NDA facing UPA-2 syndrome? Internal tussle, murky affairs, double agents? Prime Minister must intervene

Infighting, petty politicking, and favoritism are weakening the efforts of Prime Minister Modi in governing

Infighting, petty politicking, and favoritism are weakening the efforts of Prime Minister Modi in governing
Infighting, petty politicking, and favoritism are weakening the efforts of Prime Minister Modi in governing

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Government is now facing internal tussles, planting stories against each other, and murky double agents derailing many sensitive probes that happened during the UPA-2 regime. These king-size egos and dubious activities of certain people are literally collapsing the governance of the Narendra Modi-led Government. A re-run of UPA-2 is going on now. Home Minister P Chidambaram and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee were fighting openly and their officers fought bitterly too. This time the same is being done by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley who with his team of journalists and officers is daily targeting Railways & Coal Minister Piyush Goyal and Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

These bitter internal fights weaken the Government’s defence in Rafale deal allegations, which are being raked up daily by the main opposition party Congress. It is the talk of town and has the potential to damage the Modi Government’s image but no one seems to be interested in salvaging its reputation (similar to what happened with UPA2). Arun Jaitley is busy with his agenda in petty matters of transfers and postings, and planting stories in media against colleagues like Piyush Goyal, Rajnath Singh and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.

Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has created a lot of mess in several agencies including the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). P K Mishra, Additional Principal Secretary in PMO, who is in charge of top-level appointments and postings has poisoned the working environment in many organisations and created tussles between many department heads due to his interventions in posting his boys and girls everywhere. P K Mishra and his trusted disciple Rajeev Topno, who is holding the post of Private Secretary to Prime Minister, are the main culprits in the chaos in the CBI. Mishra wanted to discredit CBI Director Alok Verma for probing his protegé, the corrupt Rakesh Asthana as the next CBI Chief.

P K Mishra (PK), a Gujarat cadre retired IAS officer, was a close confidant of Sharad Pawar and served with him in Agriculture Ministry for seven years and was his Agriculture Secretary when Pawar was the Agriculture Minister. PK also has a good rapport with Ahmed Patel, who was controlling affairs till May 2014. It is a million dollar question as to how P K Mishra landed the No. 2 spot in Narendra Modi’s PMO. Similar is the career graph of Rajeev Topno. This young Gujarat cadre IAS officer was in Manmohan Singh’s PMO from 2009 to 2014 as Director. P K Mishra accommodated his disciple Rajeev Topno in Narendra Modi’s PMO too, that too as Private Secretary.

It is a known secret that PK intervenes into many cases in CBI and propped up Asthana against Alok Verma, who objected to many designs of PK in posting of officers in the agency. Even senior IPS officers who worked in the Special Protection Group (SPG) handling Sonia Gandhi’s security during UPA were pushed to be appointed as Joint Directors of CBI, which was rejected by Alok Verma. Rakesh Asthana openly boasts about his closeness with P K Mishra. The Appointments Committee of Cabinet (ACC) proposals are pending for months but corrupt Asthana’s proposal is issued at midnight by Mishra. He went out of the way to help the just-retired Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra who also hails from his home state of Orissa. Mishra is now desperate to make Dipak Misra as Chairman, Law Commission or a Governor. Agencies are fighting in the same way when Rajender Kumar of Intelligence Bureau was to be charge-sheeted by the CBI during UPA Government in Ishrat Jehan encounter case.

Mishra also has the habit of planting stories in newspapers. It is a known secret that Odisha based reporters in Times of India and Economic Times enjoy the patronage of Mishra, who loves to plant stories against opponents.

Targeting of officers like Alok Verma who charges sheeted P Chidambaram and his son Karti is another example of Government’s vendetta against officers doing their work. Like UPA2, which had corrupt Ahmed Patel and P Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh’s Principal Secretaries Pulok Chatterjee and T K A Nair, which led to the Congress getting 44 seats, NDA Government’s top functionaries are also creating such chaos.  These people (Chatterjee and Nair) never let intelligent people join the system and only went for “loyalists“, who were, in fact, a “liability“ for the government and led to the demise of UPA 2.

PM Modi must control Arun Jaitley by telling him to focus on the economy and jobs rather than manipulating statistics and getting legal retainerships for his children. His daughter Sonali Jaitley’s law firm has received legal retainership from fugitive Mehul Choksi. PGurus recently asked questions to Jaitley in this regard[1].

The Prime Minister has to rein in his PMO officials and they should be sternly told to keep away from the politics of appointing officers and should immediately bring in a Finance Secretary who knows Finance and Economics. The current Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia is busy writing letters proposing self extension of service and looking for a job in the Election Commission and the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) while claiming that he wants to go for a spiritual tour but his mind is occupied in petty issues all the  time and the country has suffered as a result and so has this govt.’s  image. In the UPA Government during Pranab Mukherjee’s days, his trusted aide Omita Paul ran the Finance Ministry without knowing anything of finance and created a mess. A similar situation is now created by Hasmukh Adhia and the economy is in shambles.

