Kerala Police turning Red…

An effort is on to jam-pack Kerala’s police force with hard-core members of the CPI(M)

Kerala Police turning Red
Kerala Police turning Red

“There are more than 12,600 police officers – ranging from constables to the deputy superintendent of police, who are members of the CPI (M).

“Lal Salaam, Comrade. This is Trivandrum Cantonment Police Station. What can I do for you, Comrade.” Please don’t be shocked. This is the response you are going to get when you ring up not only the Cantonment Police Station in Kerala’s capital city but from all other police stations in the State. An effort is on to jam-pack Kerala’s police force with hard-core members of the CPI(M).

According to highly placed sources in Kerala Police, there are 315  branches of the CPI(M) in the police force spread out across the 14 districts in the State. “There are more than 12,600 police officers who are card-holding members of the CPI (M). These officers belong to ranks ranging from constables to the deputy superintendent of police,” a senior IPS officer told Team PGurus on condition of anonymity.

The comrades in the police force meet regularly in the local offices of the CPI(M) and all their activities are directly monitored by the Chief Minister’s Office. The comrades in the garb of policemen contribute to the party kitty Rs 6.68 crore every year as their annual membership fee, popularly known as a levy to the party. All MPs, MLAs, ministers, IAS and allied service officers (who are fellow travelers) have to part with a fixed portion of their income to the CPI(M) an annual fee. Members serving in the police force in Kerala contribute a minimum amount of Rs 5,300 per person per year to the kitty. There are no receipts or acknowledgment coupons for these amounts.

“At no point in time, we have seen this kind of politicisation of the police force.”

Though the responsibility of recruitment of constables, sub-inspectors, circle inspectors, deputy superintendents to the police force is vested with the Kerala Public Service Commission, the CPI(M) nominated members in the KPSC have been authorized to select only those who are recommended by the district committees of the party to the police force.

“What is disturbing is the control the CPI(M) wields in Special Branch, Intelligence Department and Cyber Cell. Should I explain why the Special Branch and Intelligence Wing of the Kerala Police always rubbish reports about Love Jihad, terrorism-related activities, and all other anti-national activities?” asked the officer.[i]

It may be noted that the Kerala Government has always been adamant that there was no Love Jihad or forced religious conversion in the State. [ii]

Many lower rung officers with whom Team PGurus spoke were unanimous that all duty arrangements, promotions, transfers, and postings to sensitive departments are done as per the instructions and directives issued by the Branch Committees functioning in the Force. “At no point in time, we have seen this kind of politicisation of the police force. I am not at all surprised with the impunity with which the RSS workers are murdered by the CPI(M) killers. No murder case will ever be solved by the Kerala Police,” said a retired IPS officer who too did not want his name to be quoted.

“The Kerala Police has no credibility among the people of the State.”

The WhatsApp groups of police officers are being used to spread anti-Narendra Modi messages, said a senior officer in Ernakulam. He said these WhatsApp groups are functioning under the patronage of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and CPI(M) state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan. There are reports that Balakrishnan with the connivance of certain police officers are performing black magic and sorcery to weaken the Prime Minister and Amit Shah, the BJP chief.

Vinodhini, wife of Kodiyeri Balakrishnan is a regular visitor to the residences of leading black magicians in the State. Balakrishnan’s sons were involved in a criminal case in UAE for issuing fake cheques to an Arab and were facing police case in the West Asian country. Team PGurus had reported about Sathrusamhara Pooja which was held secretly in Balakrishnan’s Kannur residence to ward off all evil forces. The Pooja paid rich dividends as he could settle the financial misdeeds of his sons as well as finish off his rivals in the party.

Kummanam Rajasekharan, president of Kerala BJP, stated recently that the Kerala Police has lost all its credibility following its degeneration as the B team of the CPI(M). “The demand by the general public that all cases in which the CPI(M) leaders and workers are the accused should be probed by the CBI is proof that the Kerala Police has no credibility among the people of the State,” said Rajasekharan in a statement issued on April 2, 2018 which was ignored by the CPI(M) dominated Kerala media.

A.K Antony, Congress working Committee member who is also the former chief minister of the State had blasted the CPI(M) for making the police force ineffective and servile to the party.[iii] “The CPI(M) is under the impression that it could get away with anything when it is in power,” Antony said recently when a Congress worker at Kannur was murdered by the CPI(M) leaders. It may be remembered that Antony, a hardcore Catholic, is a strong proponent of an alliance with the CPI(M) to defeat the BJP.

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  1. The CPIM has been going about it systematically with no opposition from the rival Congress. I remember Dr.Alexander Jacob mentioning that in a particular year the LDF government recruited as many as 300 Sub-Inspectors. Most of them were possibly from their cadres. And how do they build cadres? Right from the SFI, through DYFI and CITU, they are “empowered” to do anyhing, in schools, colleges, factories, wherever, with absolute impunity! Such people getting into the State Police force, some of them being conferred IPS in the end get “Commited” police men?women willing to do what the party wants whether they are in power or in the Opposition! Remember in the Muthhot murder case a police officer had a knife “like the one used by RSS” to implicate RSS and divert attention from the real culprit? The State has no escape from their clutches.


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