My New Letter Series – Dear Readers, The Hours Prior To Immy’s Humiliating Departure, Or, Damn, Damn, Damn My Favorite Pakistani Has Been Ousted!!

Doesn’t it feel good that one is in a real democracy like the USA or India, where NaMo is leading the country to new heights?

Doesn’t it feel good that one is in a real democracy like the USA or India, where NaMo is leading the country to new heights?
Doesn’t it feel good that one is in a real democracy like the USA or India, where NaMo is leading the country to new heights?

Dear Readers,

Let’s understand what has just happened in Pakistan. A sitting Prime Minister, in this case, Imran Khan Niazi (yes, the same Immy who used to, once upon a time, be a fast bowler of some repute) was voted out of power. The hours prior to his “ouster” were interesting. He first tried to stall the “No-Confidence” votes by filing a petition in the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan. A petition to review the judgment that the SUPREME COURT HAD EARLIER PASSED WITH A 5-0 VOTE!! The SC had ordered him to face the No-Confidence motion and NOT TO make up a story about international agencies (READ THIS AS the USA and India) conspiring to oust him! He even showed a “letter”(without revealing its contents) claiming it was proof that America was out to get him!! Really Immi? A country who’s President (my President, whether I voted for him or not) didn’t want to even talk to you, was now planning to “oust” you!!! You can’t make this up!!! Well, scratch that, Immy did make this up!!!

Once he knew the SC wouldn’t budge, Immy did what we, in the USA, are familiar with: Filibuster. The SC orders were to get the No-Confidence vote completed prior to 8 PM local time. His party members spoke, on the floor of the assembly, for SO long that 8 PM was gone before one knew it. In the meanwhile, he tried to negotiate with the army. He had many demands but one of those was interesting. NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) is known to common people, like you and I, as Amnesty. He wanted amnesty! Now, let’s understand what that means. Amnesty is given to those that have been involved in unconstitutional, illegal, and criminal acts. For a person to come in as AN EXTREMELY HONEST AND CLEAN person, then claim that he was going to get rid of all the corruption existing within the country, to finally ask for Amnesty doesn’t sound right! In fact, it smells downright fishy!! His other demands were that the new PM would be one of his choosing and not the current PM. Guess what, none of his demands were accepted.

If this was NOT bad enough, he tried (I AM SERIOUS) to oust the existing Chief of Defensive Staff (CDS), Bajwa! Oust the CDS! In most cases, a country has an army; in the case of Pakistan, the army has a country! And he tried, desperately, to get rid of the CDS of the army that runs the country!!! Shows his intellect and mindset. Desperation can cause people to do things, one would probably not do! But then again, his intellect and world knowledge has always been questionable, given he had once said that “Japan and Germany were neighbors”.

Now, we come to the people around him that have made this more of an ordeal than it really should’ve been. The Late Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, lost the vote of confidence in 2004 and immediately resigned. It was over in an hour and the administration had changed hands. No hard feelings!

Immy’s coterie of “advisors” was really out to save their own collective behind and gave him some questionable advice. None of them really had a leg to stand on! The National Security Advisor (NSA), a permanent resident of the USA, decided to bail out!! Others are busy leaving, while he has maybe 3 people in his corner!!

To stall a vote of confidence, with over 30 MNAs (like India has MPs, Pakistan has Members of the National Assembly) re-joining their original political parties, the then PM Immy, decided to threaten these MNAs by telling them their children wouldn’t be accepted at schools and no one would marry those children!! Basically putting a curse on them!! Who better to do that, than a person whose spouse placed curses on the army chief, as well as resorted to black magic. How much that worked on the army as well as the MNAs is NOT debatable, given he’s no more in office.

This is what happens to people, in a hashed up “Democracy” that decides they’re bigger than the people! Especially against those people that rigged an election to get him into a position of power!

Doesn’t it feel good that one is in a real democracy like the USA (I feel confident even with the Dems in power) or India, where NaMo is leading the country to new heights? We, the people of the USA and India, can breathe easy knowing that our collective interests are at the top of our administration’s list!! Thank the god, of your choice, for that!

God bless the USA!

भारत माता की जय l

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