Kanishka Singh, the man who is more powerful than Gandhis, rue many Congress leaders

They say that the pujari has to grant the boon, even if God is willing to meet – is this the case with Kanishka Singh & the Gandhis?

Kanishka Singh
Kanishka Singh

Ask any Congress leader and they will all agree on one point – the role of Kanishka Singh, in collapsing the working pattern of the grand old party Congress and alienating Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi from the leaders and cadre. In one voice they will all say that after Sonia Gandhi removed him from her inner circle, Kanishka landed in Rahul and Priyanka’s offices and his behaviour has forced self-respecting Congress leaders to keep away.

“This young chap (Kanishka Singh) even grabbed the legal cases and even started annoying late H R Bhardwaj and party’s leaders from a legal profession like Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal and Abhishek Singhvi,” said a senior lawyer who is also a Congress MP, adding that we have to wait for days to get appointment of Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi.

Kanishka’s family is running Delhi’s old Gandhi family linked company MGF, which was also involved in CWG Scam and AgustaWestland related issues

Kanishka Singh’s father SK Singh was the Gandhi family’s trusted man from Indira Gandhi days and was a former Diplomat and Rajasthan cadre. In early 2000, Kanishka was entertained by Sonia Gandhi too due to his tech-savvy nature. But later on, she started avoided him after many Congress Working Committee members and Cabinet Ministers started complaining about him. Then he landed in Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi’s office continuing his tantrums, says a Congress CWC Member, that he is waiting for an appointment at Rahul Gandhi’s office for the past six months.

“The Man who finished the Gandhis is Kanishka Singh. He holds all the legal files, handles all legal cases and ensures Gandhis don’t come out of it so that he survives always. He messed up the National Herald case,” he added.

Rahul Gandhi’s system later finds Kanishka’s faults after getting 1000s of complaints but he got patronage at Priyanka Gandhi’s office because Robert Vadra and his cases are a headache to the Gandhi family. Kanishka handled legal and financial aspects and so he handles both issues of Robert and Priyanka. He now has full control in Priyanka’s office. “She cannot meet anyone without his approval, the same way he finished Rahul when he was in his office. His arrogance and sly nature ensured that Rahul Gandhi lost even in Amethi. He claims he knows the details of the foreign bank accounts of Gandhis so they can’t remove him. Pictet Bank to be precise and Vatican bank – to some he claims he even operates their accounts,” said a senior lawyer and Congress leader.

Kanishka’s family is running Delhi’s old Gandhi family linked company MGF, which was also involved in CWG Scam and AgustaWestland related issues. MGF is currently managed by his uncle and son Shrawan Gupta whose names were embroiled in association with Agusta’s main accused Guido Haschke. “His brother and relatives figured in ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) expose on tax haven accounts. Due to his closeness with Gandhis, he could manage to get his brother’s file closed in Income Tax and ensured no prosecution.”

“Kanishka ensured that all the legal brains of Congress Sibal, Salman and Singhvi were kept out of ongoing criminal and tax cases of Gandhis so that these cases continue always and his control of Gandhis is stronger,” say many Congress leaders, adding that he has the audacity of calling the Top 3 Congress leaders by their first names in Congress circles.

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