Palghar fallout – Time for Maharashtra Govt to act now

A speedy investigation followed by a fast track court to unearth the perpetrators of this heinous crime is a must

A speedy investigation followed by a fast track court to unearth the perpetrators of this heinous crime is a must
A speedy investigation followed by a fast track court to unearth the perpetrators of this heinous crime is a must

Any delay will cost the CM and his Shiv Sena

What can only be called stunning, the Police in Palghar stood mute as a violent mob lynched two Sadhus and their driver to death amidst death chants. The Palghar mob lynching will stay in the minds of people long because of the graphic and heart-rending footage of the video that captured it. The law and order community can only hang their head in shame as this has dented the confidence of people, it is their ability to maintain order and unless the State Government acts speedily, it will hurt it politically.

What was the police thinking?

By watching a violent mob commit cold-blooded murder and standing as mute spectators, what was the Police thinking? Is it not the duty of the police to serve and protect its citizens? For heaven’s sake, there is a lockdown in place. How did the mob even assemble? Were they under orders to just be “observers”? If yes, who was remote controlling them? The political masters must remember that this kind of behaviour in an acute situation of the pandemic, does not bode well for them politically.

Local people from the village intervened, including Lady Sarpanch Chitra Chaudhri who tried her best to stop the persons beating and pacified the crowd and took them to the forest outpost nearby on the same road.

Who is applying for bail for jailed?

It’s emerging now that a Communist associated Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) missionary group is trying for bail for the murder-accused mob consisting of 101 adults and 9 minors, when it is taken up on 30th April 2020. It is now becoming apparent that a group of people from the communist Naxal background involvement are involved in the heinous Palghar lynching of Hindu saints.

The 5 main accused are said to be party workers of the communist party. These activists are Jairam Dhak Bhavar from Divashi Gadagpada village, Mahesh Sitaram Rawate from Kinhavali Khoripada, Ganesh Devaji Rao from Divashi Wakipada, Ramdas Rupji Asare from Divashi Sathepada and Sunil Somaji Rawate from Divashi Patilpada village.

On the night of 16th April 2020, Sushil Giri Maharaj (35), Maharaj Kalpavriksha Giri (70) and driver Nilesh Telgade (30) were lynched to death by a mob while they were on their way from Mumbai to attend the funeral of their Guru Mahant Ram Giri Maharaj at Surat Gujarat border. They had taken the forest tribal route to reach the Gujarat border due to lockdown conditions.

The sequence of events

The sequence of events needs to be minutely examined and investigated for a fair trial and justice. The vehicle in which the three, two Sadhus along with the driver were travelling was stopped around the Gadchinchale village area and beaten up. Local people from the village intervened, including Lady Sarpanch Chitra Chaudhri who tried her best to stop the persons beating and pacified the crowd and took them to the forest outpost nearby on the same road. The forest guards co-operated and in the meantime, police were called in.

Of the 110 people who have been arrested, the majority are workers of the communist party, a few are supporters of a dubious NGO of an ex-ruling old party operating in the area and a few converts.

Three were at the forest outpost

All three people were put in the forest outpost. That these people were innocent Sadhus going to attend a funeral was repeated several times. By that time the police have also arrived. In the meantime, calls went out across to other nearby villages and suddenly a mob started collecting at the spot, allegedly at the behest of the communist leaders. A few so-called NGO activists who work in religious conversion in the belt also arrived. The arrival of Kanshiram Chaudhari alias Dada from the ruling partner the National Congress Party (NCP) turned the tide and the mob went berserk shouting and screaming upon his arrival. The mob was carrying sickle choppers, hammer swords, sticks, etc, and attacked the three, even as the police remained mute spectators and witness to one of the most barbaric heinous crimes as captured on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). The lady Sarpanch, who is from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which is a minority party in the village, got elected unopposed as it was a sarpanch seat for ladies. She was also heckled during the attack by the mob and is now facing threats to her life.

Of the 110 people who have been arrested, the majority are workers of the communist party, a few are supporters of a dubious NGO of an ex-ruling old party operating in the area and a few converts. The strange thing noticed here is, these converts have 2 names. The first old tribal birth name and second converted Christian name. They conveniently use either of the names as required. Those who are absconding too are from this third group.

Who instigated it?

It is suspected that the mob was instigated by communist Naxal leaders, missionary promoters and the entire incident was a pre-planned conspiracy. Planted rumors of organ harvesting, child kidnapping, and abduction were spread to misguide the tribal people. The area where the lynching happened is a hotbed of Christian missionary activity who is accused of poisoning the tribals in the area to further their agenda. A lot of religious conversions have happened over the years in this area abetted by the Christian missionaries.

Shiraz Balsara, the head of an NGO named Kashtakari which has links with the Christian missionaries is working to arrange for the bail of those arrested and are in the custody of the police. Local lawyer Brian Lobo is likely to represent the murder-accused along with left-liberal lawyers from Mumbai. It is now being alleged that the local CPI-M MLA Comrade Vinod Nikolay’s role should also be investigated. One Peter D’Mello who operates in this tribal belt also has a long history of allegedly helping in religious conversions. Operating with a dual name, Peter, whose actual name is Pradeep Prabhu uses his Hindu name to confuse tribal people. His role should also be thoroughly investigated.

