RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat urges cadre to engage in COVID-19 relief work in a full-fledged manner

RSS chief urges cadre to work in a self-less manner and to be careful while doing relief work in a video address

RSS chief urges cadre to work in a self-less manner and to be careful while doing relief work in a video address
RSS chief urges cadre to work in a self-less manner and to be careful while doing relief work in a video address

Urges Self Reliance model after Lockdown

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Chief Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday urged its entire cadre to concentrate on the COVID-19 relief and rehabilitation works in a full-fledged manner without any negativity. Addressing through a video conference in the evening, he told the RSS workers and supporters to work for the society without any fear of Corona, while keeping their health safe and adhering to all lockdown norms. Bhagwat reiterated that relief and rehabilitation work should be for all in society without any partiality. He urged the cadre to ignore the negativity and anti-thoughts spread by a certain section of people against RSS and Sangh Parivar.

He mentioned the “Tukde Tukde Gangs” and the murder of Sadhus in Palghar[1]. The RSS Sar Sangh Chalak said that they will take the Palghar murder of innocent Sadhus seriously. In a message to the Governments, Mohan Bhagwat said it is time to evolve a Swadeshi and Self-Reliant model post lockdown and after settling the Corona Pandemic crisis.

“It was a very unfortunate thing that happened there. It shouldn’t have been done. The Police should take action and find the culprits. The Acharya Sabha and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has taken up the issue. Poor Sadhus who had no ill-will against others were killed brutally. We will take up the matter,” said Bhagwat, urging the cadre to keep restraint and focus on the relief works and help the society overcome the Corona Crisis.

In a 43-minute speech, the RSS Chief asked the cadre and Sangh Parivar to work with a cool head and to be selfless. He cautioned that there should be no self-publicity of the works undertaken. He narrated the selfless efforts of Lord Hanuman in undertaking missions. “We don’t know when this crisis will end. We should not count on days. Work till the mission is achieved and in full-fledged mode,” he said urging cadre to keep their spirits high.

“We should follow the guidelines of Ayush Ministry. Keep social distancing. If we will be fit then we can deliver work on the ground… India handled this pandemic effectively as the government and people responded proactively to this crisis. We should continue relief work till this pandemic ends, help all those who are affected due to COVID-19 crisis,” he said.

“Post-Lockdown, we need to adopt a lifestyle which ensures Environmental Protection, Water Conservation, Plant Conservation, and reduces Pollution. Observing cleanliness and hygiene, is essential,” said Bhagwat, adding that “We should convert this crisis into opportunity and spearhead the mission of helping the world revive this from the situation.”

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s full speech is available here:


[1] Palghar fallout – Time for Maharashtra Govt to act nowApr 25, 2020,

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  1. I appreciate the work done by RSS in rural India. While doing selfless work, they are forced to depend on donations. Who will give donations ? Wealth creators who are demonised in India.

    Instead of selfless work, they should promote selfish but detached work. Being a greedy animal, a human with selfish motive earns more and naturally this wealth percolates to every corner of society. If people work only selflessly, who will create wealth. Most of the .org and NGOs site have a DONATE button. Unless some one earns, who will donate ? Creating wealth and doing selfless work should be the approach.

    Every Hindu should earn money, and donate certain % for upliftment of Hindus. RSS should open crowd funding site and invest the money in immovable assets which will create regular income on their own. Just check how church is making crores through education and income from commercial ventures.

    • Conversion from Hinduism, is the reason for the murder of the Hindu sages.

      This act was carried out at the behest of Christian Missionaries, and Marxists , abetted by Congress.

      People have now woken up.

      • You are likely to be right. The root cause is money. Hindus cannot earn money just for being Hindu simply because the gov takes away money and land from temples.
        Christians can because money comes from outside and the gov doesn’t take any away.
        RSS hasn’t taken any position on this.
        It is high time BJP and RSS are forced to state their position publicly. Else, the assumption would be that they are ok with conversions.

  2. I have seen that RED DRACULA, and VATICAN MONSTERS do not refuse when it comes to taking aid from RSS, the RED TERRORIST FIRANGI PIG VIJAYAN never refused any aid from SANGHIS (NATIVES 100% INDIAN GENETICS) during Kerala floods or Corona outbreak, while the FIRANGIS (INCLUDING SEWER PRDS OF WHITE CHRISTIAN BARBARIAN BLOODTHIRSTY DRACULA and debauched white d..k worshipping sl..ts called HARAMIS or SECULARS prds of Confession in morning, Halala in afternoon, freesex in evening and Incest in night mothers), WHITE RACIST, FASCIST, KLANNIST, CONQUSTADOR PIZZARO, COARTEISTS OCCUPATION FORCE, like Pakipanjabis, Italian demoness and Italian demoness piglets, hybrids and above all guttered womb ords commies, of all above, do nothing but increase the genocide of native Bhartiya. I do not care how many Xtians mixed of white barbarian confession and comfort women with Syrian Portuguese genocidal invasion slavetraders or pakipanjabi, greeko iranian turk mughal afghan mongol or commies and congis ALL DIE with their families, the more they die more safer will be India
    RSS shd ONLY HELP HINDUSTANIS, SANGHIS….HARAMIS AND FIRANGIS MAY DIE in Maoist, Pizzaroist, Taimurwadi, Mussoliniwadi, nerowadi inferno with famiiies..WHITE BARBARIAN DNA has to be exterminated
    ANYTHING TOUCHED BY A WHITE IS DEMONAIC..AND DEBAUCHERY OF MOTHERS with demons always will give birth to dement “seculars”. By the way i do not understand, the Liberal Jamaat is liberal to core only with White skins monsters?? Why not Indian Dalits about whom they weep all day. Freesexers like white demon Brenda Karat looked for white skin hybrid of mothers degeneracy with a Brit Theology pastor Prakash Karat. Oh Lechury is there, no??? But Hyderbad was infested with Razakars when Lechury was born

  3. RSS is the biggest organisation in World which come for relief and rehabilitation works always on all calamities. Congrats to the dedicated work of Sangh Parivar. God Bless

    • Well put.

      RSS, was demonized by Nehru Gandhi Congress.

      True to it’s Dhramic roots, it carries out self less service.

      Let us applaud it’s work


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