NDTV loses its cool. Lies and More lies.

Response to the second rant by NDTV whose owner is Prannoy Roy

Response to the second rant by NDTV whose owner is Prannoy Roy
Response to the second screed by NDTV/ Roy

On Thursday NDTV came out with another blabbering reply to our exposé on its CEO K V L Narayan Rao admitting to the money laundering of $150 million through a shell company floated in Netherlands. We can’t understand how you call this as a fake news, when we reproduced the 54 page document of Income Tax. You conveniently ignored to mention the first 14 pages of the document, which are the findings of the Income Tax Department.

Our report was in plain English, essentially summarizing the 54-page findings. That a journalist of your repute thinks that it is fake is befuddling. You state that you stand for the highest ethics in journalism; then you should know what a scoop is.

The role and beauty of journalism is in bringing out such confidential reports. You maybe enjoying being profiled in Page 3 circles of Lutyen’s Delhi, but let us remind you of a famous quote in journalism.

Lord Northcliffe:  “News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.”

We can give you a hint as to how we got these confidential documents; We have strong whistleblowers in Income Tax and many other departments. As and when news comes to us we have no hesitation in publishing it. By the way, this is not the last word on this saga.

Dear NDTV and Mr. Prannoy Roy, you keep harping that PGurus is owned by S Gurumurthy. Our Managing Editor Sree Iyer has given you a reply two days back refuting this. Meanwhile, we expect a reply on our two articles on siphoning NDTV’s money of Rs.145 crores ($21.5 million) by you and your wife.

In this non-professional reply you again stretched the truth on Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) verdict. Your communication to Bombay Stock Exchange dated September 28, 2016 shows that you were fined by Income Tax an amount of Rs.525 crores ($77.8 million) for tax evasion and ITAT has not stayed it. ITAT only said that the fine of Rs 525 crores will be charged after the final appeal before the ITAT. That is a regular verdict which anybody would get when they challenge Income Tax fine at ITAT and you want to portray that as a victory? That this government is following the due course of law, giving you every opportunity to state your case, is commendable.

Meanwhile, Mr. Roy, why are you sending K V L Narayan Rao before all forums like Income Tax, and Enforcement Directorate? Being the Captain of the NDTV (sinking) ship, it behoves you to appear, doesn’t it? You are aware of ED issuing a show cause notice for Rs.2030 crores ($301 million) in FEMA violations, possibly converting it into a case under PMLA, which envisages key players jail terms.

We reiterate our position; Rebut us with facts, not innuendo.

As for NDTV’s credibility, we leave it to the readers to decide!

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  1. I wonder if you would ever have the guts to criticize the current Govt and RSS or if you would ever expose Sahara-BJP and Adani-BJP nexus. Why you just see the corruption in pro democracy people & organizations having different point of view than Modi.
    Modi is not GOD, he is just a man who is a good marketeer and at present is the PM of India and trying to convert Indian Democracy into a China like political structure where his word will be the final because he thinks that only if he has control over what people eat and wear would he be able to develop India. If things keep going like the way its going these days soon we will have cow urine flowing in water pipes.

    • Does NDTV have the guts to invite Mr. Subramanian Swamy or any one form PGurus for a debate on its channel and give a point by point rebuttal and denial of its misadventure. By the way if you have evidence on the Govt, RSS, Sahara-BJP or whatever, what stops you from exposing the same through your favorite channel. Do it, but don’t shoot at shadows and get hurt yourself!

  2. This is what true journalism is. I hope you also start a TV channel to broadcast to the gullible masses of India.

    • Yes. As far as English media, many are happy with what Republic is doing. But we need more and more Patriotic National News Channels so that no criminal escapes. We need a TV channel especially in Tamilnadu as the pack of crooked media channels have done major damage to the people.

  3. Not just that, NDTV is dishonest in its approach to journalism. All its articles ranting against Gurumurthy do not allow reader comments. They always try to suppress the voice of public. Shameful really.

  4. Catch the corrupt and guilty.Entire NDTV team should be incarcerated for life for cheating the govt and innocent people of this country.

  5. Well done Pguru. Keep it on. Dig out everything possible of the corrupt & anti national gang of NDTV

    All the time they did advetising against demonetisation. Not single they critise the incident happened near Kolkata.

    I always support as Nation First.

  6. I was fond of NDTV since last few month iwas surprised to see the journalism attitude and only showing negative side of our country, No surprise this scoop was underway hence through media were pressurizing the GOVT .

  7. Let all these blood suckers be brought to book. I fail to understand as to why the PM is not going after the patrons of NDTV under whose patronage it thrived.

  8. THIS man came with a Programme of World Affairs, but none knew he brought a World of Corrupt Media also along. It sickens even today. It divides people, broker hatred, while he try to bask in glory by taking one Tiger or one pspsology item. His decouples are trained well how to destroy truth by malign and mud.

  9. NDTV might be feverently wishing a change in Government in 2019 in the hope that this would solve their problems and keep floating until then.

  10. Well done PGurus. You had the guts and analytical mind to give it back to NDTV. They cannot easily get over this as they did with the patronage of the UPA government before. Viewers are also aware of it.

  11. If BDutt is married to a Kashmiri Muslim proves to my mind why she is always against the present Govt .. A Right Kutti ..

  12. Ask govt to be more vigil on the movement of key players as they will try to fly away from the country like lalit modi, Vijay Mallya to avoid prosecution & will operate from abroad.


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