Open letter to Jagan, administer state for all Andhra people

We would like to bring to your attention some of the concerns Telugu people across the world have based on our experiences of your father YSR and also past experience of your counters with Hinduism

Open letter to Jagan, administer state for all Andhra people

Dear Jagan garu,

Congratulations on your being elected Chief Minister of Andhra. NRI from Andhra as well as from all over India residing across the world wish you well. It is our sincere hope that you will administer the state for all people of Andhra irrespective of whether they supported you or not in the elections. Our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi is leading the way by working for the welfare of all Indians, working for aspirational India devoid of religion, region and Caste biases and propel India to regain its great economic, cultural and spiritual heritage that leads the world for many centuries.  You too have an opportunity today to work the same way for all people of Andhra and play a role in moving India forward.

We would like to bring to your attention some of the concerns Telugu people across the world have based on our experiences of your father YSR and also past experience of your counters with Hinduism.  Your father has done a tremendous job in helping the marginalized sections of people and hope you continue his legacy in helping the most disadvantaged people in the state. However, there are major concerns with your father working closely with Christian missionaries that converted large swathes of combined Andhra, particularly coastal Andhra where more than 20% were converted in a span of 5 to 6 years.

You have a choice to build an Andhra for all people of the state, an  Andhra Rajyam, or you have a choice of creating multiple Rajyams, a Missionary Rajyam, a Reddy Rajyam and a Goonda Rajyam and bring down the state.

The images of large conversion melas engineered by foreign Christian missionaries and then by your sister and brother in law with the active help of your father administration using state public lands and its infrastructure brings enormous concern among Telugu people across the world, particularly Hindus.  40% of Hindu temple lands were disposed at giving away prices to friendly corrupt developers and churches were built right on temple lands. Recently there is a video posted on WhatsApp where your sister openly saying that you will be un-caged and will bring the message of Jesus. In your manifesto Press Conference, you have mentioned that you will provide houses for every Pastor in the state and marry off the Christian brides using State money. In many ways, there are issues with this from legality as well as ethics. From a legal perspective, how can state funds from contributions of taxpayers of all Indians across all religions be used for one religion and worse, when the state is severely straightjacket for funds.  Then there is another concern that only Hindu temples are under Government control, particularly Tirumala temple and to this day since 1993 there has been no audit of how the thousands of crores of funds contributed by Hindus are used. In a way, this means the funds provided by Hindu devotees will be used to build homes of Pastors while Hindu priests across the state under Government control are not even getting minimum sustenance for their survival. Christian pastors who are already known to be aggressively converting will use this economic providence to use their time to convert more people into Christianity.

Some of the slides from detailed presentations of assault on Hinduism under your father that are very widely popular on the internet are given below.  (Here are links for ‘Death of Hinduism‘ and ‘Save Temples‘).

You have now appointed Stephen Ravindra, as AP’s new intelligence chief, who also worked as Chief Security Officer under your father’s administration. Stephen is known to be hardcore Christian and there are major concerns that he will allow the Christian conversion activity in the state and intimidate any exposure of that activity by Hindu activists, which happened under your father administration.

During your father’s regime, there was even an attempt to take 5 out of 7 Tirumala hills for tourism, which is really a front of Christian missionary Organizations the world over first target the native religions and take over them and convert them into museums.  Your father, under Christian missionary instructions, has appointed Christians into Tirumala temple and even the administration of Tirumala funded education institutions was filled by fundamentalist Christians who are openly encouraging conversions into Christianity.

The Rama Navami Deception

Such was a deception that your father engaged in while celebrating Rama Navami with your mother in traditional Hindu costumes in a Hindu temple before cameras, your father has removed Rama Navami from State Government approved holidays and in fact increased holidays for Christians who were an only small fraction of state.  In 2007, few of the NRI had organized a major protest in Chicago during your father visit, expressing these concerns and awaken the Hindus across the world.

