Prannoy Roy met Modi twice and buttered, tried for a patch-up

Prannoy Roy met with Modi twice to try and get out of the pickle he is in

Prannoy Roy met with Modi twice to try and get out of the pickle he is in
Is Prannoy Roy accusing Modi now because his attempts to fawn failed?

Prannoy Roy gave a speech at the Press Club on Friday evening and thundered, “Never crawl before the power”! In this post we will prove to you what a raging hypocrite he is. He crawled and tried to butter up Prime Minister Narendra Modi not once, but twice to patch-up New Delhi Television Ltd. (NTDV) matters.

Senior staffers in NDTV (who wish to stay anonymous) remember Prannoy Roy gushing praises of Modi, that Modi was so warm and courteous and delighted on NDTV’s plan to popularize Swachh Bharat.

When Modi announced the Swachh Bharat mission in Oct 2014, Prannoy Roy and the top management in NDTV saw it as an opportunity to reach out to Modi. One senior Cabinet Minister was also part of this idea. He fixed a one-on-one meeting with Modi and Prannoy Roy in late 2014. By this time the Enforcement Directorate (ED) was on the way to slap a Rs.2030 crores notice to NDTV for Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) violations.

Delighted over meeting Modi, the next day Prannoy Roy declared in the newsroom on his meeting with the Prime Minister. Senior staffers in NDTV (who wish to stay anonymous) remember Prannoy Roy gushing praises of Modi, that Modi was so warm and courteous and delighted on NDTV’s plan to popularize Swachh Bharat. NDTV managed to even rope in Dettol as a sponsor for Swachh Bharat!

Prannoy even said that Modi showed no signs of being upset over NTDV’s coverage of the Gujarat riots. He further said that the Prime Minister had suggested that the Roys should vacation in the Rann of Kutch. Within weeks Prannoy Roy and Radhika were off to vacation in Rann of Kutch! PM and Prannoy Roy tweeted about NDTV’s Swachh Bharat programme. Meanwhile pressures were mounting on ED not to send FEMA notice by the go-between Cabinet Minister.

After returning from Rann of Kutch Prannoy Roy managed one more one-on-one meeting with Modi through the Cabinet Minister. This was in early 2015. In the meeting Prannoy Roy profusely thanked Modi for suggesting a “wonderful” holiday in the Rann of Kutch.

Showing eminent people selective portions of your battles with the government agencies and smooth talking with them will go only so far.

The following day in the newsroom meeting, Prannoy was so overjoyed on his interactions with Modi that he claimed that Modi is a changed man now and goes by the guidance of the Cabinet Minister.

But Prannoy Roy’s happiness ended when the pliable Revenue Secretary Shaktikanta Das was changed and ED slapped a FEMA Notice for Rs.2030 crores and IT slapped Rs.525 crore Notice for tax violation.

Now hypocrite Prannoy Roy is exhorting journalists to not crawl. Mr. Roy, you crawled and tried to butter Prime Minister Narendra Modi twice and opted to go to a vacation spot suggested by Modi. Your tricks have not worked and will not work. Showing eminent people selective portions of your battles with the government agencies and smooth talking with them will go only so far. The long arm of law has caught you for your sins. Face it. Don’t hide behind the garb of Journalism.

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  1. So cheweet Modi and Prannoy took wife to vacation to Rann of Kutch as per his suggestion. Now Modi is evil again. No doubt. It must be Arun Jaitley who arranged meeting of Modi and Prannoy Roy. Good at last Modi acted

  2. Interesting indeed. The cabinet minister who arranged the meeting has to be modi’ biggest liability – jaitley. Shaktikanta Das being helpful and his transfer from chennai to help jaitley and subramanian swamy’ vehement opposition and the screwed up implementation of the note ban all ting a bell loud and clear. Modi has enough to battle within the government.

  3. Press is divided about NDTV. In heart of hearts even pro-NDTV speakers are enjoying it getting roasted. Roys having serious anxiety issues. Too much to hide and now like a thief caught red-handed. “ULTA CHOR KOTAWAL KO DANTEI!” is their policy. Answer should be: “Chup bey! Haraamzade, Teri gaandh khuli phati hai, mafarchod.’

  4. NDTV had eminent journalists like Burka rajdeep etc who were bent upon chasing Modi for the 2002 rights even after he was cleared by highest court of India.Now the channel should face the trials and come clean instead of dodging their misdoings from public.

    • And what dat sir is the meaning of the word eminent in your dictionary? Being ethical definitely is not part of eminence i guess

  5. Pranoy met Modi twice…All humbuck cooked up story…ICICI bank is a private bank…If at all loan is unpaid by NDTV..Then the bank is aggrieved party.. Certainly Central govt or CBI or ED has no role to play…It’s a clear censorship attack on Media.. Undoubtedly..

  6. But then, he has been a friend of “30 years” of Fali Nariman! How can he be corrupt? And Arun Shourie says all of “us”(read journalists) have to come together, to stop this attack on press freedom!!!

