Point by Point rebuttal to Time magazine article on Narendra Modi


Point by Point rebuttal to time magazine article
Point by Point rebuttal to time magazine article

The TIME magazine published Modi as India’s Divider-in-Chief by Aatish Taseer on May 20 2019. Here is a point by point rebuttal by @WindsOfChange72

Rebuttal of Time Magazine’s Article with only facts and logic.

Please don’t use ad hominem arguments to defame the journalist, use logic to rebut with facts. Ad hominem is for the stupid.

1) Taseer asserts “The cherished achievements of independent India–secularism, liberalism, a free press–came to be seen in the eyes of many as part of a grand conspiracy in which a deracinated Hindu elite, in cahoots with minorities from the monotheistic faiths, such as Christianity and Islam, maintained its dominion over India’s Hindu majority.”

Taseer makes this assertion sound like something very bad/alarming without bothering to understand the motivations on both sides and offering any counter-view. This is a very primitive argument.

If India is truly secular then why is it that the Church owns the largest portion of non-agricultural land despite being a minuscule part of the population? Is this not an example of the establishment being in cahoots with the minorities?

4 lakh acres is the land Wakf properties account for as of 2009.

Wakf Acts The 1954 and 1995 central laws endow huge powers with the state governments that set up and run Wakf boards in their states.

Why is it that in a “secular” India only temples are under govt. control and mosques and churches are free to operate whilst they amass massive land banks. @AatishTaseer Do you not see the irony in this?

@AatishTaseer Don’t the above examples already demonstrate that minorities are maintaining dominion over the majority? I have used facts to disprove your claims which dismiss this idea as a conspiracy.

2) You also claimed that “The country had a long history of politically instigated sectarian riots, most notably the killing of at least 2,733 Sikhs in the streets of Delhi after the 1984 assassination of Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards. The Congress leadership, though hardly blameless, was able, even though the selective profession of secular ideals, to separate itself from the actions of the mob.”

Firstly what happened in 1984 was a state-orchestrated Sikh genocide. These weren’t RIOTS unless by your apologetic definition even the Holocaust was an anti-Semitic riot.

Nanavati Commission Report clearly mentions that the instructions to kill the Sikhs came directly from the PMO.

The then President & the Home Minister wanted to call in the Army but the decision was VETOED by ‘father of mob lynching‘ PM Rajiv Gandhi.

Exactly how is Congress “SECULAR” by your definition despite 1984 is something only a bigot or an apologist could explain.

You blame Modi for not apologizing for Gujarat riots but you absolutely FAIL to mention that the army was called in Gujarat unlike secular 1984.

You also fail to mention that Modi had sent a letter requesting CMs of 3 neighbouring states to immediately send additional police forces. It is a well-known fact that police force ratio for the population is really low.

The source for the letter sent to 3 CMs can all be found here. Why was army not deployed in 1984?

Instead of apologizing for 1984, Rajiv said: “when a big tree falls, the Earth shakes.” Yet he is secular.

Andy Marino writes in his book “Modi appealed to the Chief Ministers of Gujarat’s three neighbouring States — Ashok Gehlot in Rajasthan, the late Vilasrao Deshmukh in Maharashtra and Digvijay Singh in Madhya Pradesh — to send aid in the form of law enforcement and paramilitary personnel.” The letters of the request were sent to the three Congress Chief Ministers on March 1, barely a day after the violence broke out. What was the response Marino notes, “Maharashtra eventually sent a very limited number of personnel to help, but the others flatly refused.” Why haven’t you mentioned why Congress-ruled states didn’t help stop the riots by sending additional forces?

Modi did his best to tackle the riots, why should he apologize when he wasn’t the perpetrator?

In a perfect display of your bias and selective secularism, you failed to mention why is Congress silent on its cadres linked to the Godhra Carnage.

58 Hindus were burnt alive, mostly women and kids. 140 litres of petrol was stocked from before.

3) @AatishTaseer writes “in 1992 had destroyed a 16th-century mosque, said to stand at the birthplace of the Hindu epic hero Ram”

This is pure bigotry. What do you mean by “said to stand”. The Archaeological Survey of India has already given proof that the temple existed. The same ASI which also had Muslim members who also agreed that a temple existed.

