DMK’s evil designs come out as Cauvery makes TN boil

The Cauvery agitation witnessed by Tamil Nadu is a ploy by the DMK led opposition to grab public sympathy

DMK's evil designs come out
DMK's evil designs come out

DMK which shared the office of power at the Centre did not do anything to get the Cauvery water for Tamil Nadu

The cat is out of the bag. The DMK together with all Tamil chauvinist groups and the Congress party led by Rahul Gandhi stand exposed in front of the world as the Dravidian party’s de facto head M K Stalin has indirectly made it known that his party and his own father are responsible for the failure in getting the Cauvery Management Board.

The Congress and Sonia Gandhi had assured the “nation” that the party would revoke the POTA once it comes to power

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappady Palaniswamy while addressing a public meeting on Wednesday said that the DMK which shared the office of power at the Centre from 1989 to 1998 and from 1999 to 2014 with five Prime Ministers (V P Singh, Chandrasekhar, Deve Gowda, A B Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh) did not do anything to get the Cauvery water for Tamil Nadu.

“The Cauvery Water Dispute Tribunal (CWDT) delivered its verdict in February 2007 and directed the Centre to constitute the Cauvery Management Board to ensure that all stakeholders (the States of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Puducherry) get the quantity of water decided by the Tribunal. The DMK which was the most important alliance partner of the Congress-led UPA government did not do anything to make the Manmohan Singh government notify the CWDT verdict in the government gazette or get the CMB constituted. It was our Honourable Amma (J Jayalalithaa) who fought and forced the UPA government to notify the CWDT verdict in the government gazette. The DMK-led by Karunanidhi was only interested in fighting with the Congress to pocket the money-spinning ministries like Surface Transport and Shipping, Information Technology and Communications, Environment an Forests etc. Karunanidhi did nothing to get the Cauvery waters for the State,” said Palaniswamy in a scathing attack on the DMK.

The entire set of TV news channels rushed to M K Stalin at Chennai airport to get the reaction of the DMK’s de facto Chief who is leading the party in the absence of his ailing father. “I don’t have time to waste… my time is precious… I don’t want to waste by arguing with these less worthies,” said Stalin who was literally taken aback by the attack unleashed by the chief minister.

It may be interesting to note that the DMK, till then with the BJP-led NDA during 1999 to 2004 jumped the fence and joined the Congress-led UPA just before the 2004 parliament election. Though they had cited the Gujarat riots as the reason for leaving the BJP camp, TKS Elangovan had been quoted by the secular media in India that the DMK was upset over the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) legislated by the Vajpayee government in the aftermath of the attack on Parliament by Pakistani terrorists. The Congress and Sonia Gandhi had assured the “nation” that the party would revoke the POTA once it comes to power.

The Cauvery agitation witnessed by Tamil Nadu is a ploy by the DMK led opposition to grab public sympathy

The DMK which won 16 seats from Tamil Nadu was the third largest party in the UPA-1 which went on to form the government. The Manmohan Singh government was literally at the mercy of the DMK for its survival. What Karunanidhi did at that time was shocking! He got money-spinning ministries for his relations and close associates. Dayanidhi Maran, grand nephew of Karunanidhi became union minister for communications and information technology. He was just 38. Karunanidhi got upset when his nominee T R Baalu was not given an important ministry and hence boycotted the swearing in of Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister on May 22, 2004. Sonia Gandhi was ready to go to any extent to placate her southern ally. She got Singh to dump K Chandrasekhar Rao from the coveted surface transport, shipping, and highways ministry and made Balu in charge of this ministry. Rao was asked to be happy with the Labour Ministry which he obliged. Then Baalu, Dayanidhi, and Raja launched the great swindling operation masterminded by Karunanidhi and they forgot Cauvery. Hence the DMK and Karunanidhi could not pressurize Manmohan Singh and Congress with regard to the Cauvery Management Board… who is bothered about the poor farmers of the Cauvery Delta when there was enough easy money to be made from other sources was the catchword of the DMK those days.

By the time Manmohan Singh was forced by Jayalalithaa to notify the CWDT order in the Gazette, the Karnataka government approached the Supreme Court with a petition challenging the tribunal order. Hence it was back to square one and the Modi government which came to power in 2014 could not take up the issue which was under the consideration of the apex court.

It was only after two successive failures (in the 2011 assembly election and 2014 Lok Sabha election), the DMK remembered Cauvery and hence the present agitation. Neither Stalin nor his charming step-sister Kanimozhi has an answer for the questions raised by the BJP and the AIADMK.

