My New Letter Series – Dear Pakistani “Intellectuals”, Burning Churches While Talking About Global Issues

The reality is India DOES NOT need Pakistan; On the other hand, Pakistan NEEDS India, JUST TO SURVIVE!!! Not to thrive economically but JUST SURVIVE!!

The reality is India DOES NOT need Pakistan; On the other hand, Pakistan NEEDS India, JUST TO SURVIVE!!! Not to thrive economically but JUST SURVIVE!!
The reality is India DOES NOT need Pakistan; On the other hand, Pakistan NEEDS India, JUST TO SURVIVE!!! Not to thrive economically but JUST SURVIVE!!

Dear Pakistani “Intellectuals”,

When the Ram Mandir verdict came, all of you were up in arms against this. That you had NO say in this decision nor did the Indian government/ courts ask for your opinion, was irrelevant. You still felt the need to have your say on this “injustice” from the highest court in India. Your populace called for Jihad, violence against all Kafirs (read as Hindus), dropping the N-bomb on India, and a need for Shariya in India. Before I forget, you also claimed this was the beginning of the end of secularism in India.

A few years ago, when a French magazine displayed a caricature of your prophet, you asked that the French ambassador be removed (by the way, the fact that France does NOT have an ambassador was either irrelevant or your population was, as always, ignorant), send Jihadis to France to teach them a lesson, drop the N-bomb on France and a few other very interesting observations.

A few months ago, the “holiest of holy books” was burned in Sweden. Every one of you had an opinion about this, ranging from calling for Jihad, removing the Swedish ambassador, launching the N-missile against this country, and many other interesting opinions!

Just a few weeks ago, someone decided to launch a missile at a Hindu temple, obliterating it. Fortunately, there was no loss of HINDU lives. At least in this particular attack; I wouldn’t be very surprised if lives were lost but your “unbiased” media didn’t think it important to report it. By the way, YOUR MEDIA did NOT report this; it was brought out by social media. One has to thank Sohaib Chowdhary for working tirelessly to help the affected, and afflicted, Hindus in Karachi.

Now, a few days ago, your people decided to burn churches down and kill Christians in your “peaceful” country. While your intellectually challenged population wants to call it retaliation for some blasphemy against YOUR prophet, something tells me your population was reacting to the Swedish incident.

If you observe, all of these have had to do with violence. More specifically, VIOLENCE WITHIN YOUR OWN COUNTRY!! This is an indicator that all people of your country, ALL OF THEM, have either the intellect of a door-knob or are what you call “Buzdil” (cowards). Major Gaurav Arya is absolutely right when he says ALL you need is JUST a spark to set FIRE TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY!! You don’t have the courage to SAY NO to the foreign aid that is given to your country! Specifically from those that you call “Kafir”!!! I don’t see any self-respect when aid is concerned! At that time, you are standing at the doors of the “Kafir” saluting them and wishing them well! یہ کہتے ہیں مفت (this is called hypocrisy).

To Sohaib Chowdhary (Real Entertainment TV): You are a very nice young man who has good intentions; misguided maybe, but definitely good intentions. My question to you, bear in mind you ask this question to all your viewers and interview candidates, is “Should India trade with your country?” Even when the person being interviewed claims to have a bachelors degree, one has to question the person’s credentials. Well, education notwithstanding, many of them seem to be of the opinion that India and Pakistan should open trade. Given this situation described above, albeit in detail, would India REALLY WANT TO OPEN THE BORDERS WITH PAKISTAN??” Who knows what could provoke your radicalized population into doing something as ridiculously deadly as what they have done, every time they didn’t like what was said/ done/ implemented overseas?