In 2012, it is well known in the news that you entered Tirumala temple without making the required declaration from people of other faiths. You have now appointed Stephen Ravindra, as AP new intelligence chief, who also worked as Chief Security Officer under your father’s administration. Stephen is known to be hardcore Christian and there are major concerns that he will allow the Christian conversion activity in the state and intimidate any exposure of that activity by Hindu activists, which happened under your father administration. We hope the Central Government will study his credentials in stopping illegal conversions, before giving nod to his appointment. There is also concern about the local and foreign Christian missionary organizations making a beeline to your administration with detailed plans (covertly and overtly) for small and large scale conversions as is seen from the putting in place of the old infrastructure for the protection of their activities.

This causes many concerns among Hindus across the world. During your campaign, you took the blessings of Hindu spiritual leaders. But it remains largely to be seen how you will administer. Your manifesto offerings to only Christians is unfair and will trigger court cases both in the State and Supreme Courts.

You are given a golden opportunity to administer the state and you have to decide whether you will administer fairly for all people of Andhra or only sections of Andhra.  As Narendra Modi and BJP is saying, the current mandate across India is from aspirational India that wants to rise above Caste politics. During your father rule, every other person appointed to the state is a Reddy. But your voters are not just Reddy community, people from all communities have voted and it is wiser to select the best from the state no matter who they are.

I sense that even if you try to adhere to be a Chief Minister for all sections of people in the beginning, as days go by, you will be prodded by Christian pastors and establishment to get a deal for them in form of state support for conversion and financial benefits,  then there will be Reddy community saying that they helped finance your elections and will ask for return in favours to siphon off from the State projects, there will even be NRI Reddy organizations looking not just for Photo opportunity but also opportunities to take personal advantage, ahead of others. This is not to say there are wonderful people from all communities including Reddy community who are very patriotic and doing yeoman service for the state and the country and will use your office to serve the state and the country.   But you need to see beyond caste and look for contributions from all people of the state to help bring progress to the state.  For too long, rich and powerful farming communities Chowdhary and Reddy have ridden roughshod and took undue advantage of the state resources.  This is feudalism and this is what Narendra Modi-ji is attempting to go past and build a better India for every Indian. It is a shame in this elections we had three parties representing three different farming communities, rather than parties vying for who will do better for all the people of the state.

Goonda Raj?

Then there is a Goonda Raj. Just a few days ago social media was circulating videos of removing garland from NTR’s statue and breaking of car windows of some people, perhaps because they belong to TDP.   With instant information in social media, every single incident will be known across the world.  That is not to suggest that things be done behind closed doors because truth has a way of coming out. When the rest of India is marching ahead, do you want to create a goonda Raj or a state where laws are followed un-equally for all citizens?   In the United States, a cop will be fearless to give a traffic violation ticket to a Supreme Court judge but in India, the rich and powerful have different laws.

Dear Jagan, the combined Andhra has a rich heritage of thousands of years. It boasts 350 years of  Krishnadevaraya rule which warded off Islamic onslaught on the country for centuries.  Freedom fighters such as Alluri Seetharamaraju are the pride of this state who stood against the oppressive British. Tanguturi Prakasam and Potturi Sreeramulu, and many other great Telugu people representing combined Andhra Pradesh fought selflessly for all Telugu people. World over people are following Yoga and meditation and craving for what Hinduism has to offer. In fact, there are many who now profess that Jesus visited India and it is here in India under the guidance of spiritual teachers of our common ancient heritage that he was enlightened and took the message to the middle east. In fact, the Bible talks about ‘Wise men of the East‘ and a channel called Sun Dance channel many years ago in the USA had a full program on this topic on Jesus visit to India. Bible has nothing to say about his early 14 years. Christian missionaries only interest is to bring more converts and rule from Europe and they have little interest in India or its welfare. Mahatma Gandhi, our father of nation abhorred Christian missionaries activities in India and there are enormous literature and writing of his opposing in the strongest terms and he called, “Stop Christian missionaries activity in India, it is the deadliest poison that ever sapped the fountain of truth”.  In a recent rally in front of Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC,  many NRIs in the USA brought the message of Mahatma Gandhi opposing the fundamentalist, break India forces of Christian missionary organizations in the West. You have an opportunity to bring Christians and Hindus together by declaring given Jesus background he is one more avatar in Hindu parlance.