Also, what do you mean by Hindu epic hero? Rām isn’t just some ‘epic hero’, he is the Supreme Personality of Godhead as per our Vedic texts. I dare you to say the same thing about Abrahamic faiths.

4) @AatishTaseer writes “They feel their culture and religion has been demeaned; they entertain fantasies of “Hinduphobia”. – BIGOT!

@nytimes Also had to apologize for it’s racist, Hinduphobic cartoon on Mangalyaan success.

Those who deny Hinduphobia, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism are all bigots just like @AatishTaseer you are.

Based on my above facts, racist @nytimes is rightly called “New Yuck Times”.

5) According to your article “cow protection mobs have killed at least 46 people since 2015″.

In a country of 1.3 BN people, 46 people killed in a span of roughly 4 years. Is this statistically significant enough to claim that there’s majoritarian violence?

In the Godhra carnage in 1 day 58 Hindus were burnt alive vs 46 people who were killed due to cow-related violence in a span of 4 years.

I would believe that there’s a case for majoritarian violence if the data calculated based on % terms would prove that victims are mainly Muslims.

Purely on the basis of a mathematical argument, if for every 100 humans 1 is a bigot perpetrator of hate crime then logically speaking the hate crime perps will always be more from the majority in any country, the community at any point in time. The only case when this would be alarming is when in % terms there’s a trend of perps being from a particular community.

Your argument is absolutely specious with no logical/statistical basis.

FYI 49 Muslims died in New Zealand in the mosque attack. 49 Muslims die in 1 day in NZ in a hate crime vs 46 deaths in India due to cow-related violence over FOUR YEARS!

Also, the population of NZ is minuscule compared to that of India.

Truth is India needs better hate crime stats.

6) You also make a point lauding Nehru for his scientific temper but obviously omit to mention that he used to go to astrologers & tantriks. An astrologer had also warned Nehru of a Chinese attack coz of which Nehru flew into a rage.

Even J B S Haldane, polymath biologist, who was Marxist in his ideological leanings, was disenchanted by the dominance of bureaucracy and politicians in the scientific establishment in India during Nehru’s time and criticised it.

7) You go on talking about all the controversial statements made by BJP leaders but carefully omit the statement of Owaisi who called for a genocide of Hindus in 15 mins.

You also omit the statement on Sikh genocide by Sam Pitroda “Hua to Hua.”

You also fail to mention that increase in the Haj subsidy under Modi and the laptops etc given to modernizing Madarsas.

Yes absolutely, so much hatred for Muslims.

8) “Modi’s record on women’s issues is spotty.”

Really, I don’t understand why our secular govt. till now never banned triple talaq when even the country not known for women empowerment Saudi Arabia has banned it.

6 women in cabinet compared to 4 during UPA. Also, Defence and MeA are extremely critical ministries both run by women. Here in this link is a list of all schemes for women.

9) “Amit Shah, speaks of women as having the status of deities, ever the refuge of the religious chauvinist who is only too happy to revere women into silence.” So now you have a problem with the deification of women?

Do you know anything about the idea of Shiva & Shakti? Hinduphobe

10) “What Modi cannot–or will not–do is tell India the hard truth that if she wishes to be a great power, and not a Hindu theocracy, the medieval Indian past, mired in superstition and magic, must go under.”

This proves exactly how DERACINATED you are who feels Indian culture = Superstitions we have a lot to be proud of.

Did you know that “A little known school of scholars in southwest India discovered one of the founding principles of modern mathematics hundreds of years before Newton “?

In 600 BCE, ancient Indian physician Sushruta performed nose surgeries & skin grafts and wrote treatises on the same.

This 2500 years ago!

Thomas Sankara said “The greatest difficulty we have faced is the neocolonial spirit that exists in this country. We were colonized by a country, France that left us with certain habits. For us, being successful in life, being happy, meant trying to live as they do in France, like the richest of French.” In a similar vein, success for imperialist elites like @AatishTaseer might be to live like the richest American/European however it will never be what success means for us India.

We worship Rām, although Ravana’s Lanka had all the material wealth and was literally built of gold. Rām signifies family values, egalitarianism yes think about the incident with Kevat and Shabari, compassion, valour, noblesse obliges, spirituality (discourses with various Saints) etc.

All values which vapid Western materialism can never replace. Mukesh Ambani bailed out his brother. @Ra_Bies had drawn a parallel to how Munshi Premchand’s stories illustrated these same family values.

