Mess in Press Trust of India. Who is the next editor at PTI?

Will PTI be the news agency that everyone can Trust?

Will PTI be the news agency that everyone can Trust?
Will PTI be the news agency that everyone can Trust?

India’s premier news agency Press Trust of India (PTI) is now in a mess as several forces ranging from powerful politicians to corporates are trying to get “their own” new Editor. PTI is controlled by a consortium of major media houses. For the past few decades PTI’s Chief Editor and CEO M K Razdan was calling the shots, though there is a hardly convened Board, consisting of owners of major newspapers. Razdan was a go between the government, powerful politicians and the Board and he was continuing in this post with a fat salary and perks of around Ra. 25 lakhs ($37,000) per month.

How old is Razdan is a mystery in media world and the many extensions that he got, as Congress Government (some allege Sonia Gandhi’s Political Secretary Ahmed Patel) backed him to the hilt. It is a known thing in the media world,  that every year, when the Board convenes, the media owners will get calls from the I&B Minister or the Uber Secretary of the Grand Old Party to pass the agenda to grant “one more” extension of service. Some say Razdan is 73, some say only 71, some say he crossed 75.  A running joke in journalism circles is that when asked his age, his daughter Nidhi Razdan (NDTV anchor) would just smile.

Even  the Left wing controlled employer unions were silent on Razdan’s un-ending continuance in PTI, revoking all service norms, where normally people have to retire at the age of 60. All CPI(M) General Secretaries were friendly with Razdan and the unions were not heard. Every politician cutting across party lines is in good terms with Razdan as he entertains all.

Anyway this time Board took a “revolutionary” decision to “plead” Razdan to leave. His glamorous post of CEO and Editor was bifurcated. New CEO V Venkatesh was appointed and Razdan’s tenure as Editor was to end by March 31. But there was a clause;  Razdan will continue as Editor till the new person is selected.

Meanwhile, some in the know say that Razdan had a tussle with the former I&B Minister Arun Jaitley a few months back. Jaitley wanted to put either Ashok Malik or Shishir Gupta as PTI’s Editor. Ashok Malik is now a senior research fellow in Observer Research Foundation and Shishir Gupta is the Executive Editor of Hindustan Times. Anyway it is believed that Razdan did not like this proposal and he used his might in the Board to scuttle Jaitley’s plan of succession at the news agency, painting Jaitley’s attempt as “saffronisation” of PTI.

There was no saffronisation. Jaitley perhaps was doing what every previous I & B minister did. After foiling Jaitley’s plans, it is widely believed that Razdan convinced the Board to hire a recruiting agency Accord India to select a new Editor. Journalists allege that Accord India started the selection procedure in an unprofessional way. They did a mechanical work of short listing and interviewing existing staffers of PTI and erased out many without any reasons and came out with a list of seven persons for the top job. Accord India worked on what Razdan wanted, allege the journalists. The interview was like a typical mass manpower recruiting and no media professionals were on board, allege some who attended these “sham” exercises.

The seven persons finalised by Accord India are: Barun Jha, Priyanka Tikoo, Sumir Kaul, Amitabha Roy Chowdhury, Samir Mishra, Sudhakar Nair and current Executive Editor V S Chandrasekhar. Though the current Executive Editor V S Chandrasekhar is the most eligible, Razdan lobby says that as Chandrasekhar is now 61 years old, he should not be entertained and opportunity should be given to  a “young blood” such as Priyanka Tikoo. Funny how this argument was never used when M K Razdan was getting his extensions!

The employees unions and Left leaders are lobbying for their favourite Amitabha Roy Chowdhury.  Some journalists allege that Razdan wanted Sumir Kaul to be elevated as Executive Editor. Meanwhile, the buzz is that several politicians are also working hard to bring some other journalists to head the PTI, by asking the Board, consisting of media owners to toe their line. Several powerful Corporate Houses are also eagerly watching the games and their main interest is to know who will head the Business Bureau of PTI. Anyway in the coming days several interesting things will be  unfolding on who will head India’s premier news agency PTI, which everyone wants to control.

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  1. all said about big centres. little talk of small centres even state capitals. that’s where the union thugs display their brute force. a suicide in the manager’s cabin could not shake the incumbent then, it was long ago. as the chief happens to be a union thug, who had never covered a major event, did not work beyond six in the evening, did not cover a budget and a zero professionally and harassed the staff to get to the top post and unleashed his arrogance by many unfair means. his was succeeded by two such union thugs who had demolished the image of the institution totally and driving away the deserving candidates. and our beloved ms yadav’s daughter studied medicine in this state capital, if people remember correctly.

  2. Guru Das
    Press Trust of India (PTI) has come a long way from a news agency known for objective reporting to a sanctuary of corrupts and criminals.
    The downhill journey has been particularly noteworthy in past three-four years.
    The organization’s viciously corrupt former CEO-cum-EIC Mahapapi Karpet Razdan alias Rascal Razdan resisted all possible moves to resist being forced into retirement at the ripe age of 72 years by using his sources in Congress leadership and a section of English-speaking PTI Board members.
    The shameless Razdan finally left at the end of September 2016, but left behind a corrupt union leader MS Yadav by arranging his endless extension by paying a huge bribe into crores of rupees to the former PTI Chairman K N Sanath Kumar.
    A patron of all that is rotten in PTI, Yadav rules with iron fist demanding the editorial and administrative management must execute transfer, promotion and rehabilitation of employees, including journalists, close to him and more often than not gets it done as well.
    The latest example being a habitual “20 per cent commission-khor’ journalist from Patna, namely Sanjay Kumar Sinha, was rewarded for corruption by elevation as Dy Regional Bureau Chief at Kolkata recently and now being sent to Russia to hone skills of corruption, bootlicking and bootlegging etc.
    Yadav is also manipulating his equation with Rascal Razdan to get Sinha posted as Regional Bureau Chief at Mumbai so that he could terrorise council members at Mumbai to vote for his mentor if any contest takes place on federation general secretary’s post early next month.
    The founding members of PTI could have never imagined decades back that corruption, nepotism and all sorts of wrong doings will one day become Standard Operating Procedure in the reputed news agency.
    Today, it is learnt that the board meeting of PTI is scheduled at Mumbai and one may keep fingers crossed to find out what is the latest guideline on policy related to corruption and nepotism in the organization.
    If not, then why the corrupt union leader is continuing in service on extension for fifth year post-retirement in November 2013.
    How can a PTI employee have two fathers, two DOBs and forged certificates and continue as a leading face of the organization ?
    In a shameless system, we know that none will stand for truth, including South Indians – better educated than Northern brethrens, but there is no harm in asking questions and this is what we have been doing for past 18 months indefatigablly.

    Guru Das
    पीटीआई के भ्रष्ट यूनियन नेता के एक्सटेंशन का भंडाफोड़ उसके एक खास गुर्गे ने ही किया
    देश की अग्रणी न्यूज़ एजेंसी, प्रेस ट्रस्ट ऑफ इंडिया (पीटीआई), के भ्रष्ट यूनियन नेता महावीर सिंह यादव (64) का एक्सटेंशन हमेशा एक पहेली रहा है ।
    घोर भ्रष्टाचारी को एक्सटेंशन किसने किया, कितने पैसे लिए और क्या-क्या लेन-देन हुआ होगा, इसके बारे में तथ्यात्मक जानकारी बहुत कम लोगों के पास है ।
    हालांकि यादव ने पीटीआई फेडरेशन की चंडीगढ़ में सम्पन्न हुई एग्जीक्यूटिव मीटिंग में खुद खुलासा किया था कि एक बोर्ड मेंबर के उसे 2019 तक एक्सटेंशन का पत्र अपने हाथों से दिया है ।
    कोलकाता से सूत्रों द्वारा प्राप्त जानकारी के अनुसार यादव का खास वफादार और कोलकाता ब्यूरो का डिप्टी ब्यूरो चीफ संजय कुमार सिन्हा ने कुछ दिनों पहले यादव के एक्सटेंशन पर से पर्दा उठा दिया ।
    सिन्हा, जो यादव का खास वफादार रहा है और यूनियन मीटिंग्स कराने के लिए ’20 प्रतिशत कमिसनखोरी’ को पटना में एक स्टार्ट अप कंपनी में बदल दिया, ने पिछले सप्ताह, कोलकाता में यह खुलासा किया कि 2013 में चुने गए पीटीआई बोर्ड चेयरमैन के इन सनथ कुमार ने भारी-भरकम धनराशि लेकर यादव को रास्कल राज़दान के हाथों एक्सटेंशन दिलाया था ।
    सिन्हा के अनुसार यादव ने जितनी धनराशि एक्सटेंशन के एवज के दी थी उसकी भरपाई 2019 तक संभव नही है, इसलिए भ्रष्टाचारी यादव कम से कम 2019 तक तो पीटीआई की सेवा में जरूर रहेगा ।
    कोलकाता के सूत्र बताते है कि सिन्हा ने वहां के कर्मियों को यादव के साथ देने और दुबारा उसे जनरल सेक्रेटरी बने रहने के लिये डराना-धमकाना भी शुरू कर दिया है और इसके एवज में भ्रष्टाचारी यादव ने अपने खास गुर्गे को रूस की यात्रा का प्रबंध भी कर दिया ।
    क्या पता सिन्हा या यादव को रूस में अपनी काली कमाई को निवेश करना हो ।
    यादव ने सिन्हा से मुम्बई में रीजनल मैनेजर बनाये जाने का एक पत्र भी लिखवाया है और वादा किया है कुछ भी डील करके उसे मुम्बई भिजवा देगा ।
    आखिरकार पीटीआई को मुम्बई में अपना दाऊद इब्राहिम या हाजी मस्तान जल्दी ही मिल जाएगा ।

  3. details available on FB/Twitter
    पिछले डेढ़ साल से देश की अग्रणी न्यूज़ एजेंसी, प्रेस ट्रस्ट और इंडिया, में व्याप्त व्यापक भ्रष्टाचार के बारे में कागजी सबूतों के आधार पर लिखते आ रहे हैं ।
    दरअसल पीटीआई में भ्रष्टाचार, अराजकता और मनमानापन केवल दो व्यक्तियों – पूर्व-सीईओ महापापी कार्पेट राज़दान उर्फ रास्कल राज़दान और अतिभ्रष्ट यूनियन नेता महावीर सिंह यादव – की देन है ।
    रास्कल राज़दान (72) जो कांग्रेस का दलाल था आखिरकार पिछले साल विदा हो गया, लेकिन भ्रष्टाचारी यादव आज भी इच्छाधारी साँप की तरह राज कर रहा है ।
    आप में कोई भी व्यक्ति यह बताए कि क्या दो बापों के पुत्र कहलाकर कोई खुश होगा लेकिन इस इंसान (यादव) के दो आधिकारिक कागजातों में दो बाप यानी लक्मन सिंह और लक्ष्मी नारायण यादव दर्ज है । पीटीआई जैसी न्यूज़ एजेंसी के नाम पर बदनुमा दाग बन चुके यादव के दो डेट ऑफ बर्थ है – 14/11/1953 और 14/11/1957 – दर्ज है ।
    इस 64 वर्षीय भ्रष्टाचारी पीटीआई यूनियन नेता ने बेटी सबिता यादव, जो एक फ्रॉड डॉक्टर है, के नाम पर नोएडा प्लाट अलॉटमेंट घोटाला किया और बेटे अमित यादव के नाम पर फेडरेशन की अतिमहँगी जमीन रजिस्ट्री करा दी ।
    इसने यूनियन मीटिंग को 20 प्रतिशत कमिसनखोरी का धंधा बना दिया ।
    लेकिन इन बातों से ना तो इसके वफादार गुर्गों को फर्क नही पड़ता है ना ही पीटीआई की नई मैनेजमेंट को और नही पीटीआई के बोर्ड और डायरेक्टर्स को ।
    यादव ने बड़ी निर्लज्जता से पिछले महीने की फेडरेशन एग्जीक्यूटिव मीटिंग में कहा था कि 2013 में चुने गए पीटीआई चेयरमैन के इन सनथ कुमार की संतुती पर रास्कल राज़दान ने इसे ना खत्म होनेवाला एक्सटेंशन दिया था ।
    इसी मीटिंग में यादव ने कहा था कि वो इच्छाधारी सांप है और सारे दुश्मनों को डंस का पीटीआई से जाएगा ।
    राज़दान के दो दशकों से ऊपर तक पीटीआई के शासक रहने का फलाफल यही है वो संस्था को एक सांप और भ्रष्टाचारी सिंडिकेट तोहफे में देकर गया है ।
    यह कहना कोई अतिशयोक्ति नही होगी कि पीटीआई अपने ढलान पर है और दुर्भाग्य की बात है कि भारत सरकार अपनी भ्रष्टाचार-विरोधी डिंग हांकने के बावजूद, इस मामले में कुछ नही कर रही है जबकि इस संस्था के क्रियाकलाप देश के कानून के दायरे में आता है ।
    सुनने में आया है कि पीटीआई की बोर्ड मीटिंग कल या परसों प्रस्तावित है।
    यादव और राज़दान-पीड़ित कर्मचारीगण बोर्ड मेंबर्स से उम्मीद करते है यादव का एक्सटेंडेड कार्यकाल को तुरंत खत्म करे और मैनेजमेंट को कहे कि इसके द्वारा किये गए भ्रष्टाचार के विरुद्ध एफईआर करे ।
    वर्ना मोदी की तरह कोई और क्रूर शासक आएगा और आज के पीटीआई के पापों का हिसाब लेगा ।

    Image may contain: text

    Image may contain: text

  4. Dear readers the following comments received on FB

    Guru Das
    ‘सात खून माफ’, if you are a PTI employee blessed by rogue and corrupt union leader MS Yadav
    By now, all of you must have become expert of sad affairs of India’s premier news agency PTI as so much has been written about it in social media over the past 18 months or so.
    The Ex-CEO MK Razdan, whom we lovingly call Mahapapi Carpet Razdan, has left behind a legacy of corruption, nepotism and ISI-style brutalities on staffers despised by Team Razdan.
    When the new officials at top in administration and editorial took over charge, there was hope that Razdan’s men and women will sidelined, but not only have all of them emerged more powerful, but they are also patronizing rogue and corrupt union leader MS Yadav’s ‘commission-khor’ henchmen and working round the clock to place those elements in key editorial and administrative positions in metropolitan cities like Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata.
    What is ‘commission-khori’ in PTI? You may be wanting to know.
    It is a PTI management-sanctioned racket run for decades by the rogue union leader Yadav in which manager and special Correspondent-grade journalists mandatorily host lavish federation AGM/Executive Meeting (1+3 in every calender year) by collecting 40-50 lakh rupees as advertisement from state government, PSUs, Universities and private donations.
    Those PTI journalists and non-journalists who bring in advertisement stand to get 20 per cent commission. So it you bring Rs. 5 lakh in advt, you pocket swells by Rs. 1 lakh which you need not declare in IT return.
    With the blessings of Rascal Razdan, Yadav promoted this racket of ‘Commission-khor’ bureau chiefs, senior reporters for years and regrettably many of those corrupt journalists are set be promoted as heads of regional bureau in metros by the new management.
    The Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks bullshit when he calls for eradication of corruption and black money as PTI, a news agency of repute, is doing exact opposite by promoting Yadav’s abominably corrupt henchmen as regional bureau heads in latest round of transfer and posting.
    The senior journalists and employees at a metro city in Eastern Region are gutted to know that a ‘commission-khor’ henchman of Yadav will become their boss in a matter of months.
    In one of our posts in future, we will put out graphic details of ‘Commission-khori’ by that tainted journalist and how he milked his proximity to Yadav to not only make crores of rupees by hosting more than half a dozen union meetings over past two decades, but has been rewarded heavily by the past and present management.

    Hemant Kumar The CEO is weak

    Guru Das New regime in PTI is creating new breed of dalals-in-chief at metros and state capitals, according to sources. Murmur of dissent is being heard from Eastern metropolis. ‘Commission-khor’ will head 100 PTI staffers in Eastern Region. It can get more ridiculous.

    Prem Chandran Sad to see a great institution like PTI going to dogs. Its a no-man’s property, with the newspapers barons who had put in a pittance 60 years ago sitting on the board and taking absolutely no interest in the agency’s upkeep. Razdan, a muscle-flexer journalist and ill-mannered individual, ran the organisation for close to 30 years with his Kashmiri clout and skills in brokering peace with the union. Most PTI bureaux have men sitting without work for years and drawing not only salary but other benefits too for doing nothing more than gossiping through the day, in the aftermath of automation. But for so long? PTI once posted journalists in major cities abroad, but that system has been done away with, mostly but not fully in the past 30 years. PTI picture service, for one, is a disaster. When events take place in the morning, in this age of speedy communication, pictures reach newspaper systems at late in the evening. And, when taking or transmitting pictures cost little today with advances in technology, PTI releases just a few pictures selectively. Hardly any international picture reaches lower grade subscribers. And, often, there are no pictures of national or state events. Mismanagement, possibly, was at its worst for many years. Allowing an individual to sit tight on a chair for three decades and manage or mismanage an institution was itself a bad practice. But, problem is, PTI is nobody’s baby. The directors, drawn from newspapers, are supposedly the presiding deities, but they are silent and disinterested as long as the subscription charges are not raised. The ultimate blame for the present state of affairs should be on the directors, not on an individual who was given a long rope. With its inner strengths and competent jounalists, PTI by now should have been a reputed international agency, but for the disinterest shown by these directors. Any wonder then that union leaders call all the shots in what should be a professionally run entity!
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    Sunil Shivdasani Very appropriate. Hope wise counsel will prevail and things might improve. Best wishes

    Prem Chandran A visionary like P Unnikrishnan, former Moscow correspondent, was working wonders as PTI head for a decade, but allegations were that he was hounded out by his successor through use of his Kashmiri clout in Delhi. Directors hardly know what is happening inside PTI as they have their newspapers to care about. They must either give due attention to this institution or exit for good. Their presence is not making any difference to the organisation. Allowing an individual to sit on the top seat for close to 30 years was itself proof of the lack of interest of the directors in shaping a new leadership structure to carry the entity forward. They rather, and in most irresponsible ways, allowed things to drift. After the Modi government came, Arun Jaitley too reportedly played along, rather than helping change situations. Several PTI journalists are world-class because of the grooming the organisation gave them by virtue of its professionalism set in place by the previous masters, the British bosses till about the time when Vallabhbhai Patel called in Indian media houses to put some money and buy the British agency’s operational infrastructure in the country to rename it into Press Trust of India. Time the directors act or the government steps in and set things right. A proper management structure is a matter of first priority. And, who are these directors? They are from such big entities like the Times of India, The Hindu, the Deccan Herald, Malayala Manorama, Matrubhoomi… to name a few …

    GuruDas .
    Dear Prem Chandran and Sunil Shivdasani,
    We appreciate your concerns about sad state of affairs in Press Trust of India.
    Agree with both of you that this great organization had glorious past, but it has surrendered rich legacy under a white-collared terrorist Ex-CEO CEO MK Razdan alias Mahapapi Carpet Razdan alias Rascal Razdan who destroyed everything good associated with it during his sinful long rule.
    Forget about woeful administration structure, Rascal Razdan legitimised editorial corruption and prostitution in PTI in cahoots with ‘bhrashtachari’ union leader MS Yadav.
    Any number of posts have been written about editorial mess in PTI during dark decades of Razdan-Yadav rule.
    Readers should know that courtesy these two rogue individuals, PTI does not have a Standard Operating Procedure nor does it have mechanism to vet performance and ability of journalists even today.
    PTI is the only organization where transfer, posting and promotion of journalists are absolutely arbitrary as a result news operations have been a casualty.
    It was with great expectation and hope for change for good that the board brought in new CEO and EIC to streamline administration and news operations.
    The CEO has delivered to a great extent putting in a new administrative team, but editorial operations are still under a pathetic condition.
    It was heard from editors that the new EIC had expressed unhappiness with Yadav’s interference in news operations and quality of reporting and editing at all level when he took charge earlier this year.
    Six months down the line, like ex-premier Rajiv Gandhi, the new EIC finds surrounded completely surrounded by Yadav and Razdan’s wards all of whom have succeeded in casting a spell of black magic.
    You can make out how serious a management can be about transformation at work place if he is allowed to be dictated by Yadav, whose tales of robbery and loot of union funds are legendary and have been documented graphically.
    Yadav used journalists to make money through a ‘commission-khori’ racket involving journalists mainly from Lucknow, Jaipur and Patna.
    All of you will be surprised to know that one of those notorious ‘commission-khor’ Yadav’s henchman was given red carpet welcome by the EIC and introduced to journalists at editorial meeting despite the fact that the said individual had challenged management’s authority.
    In a matter of a month, you will be get to read tales of that journalist’s corruption with documentary evidence which will shame even neutral people.
    In the end, we can safely say that when the new editorial management is out to promote and reward corrupt journalists even in post-Rascal Razdan era, yo can easily make out the direction in which PTI is headed to.
    You will soon get to read explosive expose about board members.

