Paris attacks planned in Belgium?


The Paris terror attacks that killed 129 people and injured 349 others were “planned in Belgium”, local media reported on Sunday quoting France’s interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

The confirmed connection with Belgium came as more police raids were carried out in the Brussels district of Molenbeek on Sunday, according to a report on the website of Belgian public broadcaster RTBF.

Two French nationals living in Brussels’ Molenbeek have been identified as among the eight attackers who died during the massacre, the French public prosecutor said.

French police are urgently trying to locate Abdeslam Salah, a 26-year-old man born in Brussels, who was wanted in connection with the terror attacks. Police described him as “dangerous” and should not be approached in person.

Seven people have been arrested in Belgium since Friday’s attacks, one of whom is reported to be Salah’s brother.


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