Is Tirupati being taken over by Chrislamists?

Are Chrislamists getting bolder by the day in TTD? Is TDP implementing Law and Order unevenly?

Are Chrislamists getting bolder by the day in TTD? Is TDP implementing Law and Order unevenly?
Are Chrislamists getting bolder by the day in TTD? Is TDP implementing Law and Order unevenly?

Tirupati is becoming a hub for Communists and Chrislamists. Seeing their support base dwindle away, they are combining to create nasty incidents. On 14th of June the Hindu Chaitanya Samithi (HCS) leader, Tumma Omkar got attacked by 25 members of All India Students Federation (AISF) and Students Federation of India (SFI). When Omkar approached police to lodge a complaint, they allegedly refused and harassed Omkar. Is the Inspector of Police in M. R. Palli jurisdiction applying the law unequally? It is the duty of Police to follow the law and order procedure for all.

Omkar had proof of the incident – a video uploaded by the AISF members  into their Facebook page, where AISF & SFI members were clearly heckling Omkar to apologize for condemning communists’ interference into Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) funded Sri Govindaraja Swamy College. With the help of this video Omkar managed to convince higher police authorities about the attack on him.  As all the evidence suggests that Omkar is the victim, along with AISF & SFI members police also registered an FIR on Omkar, Suresh, and Govardhan (Hindu Chaitanya Samithi members). TTD belongs to Hindus and Hindus only. How can communists, Atheists, Chrislamists claim any stake in Hindu Dharmic places and its related establishments?

Omkar received life-threatening phone calls, submitted a written application along with evidence to Abhishek Mahanti, Superintendent of Police, Tirupati requesting for security. After submitting the application this attack took place.  This raises a big question – where did the leak spring from?

Where did it all begin?

The issue started when HCS members approached TTD authorities and complained about AISF and SFI interference in TTD related educational establishments. Based on HCS complaint The TTD vigilance department removed the SFI and AISF banners from Sri Govindaraja Swamy College. Since then Omkar received many phone calls, some callers even threatened to kill him.  When AISF and SFI members saw an opportunity they attacked Omkar in the premises of TTD administrative building where 4 security personnel and approximately 25 TTD staff were present.

Subsequent to the complaint by HCS and the removal of the AISF posters, Hindu activists learned that the TTD executive officer allegedly gave permission to SFI and AISF members to put their posters in TTD educational institute. This raises many questions – Is the TTD really a Dharmic place? Does it come under the secular jurisdiction? The Hindus should be the whole and sole beneficiaries of TTD and its related establishments. All these years Hindus never complained when their goodwill was getting abused by communists and Chrislamists, but now these forces are trying to dominate the Hindu influence on TTD and its related establishments. How can Executive Officer or the TTD vigilance department allow such kind of activities in TTD funded institutions? Isn’t it their responsibility?

When the whole of Bharat was shocked to learn that there are more than 1500 Christians working in the TTD, there were no protests by any communist groups to support Hindus. Chandra Babu Naidu administration does not want to take any action on these Christians who are sucking Hindu money. During the court proceedings, the arguments by the TTD & State government lawyers appear to have been weak and clearly failed to voice the concerns of the Hindu community.

A growing menace

There clearly appears to be a communist footprint in TTD employees, and it is making sure that most of these employees turn anti-Hindu. In the recent events, most of the employees were seen wearing black badges protesting Ramana Deekshitulu’s allegations on the temple, but not in the case of Christians abusing Hindu wealth. As in Tamil Nadu, it is getting clear now – a nexus between communists and Chrislamists is taking root in Andhra Pradesh too.  All of us born in Bharatvarsha are Sanatanis and must act according to our Dharma. That these groups refuse to see it is the handiwork of vested interests. The reality is far harsher than what is portrayed by Che Guevara or Castro. Communism has not worked all over the world. High time, India’s Communists read the writing on the wall.

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  1. It seems Chandrababu naidu is looting the wealth of Lord Balaji and some of the anti hindu forces have found out this and are threatening him that he will be exposed. That is why he is not taking any action against those who want to usurp into Thirumala Devasthanam institutions.

  2. All these started during the tenure of the ras-cal Rajashekar Reddy who was planning to construct a Church within the Tirupati concourse. Center should without delay nationalize Tirupati & other high net worth temples & remove all Athiest, Communist & Anti-Hindu forces

    • The last thing Thirupathi needs is nationalization. Before you know it, it will be government bureaucrats who will be in control with politicians in tow and the looting will become massive. Thirupathi should be handed over to the traditional Hindu caretakers and Government should butt out of our temples.

  3. What is compelling Shri Naidu to be silent/supportive of this mischeif!
    Let him remind himself of what he spoke to the then Chief Minister of combined State of AndhraPradhesh (with Hyderabad as the capital) when the chief Minister tried to usurp the hill in the name of State (Hope he is still a Devi Upasaka! Bala Ji also has Ankusha!). Wish the the Lord shows up in the supreme court as he is worshiped by Saint Arunagirinathar / Kavyakanta Gapathi Muni (They worshiped him as Lord Subramanya) and Protect the Sananathana Dharma! Mal Marogone Maman Malai appan Malaithu poiIrukkum Iththarunam Nee MelKottukku Vandhu Kappaye!!!! SwamiPushkarini has its name due to Lord Subramanya

    • Naidu is that scoundrel who forced Atalji drop the ‘private member bill’ seeking a ban on cow slaughter with the threat of withdrawing support to Atalji’s Government. Because of this thief Naidu, cow slaughter continued unchecked in AP resulting in perennial drought in the State. Anti-national, Anti-Hindu gutter snipes like Naidu, Siddaramaiah, Mamta should be behind bars


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