India will have its own values, it’s own definition of success, it’s own narrative. We won’t ape the West.

The name “Bhagavan” means the one who is full of all 6 opulence (bhaga), i.e., fame, beauty, wealth, knowledge, strength and sixth and most importantly renunciation. Ponder that if you can.

Also, Indira may have forcibly inserted “secularism” in our Constitution but it will never be a part of Indian culture because Indian culture is PLURALISTIC just like all Indic religions. Secular France bans the burqa and secular Italy bans Sikhs from carrying Kirpans. India respects all religions and that inherent pluralism is part of our culture.

The same West which is so “Enlightened” persecuted Galileo, Socrates etc and went on with Witch trials and Spanish Inquisition & what not.

Hindus can be atheists to like the followers of Carvaka philosophy. Hinduism never persecuted homosexuality, atheism etc.

And our greatest texts like Srimad Bhagavatam are thousands of pages of questions and answers sessions discussing rationally and logically doctrines of theism.

Very different from sky God books that demand believers and expect blind faith as compared to a culture which encourages curiosity – Brahma Jignasa, is supposed to be the foundation of every spiritual journey.

Dualistic doctrines of Abrahamic faiths will always find it difficult to grasp the beauty of non-dualism.



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  1. Sanatan Dharma has reference to prophet Abraham SUH and HP referred as Guru Brahmma. This is the first truth which needs to be built in all narratives. Islam is from Adam AS, the first Muslim Khalifatullah. The rebuttal is built on the alienation of Jesus SUH and Prophet Mohammad SUH and HP. Sanatan is one and only one, the divinely chosen at the seat of prophet Abraham SUH and HP referred as Guru Brahmma having two line of posterity. Sanatan Dharma is Abrahimic. This must be realised in the first place. The word Hindu is derived from the word Sindhu, a secular reference by some for both river and people . There is zero reference to the word Hindu in Shashtra. Brahmma Jigyasa mentioned in the last refers to the questions of prophet Abraham SUH and HP referred as Guru Brahmma referred in the holy Qur’aan. Cattle sacrifice is established from prophet Abraham SUH and HP referred as Guru Brahmma. I am calling for uniting souls in salutations for 49th Imam and Fatemi Khalifatullah at the seat of prophet Mohammad SUH and HP and prophet Abraham SUH and HP referred as Guru Brahmma. Here is the list of divinely chosen leadership for uniting all souls referred to prophet Abraham SUH and HP. https://ismailignosis.com/2018/07/11/the-seats-of-the-ismaili-imamat-from-medina-to-lisbon-632-2018/ muslims are saluting all avatars as the descent of the Word of Allahussamad, the Nirguna.

  2. Very well replied. Why are hindus always defensive and trying to prove their innocence? Just ignore such articles and move on.

  3. Aatish Taseer isn’t even worthy of discussion. A plain elitist mediocre writer who doesn’t even know this nations history.

  4. Blaming or labeling the holocaust victims of millennium long savagery by lynch mobs that burglarized and still occupy Hindusthan engaging in election violence, lynch mob violent loot, amounts to weaponizing of xenophobic hate by othering believer bigots, thus promoting more hate crimes is totally irresponsible and reckless… Lack of intellectual rigor is obvious in the indecent exposure seen in the absurdly confused argument on absent ‘secularism’ of political islam and political pope where you find bloody mix of religion and politics using violent means; examples are plentiful- violence in Ireland of IRA, in IRAQ, YEMEN, C.A.R, Phillipines, egypt, SRI LANKA, china, turkey, Gaza, west, now New Zealand, paki/afghan lands where you find absolutely no BJP/RSS- proving the immature rant is simply blind to secular humanists of the Indian public.

    It is the bigot’s lynch mob that is often violent in the streets across India; rape and violence by street romeos is a perfect example. Delhi business man got savagely killed by a lynch mob this week. That is a common occurrence; inequality lies in the fact that Amar cant marry Arfa but salman can abduct, rape or kill or sometime marry Usha into a beef household that may indulge in cow theft and blame the poor owners of the cow for outrage.
    That vast tracts of Holy Land of India are owned by neo colonial communalists practicing violent primitive tribalism either from a) conquistador cultural genociders gang who have the education commercial monopoly or b) by afrikaan type ultra nazis notorious for cleansing many states like Kashmir, Kerala, Bengal, now Jammu, TN, Assam, etc. is a shocking fact that dangerously goes on hardly noticed even by elite let alone by aam admi.

