Pakistan declines India’s invitation for meeting of National Security Advisors; Meet on Afghan scenario

Pakistan snubs India again – does the Modi Government suffer from “snub-appeal”?

Pakistan snubs India again – does the Modi Government suffer from “snub-appeal”?
Pakistan snubs India again – does the Modi Government suffer from “snub-appeal”?

Pakistan declines India’s invitation for meeting to discuss situation in Afghanistan

Pakistan again showed its real colours to India by declining to attend the regional National Security Advisors’ (NSA) Meet chaired by India’s NSA Ajit Doval. Pakistan on Tuesday declined India’s invitation for a meeting here on November 10 to discuss the situation in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s NSA Moeed Yusuf said as India has not invited the Taliban, there is no point in attending a meeting to discuss the Taliban. The National Security Advisors (NSA) of India, Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan were to take part in the meeting. China may also not take part in the meet.

Rejecting India’s invitation, Pakistan’s NSA Moeed Yusuf said on Tuesday he will not attend the meeting as there will be no representation by the Taliban. India as a major stakeholder trying for peace in Afghanistan planned to host a meeting of the NSAs of the countries in the neighbourhood including Pakistan. However, New Delhi is, so far, reluctant to extend the invitation to the Taliban.

Pakistani NSA declined to attend the meet to be hosted by Indian NSA Ajit Doval and said his country will not attend any meeting where there is no representation from the Taliban regime from Afghanistan. Addressing a press conference in Pakistan, when asked if he planned to visit India for the talks, Yusuf also said, “I will not go. A spoiler cannot play the role of peacemaker.”

The three-day meet is likely now to go ahead without representation from Pakistan, sources said adding China may also not attend the conference. Addressing a press conference on Tuesday in Pakistan after signing a security protocol agreement with Uzbekistan, Yusuf said: “It may be a luxury for the Western world sitting 10,000 miles away (to not bother about Afghanistan) but we do not have any option to disengage from Afghanistan.”

Explaining Pakistan’s support for the Taliban dispensation in Kabul, the NSA said the world needs to engage with them in order to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

“This is not a matter of the Taliban or some other government but of the ordinary Afghan (citizens)…We are the biggest victim of this (instability in Afghanistan) so when we talk about stability in Afghanistan then one (reason) is that it is the right of our Afghan brothers and sisters. But secondly, it is also necessary for our national security that there is stability in Afghanistan and continuous peace is established,” Yusuf said.

The forthcoming NSAs meeting will be held in person between the NSAs of these countries. India invited Yusuf for the proposed meeting of the NSAs. Pakistan has all along insisted that talks on Afghanistan must have the presence of the Taliban. Top officials said the meeting between the NSAs was in the pipeline even before the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

But the question is why India first of all engaged Pakistan is talking about Taliban, which was groomed by Pakistan. These incidents expose the soft pedalling of the Indian side in dealing with enemies.

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  1. GOI and CCS should wake up and take decisions which are based on chanakya neeti and not on political correctness aa advised by NSA because some time back we agreed on cease fire along LOC / LAC with Pakistan and they had a field day in destabilising Afghanistan. Now the NSA and govt of Pakistan are showing middle finger to our NSA and as an extension to GOI
    GOI and CCS should all read the Koranic concept of warfare so that they all understand the true psyche of Pakistan and apply / follow only Chanka Neeti


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