Karnataka politics gets a new twist in the Bitcoin scandal

Both the parties confirmed that there will be more bitter fights in the coming days

Both the parties confirmed that there will be more bitter fights in the coming days
Both the parties confirmed that there will be more bitter fights in the coming days

BJP vs Congress leaders war over Karnataka Bitcoin scandal

The Bitcoin scandal blame game stooped to a new low in Karnataka as the ruling BJP and opposition Congress indulged in personal attacks. In the coming days, both parties can get into more bitter fights in the coming days.

The Bitcoin scandal gets a new twist as both BJP and opposition parties play the blame game. Congress has decided to make the ‘Bitcoin Scandal’ a poll issue and BJP seems to be determined not to lose the momentum.

BJP blamed Opposition leader Siddaramaiaha‘s late son Rakesh Siddaramaiah for having links with Bitcoin scandal kingpin Srikrishna Ramesh a.k.a Sriki. Siddaramaiah burst out on BJP for dragging his dead son’s name into the scandal and questioned if BJP leaders lost humanity and lacked dignity.

Araga Jnanendra, the Minister for Homemade sensational charges in an interview to a private Kannada channel said that kingpin was used by Congress party to rig youth Congress elections. State Congress President D K Shivakumar called Araga Jnanendra a mad person.

BJP while attacking Congress put up a photograph of Rakesh Siddaramaiah, the late son of Siddaramaiah to be seen with Sunish Hegde and Hemanth Muddappa, close associates of Bitcoin scandal kingpin Sriki.

BJP chided Siddaramaiah for choosing to close cases during his tenure and the picture provided sufficient grounds to suggest his government’s role.

Siddaramaiah poignantly reacted that, BJP does not have any shame or honour in bringing up his deceased son’s name. “Rakesh is not alive. Is there any point in blaming him,” he quipped. He challenged the BJP government to initiate the judicial probe of the scandal including his tenure as well.

He questioned the Prime Minister’s presence with the fugitive Nirav Modi at the World Economic Forum. He also said that BJP state President Nalin Kumar Kateel knows the important leader behind the scandal who received Bitcoins to get accused Hemanth Muddappa released when he was arrested along with Sriki.

Home Minister Araga Jnanendra charged Congress overtaking the help of kingpin Sriki to rig Youth Congress elections in a private interview to a Kannada television channel.

“The software was hacked and programmed in such a way that votes cast would go to one particular candidate, he claimed. If a complaint comes in this direction, the matter would be investigated, he added. He also charged that the state Home Minister is acting like a schoolboy.

“At the time of elections to the Youth Congress, accused Sriki was lodged in jail. How can he rig the elections,” he said.

[With Inputs from IANS]

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