You are at the crossroads of the destiny of Andhra. You have a choice to build an Andhra for all people of the state, an  Andhra Rajyam, or you have a choice of creating multiple Rajyams, a Missionary Rajyam, a Reddy Rajyam, and a Goonda Rajyam and bring down the state.

Copy to The Honorable PM, Amit Shah-Ji and the entire BJP leadership.


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2. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Satya Dosapati is an activist based in the US working on causes for both in India and US. He played a critical role in the introduction of paper trail for India's Electronic Voting Machines called VVPAT. He and another activist organized All American Rally for Trump bringing in various ethnic communities together in support of Trump Presidential Election. He is well known for challenging 100 and 30 million dollar lawsuits from Sonia Gandhi proxies in the US when he coordinated a UN protest against Sonia Gandhi representing Mahatma Gandhi values at UN and taking a full page Ad in New York Times exposing her. He has several successes in an activist movement from forcing Andhra Pradesh CM YSR in 2007 in banning conversions insideHindu temples, bringing attention to the plight of backward caste minor girls in West Bengal being kidnapped and thrown into sexual slavery through love jihad. His presentation on Plunder of India by Sonia UPA received nearly 2 lacs hits. He was also engaged in animal rights movements in the US for health, environment, and compassion. He received his bachelors from IIT Chennai and pursuing a career in Telecom in the US.
Satya Dosapati


  1. Hii sir ,
    Don’t neglect this information please
    Sir we are suffering from corona and we want our lives and to fulfill my parents life further
    Please 🙏 try to postpone the examinations now and I kindly request you to give our life with us

  2. Police Protection for churches draws flank, sang leader objects for the circular — The circular issued by city police seeking to provide protection to churches, circular No:52/CP VSP/GEN/2019 — The Sunday Express Visakhapatnam edition. Is this enough to prove the article is correct by Satya

  3. I very much appreciate and empathize with Satya for the concern expressed by him. I support Mr.Satya on the grounds of fighting for our Dharma and bringing awareness in our fellow Bharateeyas. But, the very unfortunate part is Mr.Satya is using this platform to bash Reddy community. Reddy community was and is very committed to preserve Sanatana Dharma. It’s very unfortunate he is equating Reddy Rajyam as Goonda Rajyam. Could he please bother himself to provide us the proof. On the contrary the Reddy community took upon themselves to be the guardians of the Villages. The Reddy kings and Reddy Village heads were very responsible administrators. Just look into the history. few example Prolaya Vema reddy, Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy, Budda Vengala Reddy etc., Yes I agree, Rajasekhar reddy was a sore in terms of promoting the most dreadful menace called evangelism. I WOULD URGE YOU TO PLEASE CORRECT THIS ARTICLE BY REMOVING THOSE DEROGATORY STATEMENTS TOWARDS REDDY COMMUNITY. One of the main reasons why people of Andhra voted en mass in 2019 to YSRCP was because of the caste politics by Chandra Babu. All positions/posts were filled with Kammas with out considering talent. Did Mr.Satya write any article in PGurus comending this ?
    Chandra Babu govt demolised 40+ Mandirams (some of them are 500+ years old) in Vijayawada alone. The moortis were thrown into drainage canals. Was there any article condemning this act of Chandra babu by Mr.Satya? When Chandra babu collected so much of agriculture land against the will and wish of the poor farmers in Amaravita and alloted 3.5 acres for building a Grand mosque, was there any article to condemn this as an act by Satya? The list goes on….,, I am personally very concerned about the disaster (conversion) that MIGHT happen because of Mr.Jagan Mohan. I fully support Mr.Staya in this battle to stop the politicians from doing appeasement politics. I urge all my fellow Bharateeyas to be very vigilant to expose and fight any such activities by the current dispensation in Andhra Pradesh.