When Imran Khan (Immi) shut down trade between India and Pakistan, he didn’t realize how much that would help India. You see, prior to Immi shutting down trade, India’s economic clout, in terms of USD, was 2.875 Trillion. After that, in the past 4 years, India has added nearly 1 trillion USD (yep, it is now 3.75 trillion USD). Does this show any kind of economic hit? You’d have to agree this doesn’t. On the other hand, India is on its way to the 3rd ranked economy GLOBALLY. This without Pakistan! I have heard many people you’ve interviewed say that India wouldn’t get to 3rd without Pakistan! That’s called dreaming! The reality is India DOES NOT need Pakistan; On the other hand, Pakistan NEEDS India, JUST TO SURVIVE!!! Not to thrive economically but JUST SURVIVE!!

You ask most of your interview candidates, this question: Should there be trade between India and Pakistan? I am going to ask you a counter question: What does Pakistan have that you can trade with India? Trade requires that one country have goods and the other has money!! Your country gets aid from the IMF and immediately spends 400 million on a ridiculous FLAG!! A RIDICULOUS FLAG!! Your country got 1.1 billion USD and promptly spent 400 million ON A FLAG!! Given this situation, what money does your country have that it can buy food, cooking oil, and vegetables? Forget meat, people can’t afford to buy that anyways!!!

Sohaib, sometimes, SOMETIMES, it’s better to start afresh! What do I mean by that? Any person/ entity that is born has a specific number of years and, whether one likes it or not, has to die. Your country WAS BORN on August 14, 1947. It has lived its life, whether it was successful or not is debatable, and has to die! I know, a country can NOT die, but the time has come for an artificial economy, sustained by aid and grants, to die! How does one develop an economy that never existed to begin with! Well, like Major Arya says, start from the basics! Education is a must; NO, NOT THE MADRASA EDUCATION!! I know, you understand the need for REAL WORLD EDUCATION, but unfortunately, the people from your country don’t! So, education is a must; so also is an understanding of REAL HISTORY, not the distorted history that has been taught to you!

Another question that you ask, and this is something I need to answer, is WHY DO AMERICA & THE WEST NOT TRUST PAKISTAN? After all, according to you and your media, you have sacrificed 80,000 lives in this war on terror? Really? Who started this terror? Unfortunately, your country! Yes, somewhere in all this, America was involved! I have to shame-facedly admit, my country was involved in this. But your country didn’t have a problem taking over 60 Billion USD in this so-called “war on terror”! When the Soviets left Afghanistan, YOUR TERROR OUTFITS DID NOT!! Then, a couple of decades later, 9/11 happened in 2001. Your President Musharraf joined hands with my country and made life unlivable in Afghanistan! All the while, YOU HAD OSAMA BIN LADEN RELAXING IN ABOTTABAD!!! When the USA did find out, they got rid of Osama, without telling your country!! Please don’t tell me your Army and the ISI didn’t know!! IF they didn’t know, WHY would you call them the #1? By the way, WHEN AND WHERE did this competition happen where your army and agencies won that title! Anyways, Why would the USA TRUST PAKISTAN???? For that matter, WHY WOULD ANYONE TRUST PAKISTAN??

Pakistan has itself to blame! It’s not America, it’s NOT Israel, it’s NOT India! It’s Pakistan that has to be blamed for its predicament! The unfortunate reality is, your people blame everyone who is A KAFIR! I’m sure you’ve observed that NONE of the KAFIR countries have a problem with ANY OF THE OTHER 56 Islamic countries! IT IS ONLY PAKISTAN THEY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH!! If you observe, YOUR COUNTRY doesn’t seem to have any problem with China, a Kafir country! And, why would you? After all, China does give your country A LOT OF MONEY AT VERY HIGH INTEREST RATES! IT IS NOT AID BUT IS A LOAN! China NEVER gives AID!

So, Sohaib, learn to live with Chinese loans and learn the Chinese language! Your country will soon be a part of China! 再见,索海卜(Goodbye Sohaib)!!

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Kumar Sridhar is a full time IT professional who is also a blogger,columnist and an avid sports fan! He lives with his family in New Jersey, USA.
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