  5. These contents available on fb post .
    Exactly a year back, I had launched a social media campaign against corruption of rogue Federation of PTI Employees Unions General Secretary Mahavir Singh Yadav by making public these four documents proving conclusively that he should have retired on November 30, 2013.
    Why and how he is continuing to bring embarrassment to the reputed organization too has been exposed by whistleblowers by releasing a host of documents over the past one year.
    I must thank those friends who made available documents of land deal according to which Yadav had got PTI Federation’s land transferred to his son Amit Yadav last year without making any payment to the federation initially.
    Though he is very much alive and General Secretary of PTI Employees Unions, Yadav (64) is completely defanged today and spending his days like a captive king waiting for inevitability of retirement without grace.
    Yadav is to PTI Employees what his close friend Lalu Prasad is to Bihar and its people.
    To conclue this post, I am thankful to friends from within the organization and outside, including a couple of them abroad, for giving me much needed encouragement to expose corruption in PTI union in cahoots with the previous management.
    Ashish mehta:
    I remember during my small yet meaty stint in PTI Jaipur local union collectively wrote against me since I could not get reservation of the then regional engineer. Spoke to madam Padama Alva who sent me a letter saying “my behaviour with staff was not upto the mark”. The then manager who was a mute spectator did not even intervene. That particular day I resigned and understood PTI has no respect for journalists as it is run by illiterAte non-journalists in the name of unions. They participate in meetings organised all over the country where they travel in planes. PTI has also lost its goodwill and credibility in a scenario when we have Twitter, news websites and every other means to get news. It is still painful to see PTI getting into a pothole as I loved this place which has given me ample chance to show my calibre as a journalist but could not hold my hands amidst idiotic complains of unions. Long live unions and keep working hard to dismantle the organisation which used to be the best in news.
    Kundan kumar:
    Glad that someone serving or ex-employee has conscience to do plainspeaking on rampant corruption, most by the rogue Federation of PTI Employees Unions General Secretary Mahavir Singh Yadav and his journalist/non-journalist cronies in Delhi, other Metro cities and money-making state bureaux. Everyone knows that Yadav’s word are final for the management when it comes to transfer, posting, promotion and allowances to the employees. If you are Yadav’s chamcha and professed one, you will get timely promotion and allowances. If you get an additional Special Performance Allowance that means you have successfully hosted union meetings and arranged for prostitutes to make him and others happy. Another additional reward has been posting at creamy centres if you are a journalist. Why should not an organization get a bad name in media and society when its top boss leads senior administrative and editorial officials to attend a function at Yadav’s house for namakaran of his grandson. The chamcha managers of yadav were ordered to attend that function and bring costly gifts. Yadav’s infant grandson received gifts worth crores of rupees in terms of cash and goods. All I mean to say is that Yadav was the CEO, Editor In-Chief, Chief Engineer, Financial Controller, Deputy Chief Accountant, Regional Manager and Bureau Chief, all rolled into one from 1995 and July 2016. If you fail to come up to his assessment and expectation, you will have to suffer and go if you are contractual employee. Pained by Yadav’s atrocities, I launched social media campaign last year and partially succeeded to busting his myth of his being a superpower. I have also written to various central agencies and other important institutions, but without success till date. Wish some more colleagues would have supported me, but it is their choice.
    Ashish mehta:
    Good sir you could draw attention towards a serious epidemic of PTI.
    Pallabh bhattacharya:
    Thanks Ashish for narrative the story. It points to a deep malasie in the agency.thanks Ashish for narrative the story. It points to a deep malasie in the agency.
    Ashish mehta:
    Sir know what all I did as a journalist. But they never valued it. Could not stop myself as things came out.
    Also I was lucky enough to get a job. But what they do to employees especially journalists on the behest of unions is nothing less than brutal murder.
    Pallabh Bhattacharya:
    The rot created in the agency over two decades is largely due to one man aided and abetted by the then CEO.
    Kundan kumar:
    It suited his game plan to arm a puppet union helmed by a rogue and rank corrupt general secretary. Corruption can not be legalised, but the Bhrastachari union leader ran a successful corrupt network from national capital to bureaux because he was patronised by the criminal you have mentioned. No organization declares war on its employees and persecuted thousands of employees, but that man did with help from a consenting union. Union is generally not known to be fond of administration, but the rogue union union had got multiple resolutions adopted at various AGMs/Executive meetings that the said autocrat should continue till life or may be in afterlife too. It sums up my conclusion that corruption was a joint venture between yadav and his benefactor.

  6. यादव के भ्रस्टाचार को उजागर करने के कारण किस तरह से पी टी आई पटना के मैनेजर संजय सिन्हा जो की शुद्ध रूप से यादव के खास चमचों में से एक है ,ने वंहा पर कुंदन कुमार को पी टी आयी प्रबंध तंत्र को चुनौती देते हुए प्रताणित कर रहा है यह नीचे संलग्न पत्राचार से खुद पुस्टि हो रही है और प्रबंध तंत्र चुप्पी साधे बैठा है .

    Please find enclosed a mail to me by Patna Manager Mr. Sanjay Kumar Sinha that he will not take responsibility for my leave application, claim for petty cash as well as journalistic duty from today.
    “The decision of the management to grant sanction to your leave in the month of February 2017 clearly proves that I am administratively not honest towards you,” says Mr. Sinha which if taken on face value vindicates my stand, but I know it is editing-related error when he says ‘not honest towards you’.
    I am looking upto you for direction. Regards,
    Kundan Kumar, Journalist, PTI, Patna

    CC: Ms. Padma Alva (CAO)
    Hide quoted text
    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: sanjay sinha
    Date: 30 March 2017 at 14:48
    Subject: manager
    To: Kundan Kumar

    Mr Kundan Kumar (Empl no 2210),
    I have been telephonically communicated by RM Kolkata that my higher ups have shared your concern for leave in February 2017 and granted the sanction.
    I had made it clear to you as well to RM, DGM and CAO that the reason and manner in which you were seeking CL leave from me from February 4 and then extending it till February 28 were not in conformity with the laid down rules and on that basis had refused to accept your leave application then.
    In the past including recently in the month of March when you applied for three days leave for personal reason and in a proper manner I readily accepted it.
    The decision of the management to grant sanction to your leave in the month of February 2017 clearly proves that I am administratively not honest towards you.
    I have told RM that from today (March 30, 2017) I am abdicating my all responsibility towards you as a manager of Patna centre where you are posted at present.
    So from today onwards you should address your all administrative issues like leave, claim for petty cash and journalistic duty not to me but directly to RM/DGM/CAO. In pursuance to this I have send your CL leave application for March 31, 2017 to RM Kolkata without putting my signature.
    Sanjay Kumar Sinha, Manager, Patna.

  7. दोस्तों ,
    वैसे तो आप लोगों को सलाह या मसविरा देने का अब कोई विशेष औचित्य नहीं रह गया है लेकिन आने वाले खतरों से आगाह करना जरुरी हो गया है हो सके तो आप लोग अपने आपको सुधर लो नहीं तो………..आप लोग खुद समझदार हैं ..
    जंहा तक आप लोग अच्छी तरह से जानते है की यम यस यादव के खिलाफ भ्रष्टाचार के सारे सबूतों को आप लोगों के सामने सोशल साइट के माध्यम से दिखायागया लेकिन तमाम प्रयास के वावजूद आपलोग दुबारा चुनाव में यम यस यादव को चुनाव आधिकारी के ऊपर दबाव बनाकर अनैतिक तरीके से चुन लिए .जबकि आप लोग अच्छी तरह से जानते है की जो भी पैसा आज फेडरेशन को वापस मिला अगर इस विषय में हम लोंगो के द्वारा खासकर कुंदन कुमार के द्वारा निडरता पूर्वक इस भरस्टाचार के मुद्दे को न उठाया गया होता और समय समय पर बहुत से बर्तमान और अवकाश प्राप्त साथियों द्वारा लगातार इस मुहीम को प्रोत्साहित तथा प्रचारित और प्रसारित न किया गया होता तो ऐसा कभी भी संभव नहीं हो पाता और एक भी पैसा फेडरेशन को नहीं मिलता इस मुहीम में उन सभी लोगों को भी बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद है जिन लोगों ने समय समय पर भ्रष्टाचार के सबूतों को उपलब्ध कराया जिससे यह सब संभव हो सका .
    चुनाव के समय आप सभी लोगों को यह कहकर बहकाया गया की दूसरा ग्रुप मैनेजमेंट से मिला हुआ है .जबकि आप लोग बहुत ही अच्छी तरह से जानते है पी टी आयी फेडरेशन कभी भी मैनेजमेंट से अलग होकर नहीं रही और यम यस यादव ने तो हद ही कर दी थी ,पूर्वे सीईओ राज़दान के साथ मिलकर कितनों की जिंदगी बर्बाद कर दी थी आप लोग अच्छी तरह से जानते हैं और आज वही लोग कह रहे है की दूसरा ग्रुप मैनेजमेंट के इसारे पर चल रहा है यह बात कितना हास्यास्पद लगता है .रही बात यादव के कुकृत्यों के बारे में अब आप लोंगो को ज्यादा बताने की जरुरत नहीं है क्योंकि आप लोगों में बहुत से लोग जानकर भी अनजान बने हुए हैं .
    लेकिन आने वाले खतरों से आगाह करना जरुरी है अभी हाल में जो भी फेडरेशन की कार्यवाही बिगत १ अप्रैल को यम यस यादव के नेतृत्व में कानून का उलंघन करके जानबूझकर जो यूनियन के द्वारा प्रदर्शन का कार्य ऑफिस में किया गया है जिसकी पुष्टि खुद फेडरेशन केपदाधिकारियों ने किया है उससे आप सभी लोग परेशानी में आ गए है जो पत्र आप लोंगो को दिया गया है उसे इतने हलके में न लें और अगर आप लोंगो को विश्वास नहीं है तो आप किसी भी कानूनी सलाहकार से राय ले सकते है आपको बता देगा .
    जबकि फेडरेशन के लगभग सभी नेताओं को यह मालूम था की पी टी आयी ऑफिस के अंदर और बाहर प्रदर्शन करने पर इसी यादव के सहयोग से पूर्व सीईओ राज़दान ने कोर्ट से स्टे आर्डर ले रक्खा था.तो जानबूझकर ऐसा क्यों किया.
    और सबसे हास्यास्पद यह है की जो कर्मचारी खुद फर्जी दस्तावेजों के आधार पर पूर्व मैनेजमेंट के रहमों करम द्वारा अप्रत्यासित प्रमोशन ग्रुप १ बी लेकर आजतक नौकरी कर रहा है वही किसी बरिष्ट अधिकारी के खिलाफ प्रदर्शन कर रहा है की इसे बाहर निकालो शर्म आनी चाहिए .
    जनाब पहले आप अगर अपनी नैतिकता का परिचय दिए होते तो आज यह दिन पी टी आयी को नहीं देखना पड़ता न ही ६० साल के ऊपर कोई नौकरी करता न ही कोई बाहर से आता जैसे पी टी आयी शान से चल रही थी और अपने क्षेत्र में एकाधिकार बनाकर रक्खी थी वह कायम रहता लेकिन निहित स्वार्थ में सब कुछ बर्बाद कर दिया .
    दोस्तों अभी भी वक़्त है संभल जाओ और अपने विवेक का परिचय दो आगे बढ़ो.समय बार बार मौका नहीं देता है .आप लोगों को शायद यादव ने यह नहीं बताया की वह बहुत जल्द पी टी आयी को अलविदा कहने वाले है इसलिए ऐसे आदमी को जो जानबूझकर कर्मचारियों को परेशानी में डालना चाहता है नो कॉन्फिडेंस मोशन के जरिये तत्काल बाहर का रास्ता दिखाकर सही नेतृत्व को चुने और अपना और अपने साथियों का भविष्य सुरक्षित करने की कोशिश करे.

    • Bयादव से छूटकारा पाने के अलावा कोई उपाय भी नही बचा है PTI के कर्मचारियों के लिये l
      गैरकानूनी प्रदर्शन एक सोची समझी साजिश थी भ्रस्टाचार में आकांठ डूबे हुये व्योबृढ नेता द्वारा l
      गुरू दास जी, आप ने ये सही आकलन किया है की 63 वर्षिय पापी तो चुपके से किसी भी दिन निकल लेगा लेकिन जाते जाते कर्मचारियों के लिये समस्या खरी कर दिया है l
      PTI के लगभग 80 प्रतिशत कर्मचारी 55-60 के बीच की उम्र के है और मुझे संदेह है की आन्दोलन करके प्रशासन से कोई बात मनवा सकते हैं l
      किसी भी समझदार कर्मचारी के लिये बिना किसी लफड़े के नौकरी से सेवानिवृत हो जाना ही उचित फैसला होगा l
      इस स्थिति में अगर कर्मचारीगण दुष्ट पापी और धन पशु का साथ छोड़ते हैं तो अपने बचे कार्यकाल को बिना किसी भय के सम्पन्न कर पायेंगे l
      PTI के प्रादेशिक केन्द्र में यादव की बेबस स्थिति के बारे में सही जानकारी नही पहुँची है या वहां के कर्मचारीगण पापी के प्रति निष्ठा के जकड़न में बंधे हैं l
      समय आ गया है की फेडरेशन का नेतृत्व ईमानदारी के वस्तुस्थिती के बारे में और खासकर यादव के गिरी साख के बारे में देशभर में फैले PTI के कर्मियों को चिठ्ठी लिखकर बताये क्यूंकी subscription सभी से लिया जाता है ज़िसे आज तक यादव और इसके गुर्गों द्वारा रंगगरेलियां मनाने, हवाई यात्रा, अच्छे होटेलस में रुकना, दारू और मांसाहारी व्यंजन खाना, एक दुसरे को महंगी गिफट देना इत्यादी पे अबतक खर्च किया गया है l
      भ्रष्ट यादव के अलावा और जो फेडरेसन के नेतागण जो दौलत के भुखे नही हैं उनसे हमलोग सही राह दिखाने की उम्मीद करते हैं l

  8. The following contents available on Kundankumar fb post

    Corruption in public life has caught imagination of all stakeholders and efforts are underway everywhere to eradicate this scourge.
    With blessings and documentary evidences of many friends at my work place that I launched crusade against corruption and other crimes of Mahavir Singh Yadav, General Secretary of Federation of PTI Employees Unions since 1994.
    While our efforts did bear fruits with several trusted associates of the rogue and corrupt union leader publicly questioning him for broad daylight robbery of union funds, including federation land deal in which he and his son stand to make at least two crore if they decide to sell 200 sq meter land that they fraudulently purchased from federation last year at measly sum of Rs. 74 lakh.
    Yadav was suspended by the then Federation President and barred from contesting the union elections last month, but the rogue union leader manipulated election process and successfully contested and retained general secretary’s post for perhaps his last term.
    It has learnt that a senior federation officebearer has served legal notice to Yadav and others challenging his elections.
    We will discuss it later.
    However, our immediate concern is the 63 year-old Yadav is going to represent wage board employees at the staff council meeting tomorrow.
    Facing mountain of corruption charges, Yadav have backed out from attending staff council meeting and nominated anyone with clean image to represent him if he has had moral turpitude for what all he has done.
    With his own integrity under cloud, this rogue union leader can not be expected to extract benefits for employees from authorities.
    It is still not late for you, Mr. Yadav…withdraw yourself from the list of union representatives invited for staff council meeting on moral ground though we know that morality is not in your dictionary.

  9. Dear A G Mohanan, Ramdos, Shivanunni, Jayaram, Shankar Reddy, Girishan and Joseph – newly-elected council members from South,
    We have highest respect for you all seasoned Federation of PTI Employees Unions leaders for keeping the flag if trade union flying in the country’s leading news agency for years.
    In couple of days time, all of you will be flying to Darjeeling to take part in federation AGM where elections will be held for the first time in 15 years to elect new team of officebearers and hopefully the list will not have name of one Mahavir Singh Yadav, the rogue and corrupt federation general secretary in the new team.
    I am sure you know about the shocking federation property scam in yadav with help of trusted chamchas had transferred property worth Rs. 2 crore at current market price to his son Amit Yadav and another.
    A number of other scams involving Yadav and family members have beem exposed over the past six months due to which he has lost monstrous aura and invincibility so much so that his panel could win only seven council seats from Delhi and lost local unit to rivals.
    Despite being cut to size significantly, we learn from sources that he considers all of you as votebank and claims that all of of you will swim or sink with him in federation elections.
    It deserves condemnation in strongest words that yadav thinks that fellow elected council members from South are mere votebanks and can be driven like a herd of grazing cattles.
    The upcoming federation election is your opportunity to turn the tables on yadav.
    Hope you will exercise your votes in larger public interest and that of federation and about 500 wage board employees.

    • it is with the reference to your earlier post you had said somewhere that m s yadav will not win the contest of federation. What happened now, where are you, he won with great dignity and glory. you were doing nonscene for the last five to six month and abusing him continually on the post. shame on you. now it has proved that you are the one who is most filthy, cunning, rogue and rascal man in this post. who were trying to tempt the innocent and Gullible people, by their own fabricated scripted stories.

      • At the outset, I must express my respect for democratic process of election through which 44 delegates/council members elected Federation of PTI Employees Unions officebearers through secret ballot at the Annual General Body (AGM) at Darjeeling yesterday.
        Having said that, I must conceded that our crusade against corruption in the union has fallen flat for the time being with the rogue and corrupt federation general secretary Mercenary Singh Yadav alias Mahavir Singh Yadav retaining his post by a comfortable margin.
        It has been learnt that Yadav will serve his final one-year term as the Federation General Secretary and bow out at the end of this year.
        I am yet to come to terms with Yadav’s election as the election officer had put his candidature on hold directing him to seek a favorable court order if he was to be allowed to contest again in the backdrop of his suspension for ‘anti-union’ activities and shady federation property deal.
        According to reports, Yadav and his key aides utilized 12 hours ahead of yesterday’s election to successfully woe the voters, namely those from South and East, on way to victory which had seemed improbable till two days back.
        In his thanks giving speech post-victory, Yadav expectedly hit out at me in crude and vulgar language and in the process send out a veiled message to the management as to how he used to dominate previous dispensation dictate terms on transfer, posting and promotionn of employees, journalist and non-journalist.
        I am not surprised at his boastful demeanour and I have been making these charges for past six months
        I have been also told that armed with a resolution against me that was passed on his instruction by 12 of 15 employees of Patna bureaux, Yadav will seek stern action against me for exposing his legendary tales of corruption, fraud and forgery.
        Yadav (63) has reportedly promised to return Rs. 90 lakh of which a major chunk accrued from sale of federation land to his son Amit Yadav and Sourabh Kumar, son of another employee Shri Krishan, in the federation account.
        This fund has been lying for years in souvenir account under direct supervision of yadav.
        So what is take away from your election as Federation General Secretary for another term ? Do we see it as a clean chit to you and your lengthy list of corruption? I know that you have dangled fear of job loss to get the employees to vote for you.
        I went to Patna office this morning and asked an employee to sign on a resolution despite having excellent relation with me for almost seven years of my stay in Patna…He told me that he was asked to put his signature on the resolution as any move to dislodge yadav will lead to job loss.
        Drunk with poison of power, I know you will get after me by resorting to all possible tricks, but I too will not be sitting idle and recalibrate my action plan against your corruption.
        In the process, if I go down fighting I will be the only casualty, but if I succeed in my mission it will make headlines and many heads in the union may roll.
        Let me place it on record that my social media campaign against you was not my efforts alone, but colleagues from all four metros and a dozen state capital centres had provided valuable documents to nail you on the basis of documentary proofs and not hearsay.
        I have faith in those colleagues to get back soon with fresh documents again to launch a decisive surgical strike against you soon.