  5. Sir, There has to a dedicated TV channel in regional languages for giving wide publicity to these illegal / immoral activities of other religious organisations ( frankly Christians & Muslims). The Hindu Mutts / Peethadipathis must take steps to reach out to the Hindus and make them feel one amongst them. A clear cut msg must also be given to hindus to vote for parties / candidates who (atleast) speak for Hindus. All the devotees must be treated at par. Community help amongst the Hindus must increase rather than giving donations to temple hundis / trusts.It is a pity that hindu celebrities feel shy to speak about this matter. It is also painful that the BJP did not get support in recent Assembly/parliament elections in Telangana / Andhra / Kerela / Tamilnadu from the hindus. I am happy that in the north hindus have voted unitedly.

  6. YSR is a staunch christian and converted majority of poor hindus to christianity. Probably he deserved his untimely death because of his misdeeds. I can see with my own eyes that christian missionaries are using schools and public places to subvert the minds. School vice principal who is christian is conducting Jesus Christ prayer for good marks in 10th class exams. This is nothing but influencing the minds of children. Police and law enforcement is useless as they are held hostage by politicians. This need to be stopped immediately and those converted need to back in Hindu fold. Hinduism is there in this country for thousands of years. It survived many such onslaughts. Modi ji should not give a single cent to AP without getting commitment from Jagan to convert back all Christians to Hindus.

  7. Go to Google and search for, “Jagan Mohan Reddy has not changed his religion” and you will come across a Fact Check article on India Today website, The article confirms that Jagan Mohan Reddy did not convert to Hinduism. He continues to be a Christian. The rituals shown in the viral video on Facebook and WhatsApp are not conversion rituals. He performed rituals for the welfare of the people of Andhra Pradesh and for Special Category Status. Rituals were performed at Rishikesh under Swami Swaroopananda Saraswathi in the year 2016. Perhaps he tried to impress the Hindus of Andhra Pradesh. He is also said to have confirmed that he prays to God and reads his Bible. Many thanks to India Today for checking the facts and publishing a Fact Check article.

  8. BJP did not win a single seat in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Puducherry in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. It won 4 out of 17 seats in Telangana, which was totally unexpected and unprecedented. BJP is quite strong in Karnataka. BJP needs an emotive issue to make inroads into these states, and the plunder of Hindu temples and charities in these states would fit the bill. The endowments departments in these states are corrupt and the public perception about them is bad. BJP and RSS can give a fillip to the temple freedom movements in these states and make it an election issue. But, before that, BJP should grant freedom to Hindu temples and charities in states, which are already under BJP rule. I think this is the only way BJP can win in the South Indian states.

  9. Chandrababu demolished more temples during his tenure(at that bjp is in coalation), your above slide stating 5 out of 7 tirumala hills conversion is a fake one. Slides based on Eenadu articles is can’t be trusted, Eenadu is like ndtv of AP. Observing the comments of fellow people, they are objecting christian can’t be CM , these people containing same mindset as Owaisi. Chandrababu called farooq abdullah for campaign purpose,farooq is a terrorist man, no one uttered a word then. Now you can’t digest jagan win, my opinion is chandrababu is worest than cpi people. Except chandrababu any one is acceptable.

  10. Still people are foolishly blaming politicians and political leaders that they are the reason behind conversions of religions . Although they do where is your mind diverted . You don’t have ( swayam buddhi) I mean own decision making mind . If you could not control your mind to follow the path of good . That means you are the culprit it is foolishness to blame others .. this is what Indian attitude. Mr. satya Dosapati you are dwelling in US and you still think like Indian . If you would have such courtesy dwell in India and prove to others how to rule India in your desire manner do not bluff what ever you wish . Because here people are responsible of there mind they know good and bad but they may react accordingly..

