Meet Barbara Jarabik, who picked up Mehul Choksi along with three Indian-origin-UK-settled bouncers. Barbara knew Choksi and Nirav Modi for many years

Details of mystery woman linked with fugitive Choksi’s kidnapping is out now

Details of mystery woman linked with fugitive Choksi’s kidnapping is out now
Details of mystery woman linked with fugitive Choksi’s kidnapping is out now

Details about Barbara, the girl found along with fugitive Mehul Choksi are tumbling out. Her original name is Barbara Jarabik. She is a Hungarian national settled in London and is running a company titled Cullinan Designs. Her passport details and company data details show that her surname is Jarabik and not Jarabica, as reported in the media. Repeat – Barbara’s surname is Jarabik, not Jarabica. Meanwhile, the Choksi family’s lawyers approached UK authorities on June 8 to complain that Barbara along with three UK settled Indian-origin bouncers Gurdip Bath, Gurjit Singh Bhandal and Gurmit Singh were behind the trapping Choksi and taking him out of Antigua to Dominica. The complaint distributed to media by lawyers of attaching the passport and flight ticket and travel details shows that “on May 28 Barbara Jarabik, Gurjit Singh Bhandal and Gurmit Singh left Dominica at 8.30 am on Inter-Caribbean JY0705 to St Lucia.”

As per the UK company registry, Barbara Jarabik lives at Flat 2, 5 Princess Road, London NW6 5 AL and runs Cullinan Property Limited company (later changed the name to Cullinan Designs Limited) and has an office at 4 Old Park Lane Mayfair London W1K 1QW. Her business partner Toju Francisco Da-Silva is also a Director in Cullinan Designs. She had cancelled her Twitter (@barbarajarabik) and Facebook accounts recently. The Pioneer newspaper reported on June 10 about the background of Barbara Jarabik in detail citing her records in the UK Company Registry[1].

According to sources, Barbara Jarabik is known to Nirav Modi, Priti Choksi, Dilip Choksi and Cheta Choksi and engaged in their UK based business promotions in their heydays.

Barbara Jarabik was born in December 1989 in Budapest and also ran a company G&J Britton Consulting Ltd in the UK. After leaving the consulting firm she joined Cullinan Designs as Director in October 2017. According to the website of Cullinan Designs, (which stopped working on Tuesday), the company is engaged in advertising and marketing and sales of Digital Mirror. Many diamond companies are also shown as their clients.

Cullinan Designs also have an office in Dubai in Partnership with Elysian Design Furniture Trading L.L.C. Barabara’s Dubai partner is Anita Kesekeny. According to the website of Cullinan Designs, the Dubai office is situated at M-03, Golden Building 10 24 St Deira, which is now restricted from Tuesday after Barbara’s interview on TV channels. Anita is also part of this game, accusing those linked with Choksi’s team. They said recently after the operation that Barbara met Anita in Dubai. “These are all highly ambitious eastern European girls who will go for anything,” they said, adding that both Mehul and Nirav knew both girls, who otherwise claim as PR girls or Marketing girls by floating some shell companies. Their shell firms are also used for money laundering, they added.

According to sources, Barbara Jarabik is known to Nirav Modi, Priti Choksi, Dilip Choksi and Cheta Choksi and engaged in their UK-based business promotions in their heydays. Tuesday Barbara has given to India Today TV Channel interviews accusing Mehul Choksi of fooling her by giving fake diamonds and denying her role in kidnapping him. But according to the complaint filed to the UK authorities, she was engaged by Gurdip Bath and all the four landed in Antigua with the mission in mid-April and buzzed off to London on May 28 in the same flight. So what Barbara told in her interview to India Today were complete lies. Crook Mehul Choksi might have given her a fake diamond ring. But the fact of the matter is she has known Choksi, Nirav and Choksi family members for many years. It is a total lie that she said that Choksi lied about his name. In a TV interview, she said Mehul Choksi told her that his name was Raju. But her Cullinan Designs website reveals that she was handling advertisement and marketing of many diamond companies including those related to the Choksi family

In the complaint Choksi’s lawyers accuse that Jalandhar-born Bath is a former director of London-based CS Global Partners, who define themselves as “legal experts in residency and citizenship by investment solutions”; and seems to continue to promote the outfit on social media. The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne follows him on Twitter. The Week magazine’s online portal has come out with details of Barbara and the other three Indian-origin bouncers settled in the UK.[2]

“Along with Ms Jarabik, there is evidence that the following individuals were involved in Mr Choksi’s torture and kidnap: Gurdip Bath (St Kitts and Nevis national and United Kingdom resident); Gurjit Singh Bhandal (British national and United Kingdom resident); and Gurmit Singh (Indian national and United Kingdom resident),” said the complaint filed by Choksi’s lawyers producing passport and travel details of the four.

There is no need for superhuman intelligence to understand that this is a Super Duper Operation by Indian agencies working under the supervision of Super Sleuth Guru D. Who is Guru D? We are not going to tell you right now. Must congratulate Indian agencies for trying to bring back the crook fugitive Mehul Choksi, who along with his now London jailed nephew Nirav Modi for siphoning out Punjab National Banks more than Rs.13,500 crore (Two Billion Dollars).


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[2] London lawyer complains to Scotland Yard about 4 UK residents who allegedly kidnapped Mehul Choksi—THE WEEK EXCLUSIVEJune 08, 2021, The Week

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  1. stupid claims and nonsense writing presenting how insecure Mehul Chokshi’s family is to save him from being extradited. He did wrong things to the poor girl and you guys are calling her an escort? Why not call Mehul Choksi a son of b**** because he is married and still molesting other poor girls.

  2. This news article is presenting fake information and lacks comprehensive research. They need to rectify the article as labelling someone with remarks like escort girl. You must remove this article as soon as possible.


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