    Godhra massacre of women and kids – was preceded by MARAD, MOPLAH SAVAGERY, NOAKHALI POGROM, and zillion serial blasts in many cities, Raza academy bil dollar loss riots, staged forced eviction of Assamese from many cities, same as forced exodus now from Jammu, Delhi, Bengal, etc. staged set-up in many cases including Godse case, vanishing of nuke scientists, Syama Prasad Mukerjee, ruin of several 1000 temples, blight of economy and jobs via 3 films on Nirbhaya, escape from justice of that murder by a savage islamist roaming free now, serial rapes in bolly that BBC exposed, **jizya** collection via bolly, cricket, convents, cricket, shiridi baba, qalam/teresa university, etc.

    It is the secular humanists among the public that sent zillions to give lives to save other lives in WW-I, WW-II, Anglo-afghan wars 1, 2 and 3, Boxer rebellion to protect xian missionaries, recent war to liberate -b-deshi mohamedans from nazi type sunni western barbarians in 1971, etc,
    It is the same humanists that accepted refugees seeking asylum from savage violence in far lands like SYRIA -syrian xians that settled in Kerala nearly 2000 yrs ago, Jews seeking fortune, like Armenians fleeing turkish savagery – (visit their church in Chennai), like Tibetans fleeing violence, more recently like afghans, Vietnamese, others b-deshis numbering 12 mil, rohing traffickers that are fleeing justice, and so on..
    It is the most civilized nation whose culture needs to be saved from the ilk of verbal terrorists abusing the genius types that independently discovered NEWTON’s law, pythakorus theorem, quadratic equation, matrix algebra, plastic surgery, helio centric solar system long before 1453(?) when Galileo found it, three departments of education, defense, finance – headed by Goddess, germ free namaste, germ free cremation, spices, first books on love and diplomacy as in Kama sutra, Artha sashtra, so on so forth..

    Yes, in his SAB KI SATH SAB KI VIKAS blind logic, it is partly true that Modi-ji is a divider pandering to hijabis siphoning funds from SC/ST to violent jihadi families out of vote bank politics – as J.G. Arora has brilliantly exposed in four long articles in this very p-guru site. Ref-

    Yes, “Time Magazine is to be blamed entirely who have taken the decision to publish it as a Front cover article. I am going to boycott TIME and I urge others also to do the same.”

    Vande Mataram! Bharat Mata ki Jai!! Jai HInd!!! Love and regards,

    Pls publicize and disseminate my blogs by referring or commenting on-
    where you will find several dozen topics covered.

  5. World intellectuals of today can not think freely any more . All they write is based on others requirements . Free thinking is birth child of sanatan dharma . Middle-east culture of 1400 yrs is curse to human race and our current leaders and intellectuals with slave mentality are not able to say truth any more .
    Imagine world with out islam and world under sanatan dharma .

    • Yeah, he wants pm modi to promote “sheldon pollock” instead of Rajiv Malhotra. These desperate pseudos sound repetitive and outdated, especially in this day and age of internet and social media

  6. By pushing an Indian out of a train in South Africa by the white supremacy, Indians saw to it that the whites are driven out permanently out of Hindustan and set the sun down forever for the Imperialists. So TIME magazine learn from history and take the warning as not to provoke Indians and that too Hindus, otherwise you will be not only out of India but will be out of circulation worldwide!
    It is your Time to tender unconditional apology to all Indians and sack this Aatish Taseer, or take the responsibility of going into oblivion! Time will surely tell a tale of Time in future times!! Jai Hind!

  7. Time Magazine has not having many pages for publishing the rebutal. It will just say that the author has been informed of the objections.

  8. A well written rebuttal.I have also written directly to the TIME mag conveying my views, as I have been reading the Magazine from 1963 onwards.Never such a biased and factually wrong Editorial was published. Atish must have written the editorial with some ulterior motive or ——-.?????