  11. This is not the first time a Christian is becoming Chief Minister. Antony and Oommen Chandy were Christian Chief Ministers in a predominantly Hindu majority state, Kerala. Although Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister for name sake, Sonia Gandhi, a Christian was in charge of the administration of India. No harm was done to Hindus and temples by Antony or Sonia. In the same manner no harm was done to Hindus and temples when Jagan’s father was the Chief Minister. The presence of Christians and their missionary work were there in Andhra from very early times. Andhra Christian College in Guntur is one of the earliest colleges in India. Naidu’s father-in – aw and former Andhra Chief Minister
    N.T. Rama Rao was a student of the college. Tribal conversions were not forcible but voluntarily, not only in Andhra but in Kerala and other States. Forcible conversion is punishable under law. Thirumala and Sabarimala temples are managed by Dewaswam Boards and no Chief Minister (even a Hindu’) cannot touch their funds. If Rajasekhara Reddy had worked against Hindus, he wouldn’t have been reelected by the majority Hindus of Andhra. He died in a helicopter crash. This article was written probably by Naidu’s men. Andhra will be safe in Jagan’s hands. He has met Narendra Modi yesterday and also Amit Shah. They are in power in Delhi and everything will go on smoothly.

    • I expected the same comment from a christian, after all LIES DECEPETIONS, SUBVERSIONS and OUTRIGHT GENOCIDE of Heathens once above 15% is satanic chritsian HALLMARK..LIES IS WHAT THEY ARE BORN TO. THIS IS BECAUSE of the False ideology of deathcult, white supremacy, slavery, heathen extermination and the jealous god of eternal hell, the non existant jesus
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      5. ON Italian SONIA with help of Christian and Brits created bastds Pakipanjabi channel of xtian pakistani Aroon Purie and James Roy NDTV ran a Inquisition Kangroo court against SATHYA SAI BABA, by the samosa christian half white pakipanjabi VISHAL ARORA, till he was exposed by US journalist to be a fundamentalist Xtianm whsoe brother was a member of some Vatican secret order. Wife??? Tehmina-Arora a bedmate of Karat
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      7. All the above nefarious activities of YSR was under SONIA VATICAN DIRECT ORDERS including the planned destruction and christianization of HOLY TIRUPATI
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      9. Under Italian Vatican Conquistador Inqusition Raj , Indian media was forced to sell major shares to white and their traojan xtians and they ran a virtual Inqusition attack on Hinduism from paidmedia, petticoatmedia, pidimedia
      10. Swamy Lakshmananda was killed by christians on orders of Sonia and Vatican , by Head of World Vision NAMED RADHAKANT NAYAK, bstd convert just like Sibal, MMS, Anand Sharma, Manish Tewari, ..because he had stopped conversions. Sonia, John Dayal and the bloody Syrian Keralite archbishop Rafael Cheenath and Radhakant are named in FIR but still out. HINDUS HAVE TO TAKE REVENGE
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      17. The total decimations of Meities from Nagaland, because Meitis are Hindus and Buddhists and not the follower of evil WHITE SUPREMACIST IDEOLOGY of bloodlust
      To be contnd

  12. BJP and NDA already have an absolute majority, which is unprecedented in the past 50 years. Then, why do they want YSRCP to join NDA? There are reports on some TV channels that BJP invited Jaganmohan Reddy’s YSRCP to join NDA during his visit to New Delhi on May 25 or 26, 2019. Apparently, Jaganmohan Reddy replied that he would consult other leaders in YSRCP about joining NDA. I am at a loss to understand why BJP takes self-defeating steps. Is it for two-thirds majority in Parliament? In a house of 545, we would need 362 seats for a two-thirds majority. Is it for this reason that BJP wants YSRCP to join NDA, assuming that these TV channel reports (Republic TV) are true? “Super NDA”

    • because his father was killed by Italian OpusDei Plant Sonia and he can spill lot of beans to destroy this evil foreigner family

  13. మీ లెటర్ చదివాను. చాలా పెద్ద ఉత్తరం.జగన్ చదువుతే బాగుండు.అతని అనుచరులు అవసరము ప్రకారం పనిచేస్తే రెడ్డిరాజ్యమే.మిషనిరీస్ కోసమే అవుతే పాత అనుభవాలున్నాయి..ఇక సుపరిపాలన రావటానికి కొంత సమయం పడుతుంది.వేచి చూద్దాం.

