that vital information. If what I suspect is untrue, Modi must come out clean on why no action has been taken so far and how soon the situatio is likely to change.

  12. This was the question I was asking for last two years to Jaitly and also Modi through emails, and in thier respective facebook pages, and comments in website. There was no response so far. It is very obvious that Jaitly is not clean and that is why he cannot cleanse the system. I do not understand why the he has to save people like Chidambaram, Sheila Dixit, Suresh Kalmadi, D Raja and Marans. Modi should immediately remove Jaitly and mke Subramanyam Swamy the FM.

  13. Congress had kept it’s moles in all depts in all powerful positions to make sure that they will not be caught for their loot, antinational activities, seroius crimes of all types etc. It may be difficult for BJP which is working in opposite directions due to selfish interests of leaders.

  14. People have begun to ask why there is no action in respect of corrupt UPA government persons, despite 3 and half years of modi government. The inaction can cost BJP heavily in the coming years. Why the PM is not acting despite Sri Subramaniam Swamy taking up the matter with him? Patience is clearly running out.



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