  10. This is for English-speaking friends of South, West and East India particularly those who are abreast with ever-flowing crusade against corrupt and criminal activities of the rogue and PTI federation’s underworld don MS Yadav.
    Friends, stung with a PTI union member’s sustained campaign since July/August last against Yadav’s corruption, Kumar’s colleague Sanjay Sinha, who is yadav-appointee manager at Patna bureau, recently created FB and email account in the name of Guru Vaani to run down Kumar.
    The lid over Sanjay Sinha’s covert operation against Kumar was blown up by Yadav himself, who was supposed to the beneficiary of Sinha’s services.
    Sinha, perhaps on January 28 or 29 called up Yadav on his mobile phone to apprise about the fake FB and email accounts opened to attack Kumar. After Yadav consented, Sinha asked his master to direct Sunil Gaur to accept Guru Vaani’s friendship request to spread the content against Kumar.
    So far it is learnt that Sinha has scripted three posts and got it translated by his henchman Anwar Sayeed in Hindi and posted on FB and to centres through Guru Vaani email accounts.
    The readers should know that Anwar Sayeed is a PTI-Bhasha journalist in Senior Correspondent grade on contract. It should also be clear to the readers that he is a die hard loyalist of Yadav and all those persons who held manager’s post in Patna. His capacity to oblige potential benefactors is legendary about which management will be apprised in due course of time.
    Now coming to the social media war between pro and anti-yadav group is a fair game and Kundan Kumar’a adversaries are well within right to attack him in whatever democratic manners.
    The same privilege vests with Kumar who has had audacity to carry out social media campaign through his own FB account and he has been doing so for most than six months.
    Now coming back to Sinha’s vicious outbursts against, Guru Das , on feedback receives from various sources would like to make following points about the incumbent Patna Manager, who is a hardcore yadav loyalist :
    1.Sinha has been a manager at Patna since October 2012 and the deterioration in quality and quantity of news output from here has been alarmingly sharp because self-promotion and money has been his twin goals as manager.
    2. Sinha has distinction to host highest number of federation AGM/Executive meetings among any PTI manager and journalist in India in post-independence era. In the past 10-12 years, he has hosted at least 10 federation meetings in Bihar and Himachal Pradesh and two years back he hosted meeting in Shimla with benevolence of the tainted HP Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh so to speak of his prowess to host union meetings.
    3. Dear readers, you should know or may be knowing that you can earn upto Rs. 10 lakh from one union meeting through commission on advertisement and sharing left over booty with yadav. So Sinha’s undeclared income from hosting union meetings alone must not be less than two crores by now.
    4. In Bihar, the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, with whom Sanjay Sinha, has warm relations over two decades, alone has santioned Rs. 21 lakh for federation meetings since 2005. Take out Sinha’s commission at the rate of 20 per cent and it comes at Rs. 4 lakh +.
    5. In the bargain, Sinha gives full publicity to the Chief Minister and does it all by himself or through his trusted manpower. A reporter dare not touch Nitish Kumar’s copy if Sinha is on duty. So to speak of his integrity.
    6. Bollywood actor Shatrughan Sinha and Super 30 founder Anand Kumar are two other prominent benediciaries of Sinha’ concept of committed press. He files stories on these two luminaries even if the two visiting abroad.
    7. The readers and PTI management should know that there is quid pro quo in deal between Sanjay Sinha and Anand kumar. Sinha has accused Kundan Kumar of giving bad education to his son. Now the world should know that Sinha’s son studied in Anand coaching institute for free for two years or more in lieu of publicity to Anand Kumar.
    8. Sinha’s predecessor late Ajay Kumar’s son too had received tutorials at Anand kumar’s coaching institute. ( to be continued……)

    • Sanjay Sinha, real operative behind FB account Guru Vaani (part 2)
      9. The news output and work culture at Patna centre has slumped alarmingly under Sinha’s stewardship as he spends most of his time on PR activities and hopping offices of regional and national news channel to participate in discussion.
      10. It will be sound like music to ears of PTI management that Sinha had spent couple of hours on news channel on the day assembly polls results were announce.
      It speaks volume of his commitment to work. The management had foresight to take coverage of Bihar election results under its absolute control ignoring all inputs from Patna centre.
      11. Sinha casts aspersions on colleagues’ professional ability an contributions, but conveniently glosses over the fact that he shares meaty and money spinning assignments with Bhasha reporter Anwar Sayeed and and not with his colleagues in English bureau.
      12. If so, management should check assignment register for duration Sinha has been manager at Patna. Even most of stringers report to him directly instead of giving news to reporters.
      13. All major beats like Nitish Kumar, JD (U), Lalu Prasad, RJD, Railways, Ramvilas Paswan, NCP leader Tariq Anwar and Pappu Yadav are handled directly by Sinha or his trusted man Anwar Sayeed.
      Even contractual reporters were deprived meaty assignments as a result two of them quit, while another is struggling for success or say survival.
      14 Sinha is a selfish and self-centered individual who cares for own benfit as he sits in a sprawling and clean chamber equipped with separate STD-equipped telephone, printer and related facilities, but has deliberately made editorial room a crowded place where reporters have to share space with six individuals at a time. There is a telephone in editorial but it is shared by employees of all department through extension lines. Management should also note that reporters have to use sheets of press releases to get print of any document. Shame on you all.
      15. Management should also get hygine and cleanliness checked in editorial room through surprise inspection to find out facts.
      16. Sinha through Guru Vaani posts bemoans about various things about Kundan Kumar, but conveniently ignores the fact that it is his duty to keep the flocks through and get best out of colleagues, but when it comes to practice he does exactly opposite.
      17. Patna PTI employees have hosted feast on seven occasions in past two months that throws sufficiently light on work culture. One of those lunch was approved in writing by Sanjay Sinha which is not an established practice.
      18. Friends, if any of you want to find out about real colour and character of Sanjay Sinha, feel free to speak to two young editors of PTI in Delhi who had unitedly thwarted Sinha’s national aspiration seven years ago.
      19. But for providence like death of his predecessor Ajay Kumar and patronage of MS Yadav, even the managerial assignment at Patna would have been a distant dream for Sinha let alone becoming PTI’s Beijing correspondent or RM (West) with his two ambitious targets going up in smoke as due to his sworn loyalty for Yadav at a time there is a battle raging in PTI union.
      Lastly, sources tell us that there is a war taking place in Patna for days and it will have consequences for all sides.
      It is upto the employees on rival sides to withdraw missles targeted at each other or die together as happens in war, smirmishes.
      Pls keep reading this wall for more updates.

    • I always thought that I would be the bigger supporter of m.s. yadav but I was wrong you are the biggest opponent of him. I left my fight with you but this is also true m.s. yadav is genuine, honest, gentle and well wisher of the workers.
      I think you are crazy that why you are behind him continually, nobody can explain you.

  11. Mr. John Gonsalves
    Federation of PTI Employees Unions
    Dear Mr. Gonsalves,
    We are writing this post to alert you about a grave threat of violence at the upcoming Fderation AGM at Darjeeling.
    Reports coming from sources in the federation’ affiliate units like Delhi, Lucknow, Patna, Jaipur indict that the rogue and corrupt federation general secretary (suspended) MS Yadav will let loose his goons on fellow delegates perceived to be opposed to them in order to vitiate election process and push federation into some sort of legal tangle.
    Everywhere Yadav’s men are threatening to repeat violence at Kanpur AGM in 2002 at Darjeeling if yadav does not have his way in election of his choice of office bearers.
    What happened in Delhi yesterday ( show cause notices served to newly-elected council members Arvind Kumar Singh, Md. Mehruddin Khan and Jagmohan Rawat by yadav camp) is part of yadav’s sinister plan to resort to violence at Darjeeling.
    Similarly, Patna centre is too all set to witness violence in the office premises in a matter as Yadav’s trusted man in Patna Sanjay Sinha presided over the union meeting where an oral resolution was adopted to seek suspension of Kundan Kumar for running social media campaign against yadav.
    The meeting was attende by 14 out of 15 employees with Kundan Kumar abstaining from it.
    At the said union meetings, Sanhay Sinha came with a scripted agenda and virtually compelled all members present there to speak in chorus seeking whatever action against Kundan Kumar.
    Let us place it on records yet again that Kundan Kumar has expressed grave threat to life by Sanjay Sinha or goons at his behest during his 7-hour duty in office of outside the office on assignment.
    Leaving this issue aside for time being, we request Federation president to take a hard look on invite to state unit office bearers, barring elected council meetings, as they are the people who will indulge in violence at yadav’s call at Darjeeling.
    God forbidding, if some thing untoward happens at Darjeeling, the question will arise as to why federation or organizers, Kolkata unit, invited non-voting members for the meeting in the place?
    Secondly, why should members pay train or air fair of those state level office bearers who don’t have role in federation elections as they are simply going to Darjeeling for good food, drinks, sight seeing and gifts.
    Beware guys from Kolkata who are organizing the Federatiin AGM at Darjeeling.
    In view of grave threat to law and order situation at Darjeeling Federation AGM, we request federation to withdraw invite to non-voting members from states for smooth conduct of federation meeeting.
    Mr. Gonsalves, please rise to the occasion ans neutralise Yadav’s nefarious designs to sabotage the upcoming federation meeting at Darjeeling.

    • this post has taken from guruvani
      गुरू दास के प्रिय पाठकों गुरू वाणी के पिछले अंक में आपको चूहा रूपी गुरू दास के महान लेखक के चाल-चरित्र, कुकृत्य और दागदार छवि के कुछ पहलुओं पर प्रकाष डाला था पर परंतु अभी भी इस महान नकाबपोष लेखक के काले इतिहास के बहुत से पन्नों से पर्दा उठना अभी बाकी है और उससे पाठकगण को अवगत कराया जाना जरूरी है ।
      इस पोस्ट में गुरू वाणी पिछले छह महीने से झूठ और अनर्गल प्रलाप करते हुए अब एक मोटा खुजली वाला वानर का रूप धारण कर लेने वाले इस महान लेखक के कुछ और काले कारनामों से अवगत कराने जा रहे हैं ।
      आप सभों को मालूम है कि किसी को भी अपनी काली करतूत और घृणित चहरे को लोगां से छुपाना के लिए नकाबपोष बनना या मूंह छुपाना पडता है और यही स्थिति गुरू दास के इस महान लेखक की है।
      दुसरे पर बेबुनियाद आरोप लगाने से पहले यह खुजली वाला वानर अपनी आदत के अनुसार कुछ भी लिखने के पूर्व चूहे के बिल में किसी प्रकार से अपना मूंह घुसाने में सफल तो हो जाता है जिससे उसका घृणित चेहरा दिखाई तो नहीं पडता पर इस दानवी दैत्य कद काया वाले का हिप सहित षरीर का अन्य भाग बाहर रह जाने के कारण उसकी पहचान स्पष्ट रूप हो जाती है ।
      जैसा कि गुरू वाणी के पिछले पोस्ट में वर्णन किया जा चुका है कि ये महानुभाव कैसे स्वयं को जन्म देने वाले और चलना सिखाने वाले अपने पिता को जलील और अपमानित करने में कोई कोर कसर नहीं छोडी है इसलिए यह स्वतः चिरितार्थ होता है कि जो अपने बाप का न हुआ वह भला कैसे किसी और कैसे हो सकता है ।
      कहा जाता है कि जिस संस्थान में आप काम करते हैं उसके षीर्ष पद पर आसीन व्यक्ति घर के अभिभावक तूल्य होता है पर अपनी फितरत के अनुसार आसतीन के सांप रूपी इस अकृतज्ञ व्यक्ति ने पीटीआई के पूर्व मुख्य कार्यकारी पदाधिकारी श्री एम के राजदान के रिटायर के होने पर उनके साथ भी वैसा ही व्यवहार किया जिस प्रकार से यह अपने पिता के साथ करता रहा है।
      राजदान जी जबतक पीटीआई के मुख्य कार्यकारी पदाधिकारी के पद पर आसीन रहे ये महानुभाव उन्हें महिमा मंडित करने के साथ और अपने सभी सहकर्मियों से कहते फिरते थे पीटीआई में वह सबकी मां बहन करेगा पर उनके (राजदान जी) बारे में कोई आपत्तिजनक षब्द मूंह से नहीं निकालेंगे पर उनके संस्था से जाते ही उनपर भी प्रहार करना और तरह तरह के आरोप लगाना षुरू कर दिया और अब पटना के अपने सभी सहकर्मियों से कहता रहता है कि पूर्व में राजदान जी पर प्रहार न करना उसकी रणनीति का हिस्सा था।
      इसमें कोई संदेह नहीं कि राजदान जी के संरक्षण में पीटीआई ने बहुत सी उंचाईयां छूई है और किसी की विदाई की बेला पर दुष्मन भी प्रषंसा के दो षब्द बोलता है पर इस अकृतज्ञ और आसतीन के सांप के द्वारा उनपर प्रहार करना और तरह तरह के आरोप मढने को अवसरवाद, खुदगर्जी और नीचता के आचरण के अलावा क्या कहा जा सकता है ।
      अफसोस है कि पीटीआई के पूर्व मुख्य कार्यकारी पदाधिकारी इस व्यक्ति की कुत्सित मानसिकता और नापाक इरादों को नहीं भांप पाए और अपने कार्यकाल के दौरान इसकी घिनौनी हरकतों के बावजूद उसे माफ करते गए जो कि उनका बडप्पन था।
      यह खुजली वाला बंदर अपने को बुद्धजीवी और बहुत ही विद्वान पत्रकार की श्रेणी में मानता है और दूसरों को नाकाबिल बताने में कोई कोर कसर नहीं छोडता जो कि ैअपने मूंह मिया मिठठू बनना ै मुहावरे को चिरितार्थ करता है पर इनकी विद्वुता का अंदाजा इसी से लगाया जा सकता है कि पटना में ये जब से ये विराजमान हैं एक भी ऐसी कोई एक्सकुलुसिव खबर नहीं ला पाएं हैं जो कि राष्ट्रव्यापी प्रभाव रखता हो ।
      अपने दूसरे सहकर्मियों की कार्यषैली पर प्रष्न उठाने वाले और अपने को तीस मार खां साबित करने में लगे रहने वाले इस महान लेखक का अपने दायित्व के प्रति समर्पण का अंदाजा इससे ही लगाया जा सकता है कि कार्यालय पहुंचने पर ये जिला संवाददाताओं द्वारा प्रेषित छोटी खबरें यथा एक मरे दो घायल को प्रेषित करके अपनी उपस्थिति दर्ज कर अपने दायित्व के निवर्हन की मात्र औपचारिकता ही पूरी करते हैं ।
      एक पत्रकार के तौर अपनी लेखनी के जरिए इनकी ख्याति तो इसी से समझी जा सकती है कि पीटीआई पटना के इतिहास में पहली दफा हुआ कि बिहार के मुख्यमंत्री नीतीष कुमार और उनकी पार्टी जदयू ने उनके द्वारा प्रेषित एक खबर को तथ्य से परे और दुराग्रहपूर्ण बताते हुए उसके बारे में लिखित षिकायत स्थानीय पीटीआई प्रबंधन से की थी ।
      यह बात पटना के सभी मीडिया संस्थान में चर्चा का विषय बने के रहने के साथ अब इसे नाकारात्मक और पक्षपातपूर्ण पत्रकारिता के उदाहरण के तौर पर पेष किया जाता है ।
      खबरों के संप्रेषण में इनके द्वारा लापरवाही बरतने के कारण संस्था को फजीहत झेलने का यह ताजा उदाहरण गत 18 वर्ष जुलाई का है जो कि उनके द्वारा जदयू से निलंबित मनोरमा देवी के पार्टी से निलंबन को लेकर संप्रेषित एक खबर है जिसको लेकर मुख्यमंत्री श्री नीतीष कुमार ने पीटीआई पटना कार्यालय के नंबर पर कई बार फोन कर स्थानीय मैनेजर श्री संजय सिन्हा से बात करनी चाही पर उनके अवकाष पर रहने के कारण मुख्यमंत्री की उनसे बात नहीं हो पायी थी।
      अपने को षेर बताने वाले और बातबात पर दूसरों को ललकारने वाले ये विद्वान लेखक इस दौरान भीगी बिल्ली बने हुए थे और स्थानीय पीटीआई प्रबंधक जो कि पटना के बाहर थे उन्हें फोन कर मामले को रफा दफा करने और सुलझा लेने का गुहार करते रहे ।
      अगले दिन जदयू के प्रदेष अध्यक्ष वषिष्ठ नारायण सिंह द्वारा उसके बारे में स्थानीय मैनेजर से लिखित षिकायत की गयी जिसके बाद पटना लौटने पर संजय सर को मुख्यमंत्री से मुलाकात कर इस बारे में सफाई देनी पडी थी ।
      अपने दूसरे सहकर्मियों की कर्तव्य निष्ठा पर प्रष्न उठाने वाले ये महानुभाव स्वयं अपनी संस्था के प्रति कितने कतर्व्यनिष्ठ और समर्पित हैं इसका अंदाजा हाल में प्रधानमंत्री की बिहार यात्रा :हाजीपुर का कार्यक्रमः जिसे कवर करने की जिम्मेवारी इन्हें सौंपी गयी थी और मात्र इन्हीं के नाम का पास बना हुआ था, अंतिम समय में बीमारी का बहाना बनाकर प्रधानमंत्री का कार्यक्रम कवर करने नहीं गए ।
      ये महानुभाव जो कि कार्यकारी संपदाक श्री चंद्रषेखर जी से प्रधानमंत्री का कार्यक्रम कवर करने नहीं जा पाने के बहाने के तौर से कहा था कि उनके कमर में गंभीर दर्द होने के कारण वे चिलने फिरने तक की स्थिति में नहीं है पर एक घंटे बाद ही दफ्तर पहुंचकर यहां के कर्मियों से कहा था कि आज मैंने पीटीआई प्रबंधन को मजा चखा दिया। इस बात का गवाह पूरा दफ्तर है ।
      पीटीआई फेडरेषन के महासचिव एम एस यादव जिनकी केवल पीटीआई कर्मियों नहीं बल्कि देष की पूरी मीडिया बिरादरी के लिए संघर्ष जिसमें वेजबोर्ड के लिए सडक से लेकर सुप्रिम कोर्ट तक का संघर्ष भी षामिल है, को नकारा नहीं जा सकता पर उनकी आलोचना में लगे आप महापुरुष की प्रषंसा में फिर से वही पंक्ति दोहरा रहा हूं कि “ राम नाम ( फेडरेषन के नेत्त्व में मिले वेज बोर्ड और एरियर की प्राप्ति के प्रयास में आलसी) भोजन ( वेजबोर्ड के अनुसार मिला वेतन अपने बैंक खाता में पहुंचा या नहीं इसके लिए बार-बार पता लगाना औरएरियर की प्राप्ति के लिए आतुर ) में होषियार, तुलसी जी जैसे जीव को बार बार धिक्कार “।
      अपने कुकृत्यों के कारण पीटीआई प्रबंधन के लिए आंखों की किरकिरी बन चुके इस महानुभाव पर जब जब पीटीआई प्रबंधक का चाबुक चला तो अपने को षेर बताने ये अकृत्ज्ञ प्राणी बकरी तरह मेमियाते हुए फेडरेषन षरणम गच्छामी की मुद्रा में होने के साथ अपने बचाव के लिए फेडरेषन महासचिव के नतमस्तक होकर उनकी गणेष परिकर्मा करने लगते हैं पर अपना हित सधने के बाद फेडरेषन और यादव जी की आलोचना करने तथा आसतीन के सांप की तरह डंसना षुरू कर देते हैं ।
      जिस थाली में खाना, उसी थाली में छेद करने के मुहावरे को चिरितार्थ करने वाले ये महान लेखक हाल के दिनों में अपने को चुनावी रणनीतिकार प्रषांत किषोर के तौर पर पेष करते हुए इधर उधर लोगां को फोन कर फेडरेषन महासचिव एम एस यादव को अपदस्थ करने के लिए मुहिम छेड रखी है ।
      वे पाठकगण जो कि जिस डाली पर बैठने, उसी को काटने वाले इस अकृतज्ञ की बातों में तनिक आ जा रहे हैं उन्हें फिर से एक बार स्मरण करना चाहिए कि जो अपने बाप का नहीं हुआ वह दूसरां का कैसे हो सकता है ।
      इनकी यह सब मुहिम अपनी पटना सहित किसी किसी बडे पीटीआई सेंटर के प्रबंधक के पद पर आसीन होने की मंषा को फलीभूत करने की है जिसमें इन्हें कभी भी कामयाबी नहीं मिलेगी क्योंकि इनके चरित्र और इतिहास भूगोल को पूरा पीटीआई भली भांति जनता है ।
      सहकर्मियों के साथ इनके आचरण को इसी बात से समझा जा सकता है कि वह छोटे पदाधिकारी और नन जर्नलिस्ट को हमेषा संस्था के लिए बोझ बताते रहते हैं और रावण की तरह अहंकार भरे स्वर में कहते रहते हैं जिस दिन हमारी सत्ता आएगी एक एक को ठिकाने लगा और लगवा देंगे ।
      फेडरेषन से जुडे सभी कर्मियों को फेडरेषन से यह मांग करनी चाहिए कि इस आसतीन के सांप और जिस थाली में खाना, उसी में छेद करने वाले इस महानुभाव की फेडरेषन के खिलाफ लगातार जारी मुहिम के मददेनजर दार्जिलिंग की आम बैठक में इसकी सदस्यता खत्म करने का निर्णय लेना चाहिए और ठीक उसी तरह निकाल बाहर किया जाना चाहिए जैसा दिल्ली में महिला सहकर्मियां के साथ दुर्व्यवहार करने पर इन्हें लात मारकर दिल्ली से निकाला गया था ।

    • Before I wrote anything first I want to tell you these three crafty and cunning people whom you are supporting here on this post is the main and active person of ms yadav team.
      When union found these dirty and mischievous guys are spreading mess
      in union. Then party first called core meeting and asked about what to do
      with these dirty peoples. When all the members of core group agreed on a certain decision then party informed the active union. The active union issued a show-case notice to these dirty peoples. Our party members tried their best to persuade them but failed.
      These three people with the support of management were trying to break the union. You are sitting outside and would not understand what is happening inside the office, do not write and save these peoples.