    So what was found belowe was a earlier temple on which the Ramjanambhoomtemple ( alisa the Babri Masjit ) was built.. as there is a water fountain beow the current Taj Mahal fountains.. desicovered in 1973 and hushed up to satisfy Islamic and Christain minoritis in India .. Read P N Oak’s books in full and try and demolish him.. NO ONE HAS DONE THAT NOT CATHERINE ASHER OF EBBA KOCH ..my email is karamcramrakha@gmail.com

  10. Excellent response to “pseudo secular “ mentals. These people should be removed by Times if it Cares for values of Humanism

  11. The son of a Pakistani and Pakipanjabin (foreign d.. crazed OUTSIDERS, genetic lumpens- Tavleen Singh), in United Snakes of AmeriKKKa, the White barbarian which is massacring millions of children in Syria, just because Assad does not suit the white Klannist Nazi agenda of White christian deranged beast, throw all AmeriKKKan useless, bullshit but costly prds out of India. INDIAFORINDIANS do they not know. A BLOODY CLINTON-ITALIAN SONIA WHITE SKINNED DEMON conspiracy against NATIVE INDIANS. Nationalists should be attacking these deranged White christian beast on Native and Black genocide, including blacks killed daily by the White Supremacist Police in United Sankes of AmeriKKKa. I request pgurus to put a Consquitadoer Tracker with daily update on the killings by these.. ALSO TIME TO MAKE CHRISTIAN TERROR A HOUSEHOLD WORD

  12. Sickness in head isn’t easy to treat. His father is a Pakistani, therefore his loyalties are with them, people like him with sick mentality, a penchant for hatred, habit of puking lies and staunch extremism would go to any length as long as they’re given a platform by yellow publishers like TIME and shits like that.
    We need to ban the entry of such malevolent people back into the country and send out a loud message . Unless that’s done nut cracks like him will pop up every now and then and get off Scot free.

  13. Excellent, But Many Points have Been left Untouched So that his rebuttal Does NOT become too Big though Many Important Riots like Muzzaffarnagar, U.P. in 1966 which was investigated soon after by UPRIGHT Late justice O P Mehrotra of U.P. HIGH COURT who was under Tremendous Pressure & threats of Indira Gandhi GOVERNMENT To blame HINDUS , that IMPARTIAL BRAVE JUSTICE FEARLESSLY BLAMED THE CULPRITS, THE MUSLIMS. Similarly , there had been Several Such Cases where the RIOTS were Started By Muslims only but Majority HINDUS were only Blamed for No Reason.
    I have Stated Just One Point though I do Know many similar cases against HINDUS.
    S C GUPTA,Mumbai, tel.:9820587609.

  14. I instantly tweeted as many points as the tweet could accommodate.
    I congratulate U to reply point by point based on facts. I challange this journalist to reply before it will tarnish his image as a Journalist.
    TIME magazine may also note it to keep up its reputation.


  15. Modi is India’s destiny man….. time to ban that magazine in India & many more American magazines who spread falsehood. This again proves that vested foreign interests are seriously on borrowed time since advent of Hindu nationalist party. It may take few more years to wash away the sings of this fake Gandhi family

  16. I have already tweeted instantly,few points to foreign paid Journalist,but he has no answers till date.
    Now that U have replied point by point,which a tweet could not accommodate this shameless person has no replies.
    Congratulate U.

  17. Is the date accurate, May 20 2019? Starting of the article it says by Aatish Taseer “on May 20 2019.”
    Your response to TIME article is greatly appreciated!!

  18. ALSO the reason one of the worst christian Bigot in league of Dracula, Coartes, Columbus, conquistadors, and huge line of BARBARIANS was “Muslims refuse to follow OUR VALUES, our way of life “(Meaning homogenization ) the statement which emerged from barbaric Inquisitors in dark ages. “ONLY “Hitler is abused by these White deranged beast, not because he massacred Jews, BUT DUE to the fact that he brought a small trailer of the death and destruction which these White christian death cultists distributed freely in the world in the name of that non existent deranged Hell God (The LOVE which this white skinned (demonic) Raul Vinci rains on Native Heathen MODI, same Love which natives of Americas and world over saw). ANY COUNTRY where White dracula set foot just faced utter devastation. Islam killed 750 million people, but Xtianity has butchered more than 5 billion (equivalent of 21 billion today), and still counting

    • correct the sentence CALLED GEORGE BUSH & BLAIR (greatest genocide after Vietnam, 7 million and still counting)