CBI probe a must

The first step towards ensuring justice for the departed is a judicial inquiry or a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Many things have to probe – an in-depth investigation with a focus on a criminal conspiracy angle. A fast track trial should be followed for speedy Justice, damages, and compensation for the victims.

NO bail for the accused

The 110 accused should be denied bail and the role of other perpetrators of the crime must be investigated. It was a pre-meditated crime at the instigation of a few. Granting bail for the accused will send the wrong signal among the masses who are already wondering if the Chief Minister is going to crack the whip.

This is the first acid test for a first-term CM, Uddhav Thackeray who needs to act decisively and assure the Hindu samaj, the core constituency of his commitment towards Hindutva.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

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  1. First it was “mar-shoiab-mar” fake video that was circulated by some right winger in social media and supported by other right wingers (Film Director Ashoke Pandit, Editor-in-Chief Sudarshan News Suresh Chavhanke, Delhi BJP’s Richa Pandey) to turn Palgar incident as an example of communal violence by muslims in a desperate attempt to turn communal violence head-to-head count in favor of muslims . When this far fetched allegation could not stick, BJP National spokesperson Dr.Sambit Patra, thinking on his feat, came out with his own doctored version of the Marxist-Christian angle. Gadchinchale village that falls in Palghar district seems to be a CPIM strong hold with current MLA being from CPM and that CPM has an alliance with CPIM in this region. By a superb transitive logic, as NCP is in alliance with Congress, Sonia is a Christain, all Italians are part of Mafia relishing the killing of Hindus and all people opposing BJP must be leftist who must be taking funds and directions from China and Russia, a case of mistaken identity that of tribal people mistaking the Sadhus moving around in a SUV as thieves like they mistook, a few days before Palghar lynching, a doctor who had visited them to do thermal Covid19 screening and beat him up is totally ruled out. When eye witnesses say that Kasa village police were outnumbered by the mob of tribal people (synonyms for maoists and naxals in right wing dictionary) and ran away, right wingers do not believe it as Maharashtra police reports to Uddhav and so they ran away or did not take action much like Delhi Police, reporting to the HM, who did not take any action in JNU when ABVP goons were trashing JNU students or they escorted the goons out of JNU campus after their job was done. The inductions and deductions of right wing arm chair subject matter experts is phenomenal. The caged parrot CBI, infamous for suffering mid-night coups off late, suddenly becomes a paragon of virtue as it reports to the HM. Finally we must think about why we have suffered as a civilization for the last 1000 years under foreign invasions. Is it invaders’ fault? We have constantly tried to run if-then-elseif arguments in our minds instead of concrete actions based on integrity and honesty. For us, means justifies the end under all circumstances.

    • Communists cannot be trusted in India. Our religion is already under attack, and a woman from a failed state is trying very hard to make our nation fall into anarchy but thanks to social media, the days of such imposters are numbered. We will not fall. We shall never surrender.

  2. This is a better article than the previous one. Still, as the boss if viraat Hindustan sangham, you should concentrate more on the root causes of this and other similar incidents. This is a good time to work on that.
    As it stands, it pays to convert out of Hinduism. The gov seems to be strangulating the economic arteries of Hinduism. Unless more money flows to temples, and unless the loot of temple money is prevented, these attacks will not stop.

  3. Hindus can be fooled, cajoled or bought by their adversaries , as evident by history. Coming to conversions, what has Modi’s NDA done to curb conversions ? It is business as usual. Though legally it is not possible to avail concessions by converts, they use their Hindu names to fool the law. This is rampant in Andhra. Every converts name is registered with a church and identifying them is not a problem. Every village knows who is doing what in their villages. Even RSS has data base of villagers and it is surprising why NDA is silent on this issue.

    Legal system in India has become obsolete. Politicians are scared to touch criminals and Shiv Sena have fooled Hindus and and NDA has been exploiting them. Surprising that Maratha politicians have shut their mouths when a sanyasi is lynched. Did Marathas really drove out Mughals ? Not possible.

    With development washed out with Corona ,Modi has Nothing to show to people. At least Help Hindus get back temples and bring UCC. Or else Modi will approach Hindus with empty hands in 2024 and they will not be fooled again. May be Hindus are being punished due to criminal karma done by hindu politicians.

  4. Uddav Thackeray has been told by his sena leaders, that unless he is in power as a CM. Sena days in Maharashtra are numbered. So he is hanging in there no matter what. His loyalists have got lucrative posts all over the state and are making money to keep their followers happy. Uddhav does not have a clue that he will be called by worst names if he continues as a loyal servant of Sonia Antonia Maino. Sonia supported Missionaries are doing these things with the help of anti National Marxists and these people still keep their Hindu names to do head hunting of innocent Hindu dalits Tribal people and others. It is a shame no Sena MLA has come out in the open to leave Uddav Sena in protest against inaction by UPA govt. A popular journalist gets physically attacked in Mumbai by youth congress leaders , because he used Sonia”s birth name ! let us not forget Sonia Antonia has more than two billion dollars in her bank accounts overseas and she can use this money recklessly to hurt our country in a big way to demonize our leaders and the nation. Uddav must act now. Either quit or take tough action, if he does not do either of the two, Uddav Sena will be forgotten soon by the people.


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