    • These comments or availab;e on fb
      Hemant Kumar One should inform the CEO immediately apprehending risk to oneself and same time inform the police and CM of the state about it naming the person who poses threat
      Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 9:41am
      Bhaskar Ramaswamy
      Bhaskar Ramaswamy Thanks for guiding m, Sir.
      Like · Reply · Yesterday at 9:43am
      Hemant Kumar
      Hemant Kumar It is learnt that a manager in Indore at the behest of his union bosses in Delhi had got an employee beaten up by his goons. The victim had raised his voice against irregularities committed by the Federation leaders and this irked them so they directed the manager to bet him in the office room. The management should inquire and take them to taSK
      Like · Reply · 23 hrs
      Dibyendu Chakrabarti
      Dibyendu Chakrabarti · Friends with Kundan Kumar
      Police arrangements are being made in Darjeeling
      Like · Reply · 19 hrs
      Kundan Kumar
      Kundan Kumar Pls tell the organizers to reconsider invite to non-voting state officebearers in view of surcharged atmosphere in federation and state units. The expenditure on hosting state unit presidents and general secretaries is a drain on resources. What if these globetrotting delegates who attend union meetings at exotic locations for good food, booze, guided tour and gifts start assaulting delegates of rival faction.
      Like · Reply · 18 hrs
      Kundan Kumar
      Kundan Kumar Withdrawing invite to these delegates will prevent any possibility of lawlessness at federation AGM.
      Like · Reply · 18 hrs
      Dibyendu Chakrabarti
      Dibyendu Chakrabarti · Friends with Kundan Kumar
      Effective measures will be in place. Don’t worry. Only persons with valid badges will be allowed inside
      Like · Reply · 14 hrs
      Neelkanth Paratkar
      Neelkanth Paratkar Keep smart phone ready to shut live/ record the proceedings.
      Like · Reply · 2 · 13 hrs

      Hemant Kumar replied · 1 Reply

  12. Friends,
    All hell has broken loose in PTI Workers Union, Delhi, an affiliated unit of Federation of PTI Employees Unions with the local unit leadership show causing three of its council members, namely Arvind Kumar Singh, Md. Mehruddin Khan and Jagmohan Rawat.
    The show cause notice is part elaborate and mischievous plan by rogue and corrupt federation general secretary Mercenary Singh Yadav, to prevent these newly-elected council members from either contesting federation elections or voting for those candidates perceived to opposed to yadav and his underworld goorgas.
    As per the game plan laid bare by the 63 year-old yadav, Arvind, Mehruddin and Jagmohan are likely to be suspended tomorrown over fabricated charge of ‘anti-union’ activities.
    The stupid yadav gang thinks that they will have their way this time too in union elections, but are forgetting that their spiritual father mahapapi carpet razdan is no longer around to bail his out his illegitimate children, including yadav.
    At this stage when scrutiny of nomination papers been completed and the final list of candidates put on notice board, yadav is bound to fail in his futile exercise to subvert the election process.
    Dear members of PTI Workers Union, Delhi, please don’t play in the trap set up by suspended Federation General Secretary and assert your new-found freedom to save both the local union and federation.
    Many of you know that yadav may be sacked from service by March as he has manipulated official records with regard to Date of Birth certification with help from ever-patronizing ex-ceo mahapapi carpet razdan.
    Yadav’s birth date (14/11/1953) has been time and again posted by us on social media and management implored to take action against yadav.
    Lastly, pls don’t sully your hands and conscience by playing in the hands of yadav who wants to dismember and destroy the federation and union.
    Like mahapapi carpet razdan, who never promoted second line of leadership to take over from him at sone stage, yadav too wants to finish off the federation before he goes.
    Gladly for your, this rogue ex-leader has been barred (almost) from contesting the federation elections and we don’t think he has guts to seek remedial measures from courts as he is himself facing grave charges of embezzlement of federation funds and anti-union activities.
    In this background, we urge you all office bearers of Delhi PTI Workers Union to unite and call Yadav’s bluffs and rally behind your candidates on federation posts elections for which will be held on February 8 next at Darjeeling.

    • Before I wrote anything first I want to tell you these three crafty and cunning people whom you are supporting here on this post is the main and active person of ms yadav team.
      When union found these dirty and mischievous guys are spreading mess
      in union. Then party first called core meeting and asked about what to do
      with these dirty peoples. When all the members of core group agreed on a certain decision then party informed the active union.
      The active union issued a show-case notice to these dirty peoples. Our party members tried their best to persuade them but failed.
      These three people with the support of management were trying to break the union. You are sitting outside and do not understand what is happening inside the office, do not write and try to save these peoples.

    • Before I wrote anything first I want to tell you these three crafty and cunning people whom you are supporting here on this post is the main and active person of ms yadav team.
      When union found these dirty and mischievous guys are spreading mess
      in union. Then party first called core meeting and asked about what to do
      with these dirty peoples. When all the members of core group agreed on a certain decision then party informed the active union.
      The active union issued a show-case notice to these dirty peoples. Our party members tried their best to persuade them but failed.
      These three people with the support of management were trying to break the union. You are sitting outside and do not understand what is happening inside the office, do not write and try to save these peoples.

    • Before I write anything first I want to tell you these three crafty and cunning people whom you are supporting here on this post is the main and active person of ms yadav team.
      When union found these dirty and mischievous guys are spreading mess
      in union. Then party first called core meeting and asked about what to do
      with these dirty peoples. When all the members of core group agreed on a certain decision then party informed the active union. The active union issued a show-case notice to these dirty peoples. Our party members tried their best to persuade them but failed.
      These three people with the support of management were trying to break the union. You are sitting outside and would not understand what is happening inside the office, do not write and save these peoples.

  13. following post also available on FB
    माननीय पाठकगण
    फेडरेशन ऑफ़ पी टी आई इम्प्लायीज़ यूनियंस के बर्खास्त महासचिव यम यस यादव के करप्शन के खिलाफ शुरू की गयी लड़ाई अब अपने अंजाम के करीब पहुँच रही है .जैसा की आप लोग जानते है की यादव ने १.२४ करोड़ रूपये का हेरफेर फेडरेशन की जमीन /मकान के खरीद फरोख्त में किया है.हमारे महान नेता यम यस यादव ने बड़े ही निर्लज्जता पूर्वक फेडरेशन की प्रॉपर्टी को अपने बेटे के नाम करा लिया और उसका दुष्परिणाम आप सभी लोंगो के सामने है ,इस करप्शन के खुलासे के बाद और फेडरेशन प्रेजिडेंट जॉन गोनसाल्वेस द्वारा यादव के खिलाफ कार्यवाही को देखते हुए फेडरेशन ऑफ़ पी टी आई इम्प्लॉयीज यूनियंस के चुनाव अधिकारी ने यादव को महासचिव के पद पर लड़ने के लिए तब तक अयोग्य घोषित कर दिया है जब तक की यादव किसी सम्बंधित कोर्ट से आदेश लेकर नहीं आते है .
    लेकिन बात यंहा यादव की ही केवल नहीं है यादव के करप्शन के खुलासे की शुरुवात पी टी आई पटना केंद्र से जुलाई /अगस्त २०१६ में शुरू की गयी थी ,प्रमाण सहित आरोप और खुलासे से यादव के करीबी लोंगों को सांप सूंघ गया था लेकिन पिछले हफ्ते से लोग जगे है और कई तरह के अनर्गल बाते केवल कुंदन कुमार के बारे में लिख रहे है जिसका कोई आधार नहीं है अभी हाल में लिखा गया है की वह बंदर जैसा है “,लेकिन इन लोंगो को शायद यह याद नहीं है की रावण की लंका में अकेले एक ही बंदर ने आग लगाई थी और पूरी लंका जल गयी थी ” और उसके बाद सम्पूर्ण राक्षश समाज का अंत हुआ था .
    इस सिलसिले को आगे बढ़ाते हुए हम कुछ ठोस जानकारी के साथ जो मुझे मेरे मेल पर भेजा गया है और कुछ फेस बुक पोस्ट द्वारा पता चला है आप लोंगो को पटना पी टी आई केंद्र के प्रबंधक संजय सिन्हा के क्रिया कलापों (कुकृत्यों) के बारे में बताना चाहता हूँ .जिससे आप लोंगों की लगभग सारी शंकाएं दूर हो जाएँगी .
    आप लोंगो को जानकर हैरानी इसलिए नहीं होगी की जो भी हम बता रहे है वह आप लोग अच्छी तरह से जानते है की संजय सिन्हा यादव के सबसे ख़ास और वफादार सिपहसालार रहे है और इनको फेडरेशन की मीटिंग करने में महारत हासिल है पिछले १०-१२ सैलून में इन्होंने राजगीर ,पटना,शिमला,जैसे जगहों,पर कम से कम ८ मीटिंगे कराई है और आप लोंगों को यह जानकर आश्चर्य होगा की फेडरेशन की भब्य मीटिंग करने के लिए २० से ४० लाख तक का कलेक्शन होता है और वह भी बिना किसी लेखा जोखा के और ऊपर से कलेक्शन में २०% का खुला कमीशन मिलता है जो सरकारी और गैर सरकारी संस्थाओं से लिया जाता है संजय सिन्हा को कितनी सैलरी मिलती है यह पी टी आई को मालूम है जब की इनकी इस समय की कीमत लगभग ५ करोड़ है पैसा कंहा से आया कैसे आया यह तो इनके धन कमाने की बात है .
    यह महाशय यम यस यादव के अलावा बिहार के मुख्यमंत्री नितीश कुमार ,अभिनेता शत्रुघ्न सिन्हा और सुपर ३० के संचालक आनंद कुमार की प्रचार प्रसार के लिए कुछ भी कर सकते है चाहे यह छुट्टी पर रहे या देश के किसी कोने में इन लोंगों की प्रचार प्रसार की खबर संजय सिन्हा खुद ही चलाएंगे ऐसा क्यों है आप लोग खुद समझदार है.
    संजय सिन्हा पी टी आई के मेनेजर के अलावा एक अच्छे लेखक भी है और इनकी दो किताबे भी प्रकाशित हो चुकी है जिसमे एक पुस्तक का बिमोचन पूर्व गृह सचिव आर के सिंह और दूसरी पुस्तक का बिमोचन अभिनेता /संसद सदस्य शत्रुघ्न सिन्हा ने किया है इस उपलब्धि के बावजूद इस महानुभाव की जुबान पर हमेशा लगभग लाड ,गाड़ ,और झांट जैसे प्रचलित शब्दों से ही शुरू होता है .
    और रही इनके आफिस क्रिया कलाप और नेतृत्व की तो इनके लिए अपना स्वार्थ ही सर्वोपरि है और यही धयान में रखकर यह अपना निजी और व्वसायिक रूपी सारा काम करते है,जिससे पी टी आई का जो नियमित कार्य है प्रभावित होता है ,जैसा की आप लोंगो को पूर्व में ही हमने बताया था की संजय सिन्हा पी टी आई ऑफिस में पिछले ढाई महीने में ७ पार्टी (भोज कार्यक्रम) करा चुके है.
    ऐसा यह कुंदन कुमार को नीचा दिखाने के लिए करते थे जिसकी सूचना कुंदन कुमार ने लिखित रूप में भी पी टी आई प्रशाशन को बताया था लेकिन सिन्हा महाशय से जब कुछ नहीं पूछा गया तो यह अपने घमंड में कोई परवाह किये बगैर अपने इन सभी कार्यक्रमों को आगे बढ़ाते रहे.
    जबकि इस महाशय को यह नहीं अहसास है की जब कोई कार्यवाही मैनेजमेंट करेगा तो इनसे पूछ कर नहीं करेगा और जब भी कार्यवाही होगा इसका असर व्यापक होगा खैर संजय सिन्हा जैसे लोग जो यम यस यादव के रहमो करम पर यंहा तक पहुंचे है इसी गलत फहमी में जीते है जिसका इनको पूरा अधिकार है .रहमो करम मैं इसलिए कह रहा हूँ की यह जब दिल्ली में थे तो यह डेल्ही ब्यूरो में जाना चाहते थे लेकिन इनको उस सेक्शन में एंट्री नहीं मिली जो संपादकीय बिभाग दिल्ली को अच्छी तरह से मालूम है क्यों नहीं मिली थी .
    रही बात जो मैं अब आप लोंगों को बताना चाहता हूँ. की पी टी आई पटना केंद्र की स्थिति बेहद तनावपूर्ण है और कभी भी कोई अप्रिय वारदात हो सकती है जिसका जिक्र कुंदन कुमार ने अपने पोस्ट और मैनेजमेंट को भी शायद बताया है हो सकता है यह लोग कुंदन कुमार के साथ यादव के कहने पर मार पीट या प्रेस कांफ्रेंस के बहाने बाहर भेजकर कोई बिशेष (हत्या )जैसा जघन्य वारदात करा सकते है .
    इसलिए हम आप सभी लोंगो से और खासकर पी टी आई प्रशाशन से अनुरोध करते है की उचित होगा समय रहते आवश्यक कार्यवाही करे जिससे अनहोनी रोकी जा सके.
    जंहा तक संजय सिन्हा के पास सत्ता की ताक़त है तो कुंदन कुमार के पास जान समर्थन ,अगर कोई अप्रिय बात हुई तो इसकी साडी जिमेदारी संजय सिन्हा,यम यस यादव और पी टी आई प्रशाशन की होगी.धन्यवाद्

  14. Detail Available on Kundan Kumar FB Post
    I wish to share with you all that the rogue and corrupt Federation of PTI Employees Union General Secretary (suspended) MS Yadav is almost, yes almost, unlikely to contest the prestigious post this time.
    As is clear from the list of candidates released after scrutiny of nomination papers, Yadav though figures among candidates for general secretary’s post, but he will have to obtain favourable court order to remain eligible to contest the federation elections.
    The election officer as is obvious from his order has played strictly by rules and given a fair chance to Yadav to seek order from a court for eligibility to contest on federation general secretary post let alone win it.
    For all of you, friends and colleagues in PTI and outside, it is a red letter day in the annals of trade union history as truth has prevailed at last and a corrupt leader like Yadav stand vanquished (almost) with shoulders drooping as if blood circulation has been cut off from his poisoned body and soul.
    The shady federation land scam to the tune of Rs. 1.24 crore which I had exposed on August 27 last with help from friends in Delhi has at last cost Yadav dearly in terms of loss of face, dignity and position.
    It is high time Yadav should retire from service and federation and walk into sunset of life after returning land to federation.
    It is still not late, Mr. Yadav. See the writing on walls and huge disapproval of PTI employees of you corrupt ways and nepotism that you indulged in for over two decades.
    Please learn a lesson or two from Mr. John Gonsalves, your colleague in federation who has decided to stand aside in favour of younger leaders.
    You have option to move to court to seek order for eligibility to contest the elections, but who knows : the move may boomrang on you and hastened you visit to Tihar jail on corrupt charges.
    Hope wisdom prevails on you. Have a good night.

    SCRUTINY OF NIMINATION Date: January 31,2017
    For Notice board:
    Afetr scrutinyheld on January 30,2017 following nominations were held valid for office bearers for the annual election of the Federation of PTI Employees unions.
    Post Candidate/s
    President (one Post) Mr Arvind Kumar Singh
    Mr Balram Singh Dahiya
    Vice President (One Post) Mr Atanu Pal
    Mr Bhuwan Chaubey
    General Secretary (One Post) Mr Arvind Kumar Singh
    Mr M S Hasan
    Mr Balram Singh Dahiya
    Mr M S Yadav
    Asst.General Secretary(2 Post) Mr Atanu Pal
    Mr A. G. mohan
    Mr J. S.Rawat
    Mr Mehruddin
    Tresurer (One Post) Mr Sagar T.Bhurke
    Mr J.S.Rawat
    Mr Rajendra Verma
    Executive committee Post: (6 Northern Region – 3 Western Region
    3 Eastern Region -3 Southern Region)
    1.Mr Bhuwan Chaubey 2.Mr Balram Singh Dahiya 3 Kulbhushan Yadav
    4.Mr Sri krishan 5 Mr Dinesh Kumar Dev 6.Mr K.S.Shanka
    7.Mr C .L.Gupta 8.Mr Mulam Singh Rawat 9.J.S.Rawat 10 .Mr Dinesh Dev 11.Mr Jagmohan Singh Rawat 12. Mr Rakesh Kumar Shrivastava
    1 Mr Suhas R. Subedar 2.Mr T .S.Ramesh 3. K Ramesh
    1.Mr Bhabendra Dev Sarmah 2Mr Sandip Chakraborty 3Mr Chandan Kr. Roy
    1.Mr P .Ramadoss 2.Mr C.Shankara Reddy 3.M.P.Joseph
    On going through the record it appears that President John Gonsalves has suspended Mr M S Yadav for alleged anti-union activities till the General council meeting of Federation of PTI Employees Unions (Feb 8-10) decides on the suspension.
    Received objection from Mr M S hasan,candidate for General Secretary post that M S Yadav ,also candidate for General secretary post should not be allowed to contest the election on this ground.PTI workers union New Delhi,Lucknow and Chandigarh have written Letters stating all elected council members be allowed to contest the election of the Federation office bearers.
    Order: The nomination of Mr M S Yadav for post of General secretary is allowed to Mr Yadav getting an order from an appropriate court that he can contest the elections.
    (Sunil Shivdasani)
    Chief Election Officer
    above text typed as origional which are on FB

