Karti panics, rushes to Madras HC after CBI issues a look out notice

Karti attempts to preempt a Look out Circular by CBI issued to prevent him from fleeing the country

Karti attempts to preempt a Look out Circular by CBI issued to prevent him from fleeing the country
Karti Chidambaram appears to be in a panic on a Look out notice in his name

How can the Modi government deliver on its promises, when there is a routine leak of information from sources loyal to the previous regime? It appears as though someone alerted Karti Chidambaram on a Look out Circular (LOC) from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) at all airports to prevent him from fleeing the country. Former Finance Minister’ P Chidambaram’s son Karti on Friday rushed to the Madras High Court as usual to quash it. A few days ago, because of the evasive tactics of Karti, the CBI had issued an LOC at all airports to prevent him from leaving the country. But some Congress aligned senior police officers appear to have alerted him.

Karti in his petition before Justice D Duraiswamy accused the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the CBI of trying to harass him as part of a political vendetta. He claimed that the LOC was issued on July 18 though he had responded to the summonses issued by the CBI and that it was done to cause “embarrassment” to him and to ‘throttle’ the voice of his father, “a leading member of the opposition”.

Karti said he was scheduled to visit the UK from August 16 for two weeks and that if the LOC was not recalled, his travel plans would be jeopardized.

After hearing his petition, Justice Duraiswamy adjourned it to August 7 after Additional Solicitor General G Rajagopalan sought time to get instructions on whether such a circular had been issued.

It is obvious that some senior officers of CBI or some senior IPS officers connected with the Home Ministry or Immigration alerted the former Home Minister’s son. Otherwise, the LOC which is issued in a secret manner will be known only to the concerned persons when blocked at Immigration point. Alerted by the moles in the police, Karti tried to preempt his arrest and rushed to the High Court.

For the past two months, Karti is evading all summons from the CBI in the case registered for accepting kickbacks from INX News media for illegal FIPB clearance given by father Chidambaram.

Karti has already filed a petition before another Bench of Madras High Court for quashing the CBI First Information Report (FIR). This case is posted on August 10, as in the previous hearing Karti played an excuse by the absence of his lawyer Gopal Subramanium.

Karti is also evading the summons of ED in the FEMA violation case related to Vasan Eye care investments and Aircel-Maxis scam. The question is how long the agencies are going to give a long rope to Karti? Why are agencies soft on this person who has no respect for laws?

Another question is why Madras HC entertains Karti’s petitions when cases are registered with Delhi Courts?

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  1. Sir your question as to why only the Madras high court is approached is indeed valid.Is it because his mother is a senior counsel occupying Room no 1 ?Who will or can investigate this matter ?

  2. This could be political vendetta… But If this karti is corrupt then he must face this… Million dollar doubt in all Indian minds…. Does ambani,adani and ramdev pay taxes promptly?

    • dude, get your facts right… this is not about tax, this is FEMA, PMLA … Spend some time on reading than commenting


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