VVIP purchasers list using unaccounted money and extortion business by journalists during Nirav Modi scam

The debris in the wake of the Nirav Modi scam continues to tar many high profile people in India

The debris in the wake of the Nirav Modi scam continues to tar many high profile people in India
The debris in the wake of the Nirav Modi scam continues to tar many high profile people in India

There is a big extortion racket working in tandem with certain unscrupulous journalists in collusion with some top officials in the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT). Some journalists running websites got hold of a VVIP purchase list of jewellery and diamonds from the fugitive Nirav Modi. This long list of VVIPs including film stars, industrialists, politicians and their spouses shows how much is the exact amount of purchase and how much is the payment in accounted methods and how much is paid in unaccounted ways. This list was seized by Income Tax Department (IT) in their raids in January 2017 at Nirav Modi’s showrooms across the country. A year after the Nirav Modi scam rocked the country, many uncouth officers in the IT and blackmailing journalists have started an extortion business by sending questionnaires to these VVIPs whose names figured in the high-value customer list.

We show below a seven-page list of high-value purchases by VVIPs from Nirav Modi’s showrooms from 2010 to 2016. This list includes big industrialists, their wives, mothers, many actresses, actors etc.

PGurus learned this extortion business from a famous artist who told us that she was facing such blackmailing from a website owner and a TV journalist, who is famous for extortions.  The website owner was also an Editor in a TV channel. According to this actress, she had already paid Rs.5  lakhs each to these two journalists and lost cool after more journalists approached her to blackmail on buying diamonds from Nirav Modi with unaccounted cash. As per the request of the actress, we are withholding her name and those of the blackmailing journalists.

This is an uncouth activity and in India due to an unfriendly tax regime, the vast majority prefer to buy gold and diamonds using at least some portion in unaccounted cash. This a common phenomenon especially during the wedding season. Though this is a tax violation, the blackmailing by journalists in connivance with senior Income Tax officials is unpardonable. This is a heinous crime.

We show below a seven-page list of high-value purchases by VVIPs from Nirav Modi’s showrooms from 2010 to 2016. This list includes big industrialists, their wives, mothers, many actresses, actors etc. We have learned that many people on this list are facing extortion from uncouth journalists in Delhi, who got this list from the top brass at CBDT and Finance Ministry headquarters in North Block.  We are publishing the entire list at the end of the article to stop this extortion business by uncouth journalists. Purchasing Gold and Diamonds in unaccounted cash is a normal Indian psyche and not a big crime. Blackmailing on this is a bigger crime.

The interesting thing in this list is that it shows the names of some of the who’s who of India. India’s biggest media Hindustan Times’ newspaper’s owner Shobhana Bhartia figures in this list. The list shows that she is the biggest purchaser of diamonds and gold ornaments from Nirav Modi’s showroom during the period 2010 to 2016. She had made high volume purchases as many as seven times and paid crores of rupees in cash in unaccounted methods. A quick read shows that in most of her purchases, she preferred to pay 40 percent accounted and the rest in unaccounted ways.

Did any of the blackmailers have the courage to question her in this regard? Clearly not. They just blackmail using this list on sensitive actors and medium industrialists, politicians etc. One of India’s biggest industrialist’s mother and sister also figure in this list. Will they squeeze them? Obviously not! This whole messy extortion business must stop NOW.

The seven-page list of high-value purchasers from Nira Modi during 2010-2016 using unaccounted money is published below:

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  1. Makes no difference..the deal is between crooked cutomers , a big crook, corrupt IT department and crooked media persons. For the public at large, can the govt recover our money and punish the guilty

  2. Good work by Team Gurus .Keep it up shree Iyer. Your actions is like the cool breeze in the otherwise rotten activities of the high & mighty. I am sure that the High & Mighty will have a great fall in the days to come. Like Dr Swamy the fight has to be relentless in safeguarding the democracy from all angles.
    The Government machinery should definetly support & play a proactive role . Accountability has to be fixed with all watch dog organisations so that LOOT & PLUNDER stops once for all. UPA plunder is much more than the plunder of Mohd Ghazini . Spineless Manmohan singh coined the word “Coalition Dharma” . He should be taken to task for mixing up “Dharma” with plunder & loot which happened right under his nose.

  3. Hats off to you for the expose Sir. It is due to people like you and Dr.Swamy that commoners in the country still have hope

  4. Shobana Bhartia is a khangress stooge & was awarded Padma Sri – a tag given to all sycophants & toe lickers. The lady has to be stripped of all official tags given to her & should be put on trial.
    There are many such black sheeps & journalists who appear to be white, however, they are all black internally – the govt should public all this information in its gazette & encourage people & the staff of those jewellery shops to reveal things, & the staff revealing should be discreetly awarded for being honest….
    Award the honest people – which is missing in all ruling govts till date. Make a begining & see the wealth of information it gives.

  5. Wow, i see the names of kokilaben ambani, cyrus mistry among others. Can we see IT summons on them?
    Congrats Pgurus team for letting the cats out!! Will there be any action now? This will be a sweet bait for oppositions and in particular AAP.

  6. Hats off to you guys taking on the crooks passing off as journalists,,India is in the grip of mafia and it is becoming evident that current bjp regime cannot address the crooks as many within bjp are compromised,,if RSS is really serious about the country,it should kickout all the crooks within bjp so that honest men/women can boldly approach the mafia with hammer and tongs.Time has come for cleaning.You guys have have fired the warning shot, now complete the process by exposing crooks who are involved in extortion both within CBDT as well as crooked journalists.

  7. What’s the problem is mentioning journalist name ? Why u act like BJP govt. We have everything but we don’t do anything..

    In any case even if you mention nothing big is going to happen. Our conviction rate is under 20 %

  8. It appears pm Modi had zero control of north block despite his efforts from day one on discipline amongst civil servants etc. This directly goes on to say his FM failed big time and if one ministry let him down on the way to 2019 it is finance ministry without doubt. Even today no change to make things better is happening at FM. What binds PMO from acting. Is the PMo also not squeaky clean as it is believed. Can Pgurus throw some light on the compulsions. It is frustrating and disgusting to see the way the finance ministry is behind every botched up effort to clean the system

    • Actually finance ministry should have been given to Dr.Subramanian Swamy. Unfortunately, jaitley is soft on certain congis the reason only known to him

      • Do you think Swamy doesn’t have links with the Congress? He was also close to Rajeev Gandhi. When the entire country is corrupt, who can clean the rot so soon?


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