“National daily” argues there were no anti-national elements!

News becomes the casualty when a national daily tries to twist stated facts

Despit DSP confirmation that protesters were anti-national, a national daily tries to paint a different story.
A national daily tries to twist stated facts. Kangayam bull graphic courtesy Coloring Pages 101

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]W[/dropcap]ithin hours of Chief Minister O Panneerselvam announcing in the House that the Jallikattu agitation was master minded by anti-national and anti-social elements with an eye on disrupting the Republic Day parade, Balakrishnan, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Triplicane, has come out with some more facts which would be the last nails on the coffins of lies being spread by liberal commentators and a section of the media.

…efforts are on to portray the agitation as an attempt to save the “distinct” Tamil culture.

Balakrishnan was the leader of the police team which maintained law and order in Marina Beach while the anti-national agitators were raising slogans in support of Osama bin Laden, Palani Baba (founder of the banned Al Umma), Velupillai Prabhakaran and the assassins of Rajiv Gandhi. The demonstrators themselves had praised Balakrishnan and his men for their kind hearted behaviour and the cooperation extended by them to the agitators. But everything turned topsy-turvy on January 23 morning when this officer, known for his integrity and honesty asked the agitators to disperse from Marina Beach as the government had promulgated an ordinance as well as passed a Bill in the Legislative Assembly making the ritual legal.

The agitators refused to call off the agitation and clear out from the Beach. They insisted that they should be provided with the copies of the ordinance. “We gave them copies of the ordinance promulgated by the Tamil Nadu Governor. But each time we requested them to move out of Marina Beach, they became restive, insisted that the ordinance was not to their liking and that they needed more time to consult their leaders. We pleaded with them to leave the beach four times but they were adamant that they would not go,” Balakrishnan said in an exclusive interview to Thanthi TV, a 24X7 Tamil news channel. This police officer too said that anti-national elements had hijacked the agitation.

The daily, in its report, claims that not a single photograph of Osama bin Laden or Prabhakaran was visible during the agitation.

Meanwhile, efforts are on to portray the agitation as an attempt to save the “distinct” Tamil culture. New Indian Express, a national daily, in its news column on January 28, 2017, has “questioned” the statement made by Chief Minister O Panneerselvam in the assembly that the agitators had displayed placards bearing the posters of Osama bin Laden. The daily, in its report, claims that not a single photograph of Osama bin Laden or Prabhakaran was visible during the agitation. The photograph of bin Laden being circulated in cyber media, according to the daily, was taken somewhere else in the month of December 2016 and has been morphed with that of the agitators!!

If the photographers of the above mentioned daily failed to see the photographs of bin Laden, it is not the fault of the Tamil Nadu chief minister. This is a newspaper which was not aware of the news that the then chief minister J Jayalalithaa was convicted by a special court in Bangalore and sentenced to four years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 100 crores ($14.7 million) in September 2014. It could be the only daily in the world which chose not to see the happenings in the Bangalore Special Court on that September morning!

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  1. I was also surprised by this article since the New Indian Express is the only English news paper in this part of the country that stands for the nationalists sentiments. their tamil counter part dinamani is one of the most straight-forward news papers. may be, there are cockroaches everywhere. in between, dont miss the article in the same New indian express by Mr. prabhu chawla on the latest controversy. excellent analysis and hard-hitting against the fake seculars at bollywood.

  2. That The new indian express carried such a news is bewildering. It is one of the newspapers that is on the side of nationalists unlike The Hindu or TOI. It is also much better than its North Indian sibling The Indian Express which is thoroughly anti Indian. It could be possible that the story was from Express News DisService.

  3. New Indian Express are a bunch of jokers and weasels.People still buy the newspaper because Guru’s articles are published in them.Now that Guru has Thuglak and pGurus, it is time Guru ditches these pusillanimous bunch passing off as news stream.Bunch of cowards.


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