  15. यम यस यादव की मौजूदा हालात के जिम्मेदार यादव के प्रमुख सिपहसालार और चमचें ही रहे यह अकाट्य सत्य है ,जिसको यम यस यादव ने जानबूझकर नजरन्दाज किया और उनकी बातों में आकर लोंगों को बर्बाद करते रहे जिसका नतीजा आज आप लोंगो के सामने है
    दोस्तों आप लोंगो को मैं विस्वस्थ सूत्रों से मिली जानकारी और कुछ सबूत सोशल मीडिया या ईमेल पर मिले है उनके अनुसार आप सभी को बताना चाहता हूँ.की इस भरस्टाचार को उजागर करने की शुरुवात क्यों और कैसे हुई
    पटना में यम यस यादव के लोग संजय सिन्हा ,अनवर सईद यादव की कृपा से वर्षो से मलाई खाते चले आ रहे है और इन दोनों ने मिलकर कुंदन कुमार को वर्षों से जलील किया है और लगातार करते आ रहे है दोनों यादव के सहारे स्पेशल अलाउंस और कट कमीशन खाते ही है और दोनों लोग कुंदन कुमार की यह कहकर जलालत करते थे की जब तक पदमा अल्वा और राज़दान है तब तक तुम्हे कुछ नहीं मिलेगा,तुमको बाबाजी का ठुल्लू मिलेगा .संजय सिन्हा जब छुट्टी पर जाते थे तो अनवर सईद से कहकर जाते थे की कुंदन को कोई सहयोग नहीं करना ,कुंदन जहाँ १२ बजे ड्यूटी पर आते थे अनवर सईद ३ से ६ बजे के बीच में जानबूझकर आते थे ,और जब कुंदन कुमार ने इसकी शिकायत संजय सिन्हा से की तो संजय सिन्हा ने अनवर सईद से पूछना तक मुनासिब नहीं समझा .यह बात कोल्कता आर यम ,पदमा अल्वा,शकील अहमद और यादव तक भी गयी लेकिन कोई कुछ ध्यान नहीं दिया .इतना ही नहीं पिछलेसाल कुंदन कुमार को एक्टिंग मेनेजर का चार्ज दिया वह भी बिना सिनियोरिटी और सुबिधा के ,आनंदराज सीनियर प्रिंसिपल कोरेस्पोंडेंट है और कुंदन कुमार २२ साल की नौकरी के बाद भी अभी प्रिंसिपल कॉरेसपॉंडेंट है ,जबकि कुंदन कुमार को बहुत सारे अलाउंस नहीं मिलते है वहीँ पर अनवर सईद को इन्टरनेट और फील्ड ड्यूटी अलाउंस भी मिलता है जब की पता चला है की वह केवल ट्रांसलेटर का ही काम करते है ,इसके अलावा पटना ऑफिस में आये दिन भोज (पार्टी)का आयोजन नवम्बर महीने से लेकर अब तक ७ पार्टियां (बिहारी भाषा में भोज) कुंदन कुमार की औकात दिखने केलिए की गयी जो की ऐसा किसी भी पी टी आई के सेंटर में मेनेजर नहीं करता होगा यह सब केवल कुंदन को जलील करने के लिए किया जाता रहा की लोग पार्टियां मनाये और कुंदन बैठकर देखे .
    संजय सिन्हा के बार बार इस तरह से परेशां करने और चुनौती देना ,मूल कारण बना .
    और इन सभी बातों से तंग आकर कुंदन कुमार ने सोशल मीडिया का सहारा लिया और संजय सिन्हा के आका यम यस यादव के भरस्टाचार को उजागर करने का काम अगस्त महीने से शुरुआत कर दी जो की प्रमाण सहित आप लोंगों के सामने है.
    इस मामले में प्रमोद गोस्वामी ने भी आग में घी का काम किया पटना एग्जीक्यूटिव मीटिंग में बार बार कुंदन कुमार को चूहा कहकर संबोधित किया गया और अपसब्दों का प्रयोग किया गया और ठीक उसी रात में जो ” यादव द्वारा फेडरेशन प्रेसीडेन्ट जॉन गोनसाल्वेस को अँधेरे में रखकर एवम पूरे फेडरेशन ,यूनियन के सदस्यों (श्रीकृष्ण ,सुनील सहगल ,राजबीर सिंह ,और अजय त्यागी को छोड़कर )छुपाकर चुपके से फेडरेशन की प्रॉपर्टी जो अपने बेटे और श्रीकृष्ण के बेटे के नाम पर करा ली थी”उसके सत्यापित प्रतिलिपि कुंदन कुमार ने सोशल साइट पर डालकर यादव के खिलाफ भ्रस्टाचार का मामला उजागर कर दिया उसके बाद मुम्बई में एग्जीक्यूटिव मीटिंग में फेडरेशन कौंसिल मेंबर यम यस हसन द्वारा इस बावत प्रश्न किया गया की यह जो प्रॉपर्टी की बात सोशल साइट पर आई है इसकी जाँच होनी चाहिए जिसका समर्थन प्रेसीडेन्ट जोंगोन्साल्वेस ने भी किया लेकिन यम यस यादव स्वपन आचार्य के साथ मिलकर आवाज को दबाने की पूरी कोशिश की और जाँच के लिए तैयार नहीं हुए इसके बाद फेडरेशन प्रेसीडेन्ट जॉन गोनसाल्वेस मजबूर होकर “यादव ने जो अपने पद का दुरूपयोग करते हुए जो भी काम किया है उसके लिए ” प्रेसीडेन्ट गोनसाल्वेस ने यादव को महासचिव पद से बर्खास्त करते हुए शो काज नोटिस जारी किया.जो की यादव के जवाब के साथ सोशल साइट पर भी आप लोंगो ने देख लिया है.इससे यह स्पस्ट हो गया की “दाल में कुछ काला ही नहीं पूरी की पूरी दाल ही काली है. उसके बाद हम सभी लोंगों ने आप सब से बार बार अपील की की यादव और उनके करीबियों को चुनाव में शिकस्त दे आप लोंगों ने जंहा तक हो सका पूरा प्रयास किया इसके लिए आप लोग धन्यवाद के पात्र है .लेकिन लड़ाई यही नहीं ख़त्म हो रही है अभी आप लोंगो. को दार्जिलिंग में होने वाली फेडरेशन की मीटिंग में सही और उचित निर्णय लेना बाकि है की वह फेडरेशन की प्रॉपर्टी /संपत्ति फेडरेशन को वापस कैसे मिले.जो यादव द्वारा अनैतिक रूप से हड़पने की कोशिश कर रहे है.
    इसलिए आप लोग जागरूक रहिये और लड़ाई लड़ने के लिए तैयार रहे .
    यम यस यादव के भ्रस्टाचार में पी टी आई के तीन सेंटर के मैनेजर बराबर के भागीदार रहे है ,१.पटना ,संजय सिन्हा २,एक्स मेनेजर लखनऊ प्रमोद गोस्वामी ,जयपुर ,अनिल माथुर ये सभी अपने अपने निहित स्वार्थों के लिए यादव को मिसगाइड करना और यादव द्वारा लोंगों कीउपेक्षा करना और प्रताड़ित करना जिससे यह लोग जो भी गलत काम करे किसी की नज़र न पड़े और सबसे सरीफ बने रहे लेकिन कागजी प्रमाण कभी झूठ नहीं बोलते है.
    वैसे हम संजय सिन्हा को बधाई देना चाहतेहै की अगर वह बार बार कुंदन कुमार को चुनौती नहीं देते तो शायद कुंदन कुमार शुरुवात ही नहीं करते और मामला दबा रह जाता और यादव सब कुछ लेकर रफूचक्कर हो जाते लेकिन अब संभव नहीं होगा आज शायद संजय सिन्हा को एहसास हो रहा होगा काश मैं चुनौती न देता तो हमारे प्रिय नेता जो हम लोंगो को मलाई ख़िलाते रहे उनकी यह दुर्गति नहीं होती .और पी टी आई इम्प्लॉयीज यूनियंस का भी अस्तित्व खतरे में नहीं पड़ता ,
    ,””…गोस्वामी तुलसीदास जी ने रामचरित मानस में लिखा है ,
    गुरु बैद्य मंत्री प्रिय बोलहि भय आस ..राज धर्म तन तीन कर होही बेगहि नास .
    यह चौपाई यादव और यादव के प्रिय लोंगो पर काफी सूट कर रही है ,जो केवल अपने स्वार्थ के लिए किसी भी हद तक गिर सकते है क्योंकि यादव और राज़दान के राज में कितने काबिल लोग पी टी आई छोड़कर बाहर गए और आज उच्च पदों पर आसीन है और यादव के निकम्मे लोग पटना ,जयपुर, और लखनऊ सहित कई अन्य जगहों पर मलाई खा रहे है इन लोंगो के क़ाबलियत के बारे में लगभग पूरी पी टी आई जानती है खास तौर से दिल्ली संपादकीय बिभाग .
    आशा है यह पोस्ट यम यस यादव की आँखे खोल सके की उनके लोग उन्हें कहाँ से कहाँ पहुंचा दिए ,इसीलिए एक कहावत है की” नादाँ दोस्त से अच्छा दानेदार दुसमन होते है.”जो कम से कम सही को सही और गलत को गलत कहने की हिम्मत रखते है ,फालतू में चापलूसी नहीं करते की आप जो कर रहे हो सब सही है जैसा यादव के कुछ करीबी लोंगों. ने किया है ,
    दोस्तों आप लोग अच्छी तरह से जानते है की केवल कुंदन कुमार ही नहीं इस यादव और राज़दान के शासन काल में सैकड़ों कुंदन जैसे लोंगो को बर्बाद कर दिया गया ट्रांसफर पोस्टिंग का हाल यह रहा है की जो इनकी गुलामी स्वीकार किया वह एक ही जगह जैसे पटना ,जयपुर और लखनऊ में ही पैदा हुआ और वहीँ से रिटायर भी होने जा रहे है लेकिन जो इनकी गुलामी के खिलाफ किसी भ तरह से आवाज उठाई उसे इन लोंगों ने बार बार ट्रांसफर करके उसके परिवार को भी बर्बाद कर दिया है जिसका परिणाम ईश्वर इन्हें जरूर देगा.और उम्मीद है इन तीनो पी टी आई के सेंटरों की सर्जिकल स्ट्राइक जरुरी है जो यादव मैन सेंटर रहेहैं. इन्ही शब्दों के साथ बिराम और बहुत कुछ अगले पोस्ट में.

    • taken from guru vani post
      वॆ पाठकगण जो गुरू दास सॆ भी जुड़ॆ हुए है۬ उनके लिए गुरू वाणी —
      प्रिय पाठकों के गुरू वाणी ने महसूस किया कि आप लोगों को नकाबपोश बाबा रामदेव की तरह शलवार पहनकर छुपकर तथा अनर्गल प्रलाप एवं बेबुनियाद बातें करने वाले नकाबपोश बंधु के नकाब को उतारकर उनके दागदार और बदनुमा चहरे से तथा अपने स्वार्थ साधने के लिए किसी भी हद तक गिर जाने वाले इस महानुभाव के घृर्णित और कुत्सित कृत्यों से अवगत कराया जाए ।
      यहां यह स्पष्ट कर देना उचित होगा कि बेबुनियाद बातें करने वाले उक्त कागजी श॓र और बयान बहादुर को जब भी कुछ अनर्गल प्रलाप करना होता है तो बीमार होने का बहाना बनाकर अपने कार्यालय से अवकाश लेकर चूहे की तरह बिल में घुसकर दूसरों पर प्रहार किया करते हैं ।
      इस नकाबपोश महान लेखक के अगर इतिहास भूगोल की चर्चा की जाए तो शुरूआत पहले उनके अपने घर के लोगों के साथ वि॓शषकर अपने पिता के साथ संबंधों और उनके बारे में महानुभाव के क्या विचार रहे हैं, से आप लोगों को अवगत करा दिया जाना अत्यंत आवश्यक है क्योंकि ऐसा कहा जाता है कि जो अपनों का नहीं हुआ वो भला किसी का क्या हो सकता है ।
      महानुभाव की स्वयं को जन्म देने वाले और चलना सिखाने वाले अपने पिता से पिछले कई वषो॔ न तो बोलचाल है और न कोई रिश्ता बचा है तथा न ही उनके शब्दकोश में अपने पिता के प्रति सम्मान के दो शब्द बचे है बल्कि अब वे तो खुलेआम समस्त पटना पीटीआई कर्मचारियों के समक्ष अपने पिता को न केवल भद्दी भद्दी गालियां देते हैं बल्कि यह भी कहते हैं यही वे अपने पुत्र ( नाबालिग ) को भी यही सिखा रहे हैं । अब पाठकजन आप स्वयं ही अंदाजा लगा सकते हैं कि जो जन्म एवं भरण पोषण करने वाले अपने बाप का न हुआ वह भला किसी का कैसे हो सकता है और उसके पास दूसरे के लिए कैसे अच्छे शब्द और अच्छे विचार हो सकते हैं ।
      यह तो उनके व्यक्तिगत जीवन का एक उदाहरण हुआ । अब उनके कार्यस्थल में अनुशासन बरतने और अपने सहकर्मियों के प्रति सम्मान और उनके साथ बेहतर सुलूक की चर्चा की जाए तो पीटीआई में नियुक्ति के दो साल बाद ही दिल्ली में महिला सहकर्मियों के साथ बदसलूकी करने पर उन्हें वहां से लात मारकर दूसरे स्थान भेज दिया गया था और लखनउ, इलाहाबाद और बनारस में भी इनके गलत आचरण के कारण उन्हें पीटीआई प्रबंधन को उन्हें धक्के मारकर सुदूर पूर्वी इलाके गंगटोक भेजना पडा था ।
      आज ये अकृतज्ञ महानुभाव फेडरेशन के महासचिव एम एस यादव पर उंगली उठा रहे हैं पर गंगटोक से पटना आने के लिए वे यादव जी के यहां न केवल नतमस्तक हुए थे बल्कि अपने पुराने व्यवहार और आचरण के लिए माफी मांगी थी और यह वादा किया था कि भविश्य में वे अब शाॱतिपूर्वक और अनुशासित होकर काम पर ध्यान देंगे और किसी भी सहकर्मी के साथ गलत व्यवहार नहीं करेंगे ।
      पर नाकाबबोश बंधु जिनपर ये मुहावरे- “ जनमक बिगडी, कभी न सुधरी “, “ किसी का नेचर और सिग्नेचर नहीं बदलता “ , फिट बैठते हैं, पटना पहंुचते ही अपना लक्षण दिखाना शुरू कर दिया क्योंकि यहां वे तत्कालीन प्रबंधक श्री अजय तिवारी को अपदस्थ कर उनके स्थान पाने की मंशा से आए थे और इसके लिए उन्होंने यहां के कर्मचारियों को अजय जी के प्रति भडकाने, उन्हें डराने तथा प्रलोभन देने का भी अथक प्रयास किया पर उसमें उन्हें कामयाबी नहीं मिली ।
      यही नहीं, ये व्याकूल प्राणी पीटीआई पटना के प्रबंधक के पद पर आसीन होने के लिए कितने आतुर और बेचैन थे इसका अंदाजा इसी से लगाया जा सकता है कि 2012 में अजय जी का अचानक देहांत हो जाने पर इन्होंने उनके दाह संस्कार होने तक इंतजार करना उचित नहीं समझा और अजय जी के अंतिम संस्कार में षामिल होने पहंुचे यादव जी से पटना के बांसघाट पर ही अजय जी चिता के जलने के पूर्व शमशान घाट पर ही अपनी इस इच्छा को यादव जी से प्रकट करते हुए उनसे इसके लिए गुजारिश करनी शुरू कर दी और पूरे दाह संस्कार की प्रक्रिया तक उनके बगल में खडे होकर इस आशय का अनुरोध करते रहे ।
      दूसरों पर फेडरेशन की बैठक के बहाने दावत उडाने का आरोप लगाने वाले इस मतलबी महाशय ने अपनी इस मंशा को फलीभूत करने के लिए वर्श 2013 में पटना में आयोजित फेडरेशन की कार्यकारिणी की बैठक के दौरान आगंतुकों के लिए न केवल लंच का प्रबंध किया था बल्कि पूरी बैठक के दौरान यादव जी की गणेश परिक्रमा और आवभगत में कोई कोर कसर नहीं छोडी थी पर जब अपनी मंशा के पूरी नहीं होते देख क्षणिक गौ का रूप धारण करने वाले ये महाशय अपने असली रूप सांड में आकर सभों को फिर से सिंह मारना शुरू कर दिया ।
      दूसरों पर भ्रष्टाचार का आरोप लगाने एवं गिरगिट की तरह रंग बदलने वाले इस महानुभाव को भ्रष्टाचार विषय पर प्रवचन देना और इसको लेकर दूसरे पर उंगली उठाना शोभा नहीं देता क्योंकि आप स्वयं ही दूध के धुले नहीं हैं ।
      अपने को भगत सिंह के तौर पर पेश करने वाले ये महानुभाव अक्सर समस्त पटना पीटीआई कर्मियों के समक्ष यह कहते रहे हैं कि जहां भी वे मैनेजर और प्रभारी के पद पर रहे, कभी भी उन्हें वेतन को हाथ नहीं लगाना पडा बल्कि सारे घर के खर्च पूर्ति पेटी कैश अथवा बाहरी कमाई से हो जाया करती थी ।
      इसका परिचय वे पटना आने पर दे चुके हैं और स्थानीय प्रबंधक के छुट्टी पर रहने के दौरान वे स्वयं के प्रभार में के दौरान एक जिला संवाददाता द्वारा अपने बेटे की शादी की खुशी में पटना पीटीआई कर्मियों के लिए लायी गयी मिठाई को वे अपने सहकर्मियों के बीच बांटने के बजाए मिठाई का पूरा पैकेट अपने घर लेते चले गए ।
      आपके चरित्र का चित्रण यह दोहा पूरी तरह चरितार्थ करता है- “ राम नाम (फेडरेशन के नेतत्त्व में मिले वेज बोर्ड और एरियर की प्राप्ति के प्रयास में आलसी) भोजन ( वेजबोर्ड के अनुसार मिले पहले वेतन और एरियर की प्राप्ति के लिए बार-बार अपने बैंक खाता में पहंुचा या नहीं इसके लिए आतुर ) में होिशयार, तुलसी जी जैसे जीव को बार बार धिक्कार “ । और अंत में आपके लिए एक सुझाव- “ हाथी चले बाजार, कुत्ता भौंके हजार “।

      • These comments available on FB
        Guru Das दोस्तों गुरु वाणी के नाम से ईमेल और फेसबुक एकाउंट्स के संचालक का नाम और काम के बारे में अभी-अभी पता चला है और आप लोंगों को बता कर बहुत ख़ुशी हो रही है .की
        दर असल ये कोई और नहीं बल्कि पी टी आई पटना के मेनेजर संजय सिन्हा ही हैं .
        एक सप्तसह पहले इन्होंने अपने ऑफिस के टेलीफोन से अपने आका और भ्रस्ट फेडरेशन महासचिव (निष्काषित ) यम यस यादव को फ़ोन करके बताया था और वाकायदा अपने सहयोगी कुंदन कुमार के खिलाफ कैंपेन चलाने की इज़ाज़त मांगी थी .
        सिन्हा ने यादव को कह के सुनील गौर से गुरु वाणी फेसबुक अकाउंट पर फ्रेंडशिप रिक्वेस्ट एक्सेप्ट करने के लिए कहा और इसके बाद ये सिलसिला शुरू हुआ .
        पटना मेनेजर ने अनवर सईद से ये पोस्ट लिखवाया है और सभी सहयोगियों से शेयर करवाने के लिए मज़बूर किया है .
        अच्छा हुआ की सिन्हा और उनके ख़ास सहयोगी खुल कर के यादव के भ्रस्टाचार के समर्थन में सामने आ गए .
        एक महत्वपूर्ण बात बताते चलें की गुरु वाणी शब्द जो सिख धर्मावलंबियों के लिए धार्मिक और भावनात्मक मुद्दा है , इस सम्बन्ध में सिख गुरुद्वारा प्रबंधक समिति , अमृतसर , के जत्थेदार और अधिकारियों को आवश्यक कार्यवाई के लिए बता दिया गया है .
        गुरु वाणी के पोस्ट की कॉपी भेज दी गयी है .
        पी टी आई में भी जो सिख कर्मचारी है वह भी इस बात को देखें की कैसे सिन्हा और इनके गुर्गे लोगों की धार्मिक भावनाओं से खिलवाड़ कर रहे हैं .
        और अन्त में पीटीआई मैनेजमेंट इस बात को समझे की कैसे पटना सेंटर धर्मयुद्ध में तब्दील हो गया है और सेंटर से कभी भी अप्रिय घटना की खबर आ सकती है .
        जैसा की पता चला है की पी टी आई पटना सेंटर के क्रिया कलाप के बारे में मैनेजमेंट को समय -समय पर सब कुछ बताया जा चूका है .
        पटना सेंटर पी टी आई कार्यालय कम यम यस यादव का ऑफिस ज्यादा है .
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        Hemant Kumar
        Hemant Kumar It is a very serious allegation against Sanjay Sinha who when in Delhi use to be wagging tail and could not dare to meet MkR without the nod of federation gen Secy though he was a nominated gen Secy of northern region . He went to reporting only licki…See More
        Like · Reply · 1 · February 2 at 2:04pm
        Kundan Kumar
        Kundan Kumar MS Yadav thinks he can continue to perpetrate atrocities on me through local manager and goons, but perhaps does not want to accept the fact that equations and power structure has changed radically to his disadvantage. Yadav’s patented racket of transf…See More
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        Dibyendu Chakrabarti
        Dibyendu Chakrabarti Inform the police if you feel threatened

  16. Mr. Venky Venkatesh
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Press Trust of India Ltd (PTI)
    New Delhi.