P K Mishra is in touch with opposition parties through Sharad Pawar and Ahmed Patel. Rajiv Topno is now being seen with Rahul Gandhi’s aides. Topno was earlier in touch with the tainted, now jailed Editor–cum-Fixer Upendra Rai.  Another senior officer in the PMO, Bhaskar Khulbe is seen meeting with Prashant Bhushan to avoid Public Interest Litigation against him in the coal scam. Hasmukh Adhia has openly started criticising the Government in front of reporters saying that he does not have a free hand! Ahmed Patel is telling many journalists to avoid negative reports against Adhia and Asthana. He is desperate to have this duo in place otherwise the Sandesara case will ultimately lead to him and his family. Ahmed Patel has even assured Asthana of support by the leader of opposition in the CBI Director selection meeting. It is a wakeup call for you, Mr. Prime Minister. Perform or you are in danger of perishing.


[1] Did Arun Jaitley accept Legal Retainership Fee from Anil Ambani’s firms? Would that be a conflict of interest? Sep 24, 2018, PGurus.com

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  1. Modiji please do a favour on us.Please spare some time and try and hear some of the Bhashan you gave in 2013/14 prior To General elections and your numerous promises and compare today’s reality.
    1.USD at Rs 74.
    2.Petrol at Rs 85.
    3.Equity Market in Shambles
    4.PC and Company having a Gala time abroad.
    5.Mallya Modi laughing at you
    Really Mr Modi what you have tried to do in near Five years other then Bhashan and Making Fools of your Die hard Hindu voters.
    Think Ponder and Reflect.Six months more and you will be in Himalaya and we your Staunch supporters will be Butched on the Streets and this is our reward for Voting You with lots of Aspirations.
    We understand your constraints regarding Economy and other matters and are prepared to rely on you for one more term but will NOT and NEVER pardon you for allowing all the Scammers Making Fun of US.

  2. All the comment summarise the picture correctly.. for all the mess in current rule, why you are trying to absolve the head of govt? He must be an accomplice, which we did not realise… May be RSS leaders or other educated leaders can emerge for the benefit of this nation…

  3. Civil servants cannot be hired and fired at will. Something similar is going on in the US with various civil servants out to get Trump. You think he fire them at will? He openly says they are working against him.

  4. Atleast MMS was under the thumb of Madam and had to buckle to the Dikhats of PC Pawar and Corrupt Babu’s.If 56″ is also succumbing to all the Ex and Present Corrupt Netas and Babu’s I feel Mr Modi has taken all his faithful and honest Voters for a Royal Ride who are feeling let down and deceived.So sad and Pathetic.

  5. It is quite surprise that the author of this article targetting everybody and not the honourable prime minister himself for the weakening of PMO as mentioned by the author. A principle secretary, according to this author, taking control of PMO and issuing orders to protect the corrupt and hobnobbing with important opposition leaders. yet PM has no role to play? Is he so weak that he could not control his principal secretary or has he appointed such a person with full knowledge? The author can blame FM, the principle secretary, the private secretary and others but not the PM? Can India afford to have a PM, who knows nothing which happens around him as mentioned by the author, if he is right?

  6. ha ha..true colors of modi emerging..he is no fool,,if he has bent/crooked officials as his minions,how can he be honest? more and more it appears whoever sits as PM like manmohansingh,is dancing to the tunes of many vested interests.Unless modi plays to them,he knows he cannot be a PM..there in lies a tale…Next hindutva wave will kickout all the fake hindutva vadis. BJP even rss will get irrelevant in the process..There is a huge churning going on and I think the gloves are off and there are no sacred cows.current people’s anger on Sabarimala issue is a pointer.As a bystander,I am keenly awaiting how this next wave is going to drown out all the bad apples enjoying at present conning both rightwingers and confused so called “liberals(il) in our political/governmental/judiciary+ field.

  7. Now we know who rules BJP? In UPA it was PC now it is AJ. Finally we people are made fools to believe that Modi will come and do good for the country and throw the corruption away. When u have a big shark inside your cabinet how can you weed out the corrupt outside?
    Now only alternative rests in praying to God that let this shark die. Get killed or have a natural death. Free India from this sinfull person.

  8. If a king doesn’t wake up & neutralizes the enemy’s spies working in his authority,t hen His kingdom is definitely gone to fall..

  9. It is a mystery how in Modi’s PMO, Rajeev Topno, officer worked in Manmohan Singh’s PMO allowed to continue. PK Mishra was Sharad Pawar’s trusted Secretary and he became Modi’s Addl.Principal Secretary. These officers who were so close with UPA’s top leaders accommodated in Modi’s PMO. Here lies the start of problems and non-action or sabotage of actions against UPA leaders. It is interesting to note that no protest from Congress on CBI Spl. Director Rakesh Asthana’s corrupt links and failures and Gold Biscuits accepting by Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia. These guys intervened and sabotaged many probes against UPA leaders. Arun Jaitley is a known buddy of Chidambaram. These uncouth people killed huge mandate Narendra Modi got in 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

  10. it is time PM revamps PMO, there are many honest officers from TN, PM can rely upon,.
    Get rid of all corrupt officers from PMO.


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