    My kind suggestion to Nationalist Authors to start running series on the Genocides committed by Whites world over of Non Christian, non white heathens, including even today how the White racist apartheid and Nazism (its their demonic DNA) SURVIVES. ALL Non White CHRISTIAN nations world over are f..king beggars, begging even Heathen India and China for crumbs. ONLY DERANGED DEMENTED WHITE XTIANS are filthy rich, still they are killing Natives in North and South Americas , just for land and wood (Money), even the bloody so called Liberal America and Canada are committing ethnocide and genocide of Natives and Blacks, thorough the barbaric catholic mission schools, where these heathen children are killed or destroyed to be White man slave, Blacks are shot everyday in the United Snakes just for over-speeding, by White skinned Supremacist Racist Bigot police, where a White will at worse only get a ticket

  20. Don’t be apologetic. Modi is unifier of 80 crore Hindus. They have failed to divide Hindus on the caste,creed,region lines

    • Actually subsidy is against tenets of Islam so the removal was welcomed by Muslim brothers. Modi made personal request to Prince Salman to increase the quota of Indians which agreed to the same day on his India visit. Means more Indian Muslims going for Haj every year

  21. Aatish Taseer must have connection with Tukade Tukade gang. It must be investigated. It thing is for sure that his knowledge about Indian politics is heavily influenced by the propaganda of Tukade Tukade gang.

  22. at least such rebuttal lets down propagandist like aatish taseer cytology it will dent his credit next time he will have to think of his credit before writing such baseless article thank for this rebuttal

  23. Very well replied. What more wi expect from a Pakistani origin. Pakistani never seen a leader like Modi nor they will see the stature of person like Modi in future.

  24. Your swift response is appreciated.
    Abusing Hindus, Hindutva and Hindutva leaders has become a staple food for certain journalists who neither qualify for the degree/diploma in mass communication/journalism but blindly assume blanket license under “secularism potion” to abuse us.

    At home Rahul and his gang have been abusing PM and abroad presstitutes do Indian perverted minds job under inducements of all sorts.Aatish’s ire and illogical sentence shows his indian dynasty-commies corrupted mindset.

    It will be good not to subscribe or renew TIME Mag annual subscription! Better to ignore perverted minds and anti-Indian magazines. Otherwise, have our own magazine as per guidance of former minister MJ Akbar. Just like comatose Bar Council of India, Editors Guild in our country is as dead as a dodo!!

    TIME Mag should spend more time on Hillary Clinton’s scams, Nancy Pelosi…………not on PM Modi

    For over 70 years we have had “twistory” It is time to rewrite the Indian history. Better to declare India as a Hindu majority nation to silence big and small and tick off pelvic gyrations of Aatish Taseer and his ilk, which proved as a parasite!

  25. RV or RG paid Ghulam journalist, he should look at his Country, a country which is becoming Untouchable to the modern world. Time magazine should spend some time in the Politics of USA, they interfere in other countries and create disturbance and make money by selling Arms. You any country which is Disturbed you will see the mark of American politics. Times magazine if concerned about Human rights they should investigate and the wrong doing done by American establishment, rather than talking about Modi. Modi is very popular leader of modern India,and a Respected leader all over India and abroad.

  26. An excellent rebuttal. Mr. Taseer is at best described as a perverted Minority guy who is out to please people of his faith here in India who are not on the same page as of Modi. They will never vote for him or his party but there are many hundreds and thousands of them who see Modi as a hope. It doesn’t matter much, as the loss would be theirs. But TIME has erred and they would do well to publish this rebuttal if they value journalistic freedom whose cause this Taseer is feigning to espouse.

  27. Very well replied. Why hindus always try to reason out? Like others they should be aggressive if they need to protect their identity or even existence. Like remove temples from Govt control and confiscate extra land from other faiths for better public use.

  28. Aatish Taseer is Pakistani origin settled is US…what you expect from Pakistani ..as usual against Indian leadership…Nothing new.

  29. ‘Time’ if you have a guts, may kindly publish this piece of work, which has rebutted with logic the assertions made by @Atish Taseer in his article, which demonstrate dirty mind and conspiracy against all time popular and lovable Modi.

  30. Awesome response, probably the author would have sleepless nights going forward if he has true conscience according to his faith, but making false claims in the magazine would refresh the truths in every true Indians minds

  31. Hindu brain one of the best . Muslim and christian after Hindus to convert them so they can use their services .
    Shame hindu brain has a cell called slavery . Hindu can he easily converted to slave because he / she loves money . Enemy knows this point . Our gurus dont know how to fix this bug.

