Panneerselvam confirms agitation hijacked by anti-nationals

By acting quickly and decisively, Panneerselvam may have earned the trust of the Central Govt.

By acting quickly and decisively, Panneerselvam may have earned the trust of the Central Govt.
By acting quickly and decisively, Panneerselvam may have earned the trust of the Central Govt.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]M[/dropcap]uch to the dismay of the Opposition Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselvam on Monday told the Legislative Assembly that the Jallikattu agitation which brought the State to a grinding halt for nearly a week was the handiwork of anti national elements. Addressing the State assembly on Monday, the Chief Minister recounted the entire run-up to the January 23 police action at Marina Beach following the attacks unleashed by anti social elements and anti national activists on Police. “The agitators had plans to disrupt the Republic Day by hoisting black flags. They somehow wanted to create problems for the administration in the run up to the Republic Day. They torched a number of government vehicles and even tried to set fire to a police station,” said Panneerselvam.

…forces behind the agitation staged at Marina Beach and at Alanganallur in Madurai district succeeded in covering up their identity till January 21, 2016…

Now, it has been proved beyond doubt that the Jallikattu agitation which took Tamil Nadu by storm thanks to 24X7 satellite TV news channels and various anti-national agencies was yet another attempt to destabilise and discredit the Narendra Modi-led BJP government at the Centre and O Panneerselvam, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Though the forces behind the agitation staged at Marina Beach and at Alanganallur in Madurai district succeeded in covering up their identity till January 21, 2016, intelligence information and news details percolating and trickling down from various sources helped Team PGurus to unravel the jigsaw puzzle and reach the conclusion that it was an anti-national activity masterminded by Jihadis, Church, NGOs, Left Extremists and of course the Tamil rabid secessionists who were not at all comfortable with the concept of India.

India’s intelligence agencies could unravel from information collected till January 21 that there was a massive conspiracy to discredit the Republic Day (January 26) celebrations at Tamil Nadu. The secessionists supported by various anti-BJP and anti-RSS forces had decided to hoist a separate Tamil Nadu flag at the War Memorial in Chennai’s Marina Beach to declare secession of the State from the Union of India. Various wings of the Union Home Ministry and internal intelligence agencies picked up the data in advance and informed the Central Government. (The Indian Intelligence Agencies can not arrest or take into custody anybody. Arrests could be made only by the local police which comes under the State governments).

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]I[/dropcap]t was on January 25,1965, precisely at 0400 hrs that a youth doused with petrol and set ablaze himself in front of Tiruchirappalli Railway Station. “The youth was charred to death.. What remained of his body was as good as charcoal,” said a veteran journalist who witnessed the macabre sight from close quarters. The journalist was on his morning walking at that time of the day. Modern day journalists may ask how come he was up so early in the day. Those were the days when whiskey and scotch culture were alien to at least some of the journalists in Tamil Nadu.

What would not have happened in Tamil Nadu in general and at Marina Beach in particular if the agitators were allowed to continue their demonstration is an open question.

At 11AM the same day, Anbil Dharmalingam, the DMK leader who convened a press meet alleged that the youth committed self-immolation to protest against the move by the Centre to “impose” Hindi on Tamil Nadu. Dharmalingam showed a letter written by the youth which he alleged was recovered from the dead body! That was the turning point in the fortunes of the DMK as the anti-Hindi agitation caught up like a wildfire all over Tamil Nadu resulting in the DMK and finally the Karunanidhi family usurping the whole of Tamil Nadu. Who recovered the letter written in plain paper from the charred body of the youth and how the letter written in plain white paper remained intact while the Agni God ravaged and consumed the victim’s body remains unanswered even after 46 years!

