Madras HC and Sanatan Dharma: INDI Alliance is a grouping of subversives, anti-Sanatan forces

There is no doubt that INDI Alliance is nothing more than a conglomerate of dangerous subversives and anti-Sanatan forces

There is no doubt that INDI Alliance is nothing more than a conglomerate of dangerous subversives and anti-Sanatan forces
There is no doubt that INDI Alliance is nothing more than a conglomerate of dangerous subversives and anti-Sanatan forces

Anti-Bharat and anti-Sanatan Dharma – INDI Alliance

INDI Alliance met in Mumbai on August 31 and September 1, 2023, to discuss ways and means aimed at dethroning the Narendra Modi government in May 2024. Ever since then, Bharat and Sanatan Dharma have been under scathing attack. That the major constituents of the INDI Alliance would unleash a no-holds-barred propaganda blitz against Bharat and Sanatan Dharma was a foregone conclusion. The reason: The INDI Alliance consists of such rabidly anti-Bharat and anti-Sanatan Dharma outfits as the Congress, the DMK, the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), the Samajwadi Party (SP), the Left Parties, including CPI and CPIM, the TMC, and the Muslim League.

INDI’s Ideology

The Congress, which was founded by the canny and imperialist Britain in December 1885 at Bombay (presently Mumbai) to puncture and defeat the then ongoing freedom movement in Bharat and further sharpen the caste and communal angularities, consistently pursued and advocated a line London had pursued in Bharat. It left no stone unturned to promote fissiparous tendencies and create schism in the Sanatan society before 1947 and it has been doing the same after August 1947. It handed down a constitution in 1950, which divided, and not united, the nation. It never considered Bharat a nation and forced down the nation’s throat the foreign concept of federalism in the early 1930s. And former AICC chief and Member of Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi, has been preaching in and outside Bharat that “India is not a nation; it’s a union of states”.

The Communist parties in Bharat, which owe their origin to the Comintern or Soviet Union, and which prefer China, Pakistan, and similar other hostile countries over Bharat, like the Congress, have also not considered Bharat a nation. They consider Bharat a congregation of almost two dozen nations with each nation having the right to secede. Ever since 1942, they have been working hard to implement the highly pernicious Gangadhar Adhikari thesis to break Bharat into smithereens.

A hardcore Communist, Adhikari had asserted and predicted in 1942 that “India is not a nation” and that “it will be divided into parts in coming years.” He had, inter-alia, said: “The rational kernel in the Pakistan demand is that wherever people of the Muslim faith living together in a territorial unit form a nationality, they certainly have the right to autonomous state existence just like other nationalities in India such as Andhras, Karnatakis, Marathis, and Bengalis…‘Indian is not a ‘Nationality’ but a collection of 18.”

The story of the SP and RJD, the so-called champions of socialism, is hardly different. They, like the Congress and the Left parties and the TMC, have been dividing the society or pitting one section of Sanatanis against another, and working in tandem with the Muslim leadership. Their objective is both power and subversion of Bharat and Sanatan Dharma.

As for the DMK, it owes its origin to the Justice Party, which was founded by C Natesa Mudaliar on November 20, 1916, at Victoria Hall in Madras (Presently Chennai). Its ideology and the ideology of the Congress and the Left parties are the same – rabidly anti-Sanatan and divisive. It considers some sections of society in Tamil Nadu a race apart and, like the Kashmir-based National Conference and the People’s Democratic Party (both pro-Pakistan, pro-China, pro-greater autonomy, and pro-self-rule), it and a few other regional outfits in Tamil Nadu, never allow them to become part of the mainstream.

The short point is that all the constituents of the INDI Alliance, including the Uddhav Thackeray-led faction of Shiv Sena, are one against the Sanatan Dharma like the Palestinians are up against Israel.

Attacks by DMK

That the INDI Alliance hatched a conspiracy against Sanatan Dharma in Mumbai could be seen from the atrocious statements made at regular intervals by some of the leaders of the dangerous alliance.

“A few things cannot be opposed, that should be abolished only. We can’t oppose dengue, mosquitoes, malaria, or corona. We have to eradicate this, that’s how we have to eradicate Sanatana. Rather opposing Sanatana it should be eradicated…The name Sanatana is from Sanskrit. It is against Social Justice and equality”: Udhayanidhi Stalin.

Udhayanidhi Stalin, the son of Tamil Nadu CM M K Stalin, and Youth Affairs and Sports Minister in his government, Stalin Jr made this atrocious statement on September 3 while addressing a conference organized in Chennai by the Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers Artists Association on the theme “Eradication of Sanatana”.

