Peaceful march for Jallikattu in Chennai but why blame BJP?

Lumpen elements out to create mischief using Jallikattu as an excuse?

Lumpen elements out to create mischief using Jallikattu as an excuse?
Lumpen elements out to create mischief using Jallikattu as an excuse?

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]amil Nadu is witnessing a January Revolution by the youth of the State who have come out in the open since late Wednesday evening to stage demonstrations demanding lifting of the ban imposed on Jallikattu by the Supreme Court in May 2014. The Marina Beach in Chennai, along the Bay of Bengal, turned into a sea of humanity with more than 30,000 youth including college and school students staging a sit in since Wednesday night demanding the State government pressurise the Central government to promulgate an ordinance to circumvent the Supreme Court ban on the traditional sport of Tamil Nadu.

But what stood out throughout the State was the kind of slogans raised by the demonstrators who condemned Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the ban on Jallikattu.

The agitation and demonstrations held all over the State since Wednesday night remained peaceful and there have been no reports about any untoward incident from anywhere. The youth earned the encomiums of police and law enforcement agencies for their peaceful demonstration. Though Chief Minister O Panneerselvam, in an announcement made late Wednesday evening said that he was flying to New Delhi to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and plead with him to promulgate an ordinance to ensure that Jallikattu could be staged in the State, it has not cut ice with the youth who made it known that they would not disperse from Marina Beach or other venues in the State till the chief minister makes a public appearance and gives them an assurance.

But what stood out throughout the State was the kind of slogans raised by the demonstrators who condemned Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the ban on Jallikattu. “Anti- Tamil RSS and BJP quit Tamil Nadu,” screamed the placards displayed by the demonstrators. Interestingly, the RSS or the BJP do not have anything to do with the ban on Jallikattu and both the organisations are in the forefront demanding the lifting of the ban through legal routes.

According to intelligence officials monitoring the situation, the demonstrations though peaceful have turned out to be anti-India campaigns. Tamil-chauvinist leaders like Francis Seeman, who addressed the gathering at the venues, alleged that Tamil Nadu was getting a raw deal both from the Centre as well as the Supreme Court on all issues. “Though the Supreme Court had directed Karnataka to release Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu, the State is yet to get the water while Karnataka is wasting water into the Arabian Sea. What is the point in remaining in India only to suffer?” Seeman asked the demonstrators. .

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]he ire of the youth at Marina Beach was directed against PETA, one of the NGOs campaigning against Jallikattu. “Ban PETA which is against Tamils and Tamil Nadu,” said one of the placards displayed by the agitators. The crowd of youth had gathered at Marina Beach, Anganalloor, Dindigul, Madurai and other places unannounced and stealthily. “A Sri Lankan Tamil by name Muraleedharan Sivalingam was the person who mobilised the crowd all over the State with the help of social networking sites,” said one of the animal rights activists on condition of anonymity. The activist also said that the agitation is being supported, sponsored and directed by the Lefts and Tamil secessionists.

The Supreme Court judgement was based on the materials submitted by various petitioners.

The hypocrisy of major opposition parties came out in the open during the agitation. M K Stalin, leader of the Opposition and working president of the DMK asked the Centre to promulgate an ordinance to circumvent the 2014 Supreme Court ban on Jallikattu. The same DMK was part of the UPA government (2004 to 2013) which ensured that Jallikattu is banned based on amended list prepared by the Animal Welfare Board of India.

Justice K S Radhakrishnan, the former Supreme Court judge, who was a member of the two-judge Bench which banned Jallikattu in 2014 told Team PGurus that it was not that easy for the Central government to promulgate the verdict delivered by him. It may be possible for the union ministry of environment and forests to get the ban removed but it is going to be a time consuming process,” said Justice Radhakrishnan who has since retired from the apex court.

Dr Subramanian Swamy, senior BJP leader, was the only politician to tell the Tamil Nadu people that the ban could be lifted through a legal course of action and not through ordinances. “It is not possible for the Centre to promulgate an ordinance to resume Jallikattu. The Supreme Court judgement was based on the materials submitted by various petitioners. If the petitioners so feel, they may be able to approach the court with enough evidences and reasons for altering the earlier submissions. The only course of action is through petitions and submissions,” Dr Swamy had told many times in the past and had asked the agitators to go by the rule of law. The agitation all over Tamil Nadu since Tuesday night has been peaceful. “This peaceful behaviour is my contribution“ said Dr Swamy while referring to the agitation on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Though chief minister Panneerselvam is scheduled to meet the Prime Minister to plead for the promulgation for an ordinance, as of tonight, there are no chances of the Centre trying to circumvent the Supreme Court. “The ties between the Centre and the apex court are not that cordial. Prime Minister Modi or members of his cabinet would not do anything which may upset and annoy the Supreme Court,” said a senior official based in New Delhi.