What would not have happened in Tamil Nadu in general and at Marina Beach in particular if the agitators were allowed to continue their demonstration is an open question. A movie director by the name of Gowthaman had played a crucial role in mobilising the youth and students in the name of Tamil pride and cultural identity. The Intelligence Bureau team which was closely monitoring the demonstrators zeroed in on the unprecedented increase on cash transaction in the name of Gowthaman (a struggling movie maker with a string of flop movies to his credit), Seeman, whose original name is Simon and is very frank in his hatred for Hindus (his main hobby is to seduce Hindu girls with promises of marriage and dump them later) and a new avatar by the name of Thirumurugan Gandhi. These three were given the task of leading the Marina Beach agitation from the front.
Swamy has been the lone crusader for the cause of Jallikattu
The master minds behind Mission Marina which was also named as Occupy Marina Brigade, were the brains behind the Kudankulam agitators. Volunteers of the People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) led by Udhayakumar were roped in and they worked overtime making use of the social media to mobilise men, money and materials.

The fact that the entire volunteers who staged the sit in were provided with mineral water, biriyani, tiffin and meals did not go unnoticed. The Islamic jihadists who joined the agitators were fed by biriyani packets brought in from a big mosque in Triplicane High Road. The logic behind the role of Muslim activists in this agitation for the rights to worship bulls remains unexplained. But pamphlets supplied by these organisations among the Muslim agitators which found its way to the hands of authorities speak volumes.

Inshah Allah:

  1. The animal that we cut and eat cannot be worshipped which is against our religion. However to spread our religion and to gain political mileage, I request all our community members to participate in the Jallikattu protest.

  2. Let’s make sure that we focus to divert attention in all possible angles on this dog Narendra Modi.

  3. Please take pictures with those individuals who are supporting the cause of cows and post it in social media to create an impression that Muslims are supportive of the cause.

  4. Make sure you do namaz at the protest venue.

  5. Please train our children to speak against Modi so that when there is an opportunity to interact with the media, they do it effectively.

  6. Please go prepared with slogans that are to be raised at the protest. This is the translation of the pamphlets distributed by the Jihadist organisations among the Muslim participants.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]I[/dropcap]n addition to the above mentioned developments, a “gentleman” by name of N R H Natarajan, who in association with all these anti-national elements and, hold your breath, the DMK, was trying to create chaos, cacophony and confusion in Tamil Nadu. He had the support of various NGOs, Churches and even the managements of various Christian colleges in the city. (That solves the mystery behind the number of students who formed the mob!). Natarajan was always hand-in-glove with all the rabid Tamil secessionists. Senior BJP leader Dr. Subramanian Swamy had tweeted about Natarajan as follows:
Swamy warns Natarajan to back off
What has Natarajan got to do with this agitation other than he himself was a Thanjavur bull during his younger and middle-aged days? There is a lady by name of V K Sasikala who is illegally occupying Veda Nilayam, the bungalow of late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jayaraman. This Sasikala managed to get into Veda Nilayam as a domestic aide of Jayalalithaa and over the years emerged as the Chinnamma of the House. Now she is the General Secretary of the AIADMK! Natarajan is the non-resident husband of Sasikala and wants to coronate her as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

What stands in between Sasikala’s Chief Ministerial dreams and Fort Saint George, Tamil Nadu Government’s seat of power is Panneerselvam who has earned the tacit support of the Centre because of his diplomacy. Taking a cue from the instructions left by late MGR, the founder of his party that one should not fight with New Delhi, Panneerselvam, who was elevated to the number two position with powers to convene cabinet meetings in the absence of Jayalalithaa since September 20, 2016, succeeded in making the Tamil Nadu government join the UDAY scheme launched by Union Government, accepted the Supreme Court verdict on National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) and the Food Security Act which were all opposed tooth and nail by Jayalalithaa. (That shows Panneerselvam was aware in the month of September 2016 itself that Jayalalithaa would not come back as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu from Apollo Hospital).