  7. idiot and fool Mr.ROY should know that NAMO never favors to hi family and friend, forget about you. no compromise with corrupts. for him nation first and everything comes second or none.

  8. What terrible times we are living in!! prannoy roy, with his superior Irish genes, felt forced to go and cater to the unstated whims of a Gangu Teli like Modi. Are these the Acchey Dinn that Modi promised? Acchey Dinn not for presstitutes?

  9. Impound his and his wife’s passport immediately. They should not run away like Vijay Mallya or Ottavio Quattrochi of Bofors Fame or Zakir Naik the Islamic preacher preaching Jehad. This man Pranoy Roy is an unpredictable person trying all the tricks of the trade to save himself from prosecution and imprisonment. He managed to remain unscathed during UPAII rule. But now his dirty tricks are exposed to the public. He should not get away with light sentence in the name of Freedom of Press.His mentors like P.Chidambaram in UPAII Government are also being investigated for money laundering. They enjoyed power and good life till UPAII Government lost its mandate and now under NDA Government of Mr. Narendra Modi they have to answer for their crimes and suffer the consequences.

  10. Hilarious to read this.Laughed my head off.What a bunch of castrated eunuchs these “high and mighty” crooks turn out to be.They do not even have shame that they crawl to one they painted as hitler begging for help to bail them out from a crooked deal.These guys need to be taken to cleaners like they did to “Madoff” whose wife was taking bath when the IR guys walked in.Whatever jewellery she had including ones which she had kept aside for bath were taken away leaving her house devoid of valubles.They even cleaned out carpets,TVsets,cutlery and what not.This kind of treatment is the need of the hour for our crooks.

  11. It is a carefully crafted artificial image that Arun Jaitley has a soft corner for some congress guys or anti Modi brigade that includes Prannoy Roy and company. Infact these lumpen elements go to Arun ji and divulge their sins and weaknesses. Arun Jaitley apprises Modi ji and the bad fish is conclusively caught. Modi Ji and Jaitley Ji are fully integrated. Foolish Congis and their supporters in sin.

  12. So the accumulation of wealth by the Presstitue rNDiTV has been exposed. Who is the cabinet minister favoring rNDiTV & was visiting to the studio one-on-one interview with Burqa Dutt!!!

  13. Only the cabinet minister can say what happened in these meetings.The cabinet minister is none other than Arun Jaitely who is virtually PM of India riding over PM Modijee.

    • It is Arun Jaitley and Nitin Gadkari who often give interviews in NDTV knowing very well that NDTV is Anti BJP. Recently Ms. Nidhi Razdan anchor for NDTV insulted Dr. Sambit Patra of BJP and asked him to leave the studio when she faced awkward questions from Dr. Sambit Patra of BJP. & they talk of Freedom of Speech and Expression and Freedom of Press when they land in soup. These are all hypocrites.

  14. If assuming for namesake he met Modi twice for possible patch up and therefore looking at the extraordinary amount of delay in this open & shut case with clear violations openly lectured by none other than Swamy,few other ones close to him f (whose mouthpiece is this site,sorry to say this but can’t avoid.) for so many years ever since it broke out in public one would not be shocked if some deal is stuck between BJP and NDTV as well.
    Also as per reports a very weak and simplest of all the violations lectured,being written about is taken by enforcing agencies shows even worse state of affairs of the present regime.
    Actually this article exposes more on Swamy/BJP-ruling party side than on NDTV/Prannoy.

  15. 1. In IT appeal case, IT department took up 21 adjournments in three years with NDTV zero…what’s this proving.. 2.Meeting prime minister over swach is not buttressing even our PM had regular conversation with journos (whom many branded as
    Presstitutes) before took up his per your logic he too buttressed his haters secretly? 3.If shaktikanta das was pliable how can he be assigned with important major government works like Demonitization,GST and others…you guys really twisting the facts

    • na,, we are spectators where as pGurus/DrSwamy are high level players.They know inner workings.We are lucky that they are willing to tell us atleast some of the shenanigans that is going on in this country.If we don’t like what they write, we have TOILET paper and page3 girls to ogle at.

      • You think so? Is Swamy a holy saint? Is Swamy who mocked at RSS once in the most harsh terms only to patch with them later now shamelessly comparing it akin to husband-wife quarrel a person to believed 100% of what he says in public platform and does something else in reality behind scenes who knows ?
        So don’t get fooled. Take it with a pinch of salt everything these days and whatever has happened,happening is the only truth.

        • Fair enough comment but the last 10 years whatever DrSwamy has done is perfectly in tune with what needs to be done to change the way country is being informed.He has articulated his thoughts on finance,taxation,administration,law/courts and has tirelessly criss crossed the country to spread a message of positivism, a direction on morality in public life.I don’t think other than him,there is a single politician at the moment who is honest,articulate,knowledgeable,critical,fair and energetic. Rest are either confused and crooked or devious and attention gathering.Take your pick.

  16. They never offer any defence on merits. Normal defence was that the the charge was politically motivated. Then came the vendetta decoration. Now in this case the defence of attack on freedom of expression has come up. Their bubble cannot remain unpricked for ever.


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