My New Letter Series – Dear Maulana Madani, Great Job Showing Aum And Allah Are The Same

Maulana Madani, one question that keeps coming to mind is why do your peaceful people keep telling us that “our religion is better than yours”?

Maulana Madani, one question that keeps coming to mind is why do your peaceful people keep telling us that “our religion is better than yours”?
Maulana Madani, one question that keeps coming to mind is why do your peaceful people keep telling us that “our religion is better than yours”?

Dear Maulana Madani,

A few weeks ago, during a Sarva Dharma Sammelan, you said “Aum and Allah are the same person!” That takes guts to say, and I congratulate you on that! The problem I see, and most people see, is that your religion believes in monotheism Your Kalma says, “La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah,” (there is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet). Your statement above goes against what your religion believes in.

I guess, your Azaan (the wailing, scratch that, melodious singing of the Maulana) early in the morning saying Allah Hu Akbar should be changed to “Om Hu Akbar”, no? I mean, after all, you’re trying to promote secular thoughts and all! My question is a little more complicated; let me explain. If we do change it to Om, we can also change the Akbar to Shiva, Brahma (sorry you mentioned it as Barhama), or Vishnu. So the Azaan would now say “Om hu Shiva”(or whatever name you want from the triumvirate). Could we then change the Kalma to say, “hunak alihat ‘ukhraa bima fi dhalik Allah” (there are other gods including Allah)? That might need some work (a few hundred years maybe) since your Allah has mentioned, in the Koran, that this book is complete and can not be changed.

Not sure why people from all walks of life are agitated by what you said! Well, maybe saying Adam and Manu are the same was probably stretching it a bit, but you were trying to be “secular”. To take that and make it sound like you’re “going through your second childhood” is grossly unfair! How could anyone be that insensitive! After all, you were just trying to improve the situation! And then that senseless Jain Muni saying that what you said was worthless and that one shouldn’t compare the first human being Manu to Adam? Doesn’t he realize the need for Sarva Dharma Sadbhavana??

You also made a statement in your ranting, umm sorry speech, that “the birthplace of Islam is India.” Really? I was (and I’m sure most people around the globe were) under the impression this was “born” in the Royal Kingsom Of Saudi Arabia! Does that mean, the Kaba should be moved to India? If so, where in India? I’m sure the Delhi CM would want it situated in Delhi, the West Bengal CM would be orgasmic if it were in her state, and the Kerala CM..well, you know where I’m going with this!! Also, just wondering: if your religion was born in India, was the holy book written in Sanskrit??

Sir, while we are talking about the “holy book”, I have a few questions. In regards to women, why does the book say women have half the brain of a man? I mean, I see my wife and sometimes wonder why I can’t understand a word she says!! She then repeats it slowly (and I MEAN SLOOOOWWWLYYY), till I finally figure out what she was saying! MAYBE, your book is right! Women complicate their statements! They should think like us men..” want food..want sex..want liquor..want sleep”! But enough about women.

One thing I have heard Muslims (sorry, the peaceful Muslims) say is that prior to Islam, women and girls were being buried alive, JUST BECAUSE they were women! Just wondering, Maulana, if this was the case, how was your prophet Mohammed born? He did marry Khadija, who was NOT a Muslim! I am hoping she wasn’t buried alive and The Man saved her! However, that seems a little improbable as she was a businesswoman and he worked at her store! In addition, she was married a couple of times prior to her wedding with The Man!

Also, one question that keeps coming to mind is why do your peaceful people keep telling us that “our religion is better than yours”? I mean, if your religion is really the best in the world, why compare it with other religions? The great Dr. Zakir Naik (some refer to him, derogatorily I’d agree as Dr. Joker Nalayak) tells us that ONLY your religion shows us that 2+2=4. Great, but 3+1 is also equal to 4! The endpoint is getting to 4. The idiotic Hindus believe that the method of reaching god is different, but the final result is achieving divinity!!

I agree with most of the scientists, from your community, who claim that “The earth is flat”! It is! I mean, how else does one explain the flatness while I drive in the plains of Texas? There’s not one hill (forget mountains) for miles! Likewise, in a country where I stayed for about a year in Libya, the deserts never looked like they would end!!!

Anyway, Maulana, I do believe you’re on the right track with your statement. The next statement and I’m hoping you’ll say it, should be “the Geeta/ Bible and the Koran have the same message”! Looking forward to that statement.

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