M R Venkatesh on Banking crisis/ Economic crisis and the way ahead

As news spreads from the US that schools may remain closed till summer and the stock markets may stop, unless a vaccine is proven to stop CoronaVirus, a bottom cannot be called, says M R Venkatesh, in this hard-hitting conversation


  1. Good Conversation indeed.
    Incompetent RBI has become “Remaining Bank of India” and SBI has become “Saving Banks of India” ! That was the message I received on my whatsapp number!

    We used to think that UPA 1& 2 govts lead by an economist Maummohan Singh, self certified economist and lawyer PC and his chum RRR supported by another buddy Montek Singh did better…..in the end… they left rotten economy passed on to us by desh ki Bahu Sonia….. Lakhs of crores of mega scam were swept aside/left partially touched….the NDA govt for 6 years did little on them and the economy under majboot sarkar …is still limping. Dr S,Swamy chased most of the corrupt crooks!


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