Police Raj at Sabarimala: Hindu leaders assaulted and arrested, hartal in Kerala

Is the CPI-M party attempting to self-destruct in the Sabarimala episode?

Is the CPI-M party attempting to self-destruct in the Sabarimala episode?
Is the CPI-M party attempting to self-destruct in the Sabarimala episode?

The 41-day long Mandala Pooja season commenced at Sabarimala early Saturday morning amidst arrests of various Hindu leaders and attack on devotees unleashed by the Kerala Police since late Friday night.

K P Sasikala, President, Hindu United Front was arrested by the police while she was on her way to worship at the shrine when the sanctum opens for the pooja on Saturday morning. Many devotees were assaulted and attacked by the police, the visuals of which were aired by Janam TV from the Sannidhanam.

A group of devotees from Andhra Pradesh who were trekking from Pamba to the sannidhanam were assaulted and abused by the police. They were told not to proceed to the temple despite their pleas that they be allowed to participate in the Abhisheka Pooja early Saturday morning. One of the police officers was heard asking them to go and perform the Abhishekam at A K G Centre, the CPI-M headquarters  at Thiruvananthapuram!

Various Hindu organisations have called for a dawn-to-dusk hartal in Kerala on Saturday to protest against the arrest of Sasikala and the brutality of the Police. Though there was a feeling among the people of the State that the festival season may pass off peacefully following the announcement by the Travancore Devaswam Board that it would file a stay petition in the apex court seeking time for the implementation of the September 28 verdict of the Constitution Bench allowing the entry of women of all ages in the temple.

But by night the Marxist government ordered a crackdown on Hindus and the shrine is totally under the control of the police. Lok Nath Behra, the Director General of Police, who is a Christian convert, is leading the crackdown in the devotees and is helped in the operation by Manoj Abraham, the inspector general of police who is also a leading evangelist in the State.

The general feeling among the devotees who had thronged the temple from various places is that it is not the ideal time to visit the shrine because of the Police Raaj. They also requested the pilgrims who are undertaking the trip not to donate any cash or other materials to the temple because the entire offerings by the pilgrims are being diverted to the CPI-M coffers.

Janam TV, the Malayalam news channel which was airing live reports of the police brutalities came under severe attack on Friday. The channel journalist who tried to interview Sasikala, when she was arrested, was bashed up by the police in a brutal manner.

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  1. In a democratic country/polity people should use vote as a weapon against any political party which tramples with its rights. Why voters not use this option and only expect some else act and call them by names like Communialists/Gujju/Coward. The people who believe in sanatan dharma (non alien faiths). It is known that lots of Hindus work as apologist for ‘anti-nationalist” evangelist. or jihadists. It is such apologists who will call Modi or BJP names and would be upset even if paint peels of LENIN Statue in India or “censored heros” of the country are spoken about. All know that it is only BJP or Narendra Modi’s team whose heart beats for them and they will certainly time their moves appropriately. But they will not fall into trap of ‘anti-nationalist” evangelist. or Jihadists.

  2. …and the Modi government is mute spectator. What is everyone doing – sucking lollipops? The ever beaming Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, is unaware that citizen’s civil rights are being violated? What a bunch of bumbling fools we have everywhere.

    • Modi is useless, he is like jawaharlal nehru who is more interested in his personal popularity than his country or religion.
      Yogi adityanath or someone like that who have guts should be BJP PM candidate.

  3. Good opportunity for Modi Government to bring president rule & can easily get more seats in the coming election.if they keep silence without any action against the barbaric behaviour of crypto Christian police officer & anti Hindu Vijayan BJP will not get any seat.

  4. The first crime: Dragging thousands of years old traditions into flimsy, fleeting framework of constitutional legalities.
    The second crime: Framing and passing laws that are unjust, iniquitous, vicious, malignant and spiteful to govern traditions.
    The third crime: Forcing high justice to become hand-maiden to base-born laws by ill-named ‘honourable’ judges.

    Yes. THIS is a time and situation when the police needs to mutiny. The billion Hindus must rise and re-possess our Sacred Land.

  5. The Hindu police should act against the communist government and start a mutiny. The central government can then bring in Presidents rule and bring peace to Kerala. Kerala is under siege by the non-Hindus and Hindus are leaving Kerala in huge numbers. Time for the Hindus to fight back and take this battle to every corner of India starting with the biased, inadequately equipped judges in the supreme court. Hindus have been told to be non-violent simply because the invading forces were a afraid of the Hindus. Hindu leaders who promoted non-violence became an asset for conquerors, to manage a vast Hindu population and to slowly convert them. Hindus must awake and arise.

  6. Why don’t devotees retaliate too?
    Why can’t they unitedly attack just 15000 cops.. lakhs of devotees can easily manage them.
    Supreme court will not do anything…nor will media… Only public should protest.


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