On September 7, A Raja, DMK MP, said: “Sanatan Dharma is a social disgrace like HIV and leprosy…There was no social stigma attached to Malaria and dengue.”

Attacks by Congress

On September 4, Congress leader, minister in the Congress-led government in Karnataka, and AICC president Mallikarjun Khadge’s son, Priyank Kharge, supported Stalin and said: “Any religion that does not promote equality or does not ensure that you have the dignity of being human is not a religion, according to me. Any religion that does not give equal rights or treat you like humans is as good as a disease.”

On September 5, Congress leader and Karnataka Home Minister, G Parameshwara created one more controversy by questioning the origins of Hinduism while speaking at an event commemorating Teachers’ Day in his home constituency of Koratagere. He said: “The question of who initiated Hinduism is still a mystery.”

Earlier on November 7, 2022, Karnataka Congress Working President Satish Jarkiholi had said: “The word ‘Hindu’ is of Persian origin and its meaning is ‘very dirty’…The real meaning of the word ‘Hindu’ would make you ashamed.”

In 2018, Mallikarjun Khadge said: “If Modi Ji gets more power in the country, then once again there will be a rule of Sanatan Dharma and RSS in this country.”

Attacks by SP

On September 13, SP MLC Swami Prasad Maurya again attacked Sanatan Dharma and the holy book Ramcharitmanas. He, among other things, said: “The roots of Brahminism are very deep and the reason for all the disparity is also Brahminism itself. There is no religion called Hindu, Hinduism is just a hoax. This is a conspiracy to trap the Dalits, tribals, and backward people of this country by calling the same Brahmin religion as the Hindu religion…”

Attacks by RJD

On September 7, Bihar RJD chief Jagdanand Singh said: “Sanatan Dharma advocates discrimination on the basis of caste…As a result, a section of the people was subjugated while the country was enslaved by those who roam about sporting ‘tika and chandan’ on their foreheads.”

On September 15, RJD leader and Education Minister in the Nitish Kumar government, Chandra Shekhar Yadav, compared Ramcharitmanas to potassium cyanide. He, inter-alia, said: “If you serve 55 kinds of dishes and mix potassium cyanide into it, would you eat it? The same is the case with scriptures of Hinduism…My objection to Ramcharitmanas is firm, and it will persist throughout my life…” And this was not the first occasion he spread hatred against the Sanatan Dharma and the Sanatanis. He had been pouring venom at regular intervals.

Attacks by Uddhav

On September 11, former Maharashtra CM and one of the leaders of the INDI Alliance, Uddhav Thackeray, crossed all the lines and said there was the possibility of an incident similar to the Godhra train burning occurring during the inauguration of the Ram Mandir. “The government could invite a large number of people for the Ram Temple inauguration, and on their return journey, an incident similar to that in Godhra may occur,” said Uddhav. He virtually suggested that the Sanatanis, and not the Muslims, were responsible for the death of 59 Hindu pilgrims and karsevaks returning from Ayodhya. (The Sabarmati Express burning took place on February 27, 2002, near the Godhra Railway Station in Gujarat.)

Congress’ demand for talks with Kashmiri terrorist

On September 15, Congress leader and former Union Minister, Saifuddin Soz, said: “India should not only talk to Pakistan but should also try to understand what is going on in the minds of terrorists.”

INDI’s Farooq pitches for dialogue with Pakistan

Earlier on September 14, INDI Alliance’s leader, NC chief, and Member of Lok Sabha, Farooq Abdullah, pitched for dialogue with Pakistan. “India and Pakistan will have to come to the dialogue table if they want to end bloodshed and find lasting peace in Jammu and Kashmir. Such incidents (terror attacks in Kashmir’s Anantnag) will continue if there is no dialogue. We are fools if we think that violence will stop. We will keep losing lives. There is no other way but dialogue,” said INDI’s Farooq Abdullah.

Matter of great satisfaction

It is a matter of great satisfaction that on September 16, the Madras High Court tore into the anti-Sanatan forces and made significant remarks. The court said that “Sanatan Dharma is a set of eternal duties, including duty to the nation, to the king, to one’s parents and gurus, and care for the poor, among others…”


What do the INDI Alliance’s statements suggest? These statements clearly suggest that the INDI Alliance is nothing but a conglomerate of dangerous subversives and rabidly anti-Sanatan forces. Had they said anything against any other faith, they would have become a story of the past by now. The Sanatanis have to look all these facts in the face and act accordingly to avert the impending disaster.

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