    Dear Mr. Venkateshji,
    You know about social media campaign about corruption, nepotism and other organized crimes of the rogue and corrupt Federation of PTI Employees Unions General Secretary MS Yadav and his ‘commission-khor’ agents in regional and state bureaux.
    You also must be aware by now that Yadav was allowed to become a ‘Frankenstein Monster’ of PTI by your unllustrious predecessor Mahapapi Carpet Razdan who deservedly gets all he gave to hapless, faceless and nameless employees during his over two decade-long despotic rule.
    Wer are not here to discuss Razdan, but Yadav and I have annexed an attachment about his date of birth, that is 14.11.1953 as mentioned in his salary slip of June 2015.
    May I with humility ask to as to how and why Yadav (63) is continuing in service till today.
    Is Yadav, a regional engineer of Journalist 1B grade, is continuing in service as regular employee or has he been given extension?
    Our sources at various levels in PTI management tell us that Yadav is continuing in service as regular employee as the company still contributions to his providend funds.
    Can you deny this fact?
    How is being in a job beyond superannuation age is less criminal offence that shady land deal that to involves Yadav, his mentally unstable son Amit Yadav, Noida land deal scam that involves besides Yadav, your Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Padma Rao Alva?
    Don’t you think it is high time you should take action on DOB issue against Yadav and show him doors?
    Even an FIR will do the job….hope you are listening.

  17. Mr. John Gonsalves
    Federation of PTI Employees Unions

    Dear Mr. Gonsalves,
    Let us begin this post by complimenting you for standing up for integrity and propriety in public life by standing up to might of your rogue and corrupt colleague in the federation for more than two decades.
    We are talking about Federation of PTI Employees Unions General Secretary MS Yadav (63), son of late Laxmi Narayan Yadav.
    You know that the shady federation land scam involving Yadav and his gansters namely Sri Krishan, Sunil Sehgal, Ajay Tyagi and Rajbir Singh, was exposed in last week of August.
    You woke up from deep slumber three months later under intense pressure from colleagues on social media and went on to show cause and suspend him as the federation general secretary.
    Your timely actions rejuvenated and gave a new lease of life to hundreds of suppressed PTI employees at regional and state centres who translated ther anger and frustration by defeating Yadav-led union in Delhi. You too lost a council seat in Mumbai and Yadav’s seasoned chamcha Swapan Acharya was made to bite dust in Kolkata.
    We are sure that you will have taken note of strong mandate by PTI against Yadav-controlled union and preside over election of competent, honest and upright officebearers at the federation AGM to be held in Darjeeling in second week of February.
    Having said that, we have something more on our wishlist that the federation and management should address :
    1. While Yadav should be brought to justice for embezzlement of over one crore rupees and other transgressions, what are those regional managers/managers/senior journalists of special correspondent grade who were complicit and brazenly so in Yadav’s corruption and crime? Should we start exposing them by names or deeds?
    2. You know that Yadav with consent of mahapapi carpet razdan ran ‘transfer, posting and promotion’ racket for decades and so most of regional managers/managers at present at Yadav’s men who got the prized posting by licking his boot and what not.
    3. There was only one criteria for posting of Mr. X,Y and Z as regional managers /managers that he/she must have ability and resources to host federation AGM/executive meetings and share the booty with yadav and his family members.
    4. Is it a fact that all regional managers/managers have turned ‘commission-khor’ and sold out news coverage for a premium?
    5. A number of regional managers/mamagers are known to take money and other favours from contractual employees for sending favourable appraisal report to management for salary hike. The management has no alternative mechanism to verify factual position of manager’s report and so it goes with awarding unreasonable hike to select pampered contractual employees.
    6. The regional managers/managers have huge say in renewal of contract of stringers and here too gratification and their ability to contribute funds for union meetings are criteria for their renewal/extension…ironically the decision in this regard is made by Executive Editor and again without verifying news output of stringers.
    In view of abovementioned hard facts, you are requested to adopt a resolution at the upcoming federation AGM requesting the management to make it mandatory for senior officials to visit regional centres/state bureaux at regular interval to take stock of working atmosphere, facilities and problems of employees.
    During Razdan’s lengthy rule, the senior officials used to visit only those centres where money and gifts were assured.
    Hope you will kind enough to take note of the above mentioned suggestions and bring these to attention of Mr. Venky Venkatesh, CEO, who is the only well meaning person in the organization at the moment.

    • The following comments given by the following members on their FB post on Above letters
      Sunil Gaur • Friends with Arun Tripathi
      dear gurudas, if you dont mind may i know that are you the only person in the world who is honest, genuine, truthful and virtuous rest all others are fool. boss msy has won the election with maximum number of votes that means more and more people still have faith in him.
      Like • Reply • 21 hrs
      Guru Das Thank you for compliments, SunilGaur….you too are are genuine, honest, truthful and virtuous person and nobody should doubt your credentials…reference to ms yadav’s election despite corruption charges, he is not only one to win elections as mulayam, mayawati have won despite serious charges…enjoying faith if some or more people does not exonerate your in criminal cases. You must be aware that it is john gonsalves, yadav’s comrade in arm for decades, who has issued show cause and suspended him. Can u deny it?
      Like • Reply • 1 • 20 hrs
      Guru Das Veerappan too was popular. So is dawood ibrahim, chota shakeel and natwar lal.
      Like • Reply • 20 hrs

      Sunil Gaur • Friends with Arun Tripathi
      but they would not get any kind of support from general peoples
      Like • Reply • 18 hrs

      Sunil Gaur • Friends with Arun Tripathi
      neither they have contested for electoral
      Like • Reply • 18 hrs

      Anil Ohri Bhai Delhi me bhi kitne varsh ke bad election huva ya saabh neta ji kii dada gri thi ki election nahi hota tha jis prakar lucknow me goswami karte the retirement के bad unko koy puch nahi raha he Delhi me jo election hu hae vo to same ne karaya he chamcha gri achi chig nahi he
      Like • Reply • 18 hrs

      Sunil Gaur • Friends with Arun Tripathi
      ohri sir – यूनियन बड़ी मजे से चल रही थी ये तो बाद में हुवा जब हमने अराजक तत्वो को यूनियन में सामिल किया उन्होंने ने यूनियन बाजी करनी सुरु की क्या आपको पता है उनलोगों ने सब कुछ फायदा उठाया और अब बुरा भला बोल रहे है अगर वो इतने सरीफ होते तो हमारे दूसरे साथियों को भी तभी ले आते परन्तु वो बड़े ही धूर्त लालची चालबाज है केवल अपने फायदे की सोचते है उनका काम बनता रहे उसरो से उनको को मतलब नहीं होता ये आप आने वाले दिनों में देख लेना की वो कितने धूर्त है और रही चमचा गिरी की मेने कभी भी चमचा गिरी नहीं की जब भी मुझे कुछ अच्छा नहीं लगा तो मेने हमेसा आवाज उठाई है ये लोग तो पहले इस यूनियन के नहीं हुवे फिर दुशरी यूनियन के नहीं हुवे और अब फिर इस यूनियन को और लोगो को बर्बाद कर देंगे आप डेल्ही में नहीं हो इस लिए आप बोल रहे आप को कुछ भी नहीं पता यहाँ की यूनियन के बारे में इन्होंने ने परमोसन स्पेशल इंक्रेमेंट और सब कुछ तो लिया है वहां से आने के बाद और अब ये बकवास बाजी कर रहे है लोगो को भरमा रहे है क्या यह सही है जरा सोचो
      See Translation
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      Sunil Gaur • Friends with Arun Tripathi
      @kundan sir — me sunne aur sunnane ki baat kar hi nahi raha aap ko jo accha lagta hai aap likhtay hai aur rahenge mujhe jo accha lagata hai me likhunga me keval unke baare me yehi hi keh raha hun ki usne koi chori nahi ki na hi usne office ke logo ko dhoka diya hai- – – he is very gentle and honest man and yes i also keep faith in justice jo hoga dekha jayega but plesase dont destroy someone’s image by your wrong messages and dont tempt peoples
      Like • Reply • 6 hrs

      Kundan Kumar Sunil Gaur : Aaj aapke samne ek khulasa karna jo Noida plot allotment scam ke paper mujhe 11 saal pehle kisi ne diya tha jab main Varanasi me posted tha…bahut sambhaal ke rakha tha itne saale tak.. yadav ne do plot aalot karayi thi mulayam se – ek apne naam se, ek beti ke naam se. Beneficiaries meib Padma Alva, Rakesh Hari Pathak, Subhash Chander Malhotra bhi hain..ek corruption nahin tha to kya tha? Yadav ke bete Amit Yadav ka bank account number public kaise hua? Kya Yadav ne apni beti ko padhane ki liye Patna, Dehradun, Jaipur aur Hyderabad ke kuch khaas journalist aur non-journalists to laabh nahin pahunchaya? Kya malaidar bureaux (Patna, Jaipur and Lucknow (pehle)) ke commissionkhor manager ms yadav ke log nahin gain? Kya yadav ko managers ke dwara paise nahin jaate hai? Kya yadav ne baad mein transfer aur promotiob ke liye paise lena shuru nahin kiya tha? kya yadav ke ghar mein functions hone per ex-ceo se lekar editors, administrators aur chuninda centres ke managers/journalists/non-journalists ka jana mandatory nahin tha? Kya ye log badhiya aur costly gift nahin dete the yadav aur iske parivar ko? Abhi main bahut kuch likhunga aane wale dinon mein. . Haan, aapse conversatiob mein poori shalinta bartunga.
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      Balram Dahiya कुंदन भाई कुछ लोग अंधे और बहरे होते हे कुछ अपने फायदे के लिए अंधे बहरे हो जाते हे ये हमारे दोस्त उन्हीं में से एक हे ये अभी भी कुछ फायदा चाहते है इनको लेने दो भेस के आगे बीन बजाने से अपने सिर में दर्द हो जाएगा ऐसे साथियो का जवाब मत दो और आगे की कार्यवाही देखोSee Translation
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      Sunil Gaur • Friends with Arun Tripathi
      Balram Dahiya चलो में तो अँधा बहरा हो गया आप क्या है मेने क्या फायदा उठाया आप ने तो सब कुछ ले लिया और जो नहीं मिला तो उलटी बांसुरी बजा रहे हो आप की तो फितरत में ही लिखा है दगा करना आप का तो एक ही मोटो है किसी भी तरह से सब कुछ में ही लेता रहु आप अपने फायदे के लिए लोगो को बर्बाद कर दो कंही तो आप किसी एक के साथ खेड़े हो जाओ और क्या तारीफ कर आप की जो भी लिखूंगा वो सब काम होगा
      Balram Dahiya’s what you have done, what is the advantage you have done, so that you have taken some of you, and you are in the nature of that which you have not found. The Moto is any way to make you ruin people for your benefits, you will be happens with one of you and what you will do.
      Like • Reply • 1 • 5 hrs

      Sunil Gaur • Friends with Arun Tripathi
      Anil Ohri – sir आप के यहाँ इनका एक साथी है अगर आप को पता हो उसने क्या फायदे लिए है इसके दूसरे साथी तो उससे १००० गुना आगे है
      Anil Ohri-sir here is a friend of you if you know what you have to do.
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      Write a reply…
      Kundan Kumar Sunil Gaur : yadav aur uske virodhiyon ki ladai bahut aage badh chuki hai…ab sunne aur sunane ka wakt nahi hin isliye iska anjaam union/federation, management aur kanoon per chhod dijiye. Aapsi man.mutaav ka koi matbad nahin kyunki jo yadav ke paksh mein hain unko hamaari baat samajh mein nahin aayegi aur na hi humko unki baat. But let both of us must keep faith in justice system, law of average and fall of dictator.
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      Write a comment…

  18. अपील अपील अपील
    दिल्ली वर्कर्स यूनियन के साथियों ,
    आप सभी लोंगों से अनुरोध है की जिस तरह से कोल्कता में यूनियन के सदस्यों ने अपने विवेक से वोटिंग करके स्वपन आचार्या को सबक सिखाया है उसी तरह से आप लोग तथाकथित तानाशाह यम यस यादव और उनके सभी सहयोगियों के खिलाफ वोट करके यूनियन से बहार का रास्ता दिखाएँ ,जैसा की हेमंत कुमार जी ने भी आप लोंगो से अपील की है और कहा है कि यह अवसर आप लोंगो को बहुत ही मुश्किल से मिला है ,और ऐसा अवसर दुबारा नहीं मिलेगा , इसलिए इस अवसर का आप लोग अपने कीमती वोटों के जरिये यम यस यादव और उनके चमचों जिन लोंगो ने पूर्वर्ती सीईओ के साथ मिलकर हमारे बहुत से साथियों को और उनके परिवार को बरबाद कर दिया ऐसे लोंगों को आप लोग अपने विवेक और धैर्य का परिचय देते हुए वोट करें और यादव और उनके चमचों के बहकावे में बिलकुल न आएं और इन लोंगो के धमकियों से न डरे और यह सुनिश्चित करे “अबकी बार यम यस यादव की हार” नही तो सब कुछ बेकार।इसलिए साथियों उठो और यादव&क0 को अपने महत्व्पूर्ण वोटों के जरिये यूनियन से बाहर करो।
    आप लोग एक दोहा सुने होंगे जो इस समय बिलकुल फिट बैठता है ,
    (चार अंश चौबीस गज अंगुल अष्ट प्रमाण ,
    ता ऊपर सुल्तान है मत चूको चौहान,)
    आशा और उम्मीद है आप लोग इस बार नहीं चूकेंगे।

  19. It is colossal waste of public money doled out to PTI by both the Central and State Governments as income tax waiver , allotment of govt. plots at concessional rates for PTI buildings in state capitals, and more so subscribing to by the AIR and Doordarshan although they have correspondents at each every districts and state capitals and their network is far better. Even the govt. has permitted PTI to let out its premises at the Sansad Marg which is highly sensitive zone being close to Parliament. Do these rogues know that why the governments have relaxed their policies for PTI ? It is because they thought PTI is a not for profit organisation and serving the people but on the contrary the erstwhile CEO MKR who went begging w2ith a platter to the governments for dole and concessions in various forms was hoodwinking them. And took a fat salary of not less than Rs1.5 crore for annum, changed cars every second year -one for his official use and another for his family besides other perquisites running into crores annually. because of these rogues .He allowed these rogues to rob the agency coffer . And all these at the cost of Public Money fooling the governments that for sustenance of PTI it needs government financial assistance which is an utter lie. Instead of using the money for welfare of the employees MKR siphoned money in the form of eye boggling salary and other perquisites and allowed his minions to share booty while the employees got nothing.These should be probed by the government how and where the money was spent ? It is also alleged that nearly Rs 5 crore has been siphoned off in the construction of the building at Jaipur.and the manager was a conduit . He, who has administrative capability and disliked by the staff was rewarded that post because none other person could do what he did to please the bosses- MKR, Shakeel Ahmed and the Federation General Secretary at the cost of PTI . His daughter was appointed as a graphic designer at Delhi, despite being very poor in her work, as additional reward to him and keep his mouth shut so as not to spill the misdeeds and misappropriation committed in the construction of the PTI building, it is alleged by the employees of jaipur office.

  20. Details available on Kundan Kumar FB Post:-
    Here is a bombshell regarding shady land deal involving Federation of PTI Employees Union General Secretary MS Yadav.
    Pls read the first page very carefully which has signed on judicial stamp by Kiran Khatri, the owner of piece of land from where our federation bought it in 2011.
    This lady says in a one- page document that she took in all Rs. 1.24 crore from federation for sale of 200 square land to the federation in 2011 as against the papers of land deal in possession of federation according to which its value stood at Rs. 65 lakh.
    Which of the two documents – both judicial.nature – is true? Mr. Yadav and his chamchas Sunil Sehgal, Ajay Tyagi, Rajbir Singh and others.
    What happened to a staggering amount of Rs. 59 lakh, the difference between Rs.1.24 crore paid to the land lady and Rs.65 lakh that was paid by federation for the land in the other documents?
    Rs. 59 lakh kiske pocket mein gaya, mananiya yadavji? Ye to janata aur PTI union ke sadasyon ko batayen.
    Doston, aap sabhi Delhi ke karamchari sathiyon se aagrah karta hun ki aap log yadav aur chamchon se sawal jaroor puchhe aur FIR karen.
    The following contents showing on stamp paper of rupees 10,
    1.Kiran Khatri w/o Karan Singh R/o paposian,Narela,Delhi ,have received a
    Sum of rupees Twenty nine lakhs only(29,00,000/-only)by cash as the full and final payment by Federation of PTI Employees Unions for purchase of Khasra no.69/23,plot size 200Sq.yds.(60’x30’)
    Situated in area of village Palam New Delhi,Abadi known as Puran Nagar,Palam Colony,Delhi and bounded as under-
    East:-Other’s property north:-Gali ‘8’wide
    West:-Other’s Property South:-Gali 20’wide
    This is and addition to the third advance payment of rupees fifteen lakh only(Rs.15,00,000/-only)made by Federation of PTI Employees Union to me through cheque no.542438 of canara Bank,Raisina Road branch,Dated November 16,2011.
    This is an addition to the Second advance payment of Rupees Fifty Lakh only(RS.50,00,000/-only)made by the Federation of PTI employees unions to me through cheque no.542434 of canara Bank Raisina Road branch ,dated November,10,2011.
    This is an addition to the first advance payment made by M S Yadav S/o Sri Laxmi Narayan Yadav of rupees thirty lakh(Rs.30,00,000/-only)to me
    The break up of amount of rupees thirty lakh as paid to me was rupees twenty five lakh(rs.25,00,000/-only)in cash and rupees Five lakh by cheque against the above said property.
    As I have already received full and final payment of rupees One Crore and Twenty Four lakh only(Rs.1,24,00,000/-only).I will do the registry of above mentioned plot on Monday ,dated November 21,2011.
    Witness no1:- Mrs Kiran Khatri
    Witness no 2:-

  21. Dear Mr. Venky Venkatesh, PTI CEO
    This post is being written to draw your attention to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Padma Rao Alva’s hobnobbing with the much maligned Federation of PTI Employees Unions General Secretary MS Yadav and her desperate attemps to influence to ongoing union elections in the organization throughout the country.
    A number of candidates contesting the union electiona have conveyed their strong displeasure at Ms. Rao Alva sharing Mid-Day Meal (MDM), also known as lunch, with the rogue Yadav evwry day in her second flooe chamber. She has been doing so for past 2o years as a token of gratitude towards Yadav for influencing her appointment as the Regional Manager (North) in 1996.
    She has beem an equal partner of ‘monumental corruption’ and organized loot of PTI’s resources during the unilluatrious dwspotic rule of Mahapapi (K) Carpet Razdan. Enclosed is the papers of the infamous Noida plot allotment scam for your perusal and necessary action.
    You will find names of both MS Yadav (2 plots) and Padma Rao Alva (one plot) among other PTI officials and union leaders who were allotted plots by the then Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav.
    Let me not digress from Padma Rao Alva’s business partnership with Yadav and I must say that she has been an equal partner to whatever wrongdoings took place in the organization.
    Hundreds of employeew were hugely disappointed to learn that she has been given extension for another six months with raise in her wages and other perks. Let us leave it as it it is your job to hire or fire employees and grant extension.
    However, you are requested to be careful of this wicked lady who if situation permits can stage a coup against you to get the CEO’s chaie for herself.
    In the end, you are a man of unimpeachable integrity and patience and so we can expect that you can diŕect Padma Rao Alva against breaking bread with Yadav, a tainted union leader, and unnecessarily meddling in union elections, particularly in Mumbai and Delhi.

  22. Details available on Kundan kumar post on FB
    Kundan Kumar :The rogue and corrupt Federation of PTI Employees Unions General Secretary MS Yadav now literally faces revolt from the union members from Delhi and elsewhere in the country. As all of you know, Yadav (63), who ruled the federation with iron hands for 22 years has been suspended by the Federation President John Gonsalves over shady land deal among various charges of corruption and nepotism. Earlier this week, the long standing federation trasurer Ashwani Verma resigned from his post citing personal matters though the main reason was that he disapproved Yadav’s corruption and transfer of highly valuable land to his ‘chhote natwar’ Amit Yadav. In a fresh blow, another senior Delhi union member Rattan Verma has written a strongly worded protest letter with copy to federation president charging Yadav with backing out of promise at the Delhi PTI Workers Union GBM on December 30 in which he had promised to hold elections Delhi union through secret ballot as demanded by the members at the meeting. Five days have passed, but Yadav has yet to take initiative to hold the elections in democratic matter through secret ballot for which a signature campaign was carried out by the majority members to apply pressure on the corrupt union leader to hold elections without any further delay. Mr. Verma’s hard letter proves very clearly that majority of employeee are frustrated with Yadav’s designs to vitiate democratic process so that he and his chamchas are nominated to their respective posts as has been the case since 2002. Mr. Verma has also drawn attention to terror tactics adopted by Yadav through his ‘chhota shakeel’ Rajbir Singh to armtwist Delhi unit members to sign on ditto lines that members had not demanded elections by secret ballot. It is high time the federation president John Gonsalves should direct the outgoing Delhi unit officebearers to hold the election in a democratic way through secret ballot and announce a schedule in this regard. Mr. Gonsalves should also debar Yadav and other culprits like Ajay Tyagi, Rajbir Singh, Sunil Sehgal and any other officebearers from contesting elections as there is a watertight case of criminality committed by these touts of Yadav. Hope to hear some positive news soon from you guys in Delhi.