  32. Excellent rebuttal. The likes of Taseer are no different from the Lutyens media crooks when it comes to Hinduism. No one can stop India’s rise. The West in its decline now realized this fact and does all it can to malign a forward-looking PM and his best intentions. Muslims in India are better of than their counterparts in Pakistan and other South Asian countries. States like Kerala have many millionaires from the community. Also they wield a great deal of power in the world of politics and business. I have no doubts that Taseer was bribed into writing this article. Support may have come from certain sections of the media in India. Also, the timing too raises many suspicions.

  33. Befitting Point-wise Reply. Such half literate writers will not dare to write such lies in Time Magazine, in future.

  34. Brilliant reply to a disgusting article – Tagore prayed for a time when “the world hasn’t been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls” diversity is India and unity is ingrained our very culture – the exceptions are those who try to divide with their self serving motives – The author of this TIME article is the real Divider.

  35. In India many media houses and journalists are on the verge of extinction due to their hate India campaigns.Even popularly elected PM Modi is criticised.They do so because in India democracy is well placed in the hearts of the people,not just in the Constitution.Even separatists, terrorists and their harbourers are safe because democratic values are well placed.In Pakistan democracy has gone to dogs. People’s lives are not safe.Minorities are killed,maimed,uprooted ,converted and threatened.Hindu minority population has come down to below 2%.In minority population has increased and allowed equally in decision making process.Muslim women rights are heard with concern by the present govt.

  36. End of “Time” mag is nearing. I can say this as whoever tried to malign Modi by misappropriating the truth have faced the same consequence. When you try to muddle the person who is doing a larger karma to protect dharma, Dharma will burn you.
    I never thought Time is so anti hindu and pro leftist. This really proves what marketting can be done to raise a piece of shit to a glorified gold.
    Immaterial of which senseless leftist idiots say what, We are proud of our PM – Modi. He is the Integrator in chief. Now atleast Modi saab, stop all the NGO’s from sending fund to India. Let Bharath breathe well.

  37. Timing of the article is suspect, clearly targeting Mr. Modi while the elections are on, is to tarnish the image of pm. Vatican, librandos and their ilk clearly and visibly shaken by the popularity of Modi. Time Magazine is to be blamed entirely who have taken the decision to publish it as a Front cover article. I am going to boycott TIME and I urge others also to do the same.

  38. @Atish Taheer. You and your ilk are the divider trying to drive a wedge between Hindus and Muslims. Our culture dates back thousands of years. We have learnt to live in harmony and if our PM was the perpetrator of genocide of Muslims, how did the apex court absolve him of all the malafide insinuations and charges brought against him? Also how is it possible that all the Muslim countries are standing with India and against Pakistan? Has he divided or brought the world under one umbrella of unity? Your hatred for Hindus are very much palpable. I fail to understand why you never mentioned the plight of the Hindus in Bangladesh? It’s people like you who radicalise youths. Better mind your business (not Modi bashing) and let us enjoy the fruits of freedom under this regime. Reprehensible to say the least.


  40. What a wonderful point-wise reply to a highly biased article fit to be ignored. What is this colonial slavish mentality that we seek the approval of the West, or for that matter, the need to make peace with the Abrahamic Faiths. To stand in the same line as Sanatana Dharma let them remove the “statements that claim in one way or the other ” that theirs is most correct religion” : Just this much. Expunge this one statement. Then there would be o need to talk of Secularism at all. The article rightly ends with : We will write our own destiny! And as we find find fit honoring all our Timeless Values. This article must be framed and displayed.

  41. Succinct and to the point.
    India is also quite capable of self-criticism and constructive too, and not by stooges of the West.
    Witness this very magazine.

    Thank you

  42. Good rebuttal. But I can see the glee in the faces of secularists and congi supporters on the article. Perhaps Vatican thought by roping in TIME, it will tarnish Modi image during election period and influence voters. True it will influence voters in favour of Modi. Indians in 2019 are more nationalistic and matured than past.

  43. A well written rebuttal to an ignorant yet wretced fellow with sinister intent. This authors rebuttal leaves a Hindu and and patriot all refreshed and ready for the next battle and more to come, over and over again.


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