PM Modi’s security breach – Fault is with Punjab Police, coordination of SPG and massive Intelligence failure

Lack of coordination between Punjab Police and SPG or was it deliberate?

Lack of coordination between Punjab Police and SPG or was it deliberate?
Lack of coordination between Punjab Police and SPG or was it deliberate?

Security breach in Punjab – was there more going on than meets the eye?

On Wednesday, the country witnessed a serious breach of security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Bathinda in Punjab, ruled by a hostile Congress government and prime center of anger against Modi after the controversial farm laws. While political slugfest is going on between Congress and BJP, primarily the fault for this kind of grave security breach lies with intelligence failure, failure of Punjab Police, and lack of coordination by Prime Minister’s Special Protection Group (SPG).

It is well-known that many Khalistani outfits like SJF were urging people to disrupt Modi’s programs in Punjab. As per the original plan, the Prime Minister was to travel by helicopter from Bathinda to the national martyrs’ memorial in Hussainiwala. Due to the bad weather, the plan changed to travel by two-hour long road trip. Here the question is when was this decision taken on a change of travel plan and communicated with Punjab Police, who are supposed to clear the road for the smooth travel of the Prime Minister’s motorcade.

Did Punjab Police Chief and SPG has spoken on this trip by road in threadbare? How did all of a sudden 100s of protesters come to know the Prime Minister’s route, which might have changed in hardly one hour to two hours? What was the Central government’s Intelligence Bureau under Home Minister Amit Shah doing?

Did any security and intelligence chiefs advise Modi to avoid taking a road trip in Punjab, ruled by Congress and now clearly hostile to the BJP led Central government? The next question here is did Prime Minister Narendra Modi overrule the suggestions of security and intelligence chiefs? It is well-known that many agencies lack the boldness to speak the truth.

After Captain Amrinder Singh was removed from the chief minister’s post, Punjab is seeing total anarchy, with hostility in the State in general towards the Prime Minister and his party BJP after the controversial farm laws, which was later repealed. The current Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi’s statement on Wednesday on the PM’s security breach is totally condemnable.

In short – Wednesday’s (Jan 05, 2022) security breach of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Bathinda in Punjab is scary, and the failure squarely with Punjab Police and Punjab government ruled by Congress, lack of coordination of SPG, Intelligence failure of Intelligence Bureau under Union Home Minister Amit Shah and lack of courage of security and intelligence heads to speak to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to avoid last-minute changes in travel plan in a hostile state administration. The question which looms at large is when SPG informed Punjab Police that Modi wanted to travel by road and how come protesters came to know the Prime Minister is travelling by road?

In a nutshell – Prime Minister Modi should sit calm and think about what went wrong on Wednesday at Bathinda in Punjab. He must ask security and intelligence chiefs to speak openly.

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  1. Time to give the same medicine to Pappu & his party members i.e. blow them off like Pappu’s father fate…or atleast near death type situation……..then only they will understand what security perimeter is. The opposition games have gone too far now……
    One of the reasons for 1984 riots was then the sikhs were most arrogant people in Delhi and were threatening the customers who visited & did not buy from that shop. It went for 6-7 years when in 1984 came the anger wented off and they were thrashed. Result the so called sardars of courage, fell in line and effect can be seen from there on…..any original Delhi resident will confirm this…..
    Time that 1984 will echo in rest of India soon….. for the Punjabi Khangress has went far ahead this…. India & Indians are watching…..

  2. It is a sorry state of affairs if opposition ruled states cannot be relied upon for the security of the PM. The breach appears to be well planned and well organized.


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