  23. Guru Das:-Friends,
    The arrogance of the suspended Federation of PTI Employees Unions General Secretary MS Yadav and his chamchas have crossed all limits of decency out of frustation after they were caught red-handed in various corruption-related activities. A source from Kolkata has just told us that the Federation Assistant General Secretary Sapan Acharya, who has run Kolkata unit of union like ISIS, yesterday publicly abused the CEO Mr. Venky Venkatesh behind his back soon after he left Kolkata office after meeting employees there on his maiden visit. Believe it ot not, Acharya, a crook in Journalist 1B grade asked employees to ignore whatever things the CEO and obey the union leaders including him. Achary warned the employees that he still has powers to get them transferred at inconvenient places if they don’t fall in line and support his team in elections for Kolkata unit due on January 12 next. Mr. Venkatesh had given a morale boosting speech before employees and said that transfer, posting and promotion will not be carried out at the whims of anyone (implying union) and done strictly in fair and transparent manner. If these facts are true, Acharya is posing serious threat to your authority and there are reasons to be beware of powerful union leaders like Acharya, who is on extension. Pls protect Kolkata employeew from coercion by a gunda leader like Acharya.
    3 Rama Krishnan R, Neeraj Kumar and 1 other
    Rajan Verma
    Rajan Verma Kolkata is run by don acharya fr so many years earlier it was easy fr him to transfer anyone wt t help of delhi people and t example is Mr Guha who was transfere frm kolkata to Delhi fr no reasons but now ppl has to show t courage fr there freedom frm this don who is on extention fr another few months
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    Kundan Kumar replied · 1 Reply
    Hemant Kumar
    Hemant Kumar The CEO should forthwith without delay withdraw the extension to the Kolkata Don leader who is on the mercy of the management for showing disrespect . THe CEO should act without delay before January 11. to show him he is on extension at his mercy not because of any outstanding productive work
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    Kundan Kumar
    Kundan Kumar Acharya is a bi-product of corruption and despotism. He can’t survive for a day if protection is withdrawn. I am too small employee to say what the management should do to Acharya.
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    Rama Krishnan R
    Rama Krishnan R pls save pti
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    Hemant Kumar
    Hemant Kumar All are equal as far as rights are concerned . It is a different matter when seniority is concerned.Senior get respect when they show affection to their junior colleagues not that they can command it,
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    Guru Das
    Guru Das When you get seniority and benefits by licking somebody’s whatever, you expect your juniors to behave identically with you for favour

  24. The murky saga involving the rogue, corrupt and suspended Federation of PTI Employees Unions General Secretary MS Yadav is getting thicker and thicker as the days pass on. In the latest development, Yadav has shamelessly tried to hold on to Federation of PTI Employees Unions General Secretary post by illegally convening an emergency federation executive meeting at Kolkata on January 11 next with singular agenda ti overturn Fderation President John Gonsalves’s letter by which Yadav was showcaaused and suspended from his post for abuse of position as union leader and getting fedeation property transferred in the name of his son Amit Yadav and another. Yadav has given very unconvincing reply to show cause notice an pleaded with the president to withdraw suspension, but before Gonsalves could take any view of the matter, Yadav pressurized his chamcha in Kolkata Sapan Acharya, an Assistant General Secretary of Federation, to convene an illegal emergency executive meeting with authorization of the president. Gonsalves has rightly declared the proposed meeting as illegal and warned Yadav and other participants with legal action. I am sure Gonsalves will take care of nwfarious designs of Yadav and his chalis chor. Coming bank to organized loot of union worths worth of rupees, Yadav is not answering serious questions like : 1. Why should federation operate two bank accounts and who authorized it ? 2. Why did huge amount of money lying in souvenir account of federation was used for purchasing land and who authorized the transaction? 3 what happened to Rs. 78 lakh on account of sale proceeds of federation land? Has it been accounted for? 4. An amount of Rs. 70 lakh was raised through levy collected at the rate of one per cent of total arrears of wage board award due to each employee? 5. Why does federation need a locker in a public sector bank’ branch located in PTI building at Parliament Street? What all is kept in that locker? Yadav must account for it. In the end, we request you all federation executive meetings to ignore request for attending emergency executive meeting at Kolkata as the president John Gonsalves has declared the meet illegal as the term of federation office bearers has got over on December 31 last. Like the ousted SP patriach Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mahavir Singh Yadav is down and out for the good of hundreds of employees. Don’t fear him or prostrate before him as he can not get any of you tranferred or penalised at his whims as was the case earlier. Having come thus far in exposing Yadav’s corruption and nepotism, we request you all to come on board to kick out ROGUE ex-leader.

  25. कामरेड जैसा की आप लोंगो को मालूम हो गया है की पी टी आई फेडरेशन महासचिव यम यस यादव के भ्रस्टाचार उजा गर होने के बाद यादव को फेडरेशन प्रेसीडेंट द्वारा बरखास्त करते हुए नोटिस जारी किया गया जिसका यादव ने स्पष्ट व् संतोषजनक जवाब नही दिया और अपने बचाव के लिए फेडरेशन एक्सक्यूटिव की आपातकालीन मीटिंग कोलकता में करना चाह रहे है जिसका फेडरेशन प्रेसिडेंट ने लिखित रूप में मना किया है जो की यूनियन एक्ट के खिलाफ भी है इसलिये आप सभी मेम्बरों से अपील है की आप लोग उस मीटिंग का बहिस्कार करे और उसमे भाग न ले साथ ही साथ आप लोंगो ने जिस तरह से यादव के द्वारा किये गए घोटाले को सभी पी टी आई कर्मचारियों के सामने प्रमाण सहित उपलब्ध करायाऔर इस भरस्टाचार की लड़ाई में साथ दिया इसके लिए आप सभी सहयोगियों को बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद आज यह लड़ाई इस स्तर पर पहुँच गयी है की अब केवल एफ आई आर करके इसको अंतिम और सही दिशा देने की जरुरत है जिससे जो लाखों रूपये का घोटाला यादव और उनके चमचों ने देश भर में सोवेनिओर अकाउंट खोलकर किया है उसका भी पर्दाफाश हो जाये ऐसा होना इसलिये जरुरी है क्योंकि जितने भी अकाउंट खोले गए है सब यादव के आदेश पर ही खोले गए है।कामरेड आप लोंगो से पुनः आग्रह है यादव और यादव के चमचों को दिल्ली यूनियन के चुनाव में किसी भी कीमत पर न चुने क्योंकि यादव तरह तरह के लालच आप लोंगो को देकर गुमराह करने की पूरी कोशिश करेंगे। धन्यवाद

  26. Dear Friends in PTI, it was your efforts and hard work which made the “Butcher” Razdan to leave, but still we have one “Rouge” M S Yadav, inside. Please take a new pledge to kick this fellow out. Because of these two more then 500, both Journalists and Non-journalists had to leave ,some of them even last their lives.
    Save PTI, throw M S Yadav the “Dacoit” and his team out of PTI Fedration.
    Free PTI, from the clutches of M S Yadav and his brethren.
    Want to breath Healthy, want to breath Oxygen then kick this Corbonmonoxide called M S Yadav, out.
    Keep Yadav the “black sheep” out PTI Fedaration.
    Yadav’s team not humans, but demons. M S Yadav ‘Chor hai’

  27. My dear Journalist friends, who are on beats like C B I, CBDT, Incom Tax and E D, may I requst you to show the real duty of a Journalist. Let me remaind you that Journalism is called the Fourth Pillar, which stands for writing the TRUTH i.e raising voice against the Corruption, Injustice or Wrong. Dear frinds you all know Pen is Sharper then Sword, please kill this Corrupt rascal not with a Sword, but with your all powerful Pen. Please stand for Justice and do the duty of a real Journalist. There are Journalists with high qulifications who stand before this uneducated rouge called M S Yadav with folded hands calling him Sir, why is it being done? What is he afterall before you, he is a 10th class fail who knows only to cheat emplyees by getting elected, not by secret votes, but by “Dadagiri” and loot peoples money. Please my Journalist friends realise you have a duty to be done as a Journalist i. e. by exposing this rouge and see that this corrupt rascal can be removed from his post because of which he is still in service even after he has crossed the age of 64 years. As all of us know PTI is a Journalist organisation, wherein there are not only Journalists on beats, but also on other services like desk ect. May I request these Journalists also to do their duty as a Journalist, expose this dirty fellow and throw him out. I am sorry for Non-Journalists, you are not left out, PTI being a Journalist Organisation you also have the duty of throwing this corrupt fellow out. Well I did not want to mention my name, but forced to. See me I being a Non-Journalist, I have done my best to expose him. I think it is more then 12 years that elections were held, please hold elections and kick this dirty chap out. Please my both Journalist and Non-Journalist friends do your duty, so that you deliver the proper goods. Take a pledge we don’t want this corrupt rouge as our leader any more. I am sure you can do it this time and prove your worth.

  28. Gurudas:An open letter to PTI Employees in Delhi —————————————————————-Dear Friends, you all are aware of sustained aocial media campaign over the past five months that has exposed largescale corruption of Federation of PTI Employees Union General Secretary MS Yadav and his gang. We are told Yadav has lost his invincibility so much so that he cuts a sorry figure these days among the rmployees whom he ruled with iron hands. Compounding Yadav’s miseries, his once trusted colleague and Federation of PTI Employees Union President John Gonsalves has reported suspended as General Secretary and served a notice to him seeking explanation for embezzlement of union funds. It has been learnt that Yadav has promised to return unspecified amount of money that he has swindled from union accounts. The long overdue legal action by Federation will take care of itself as Gonsalves has refussed to submit himself to threat and blackmail by Yadav. The most important thing before you is the election of Delhi unit. It was glad to know that Mr. Rattan Verma and some other employees disapproved Yadav’s proposal to seek re-selection of panel of officebearers comprising among others Sunil Sehgal rpt Sehgal, Ajay Tyagi, Rajbir Singh among others who colluded with Yadav in illegal sale of federation property to his son Master Amit Yadav. These self-serving union leaders have lost all credibility and if re-elected will not be in a position to take up issues for welfare of employees. So why waste your precious votes on corrupt union leaders?…Give a chance to a new breed of leaders. We are also hearing that Yadav is trying to stall elections as he knows that he no longer enjoys trust of employees. Please don’t fall into traps set up by Yadav and insist on elections. All of you must be aware that the Western region is all set to elect a new set of council members. Please join forces with them to oust corrupt union leaders led by Yadav. We can only appeal to you all ; the call is yours…please hear the voice of your conscience that we know atma, jameer.
    Gurudas:Dear all, As the year 2016 enters final week to make way for a promising 2017, here is recap of our sustained crusade against corruption in India’s frontline news agency, Press Trust of India (PTI). You will recall that the social media was agog with reports about imminent departure of the despotic CEO-Cum-EIC Maharaj K (Carpet) Razdan in the first half of this year. Of all media reports, a popular website wrote a mind blowing story about mess in PTI that opened pandora’s box with both insiders and outsiders having ringside view of development within the agency started writing extensively about corruption and nepotism by Razdan and Yadav combine. As Razdan made way for his successor Mr. Venky Venkatesh in August, the tales of corruption by the rogue Federation of PTI Employees Union General Secretary MS Yadav started emerging. The Noida plot allotment scam, federation property scam, loot of federation funds, advertisement racket and transfer/posting/promotion racket in PTI made headlines in social media. Yadav emerged as the main culprit in all these murky deals. Taken by surprise at venomous expose blitz against, Yadav, all of 63 years of age and an illiterate Group 1B journalist, threatened the whistleblowers with legal action, but his overconfidence petered out with his mentor, a sagely Razdan, advising him to ignore expose against him. However, the corruption charges stuck on Yadav, son of late Laxmi Narayan Yadav, with his colleagues led by Federation of PTI Employees Union President John Gonsalves daringly asking him to come clean on land deal and embezzlement of federation funds at Federation Executive meeting held at Mumbai in November last. With Yadav stonewalling all moves to make him accountable for cooruption charges, Gonsalves served a show cause notice to Yadav recently to tightened screw against his General Secretary. The outcome of show cause notice to Yadav is waited. Meanwhile, fed up with corruption by the union leaders, the PTI employees in Delhi and Mumbai have decided to elect a new team of office bearers during elections over the next couple of weeks. While all options are being explored to file criminal cases against Yadav and his corruption team members, the departure of Yadav, Gonsalves and other criminal and corrupt elements from various union posts will hopefully rescue the federation from a certain dismemberment next year.
    Gurudas:Dear PTI Employees, As all of you know, we are carrying out a massive campaign against corruption in Federation of PTI Employees Unions presided over by the corrupt General Secretary MS Yadav and his henchmen in the apex body, metros and state bureaux. We have tasted small success against criminal and rogue elements, but the tide can turn against Yadav and co if the wage board employees unite to oust these criminal elementd by electing a new team office bearers during upcoming elections. For instance, if Yadav (63) does not get elected as council member from DElhi, he will not become federation general secretary, a post that he treats like ‘baap ka raaj’. So what are you guys waiting for ? Exercise your ballot at elections next month and get rid of a monstrous Yadav and his team who ruled over employees by terrorising then with tranfer. The same formula applies in Mumbai as the ballot is the most effective weapon against corruption and we are glad that the employees there have decided to contest on council posts against Team John Gonsalves, whose track record as a despostic union leader has been as bad as Yadav. Both drew powers from the Ex-CEO Maharaj K (Carpet) Razdan. If Delhi and Mumbai union leadership changes hands, then organized crime and corruption will become a thing of past under new team of federation. So aadha adhura kaam nahin hona chahiye. Lekin parivaran ke liye sabse jaruri hai ki employees mein ichchashakti ho ki sach ka sath denge; Yadav and John ke logon ko hatayenge aur naye logon ko mauka denge. Baki sab kuch aap logon ke jameer per chhorta hun. Bus itna yaad rakhna ki logo ne 20-20 saal Yadav ki gulami ki hai; daulat to bahut banaya hai logon nei lekin imaan ke paimaane pe Yadav and uske chamche nange hai employees in nazar mein aur samaj ki nazar mein. Having said that, the corruption by Yadav and his family members and chamchas in metros and states will be taken to logical conclusion.

  29. My friend Gurudas has written a comment on Dec.14, 2016, about the staff missusing the Office premisses for drink parties. He is writing about Patna and Lucknow, but now I would like to write about this practice being there in other centers much before. When I was there in PTI, Indore one day when I was on afternoon shift i.e from 1430 to 2030 Hrs, after I left the Office after completing my duty, staff members led by S K Apte “THE DADA” of PTI INDORE, assembeld and had a drink party till 12 in the midnight. You will be surprised to hear that the local Manager Harshwardan Prakash, was verymuch there in that party. Apart from these two there was Dilip Motwani todays Journalist in Bhopal, who had his weekly off on that day, still came for the party, Rajendra Singh Rawat an Attender and Umashenkar Kukreti. I have the proof for this. You will be more surprised to here, one Vishwas Sharma an outsider who has nothing to do with PTI, a good friend of our local DADA from their “ASHRAM”, regularly visits PTI. Like an employee he sits for hours together in the Office talking all ‘bullshit”. Every one should be his friend according to our local DADA, otherwise they will be treated like I have been treated. This Sharma Ji was there even when the PTI Fedration had called for one day “DHARNA” in front of the Office. Photos were clicked along with him and were sent to Delhi. He is a good friend of our 10th class fail leader at Delhi. I wrote about this to the head Office but our highly educated H R Manager, like any other complaints I wrote, he sets it aside ignoring it. Mr. Gurudas, here please note that the local manager was very much there and the head office refused to take any action as the local manager, the local neta and the local staff were involved. The local manager Harshwardan Prakash, who is on Contract was also sitting in that “Dharna” and I was told that he was trying for a membership in PTI, Workers Union, to make sure his job is safe. He even attended M S Yadav’s son, Amit Yadav’s wedding with costly gifts. The others who atteded the wedding were Apte and Dilip Motwani with gifts, by virtue of which he is a Journalist today at Bhopal . The party was organised in the office premisses with full confidence in the presence of the local manager as they had the “ASHIRWAD “of the Union leader at Delhi. The local Manager was confident of support from Union leader. When I was asked by the then G M ( Admin) Shakeel Ahmed to re-join at Indore center, the local manager Harshwardan Prakash Pandit, refused to take my joining report. I had to forcefully leave my joining report , on his table. I have earliar written that this Harshwardan Prash Pandit is a “GOONDA ELEMENT”, not at all a Jornalist, who was chosen by M S Yadav, a 10th fail, to finish me by hook or crook and was given all powers. He is not faithful to the organisation which has given him bread and butter, but to that Union leader. Now I hope the new Managment would take action against such people.I am forced to write all this as the previous Management did not listen to our problems due to the pressure of M.S.Yadav.

  30. As told by Balram Singh, that Yadav’s Gotra is “Saamp Gotra”, is 100% true he is not at all trust worthy. There was a day when I was ready to leave my family for Yadav and his Union, I was so close to him. He even used to say that I was his “Second Wife”, I used to guide him in the right direction. May be there are sevral seniors who have seen me so close to Yadav were surprised of my writings, against Yadav. I was harrased by Managment under the instructions of Yadav for not being a member of his Union. I am a man of Principals, I stand by any Union or a Person who fought for the cause of emloyees and for the employees welfare.

    As Balram Singh said, through he (Yadav) was so close to me oneday, today some how he wants Managment to get rid of me from PTI. He knows that I am a popular leader than him, even today. He knows if I am in PTI, I might take over him. As I have writen earlier he is the most selfish person, he can do anything to get anything for himself or for his family. I want the CBI or Income Tax people should raid his House and arrest the whole family and put them behind bars. Same thing with Padma. I am told ED is after Razdan’s assets.
    Not only me, he (Yadav) can cheat anybody for his selfish needs . He and Razdan were in a secret pact that only both of them should be there in the top posts and every one should be under them. When the board wanted a replacement for Razdan there was non in PTI, so they had to go for an outsider. For Yadav there is no compitetor, as there is no one, the one ( myself) he is after me to be outsted, as all otheres’ are acting as his slaves for their personal needs only. Even today I am the only one to challenge him. When Razdan was going he did not feel sorry for him or leave the organisation, but even today I am told is blackmailing the present Managment to listen to him, god knows when is the end for his dictatorship. It is a warning to Jhon, Sapan or even the Moti for all those who are still trusting him.
    Today I am writing something which is too personal about Yadav, he is going to a ” Moulvi” with one of his close associates, and the “Moulvi” does some Black Magic, so that there is no opposition to him in PTI and he should be the whole and soul in PTI Union. Even today in the Computer age Yadav still belives in such black magics. He even went to Assam to perform “Kali Pooja” to sucseed court cases.This is known only to very few people. One day I called him at home as he has no time in the Office, his wife told me that he leaves early from home, goes to some place in Haryana, to some Pandit Ji as he is doing some Pooja, then comes to Office. He visits Tirupati Balaji Temple every six months. All these things he does to servive at the top and not to be cought. He does not trust anyone, because he himself is not trust worthy. He can change his mind anytime and known to cheat.
    Few words to Yadav from me. Yadav I was closely associated with you and used to guide you in the right direction till I was your friend and a well wisher. I left you in the year 2001 and fully cutoff in the year 2002, as you had started doing things which were not in the employees interst and in your own interest i. e. you started becoming selfish, because those days your friends were someone else. They used you for their own selfish needs. If you remember, once you had said ” sale kabhi apne liye bhi kuch maang le, jab bhi deko dusronke liye maangte rehta hain”. I never asked you for any fovours. Then you had more friends, then enimies, but today you have more enimes both in PTI and out side, and less friends and no true friends. Today your friends are those who want something from you, but you want to see me out of PTI, because you feel a threat to yourself from me. This is the truth, all our old friends who were in PTI, had to leave PTI because of harrasment by both you and Maha Kamina Razdan. One day your’s will be the story of “Valmiki”, your won family or your todays friends will disown you, then you will remember me and my words. Even today our old friends who knew us both being together say ” thumhara yadav”, while I am not yours anymore. It is sure one day you will be put behind bars for your today’s deeds.