  14. We wouldn’t be facing this problem of Christian conversions, if Hindu temples and charities were not taken over by state governments. If all Hindu temples and charities were under the control of the Hindu community, then the Hindu community would have taken steps to counter the Christian conversions. Hindu religious and charitable endowments were taken over by state governments as a part of a conspiracy to prevent all Hindus from coming together. Even Nehru spoke against “Hindu revival” in 1950s. Hindu temples and charities will serve as rallying points to fight against anti-Hndu forces. I suggest that you may also write an open letter to our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to urge him to take all necessary steps, both legislative and executive, to release all Hindu temples and charities from government control and to prevent state governments from taking over Hindu entities in future. The freedom of religion of the Hindu community is curtailed by control of state governments over Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments.

  15. Hello Satya,
    Reference your open letter to Jagan. Much appreciated.
    I fail to understand about the issue of Special status raised by Jagan & which, none of the Andhrites not talking about. When his father was RULING not running AP, he was the money bag / milking cow of the Congress .At the behest of the madam, he sold & looted Temple properties esp of TTD & transferred thousands of crores to her. Under the guise of party funds, she collected these & put it in her family trusts which basically is hers. If people of AP has any sense, they need to DEMAND & not ask her to return that money in lieu of what UPA promised but did not honor, during bifurcation. CBN, Jagan & people of AP do not have the guts to confront her but keep demanding money from center. Why should the center pay for the loot of that dynasty? You guys need to file a case against madam or her Trusts, for refund. Why this is not being done, not even been talked about? Because of various caste & community groups, you guys bring such people to power( like in all states) & for that, people have to pay the price.This guy, will, definitely follow in his father’s footsteps as he is voted to power on the strength of Christian Charities & people of that faith.

  16. As I commented earlier Chandra Babu Naidu is a greater evil for Hinduism in AP because he tried to incite Muslims in AP against Modi by raising Rohingya issue. I have observed that Jagan has been putting his personal faith away from his politics. He has been blessed by several Hindu seers and so far he has not shown any pro Christian tendencies. So it is fair to give him benefit of doubt before he actually does anything to hurt Hindus.

  17. How come his manifesto was not challenged by the election commission. What significance is his so-called reconversion to Hinduism in reference to the above said circumstances? Are people so dumb and gullible that they cannot see through this tomfoolery?

    What Hindus should be considering SERIOUSLY is a Unity with Muslims actually. USE THE OPPORTUNITY afforded by Sri Lanka to incite Muslim Xtian divide in India..Muslims are much less dangerous THAN the two evilest ideologies from West, Xtianity and Communism

    • Well yes in a way…
      A few Muslims are terrorists but most of the Christians are silent terrorists…
      Now knowing Gandhi, we understand why he wanted Muslims n Hindus to unite … So that we can save ourselves from the overpowering, cunning Christianity.
      The missionaries don’t educate people…
      They just prepare them to protest, to initiate confusion….
      More than education, Christian schools offer only religious propaganda… Which is dangerous for the future generation of India because they don’t grow to respect their roots…n cultures …