Since December 6, 2016 when he was sworn in as Chief Minister following the official demise of Jayalalithaa, Panneerselvam has worked hard and earned the acceptability of the Central Government much to the dismay and disgust of Sasikala, Natarajan and above all the Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker Thambi Durai whose eyes are fixed on the post of Deputy Chief Minister’s chair in Chennai. Should we explain more why Thambi Durai speaks ill of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP and the RSS? Durai who led the delegation of AIADMK MPs to meet the Prime Minister on three occasions chose days when the Prime Minister was not available in New Delhi and got some journalists to write that Modi had no time for the AIADMK MPs!

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]hese details had been conveyed to the representatives of the agitators who went to New Delhi to meet the representatives of the Union Government in connection with the staging of Jallikattu. The team consisting of Karthikeya Sivasenapathy, managing trustee, Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation, Rajasekhar, a lawyer close to the AIADMK leadership, “Hiphop Tamizha” Aadhi, a pop Tamil singer immediately announced the withdrawal of the agitation on January 22, 2017 telling that the agitation has been hijacked by anti-national and anti-social elements.

Coming back to last Monday’s police action, one should read between the lines of what the authorities said. Chennai City Police Commissioner George tells media that the agitation had been infiltrated by anti-national activists. He would not have told so without valid reasons. The Commissioner knows very well that the activists who brought Chennai to a standstill in the name of anti-US agitation over a film which was yet to be released in India are capable of doing a lot of damage. He might not have forgotten the way his predecessor was shunted out by the government following his failure to control the Islamic mob in the city which attacked and damaged the office of the US Consulate in 2013.

The agitators will come back with yet another modus operandi in another couple of weeks. For the time being, all Team PGurus could say is that lets hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

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  1. It would not be right to discredit all the youth that came out in support of Jallikattu. Many were truly fighting to save their native traditions and were quite right to do so. I do agree that the anti national and otherwise anti Hindu elements saw this as an opportunity to further their agenda. Thankfully the agitation was called by Mr. Sivasenathipathy and others. But the battle isn’t over yet. These fringe elements should be rooted out before they cause more damage. The myth of AIT which has been used by politicians to divide the people should first be publicly discredited and the people at the grassroots should be educated. A sense of national unity should be instilled.

  2. Is Mr. Lavkare in the team Guru ……?
    I will place more credibility in the Article written signed by Mr. lavkare …
    he makes Lego – surgical strikes with his incisive logic ..


  3. The contents of the well informed article is scary to say the least.
    If we see the happenings in T N, W B and Kerala over the past few months is dangerous disruptive Jihadi/Christian elements are working overtime to attack the sovereignty/integrity of the country.This time on the surface the people of T N seem to have won but at the same time they have devalued the authority of the supreme court.If you put it along with A K”s denigration of the E C in election time and goes scot free is it not extremely harmful for the nation as a whole?
    All well meaning citizens must evaluate the consequence of their emotional action and be the torch bearers of “eternal vigilance is the price of freedom/democracy”, however flawed it may appear .
    Remember if India balkanizes and succumbs to inimical forces there will be no ‘ism’ left to fight for.

  4. TN is a state where the whiteman’s experiment of undermining brahmins has worked brilliantly and to an extent brahmins brought it amongst themselves by thinking that they are more english than english because they could speak the language fluently and with great wit and command.What now we see in TN is the angry brainwashed foul speaking leftovers of the whiteman’s experiment carrying on their work.It is not an easy task to bring sanity to this brainwashed ,kudos to DrSwamy to take on this brigade,to call their bluff boldly.Curse of this world – message is not important especially when it is from that messenger

  5. Even during flood all Tamilains came together and helped irrespective of religion, as is TN custom!
    That time also they provided food, and much more household items too!
    where was all this research and blame that time!
    People straight away rejected politicians and actors. They are fed up with all drama, they don’t need trouble makers too!
    Its politicians who doesn’t want to talk about issues, but always want to divert.
    its better time now to say NO to all corrupt BJP,CONG,ADMK,DMK,etc.
    They are all hypocrites, only multinational companies benefit in the end, against Indian interests!


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