  31. Friends, Let us celebrate some positive development taking place for PTI employees in recent days of which the payment of fourth and final instalment of arrears is most soothing. The management has decided to clear the last instalment of arrears despite a negative perception projected by the corrupt union leader MS Yadav and his chamchas that the CEO Mr. Venky Venkatesh was delaying it on one pretext. However, we are showing magnanimity to let Yadav take credit for payment of last instalment of arrears. At the same time, we must also thank the CEO for keeping his predecessor Maharaj K (Carpet) Razdan’s written agreement with his stooge Yadav for payment of arrears by December this year. Having said that, the rogue union union leader, who brought disrepute to the union and his family as well by committing a clear cut case of corruption by selling federation property to his son Amit Yadav, a thug in making, and another in brazen breach of the federation’s constitution. But for alertness of a senior employee who spent own money to fetch the certified copy of shady land deal to help us expose it on August 27 last, Yadav would have walked away keeping his innocence intact. Now that he stands naked on the basis of documentary evidence, we shamed him repeated to force his to resign as the union leader and return the federation land to which he initially agreed but later reneged on his promise in consistence with his grey character. Now another good news is that the Federation of PTI Employees Union President his excellency John Gonsalves has served a show cause notice to Yadav asking his to explain land deal. We may have initially disagreed with Mr. Gonsalves, but there is no shame in praising him for trying to capture the wild bull (Yadav) ‘junglee bhaisa’ by his horns and make him accountable for his conduct. We all with you, Mr. Gonsalves, in your efforts to clean the mess in federation otherwise nobody will trust union leaders in future. It is being heard that Yadav and his potbellied and drunkard accomplice in corruption, Swapan Acharya are flying to Mumbai in a couple of days to placate Mr. Gonsalves, but we seriously hope and pray that he will not fall for any allurements. We are optimistic that the PTI management too will take serious view of Yadav’s crimes and show him doors as he is in any case on extension into fourth year. We also urge the PTI employees at metros and state bureaux to pile up sustained pressure on the management and saner union leaders to take Yadav’s corruption to logical end. PTI bring the world to subscribers and readers, but it was people like Razdan and his cohorts who introduced corruption, nepotism, protectionism and other evil instutional practices in partnership with rogue Yadav and his chamchas in metros and state bureaux. Let us hope that the incumbent management restores old glories of PTI. In the end, we must say to Mr. Gonsalves : please go for the kill and nail Yadav and ensure that he gets to spen remainder of his life in solitary confinement in Tihar jail.

  32. दोस्तों मैंने चार दिन पहले ही आप लोंगो से वादा किया था की आप लोंगो को कुछ नयी बाते पी टी आयी के कार्य प्रणाली के बारे में बताऊंगा जो की आप सभी लोग जानते होंगे केवल आप लोंगो को याद दिलाना चाहता हूँ की किस तरह से पी टी आयी संस्था कांग्रेस पार्टी की तरह बर्बाद होने के कगार पर खड़ी है जिस तरह से देश की सबसे बड़ी पोलिटिकल पार्टी कांग्रेस आज अपने अस्तित्व को बचाने में नाकामयाब हो रही है क्योंकि नेहरू गाँधी परिवार से ऊपर कुछ नहीं सोच पायी ठीक उसी तरह से पी टी आयी जैसी संस्था जिसका अपना वजूद था मैनेजमेंट और फेडरेशन के नेताओं की मिलीभगत से हासिये पर चली गयी है क्योंकि महराज कृष्ण राजदान और यम यस यादव ने मिलकर जो साजिस रची जिससे संस्था के साथ कितना बड़ा खिलवाड़ किया गया और किया जा रहा है आप लोंगो के सामने है .
    जैसा की आप सभी लोग जानते है की महराज कृष्ण राजदान ने मैनेजमेंट और एडिटर इन चीफ की कोई सेकंड लाइन नहीं तैयार की उसी तरह से फेडरेशन लीडर महामहिम यम यस यादव एंड कॉम.ने फेडरेशन में सेकंड लीडरशिप नहीं होने दिया जिसका नतीजा आप लोंगो के सामने है की मैनेजमेंट में लोग बाहर से आ गए और जंहा तक फेडरेशन की बात है तो आप लोंगों को हम बताना चाहते है की महामहिम यादव ने बोर्ड और मैनेजमेंट से यह वादा किया है की उनके जाने के बाद पी टी आई यूनियन और फेडरेशन स्वतः ही समाप्त हो जाएगी सिर्फ उन लोंगो को थोड़ा सा मौका और दे दिया जाये और कामरेड आप लोग जानते है की यम यस यादव जिस तरह से जोर देकर कहते थे की मैनेजमेंट में बाहर से कोई नहीं आने पायेगा मैं नहीं आने दूंगा कुछ नहीं उखाड पाए और हो गया और आप लोग यम यस यादव जिंदाबाद के नारे लगाते रहे . ठीक उसीं तरह से फेडरेशन भी ख़त्म हो जायेगा और आप लोग देखते रह जायेंगे जिसका ताज़ा उदहारण आप लोंगो के सामने है की आप लोंगो की आँखों में धूल झोंककर फेडरेशन की प्रॉपर्टी अपने बेटे के नाम पर करा लिया और आप लोग देखते रह गए इतना ही नहीं आप लोंगो की इतनी भी औकात नहीं बची की आप लोग यह पूछ सके की ऐसा कैसे कर लिया ,आप लोग अच्छी तरह से जानते है की मुम्बई फेडरेशन एग्जीक्यूटिव मीटिंग में अगर थोड़ी सी हिम्मत करके जॉन गोन्साल्वेज़ ने कहा की फेडरेशन की प्रॉपर्टी और अन्य मामलों पर एक जाँच करा ली जाये तो आज की स्थिति यह हो गयी की जो आदमी आँख बंद करके यादव के हर अच्छे बुरे कामों में सहयोग किया उसको बाहर के रास्ता दिखने के लिए अंतिमप्रयास किया जा रहा है ,जबकि हकीकत यह है की यह सभी नेतागण दोषी है जो सेकंड लीडरशिप तैयार नहीं होने दिया और सभी के सभी एक्सटेंशन पर चल रहे है और हराम की मलाई खा रहे है और ऊपर से ईमानदारी का ढिढोरा पीट रहे है ,
    अभी जल्द ही पता चला की आपलोंगों को मजीठिया वेजबोर्ड के एरिअर की अंतिम क़िस्त भी जो की यम यस यादव ने राजदान से गुप्त समझौता करके दिसम्बर २०१६ की सैलरी के साथ देने की बात कही थी अभी नहीं मिलेगा जब ३ किस्तें बिना किसी बाधा के मिली तो अब क्यों नहीं दिया जा रहा है और सबसे बड़ी बात यह है की जो गोपनीय सूत्रों से पता चला है की यादव और राजदान ने कुछ बोर्ड मेम्बरों से सांठ गाँठ करके डिले करना चाहते है जिससे यूनियन के इलेक्शन हो जाये और आप लोग उनको दुबारा चुन ले और कम से कम उसी आधार पर एक साल और मलाई खाएं इतना ही नहीं राजदान और यादव ने पी टी आयी बोर्ड ऑफ़ डायरेक्टर पर तरह तरह से प्रेसर बनाकर एक डायरेक्टर की पोस्ट क्रिएट कराकर राज़दान को दो साल के लिए लाना चाहते थे लेकिन बोर्ड मेम्बरों को मना नहीं पाए .
    आप सभी लोग जानते है की रीजनल सेंटर के चुनाव के बाद दार्जिलिंग में फेडरेशन की एनुअल जनरल मीटिंग होगी जो की पिछले १५ बर्षों से यह लोग मनोनीत होते आई है फिर होंगे इसलिए जरुरी है की रीजनल चुनाव में ही इन्हें बाहर किया जाये नहीं तो जिस तरह से फेडरेशन की प्रॉपर्टी जो की यूनियन की प्रॉपर्टी है यादव को दे दी जा रही है यह सभी नेता मिलकर फेडरेशन के सारे पैसे और प्रॉपर्टी को लेकर भाग जायेंगे और यूनियन को पूरी तरह से बोर्ड ऑफ़ डाइरेक्टर और मैनेजमेंट की मिलीभगत से ख़त्म कर देंगे इसलिए अगर आप लोग यूनियन को बचाना चाहते है तो इन सभी लोंगो को यूनियन से बाहर निकालकर नया पैनल लेकर आये और आगे बढे नहीं तो बहुत पछताओगे.
    वैसे मैं पुनः फेडरेशन प्रेसीडेंट से भी आग्रह करता हूँ की अगर आप ईमानदारी से कार्यवाही करना चाहते है तो प्रेसीडेंट की हैसियत से आप तत्काल यादव के खिलाफ यफ आई आर कराके उनको आने वाले चुनाव से बाहर करें और प्रॉपर्टी को फेडरेशन को वापस दिलाएं नहीं तो जब भी FIR होगा आप अपने आप को भी नहीं बचा पाएंगे .
    और इस पोस्ट के अन्त में मैं पी टी आई के नव नियुक्त सीईओ से निवेदन के साथ अनुरोध करता हूँ की अगर संस्था की कार्यप्रणाली प्रभावित हो रही है तो पी टी आयी मैनेजमेंट कही न कहीं इस बात की जिम्मेदार है,धन्यवाद् शेष अगले पोस्ट में

  33. कामरेड ,मैंने कल एक पोस्ट फेसबुक पर डाला था जिसको शायद आप लोंगो ने पढ़ लिया होगा ,हम आप लोंगो का ध्यान बार बार धोखेबाज और बेईमान यूनियन लीडर यम यस यादव और कुछ मैनेजमेंट के लोंगों को बेनकाब करने के लिए सोशल साईट पर डेली कुछ न कुछ पक्के सबूतों के साथ आप सभी लोंगो को उपलब्ध करा रहेहै आशा है आप लोग पूरी अच्छी तरह से समझ गए होंगे लेकिन दुर्भाग्य से मैनेजमेंट के कानो पर जूं नहीं रेंग रहा है लगता है की किसी अप्रत्याशित घटना का इन्तजार पी टी आयी मैनेजमेंट और बोर्ड ऑफ़ डायरेक्टर को है जैसा की हमने कल के पोस्ट में आप लोंगो को सूचित किया है की लखनऊ ऑफिस के एक रिपोर्टर ने फ़ोन करके महामहिम यादव से मैनेजर को मारने की परमिशन ले रहे थे जो की आये दिन दारू पीकर ऑफिस का माहौल ख़राब कर रहे है इसी तरह से महामहिम यादव के द्वारा पोषित लोग जो की जयपुर ,पटना ,लखनऊ , दिल्ली और बहुत से पी टी आयी के ऑफिस में मौजूदा समय में पदस्थ हैं अराजकता की चरमसीमा पर चल रहे है और उनको यह आभाष है की पी टी आयी मैनेजमेंट कुछ नहीं कर सकती है जैसा की पूरी तरह से साफ साफ दिखाई दे रहा है,और ऐसे माहौल में जो भी ईमानदारी से पी टी आयी के लिए काम करने वाले है जिनका सालों से उनका शोषण किया गया और उम्मीद है की आगे भी जारी रहेगा क्योंकि ऐसे अपाहिज मैनेजमेंट से आप कोई उम्मीद न करे तो बेहतर होगा क्योंकि जब तक यह पूरा मामला लीगल (कानूनी)रूप नहीं लेगा तब तक इस संस्था में कोई नहीं सुनेगा इसलिए इतना सब होने के बाद भी मैनेजमेंट ने यादव & कं० से कोई भी स्पष्टिकरण नहीं माँगा है और मुम्बई फेडरेशन मीटिंग में अगर थोड़ी सी हिम्मत करके जॉन गोन्साल्वेज़ ने कहा की फेडरेशन की प्रॉपर्टी और अन्य मामलों पर एक जाँच करा ली जाये तो महामहिम यम यस यादव और स्वपन आचर्या जो की यादव और मैनेजमेंट के रहमो कर्म पर सर्विस एक्सटेंशन पर चल रहे है और हराम की मलाई खा रहे है ईमानदारी का ढिढोरा पीट रहे थे और सुनने में आया है की यादव जॉन की उस बात से नाराज़ होकर जॉन को पहले बाहर का रास्ता दिखाना चाह रहे है ,वैसे आप लोंगो को हम स्पष्ठ बता रहे है की ये नेता लोग एक दूसरे को गली देंगे और आप जैसे लोंगों को मुर्ख बनाकर अपना उल्लू सीधा करते रहेंगे क्योंकि असलियत यही है की पी टी आयी मैनेजमेंट अँधा और बहरा है जो कोई भी उचित निर्णय लेने में सक्षम नहीं है . और सबसे बड़ा दुर्भाग्य यह है की इन सब चीजों से इस समय पी टी आयी की कार्यप्रणाली भी प्रभावित हो रही है जो की आने वाले समय में संस्था और कर्मचारियों के हित में भी
    नहीं होगा .इसलिए समय रहते ऐसे लोंगो के खिलाफ खड़े होकर सही का साथ दे और गलत को बाहर का रास्ता दिखाएँ ,धन्यवाद शेष अगले पोस्ट में प्रमाण के साथ ………

  34. Guru Das :details available on FB:…..added 3 new photos.
    Feast to fear : anarchy prevails at PTI bureaus ; what is management upto? ———————————————————————- It was nearby five months back that a popular website wrote mind blowing article on sad state of affairs in PTI then under Maharaj (K) Carpet Razdan, CEO-cum-EIC, who much to relief of employees, has retired. As many as 92 comments have been written by many serving and retired employees, besides media watchers on mismanagement and corruption by the union leaders and some senior officials. The commentators identified three state bureaux – Jaipur, Lucknow and Patna – as epicentre of corruption and mismanagement. The management subsequently cracked whips at Jaipur officials doing away with night shift which was used by the rogue Federation of PTI Employees Union leader MS Yadav’ kins who had virtually turned the office premises in a virtual brothel. However, the management is yet to turn attention at Lucknow and Patna bureaux where the working condition remains vitiated with Yadav’s men in key position calling shots with brazenness which is not seen in other media organizations. While Patna centre has earned notoriety for hosting feasts at regular interval of late ( see attachments), in Lucknow a trusted accomplice of the corrupt union leader has temerity to threaten to beat up the manager there for banning overnight stay of employees in office premises. To elaborate more on ‘feast culture’ at PTI Patna, there is nothing wrong in doing so in hotel, restaurant and eataries outside, but to use office premises for cooking food for feast must not be allowed by the management. But the frequently of feast in Patna office clearly points towards management’s consent and emcouragement. Having turned blind eye to regular feasts in the office premises, the management should arrange for ‘naach gaana’ for the employees to entertain themselves post-meal. The readers of this posts at various bureaux should also host food festival by taking cue from colleagues in Patna as the management will not mind such activities as is the case with Patna. Now coming back to Lucknow, a reporter recently called the corrupt union leader MS Yadav to take permission to beat up the manager for banning ovetnight stay of employees post-duty hours. Yadav apparently did not offer protection to the said employee for taking law in own hands to beat up the manager. Imagine for a second if Yadav had given permission then the manager would be lying in hospital now or may be dead as the goon reporter is a muscular man in contrast to frail personaility of the manager who is a thorough gentlemen. It is high time the PTI management takes note of affairs in Patna and Lucknow and take corrective measures otherwise left unattended one should not be suprised if the employees engage in ‘free for all’ fight to setle scores against each other. Hope the PTI CEO Mr. Venky Venkatesh is listening!

  35. Theses contents available on FB
    Hemant Kumar
    20 mins ·
    1942 ABHISHEK SHUKLA Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1943 ACHINTA BORAH Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1944 AJAY KUMAR KAUL Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1945 AMANDEEP SHUKLA Press Trust of India Correspondent
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    1971 NILESH BHAGAT Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1972 NISHIKANT DWIVEDI Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1973 PADMA ALVA Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1974 PRASHANT VIJAY RANGNEKAR Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1975 PRIYANKA TIKOO Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1976 RAJESH RAI Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1977 RAJKUMAR LEISHEMBA Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1978 RANJIT KUMAR SINHA Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1979 RISHI RANJAN KALA Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1980 ROOPASHREE NAIR Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1981 SANJEEV CHOPRA Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1982 SANJEEV KUMAR Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1983 SHAHBAZ KHAN Press Trust of India Cameraman
    1984 SHIRISH SHETE Press Trust of India Cameraman
    1985 SIMRAN ARORA Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1986 SNEHESH ALEX PHILIP Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1987 SUBHASH CHANDER MALHOTRA Press Trust of India Cameraman
    1988 SUBHAV SHUKLA Press Trust of India Cameraman
    1989 SUJIT CHATTERJEE Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1990 SUMIR KAUL Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1991 SUNIL GATADE Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1992 V.S. CHANDRASEKAR Press Trust of India Correspondent
    1993 VIJAY KUMAR JOSHI Press Trust of India Cameraman
    1994 VIJAY VERMA Press Trust of India Cameraman
    1003 PABLO BARTHOLOMEW Freelance Cameraman
    1004 PADMA RAO Freelance Correspondent
    1005 PANKAJ SHARMA Freelance Correspondent
    1006 PARANJOY GUHA THAKURTA Freelance Correspondent
    1007 PARSA VENKATESHWAR RAO JR Freelance Correspondent
    1008 PARTHA PROTIM SARKAR Freelance Cameraman
    1009 PARTHA SARATHI SENGUPTA Freelance Correspondent
    1010 PARTHIV KUMAR Freelance Correspondent
    1011 PARUL CHANDRA Freelance Correspondent
    1012 PARVEEN KUMAR Freelance Cameraman
    1013 PAWAN KUMAR Freelance Correspondent
    1014 PINAKI BHATTACHARYA Freelance Correspondent
    1015 PRABAL PRATAP SINGH Freelance Correspondent
    1016 PRADEEP SAURABH Freelance Correspondent
    1017 PRADEEP KUMAR KASHYAP Freelance Correspondent
    1018 PRADEEP RANA Freelance Correspondent
    1019 PRADEEP SHARMA Freelance Correspondent
    Padma Alva name’s figures in PTI list at no 1973 and Padma Rao figures in the freelance category at 1004. Are these two names of different persons or are one and the same ?
    2. Padma Alva is the Chief Administrative Officer and does not perform any journalistic work but she has been designated as correspondent in the PIB accreditation list. The PTI management should clarify ,what position Mrs. Padma Alva holds. As far as information goes she has not performing any journalistic work since she has been designated as CAO. Why this false statements submitted to Press Information Bureau ?
    The management and Board wants the World to trust them ! Is this the kind of trust they want people to believe?

    • Hemant Kumar:-Has PTI Editor lied to PIB by recommending accreditation for Mrs. Padma Alva who is not performing journalistic work since she has been designated as CAO. Has PTI , Editor , forgotten PIB rules and regulations or he was forced to recommend her name,which is a fraud.At one place, Padma Rao has got accreditation as a free lance journalist and at another place Padma Alva has got accreditation as a PTI correspondent. Are both the same person ? Since, earlier Padma Alva was known as Padma Rao.This needs to be investigated . If it is one and the same person then it is a serious offence .

      Gurudas:-It is very shameful that a senior PTI official Padma Alva has committed yet another act of fraud, forgery and cheating to get accreditation card issued for herself from Press Information Bureau (PIB) for years when she has not been performing journalistic duties ever since she was elavated to the post of the Regional Manager (North) in 1996 at Delhi. This development also reflects poorly on the part of PTI management to project its officials as journalists when many of the accreditation card holders are strictly discharging administrative duties. It is high time the PIB withdraws accreditation cards of Padma and other non-journalist employees/officials for the sake or propriety.

      Guru Das Padma Rao nee Alva is has been a celebrated fraud in PTI for over two decades. PIB accreditation on forged papers is one of many sins that she has committed in service while being a trusted henchwoman of MKR and MS Yadav. The Noida plot allotment scam in which her name figures as a beneficiary proved beyond doubt that she was complicit to organized crime and corruption during MKR era. She has made crores of rupees as cut and commission from PTI’s building projects. In eary years of this millenium, she purchased a swanky house at the cost of Rs. 30 lakh in Noida. Even a corrupt Razdan got fed up with her loot and delegated all her works to Md. Shakeel Ahmed. While Shakeel, a butcher from Bihar, is gone up good, Padma Rao continues in service on extension and has been even given a raise by Rs. 20,000 by new dispensation. She was assigned herculean task of fixing Yadav with the help of Federation of PTI EMployees Union President John Gonsalves, but she continues to be a Yadav loyalist and the two eat lunch together in her chamber on the second floor of PTI building even today. In the backdrop of these facts, there is no point to expect clean up or revamp in PTI under the current management. Govt. intervention in only way out to rectify things in PTI.