PM Modi flags off 100 kisan drones, says new ‘drone start-up culture’ rising in country

PM Modi said that a new culture of drone start-ups is getting ready in India

PM Modi said that a new culture of drone start-ups is getting ready in India
PM Modi said that a new culture of drone start-ups is getting ready in India

PM Modi assures support for emerging drone market in India

In a major boost to the farming sector and aiming to help farmers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday flagged off 100 Kisan drones across different cities and towns for spraying pesticides or carrying agro-products to markets.

PM Modi said that a new culture of drone start-ups is getting ready in India. Their numbers will soon be in thousands from over 200 now, leading to the generation of employment opportunities on a massive scale. He said his government will ensure that there is no impediment in the sector’s development.

PM Modi participated in a virtual ceremony that was coordinated from Manesar. He enumerated the various sectors where drones are already being used. He cited examples of 1,000 drones’ displayed during the Beating Retreat, SVAMITVA scheme for surveying and documenting land records and supplying medicines, vaccines in inaccessible areas.

PM said, “Spraying of fertilizers is also being done by drones. ‘Kisan drones’ is a new age revolution. Very soon, high-capacity drones will help the farmers send fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers straight to the market. Fisherfolks can send fresh catch from lakes, rivers or from seas directly for selling.”

The Prime Minister said his government did not waste time on apprehensions about opening up the drone sector but trusted India’s young talent and moved ahead with a new mindset. He said his government has given priority to technology and innovations in the Budget and policy measures.

“If the farmers or fishers get to send their products in the shortest time with minimal damage, it will lead to an increased income for them, the Prime Minister said, and added, “A whole lot of such opportunities are knocking at our doors. I am happy that many other companies in the country are headed in this direction. India is witnessing a new ecosystem for drone start-ups. Soon, they will be in thousands. I am sure, India will lead the world in this field.”

The occasion, he said, will not just be a milestone for the drone sector but also open up a multitude of possibilities as he said: “I have been told that Garud Aerospace has planned 1 lakh ‘Made in India’ drones in the next two years. This will give employment and opportunities to hundreds of youths.”

The budget announcements this year had prioritized technology and innovations and mentioned the use of Kisan drones among the varied sectors wherein drones can be used.

“We have reposed our faith in the young talent and brought in new suitable policies,” PM Modi said and appreciated the youngsters taking risks in the new field even as he assured that the Centre will always back them.

[With Inputs from IANS]

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