For Jallikattu to be revived the only course of action available for the people of Tamil Nadu is to wait for the good will of the Supreme Court. If they persist with the demand for an ordinance, it may backfire on the State, according to political observers. “People in the State should try to subvert the affidavit filed by the then Central government in 2014. It is for the government of the day to decide what should be the content of the statement submitted to the apex court,” said Ramakrishnan Gauthaman, director, Vedic Science Research Centre, Chennai.

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  1. There is nothing anti Social here or anything against Honorable Prime Minister going on in Tamil Nadu.
    It is all plea to the president to consider our tradition, heritage and breeds which has to be preserved.
    It is a calmful, sense full protest by the well educated youngsters.
    Please stop misguiding people with your anti social thoughts

    • You jokers have to understand it is PETA,Congress crooks and DMK idiots who have brought this situation.The timid idiots in AIADMK slept all these years.Go take that

  2. The way things are shaping up in T N on Jallikattu issue is that the state Govt is throwing the ball into the center’s court without playing it.
    Although neither the B J P nor the R S S has any deciding role on this, they have already attracted unnecessary flak.
    The issue has been and remains a state subject but now the H C and S C have been dragged in ; even they are shifting the onus to each other.
    The center needs neither to promulgate ordinance nor intervene at this stage to avoid blame game by both poles of the state sooner than later, it also need not be seen as acting against the S C
    It must come in only if there is breakdown of constitutional mechanism, law and order or on the written request of the state Govt/Governor to take over.

  3. I will blame the idiots running the BJP.It is obvious to anyone barring the blind that once JJ went and the ayya in near dormant, the door in tamil land is wide open for any 2 bit politician to is no wonder that 2 bit crooks have taken over the agitation for jallikattu drowning the main stream politicians.Had the minions running the BJP in TN had their finger on the pulse, they would have sensed great opportunity to seize limelight in TN.Instead these guys must be day dreaming and thinking of low brow skulduggery.There is no vacuum in politics.What is happening on account of jallikattu is a lesson when the main stream politicians have lost legitimacy and a way to communicate to the masses.

  4. #jallikattu not just about tradition. If there is some truth in the native Indian A2 cow milk being better than A1 milk from foreign, then maybe we should sit up and take more notice. On the vegetation side we are already witnessing the effects of ill-thought imports of foreign genus/species. Lantana imported from Brazil through Europe is already choking our forests

  5. Unfortunate situation for PM Modi to be in. Incompetent TN state administrators and politicians caused the situation. Now, people are expecting action from PM. dmk, congis and commies are waiting for PM to to fail in addressing the situation. If he succeeds in getting Jallikattu happening again, it could even be a lethal blow to the crooked threesome of dmk, congis & commies. I think PM should focus on getting Jallikattu revived, just for this, if not anything else. PM should also take up the issue of reviving traditional cattle breeds and traditional sport. Nice opportunity to make a mark in TN politics to drive out the crooks.

    • Idiots who comment with their 2 bit knowledge ,don’t understand that jallikattu ban was first mooted by PETA strongly supported thro’ an ordinance by Jairam of congress,the ban by SC came about through a very poor quality judgement because the govts. at the state DMK and centre lead by congress failed to argue the case properly probably deliberately thinking that the ban will make them look good by the minorities and SC/STs.The idiots will continue to live in fool land agitating for revoking the ban thinking that street side drama will bring a change.BJP at center cannot come out with another ordinance as an earlier ordinance which they brought when they immediate came to power was scuttled by SC.First the case has to be refiled at SC,it needs to be argued out and if after all that if SC still hold their ban, then the cause on which the ban was brought about has to be neutralized by BJP govt. at centre through an ordinance.DrSwamy’s approach in this issue is spot on but then the idiots who are drunk of low brow cinema will not easily understand what is the way forward.It is dangerous to reason with stupid people.


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