Massive hunt on to track down the footprints of terrorists behind the targeted killings of minorities in Kashmir valley

Quick capture and efficient application of Law key in restoring confidence to the minorities in the Kashmir Valley

Quick capture and efficient application of Law key in restoring confidence to the minorities in the Kashmir Valley
Quick capture and efficient application of Law key in restoring confidence to the minorities in the Kashmir Valley

Security forces launch massive exercise to hunt down hybrid terrorists in Kashmir

The security forces in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir have launched a massive exercise to hunt down a new crop of ‘hybrid‘ terrorists chiefly responsible for the recent killings of members belonging to the minority community.

The local police authorities believed the recent killings were executed by the new crop of lesser-known terrorists who are still not on the radar of the security forces in the Kashmir valley.

According to the security experts the ‘hybrid’ terrorists carry out one or two tasks given to them and go back to their normal life.

With this kind of strategy, it becomes a challenging task to identify the killers as they leave no footprint behind.

A closer look at the recent killings clearly revealed a pattern. Armed with pistols, terrorists came in close contact with their soft targets and killed them from point-blank range by pumping in bullets and killing them on the spot.

A Kashmiri pharmacist was targeted inside his pharmacy, a street vendor was killed on the roadside, the school teachers were killed inside their school premises.

The security forces claim in all these recent attacks pistols were used by the terrorists to target the members of the minority community.

The handlers of terrorist outfits sitting across the border in Pakistan have devised a new strategy to hit the soft targets using pistols.

Security forces detained suspects

In the absence of their footprints, the security forces have devised a strategy to interrogate a maximum number of suspected persons in order to identify the perpetrators behind these ghastly terror attacks.

Police officers in the Kashmir valley have so far detained over 300 people with separatist linkages.

Over three dozen teachers with separatist links have also been called for questioning to gather inputs and work on important leads to track down the killers. The police had called them for questioning on the basis of their past activities on October 10 and 11.

Recently, the UT administration had terminated the services of several teachers and policemen for having links with terrorist outfits.

Official sources claimed a large number of Jamaat-e-Islami cadres have been picked up for questioning from different locations by the security forces to prepare a fresh dossier of overground workers actively involved with terrorist outfits.

For record sake lesser known terrorist outfit The Resistance Front had claimed the responsibility of targeting the school teachers inside Govt school premises in the Eidgah area of Srinagar. Lt-Governor Manoj Sinha has also claimed in an interview to a private News channel that a strategy has been finalized after holding detailed deliberations with security forces, Jammu and Kashmir Police (JKP), and Intelligence agencies to counter fresh spate of killings and the killers will be traced from wherever they are hiding and made accountable for the blood spilled by them

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