The Cauvery agitation witnessed by Tamil Nadu is a ploy by the DMK led opposition to grab public sympathy. The Congress has understood that Khushbu, who crossed over to the party from the DMK immediately after the 2014 Lok Sabha election would not be able to mobilize any additional votes to the party. The only development in Tamil Nadu following Khushbu’s exit from the DMK was perhaps Karunanidhi suffering a broken heart. The two used to spend hours discussing dialectical materialism and Dravidian ideologies late into the night with Rajathi Ammal providing intellectual inputs. Stalin, his sister Selvi and Kanimozhi got wind of the developments and understood that the day is not far when Khushbu walks away with all the wisdom she extracted from Karunanidhi. Hence she was allegedly smoked out of the party by the siblings.

For more details about Cauvery and what the Modi government would do to resolve the issue, please keep reading PGurus.

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  1. Here it comes in may 8 – and sc r reprimanded center for not forming CMB. We knew who these DMK / ADMK / Congress are… now add BJP … or PGuRUS least accept the failure of chacha nam0hru (namo + Nehru)!

  2. Sir, today we have politicians, actors all protesting on cauvery issue. If they protest on illegal sand mining and water body encroachment and water body pollution issues, we do not need cauvery water from Karnataka

  3. All like minded people should work hard on keeping the DMK out of power. It is a party that has ruined the state ever since they won in 1967. Karunanidhi has consistently worked for his and family interests as is clear in Cauvery issue , anti Hindu sentiments and anti Hindi sentiments. This party and their cohorts in other parties like DK have tried to isolate TN from the rest of India. I.e like farookh Abdulla of Kashmir. Defeat DMK should be the vow of all nationalist parties.

  4. Shamelessly BJP would enter into a bonhomie with DMK in TN post next assembly elections whenever it happens.
    All these unnecessary language wars,river water disputes,raging anti hindu, Atheism vs Spiritual disputes blah blah all due to secret understanding between BJP and DMK in TN… Stupid TN ppl do not see this and get polarised ,..
    letting off 2G via trial court , Pradhan Sevak meeting DMK supremo in Gopalapuram,droppin all Maran cases in exchange for deals in spicejet , FM radio auctions etc….all point to multi level deals already happened long back..
    whether Swamy the patron of this pgurus(poodle gurus) knows these things, still asked to act asif he doesnt know or even his frustration may also be part of all drama..
    Mark my words!!

  5. If this is the case, why cannot the BJP spokies not shout this out loud and clear and shut up their opponents. Why are they always meek and submissive on TV debates.

  6. Yes all parties resort to politicize Cauvery water…. but interestingly we thought this pompous pradhan Sevak will listen to SC!

    But he did what DMK and ADMK did! First time youth voters will not know what DMK or ADMK did in past…. they will remember what pradhan sevak did…….

    Investigation agencies could not prove 2g and telephone exchange against Marian’s under this govt…. there is no use in screaming Congress DMK etc….

    • Very true…about Maran n his BSNL deals was really shocked… But am sure bjp will not join hands with the corrupt to the core dmk

  7. Pure politics nothing else. If really water is required, Dr. Swamy suggested Desalination is the technology with which potable water can be arranged. Technology is available. Dr Swamy said he would help with technology from Israel.

    • If at all it is done, it has to be done using indigenous technology. We don’t need Israel for everything. Why this love for Israel?

      • Because Swamy wife is christian.. now I understand why he was in support for Sasikala n their mafia… Natarajan was buried (who knows if he got converted) most of the people who came to see him were all converts – vaiko, vairamuthu, veeramani etc

        • Rubbish. Swamy’s wife Roxna is parsi,probably his sister-in-law may be christian. These are irrelevant to this issue anyway.
          Dont bring religion,conversion into everything like a blind sheeple falling prey to these parties trying to divert attention from corruption,governance issues.
          That doesnt mean you become atheist or shun your religion/faith of choice. Give its due importance but do not drag it everywhere..

    • Keep Swamy’s suggestion as just suggestion and not drag him in this… He is liked and respected by many across India except by BJP.

      PGURUS itself carried so many letters written by Swamy on GSTN, 2G, NDTV, NH to Ayodya! Indians must understand and respect the importance of building of Temple at Ayodya and also upholding SC verdict for cauvery… Both are important for sure to our country..

  8. At the time when DMK in power, BJP was in power in Karnataka, opposition in centre, but not in interest of Tamil Nadu, where it not in power. Losing a state (Karnataka) is better than losing a Nation. Recently people like talk about Tamil Nation in Media and social media


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