  19. Satya Sir, I would suggest that please read “JESUS CHRIST : An Artifice for Aggression” by SITA RAM GOEL Ji,. Its available free on VOICE OF INDIA site and BHARAT BHARATI site.
    Jesus itself is a crap falsity, planted by white skinned racist, klannist, mass murdering christian demons and they KNOW IT. Theologians themselves have proved THERE WAS NO JESUS, so coming to India is a crap planted by these mercenary Nazis in condom caps and petticoats.
    Did you know that now Jebus is a “MATTER OF FAITH”, the casuistry of words like Pope John Paul said “FACTS, HAVE TO FIND A METHOD TO TRANSCEND FACT, JESUS EXISTENCE IS A MATTER OF FAITH NOT FACTS”..Jesus poverty is ALSO A MATTER OF FAITH as pinted out by VATICAN SATAN in 2016, when questioned on the rich life of Jesus, if he existed.
    Please note the crap of this ideology of White barbarism called Jesus cult, is itself NOT FOLLOWED by majority of White Xtians, so it is now a ideology of destruction of EASTERN “CULTURED”CIVILIZATIONS..the new name “Liberation theology”, New Name for “WHITE MAN CIVILIZING BURDEN”which led to extermination of 21 billion heathens, blacks, browns, AND STILL COUNTING..Christianity is a DEATH CULT OF WHITE SUPREMACY AND PERPETUAL BLOODSHED TILL LAST HEATHEN IS ALVE – refer to Bharat Bharati FOR MORE details.
    South has LOST ITS SOUL LONG AGO, Now except for Karnataka, entire South has gone in lap of this death cult for few samosas and propensity to lick white asses. The victory of that demon M.K STALIN in TN and SONIA in Kerala point to fact that the Syrian Portuguese and their bastards victory. NATIVE KERALITIES are now ready to be EXTERMINATED, still like fools vote Commies or Congis (BOTH XTIANS- COmmies are just bastard of Vatican / Christianity and whites the Book of Revelations, which is the most bloodthirsty Gospel which shows the level of derangement of this cult and Commie Manifesto is same, except for word smithy)

    • Sir…
      Stalin has won with money power..
      He would be worried to have spent so much money of his loot to gain NOTHING.
      I was initially upset but now this is good in a way ..
      God has his own way … We have to analyse his ways and not complain or feel bad about it ..
      Most of those who won are corrupted persons…
      A.raja, Kanimozhi, Vasantha Kumar (who runs a lot of shops — funds?) , Karthik Chidambaram… Are a few to name.

  20. Well, if we humans who have just our eyes to see this world are concerned about these atrocities, wouldn’t god Shiva (who knows past, present n future) know what to do… He would have thought about it well in advance…
    Just that God gives many chances (like sisubalan,duryoodhan got from Krishna… Even Duryodhan got Narayana Sena to fight against Pandavas n Krishna wasn’t even armed ) for people to change themselves…

    Let’s pray for a united Hindu community who realise their duties to protect their Dharma…

    And Satya sir, I differ in that some 14 years of jesus life is unheard of.. and he is an avatar..
    Kindly don’t repeat it…. The missionaries might use this too as a weapon against us to destroy us.

    Forget that such a crap of Christianity existed..
    Concentrate only on all things that is available only in Hinduism.

    Let’s not add other gods (a person who couldn’t even save himself , who has never fought against injustice, succumbed to tortures , whose birthday no one knows but is celebrated on some day when a calendar didn’t exist, who is called son of God which means existence of another supreme god, if there is a son , can’t there be a mother god in heaven of whom there is no mention — they say god created man based on his own appearance which means god has human form and is not formless ) to our list.

  21. Hmm…
    No media will talk about all these atrocities because they are all Christian funded…
    They will make big news on cow slaughter n lynching but will not open even a word on such big issues.
    As every other person in south India even I didn’t know about these missionaries… Until god put me in a Christian school n showed their cunningness.
    I was a topper in school n would have given my thoughts only to education but God Shiva wanted me to see what these sweet tongued poisonous community was really that I got to study in a Christian School from 9 till 12…
    My god … It came as a shock to see their canvassing masses using government funded money to run these schools.
    Unless missionaries are destroyed , India can’t be saved , not even by modi in future.
    And once India falls, the world follows.

  22. It is a fact that YSR was instrumental in the conversion of Hindus to Christianity and doling out many benefits to Christians. Let us wait how his son is going to deal with the conversions whether he will be indirectly helping them by allowing more resources or ask them tocurtail their evangelical activities .Every Hindu should be very careful as this psuedoseculars are wise enough to carry-on their nefarious activities under the carpet.


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