Pegasus scandal – Why people with no criminal background are put under surveillance?

Is Pegasus surveillance another fake narrative produced in the labs of some governments to deflect attention away from the origins of COVID-19?

Is Pegasus surveillance another fake narrative produced in the labs of some governments to deflect attention away from the origins of COVID-19?
Is Pegasus surveillance another fake narrative produced in the labs of some governments to deflect attention away from the origins of COVID-19?

Pegasus spyware – Did Govt do or did not?

Unauthorized snooping using Pegasus spyware and engaging a foreign company from Israel by other democratic countries to spy on people with no criminal or terrorist or anti-country activities backgrounds is plain and simply unethical. No democracy or democratic Government will buy Pegasus because of the following reasons given below:

  1. You can’t make a payment to tap journalist/ political leader out of Government funds. Pegasus itself officially claims their spying software was given only to Governments to track crimes and terror.
  2. You can never justify tapping people with no criminal case.
  3. You can never be so naive so as to think that there will be no electronic trail. Now even the dumbest person knows that electronic evidence can never be wiped off.
  4. The company receiving payments will disclose in its tax returns, bank accounts, and balance sheets the amount of money received from clients because it has to be via cheque/ wire transfer. And it will be in the public domain in that country. So, it can’t be hidden indefinitely.
  5. There will always be persons handling these trappings, equipments, and software who will ultimately come out and speak after some time. The conscience of a person awakens and he starts telling the truth eventually.
  6. And finally, Governments and situations change. What happens then? Even after 15 years, old cases are registered, investigated and prosecution is done. So, no sane adviser will tell its leader to buy such a thing.

Now France and Israel’s Governments have ordered a probe in the Pegasus tapping scandal[1]. In India, Narendra Modi Government is enjoying a good majority and doesn’t need to snoop or hack illegally into people having no criminal backgrounds. The Government should have used its intelligence resources in legal ways. It is shocking that the phones of Ministers were put under surveillance. It is learned that more names put under surveillance using Pegasus will be released in the days to come.

On Tuesday (July 20) former Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Pravin Togadia who figured in the phone surveillance list demanded a three-member judge panel to probe the Pegasus scandal. Togadia and Prime Minister Narendra Modi were friends who turned bitter rivals for the past 14 years. Togadia is an ultra-nationalist and not a person to be put on the snooping list.[2]

Responding to the tapping of 40 journalists, India’s Editors’ Guild demanded a Supreme Court-monitored probe. Still, the Government of India has reacted to the question of whether they purchased Pegasus spyware from Israeli firm NSO Technologies. In short Pegasus scandal, is going to be Modi’s Watergate moment?[3]

Still, the Modi Government keeps silent. Did it or did it not?


[1] French prosecutor opens probe into Pegasus spyware allegationsJul 20, 2021, Aljazeera

[2] Pegasus tapping hit PM Narendra Modi’s friend-turned-arch-rival Pravin TogadiaJul 21, 2021,

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  1. Monsoon session of Parliament is being wasted on Pegasus Spyware while China Virus, vested interests farmers agitation along Delhi boarders, sky rocketing fuel price and passing 30 Bills took back seat.

    Late Indira Gandhi used to misuse Intelligence Bureau spying on opposition parties even though they were weak!

    Question is who paid for Pegasus spyware purchase at the back drop of enhancing Budget from Rs.33 Crores to Rs.333 Crores during 2017-18 to be used by RAW / IB or some agency! The incumbent Government do not need such a spyware because anti-India forces within Indian and outside statements and write ups themselves reveal ugly motives and they all can be sent to jail.

    Upholding Dharma is being ignored demeaning the dictum Krishnam Dharmam Sanatanam!

  2. To the editors of this website.

    1) First- This Pegasus issue was and is a hoax.

    2) A prime source is Amensty which has been taken over by Jihadis

    3) Jihadi- Amnesty now claim the list is not from Pegasus, bit that the list, wherever it comes from, has quote” numbers of Interest”

    So what? is what rational persons will ask.

    If the Government is snooping on persons engaging in anti – Bharat activities, why is Pgurus upset?

    Those upset are free to file a POlice Report, go the Court.

    Why don’t they?

  3. If the PEGASUS software is supposed to be weapon, acquiring it is like buying arms. Insisting on declaration of such purchase if at all could easily be playing into the hands of adversaries. The use of such tools is to establish the innocence or otherwise of suspects. The claims of fair use etc. is a two way street.
    The culture of blatant wrong doings going unchecked for over 70 years has suddenly come under attack. All the pillars of the of this great democracy have colluded to further their vested interests. The investigators are compromised ,the judiciary is helpless for want of adequate evidence. The delays always result in favoring the accused. But the politicians and judiciary will not come to gather to address the delays. WHY WHY ?

  4. Just reminded of an old saying
    ” Come into my parlour – said the spider to the fly”
    And another
    ” God helps only those who help themselves”
    Using the brains they are given.

    You can’t scream murder when you have volunteered/ accepted, to be a victim.

  5. Has one ever applied the following thought.
    Modi’s boss is Ambani
    He runs Jioooo.
    Jio sells phones and a telecommunication service. He decides the software used.
    You have willingly admitted his entry but unknowingly given all kinds of access.

    One’ s life is Jiooooed or Pegasooed.


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