Manohar Parrikar calls out lies of Rahul Gandhi and slams for politicising courtesy visit

In his letter, he has also urged Rahul Gandhi "to put out the truth" Kindly do not use your visit to an ailing person to feed political opportunism."

Manohar Parrikar calls out lies of Rahul Gandhi
Manohar Parrikar calls out lies of Rahul Gandhi

PM Modi has been constantly been targeted by Rahul Gandhi over the Rafale deal

Goa CM Manohar Parrikar, 63,  has not been keeping well due to a pancreatic ailment for over a year and unable to attend office due to frequent hospitalizations.

In his letter, he has also urged Rahul Gandhi “to put out the truth” Kindly do not use your visit to an ailing person to feed political opportunism.”

On Wednesday Parrikar has written a letter addressing to Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi accusing him of using a courtesy visit for “petty political gains”.

On Tuesday Rahul Gandhi met Parrikar and after few hours of meeting, he told the party workers in Kerala that Goa CM has told him that, he has nothing to do with Rafale deal and it’s being organized by PM Modi for the benefit of Anil Ambani.

Parikkar wrote in his letter to Rahul Gandhi that, “I have said this before and wish to reiterate it again in today’s context too. The fighter aircraft are procured following all stated procedures keeping national security as top priority.”

He also said “I feel let down that you have used this visit for your petty political gains. In the 5 minutes that you spent with me, neither did you mention anything about Rafale, nor did we discuss anything related to it.”

He further added, “paying a courtesy visit and then stooping so low as to make a false statement for political gain has raised, in my mind, questions about the sincerity and purpose of your visit itself”

In his letter, he has also urged Rahul Gandhi “to put out the truth” Kindly do not use your visit to an ailing person to feed political opportunism.”

PM Modi has been constantly been targeted by Rahul Gandhi over the Rafale deal.

BJP President Amit Shah also accused Gandhi for lying in the name of a person fighting a disease.”

Amit Shah tweeted  – “Dear Rahul Gandhi, you showed how insensitive you are, by lying in the name of a person fighting a disease. The people of India are disgusted by your reckless behaviour.”

Even last year Congress had released an unverified audio tape, Goa Health Minister Vishwajeet Rane was heard telling an unidentified person that,  Parrikar was holding the government to ransom because he was in possession of the Rafale deal files. Both Rane and Parrikar dismissed the tapes as fabricated [1].

The letter attached below:


[1] No mention of Rafale, feel let down

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  1. I know how exactly the conversation went–
    Manohar : Hello Pappu how are you?
    Pappu : Not good. I am not interested in meeting people. My family already has looted the country enough. We have billions of dollars , ten times more than chiddu family but a bit less than karuna family. me want to enjoy that money by staying abroad where i can continue my gay life without hindrance. My sister also wants to live abroad and enjoy continuing her addicted life. But these kongi people are not letting us do that. We feel so frustrated. I hate India i luv europe, us, italy and colombia.

    If Pappu denies this , then I will say pappu is under pressure now from kongis and allies.

    Now , people here may ask for proof. But they should first ask for proof from Pappu. — Mind you, it should not be a voice doctored tape.

  2. Congress is trying to make Rahul Gandhi sit on Indian Head the most useless beggest Lier Joking day in day out forced nominated leader.
    Do you agree?

  3. RaHu told this nation that France President told him in his “ears” that there is a kickback in Rafael deal !! RaHu can stoop to gutter levels to come to power and he won three states winning margins vary by telling lies after lies.More to come during LS elections with his sister.

    I feel that the most incompetent government administration in India is PM Modi. His government did not pursue RaHu citizenship less said the better about “privilege” motion against him moved by Anurag Thakur on Rafael during last parliament session. Even this simple motion in LS is not taken by BJP. Why BJP/RSS fooling us for over three decades on Nehru-Gandhi dynasty? Some of us are not asking BJP to solve Ayodhya/ 370/ 35A/raise interest on fixed deposits from 6% to 9% for the retired middle class people……..

    Since late PM Vajpayee’s government 1998-2004 BJP is “dead against” going after ever abusing Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. This ugly family is playing with our national security and the government just ignores majority community. Bharat ke tukde tukde gang case was taken up last week. Modi government lost corruption issues. This Parrikar episode is really objectionable.

  4. Calling RG an unethical bastard would shaming Bastards . He comes from a family which would not hesitate to kill their sons to be in power. Cheap Tricks and Fraudulent News , and info has been the hallmark of RG

  5. In future BJP leaders should not agree to meet RaGa as he seems to stoop to any level with untruth and dis courtesy . In fact it is better if leaders from other parties also do not give audience to him as he has the habit of misusing such personal contacts.

  6. Pappu believes a ‘repeat of the 3 State Assemblies victory’ would happen by
    (1) continuosly raking the Rafael issue &
    (2) promising unemployment doles.

    It is a sign of total failure by Modi Government in failing to arraign ‘monster scamsters’.

    Even simplest cases like Pappu’s fraudulent declaration of citizenship has been kept hanging for years

    • Can you name the 3 Sates they won in election. Except Chattisgarh , they have no majority in any other state . Wait for the day when MP AND KARNATAKA to come back to BJP . It is matter of months

  7. It’s about time this public nuisance called khangress and rest of the useless, spineless, traitorous bygones called Indian NETAS be kicked out of all public places. Why can’t the present government go iron willed behind these traitors of there own mother land.
    They all are deep neck drowned in amoral acts and wealth. Just some basic investigation will reveal enough mucky property deals.
    Or it Will like carrot and stick. Keeping them happy for wanting allies. Or just to use it as a deterrent.
    I have a file on you.


    • It is easy to find out the supporters of Congress, who, despite knowing the fact, derive sadistic pleasure in justifying the wrong as right and vice versa.

      • Two religious communities thrive on the largess of the congress; they are also happy that congress is anti-hindu in spite of the recent gimmicks of RaGa wearing sacred thread and claiming to be shiv baktas; after hearing RaGa’s claim Lord Shiva has gone off from Mt Kailash

    • There are so many Gandhis in this world by your reckoning all should be ashamed. Gandhi is just a surname in Gujaratis and Parsis.


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