Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Shah responsible for the mayhem at Red Fort and other parts of Delhi during Republic Day

It was a big mistake to allow Tractor Rally by Modi and Shah and then once it happened a Nero-like performance while the mob smashed around with tractors

It was a big blunder to allow Tractor Rally by Modi and Shah. The rally was a total disaster
It was a big blunder to allow Tractor Rally by Modi and Shah. The rally was a total disaster

Total mayhem at Red Fort and other parts of Delhi

The buck stops with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. Yes, the awesome twosome. You are totally responsible for the mayhem that happened in Red Fort and other parts of Delhi during the farmers’ tractor rally protest against the three controversial farm laws. Some BJP supporters may ask how the PM and HM are responsible. Here is why – you allowed the Tractor rally to proceed and ordered Police to keep restraint (some say you said nothing, which is equally bad); this allowed the protestors to smash all barricades with tractors and reach up to Red Fort and hoist Sikh religious flags. By 11 PM the Delhi Police finally removed the protestors from the Red Fort area but the miscreants got what they wanted – hoisting flags as if they have won something.

Inaction begets unrest

The same thing happened during Shaheen Bagh protests last year – you allowed the protestors to block the road for more than 100 days, which ultimately led to Delhi Riots in February 2020, which ended in more than 50 people losing life and 1000s injured and severe loss of property of the public. All your restraint did not stop the Left Lumpens of various countries from expressing their “concern” about India’s Human Rights. Some have gone one step further and are alleging genocide. All because the cat has got both your tongues and also tied your hands.

Amit Shah is responsible for Law and Order

Delhi’s Law and Order are with Delhi Police which is directly under the Union Home Ministry headed by Prime Minister’s most trusted and powerful Home Minister Amit Shah. It is well known that only Modi can veto Shah and they are mostly thought of as speaking with one voice for the past two decades. You two are no different from Manmohan Singh while observing maun vrat – you will tweet about Jan 6 incident on Capitol Hill but not a peep on what happened in your own back yard. A leader should have the guts and gumption to chide and admonish the unruly mob. Hope you enjoyed the sight of Delhi Police falling into what appears to be a 10-feet deep ditch, trying to avoid the blows of the protestors.

So here the question is will Amit Shah order Delhi Police to arrest Deep Sidhu? Delhi Police is a big force and very professional at handling any issue.

Now photos are emerging that the leader of the protester in Red Fort is one small-time actor Deep Sidhu. Noted lawyer and pro-farmer protester Prashant Bhushan has uploaded photos of Deep Siddhu with Modi and Shah, the previous year.

Tribune newspaper has come out with a detailed report of how Deep Sidhu and a gangster Lakha Sidhana orchestrated chaos in Red Fort and hoisting Sikh religious flags[1].

Arrest the miscreants, for God’s sake

Mr. Amit Shah, are you done playing the violin? Will you now order Delhi Police to arrest Deep Sidhu? Delhi Police is a big force and can professionally handle any issues – if you permit that is. For the most part, your ilk is the one that has tied up Delhi Police. Only after 5 PM were orders given to Delhi Police for stern action.

I hope this is not yet another pathetic attempt at portraying some as being bad to get political capital – the long-suffering people of Delhi will tell you what they thought of your masterly inactivity during Shaheen Bagh protests, soundly thrashing your party in the elections.


[1] How extremist elements hijacked farmers’ rally and Deep Sidhu’s role in chaosJan 26, 2021, The Tribune

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  1. they are just astroturfing, the duo exposed them for what they really are, they are simply use issue as cover. when they did not agree to go on clause by clause discussion it was very clear what they wanted.

  2. Kudos to PM ModiG and Amit ShahG who allowed the tractor rally with conditions. Kudos to Delhi police who tolerated the asaults and torture by many goons who were on the payrolls of Pakistan china and other countries Now if we had banned the march, few misguide people might have entered the raj path blown them selves or killed some VIPs and all hell will have broken out. Now these NRI Sikh lead march was a disaster and a big failure. Kisans have apologised and many have decided to go home and are not participating in any more morchas to parliament Now the big land owners like Badals captain Gang Sharad Pawar and others got exposed also . Two crore patriotic Sikhs are angry and are shedding tears as few Sikhs have tried to insult our Tiranga on Repoublic day. when a govt gave them freedom from all farm laws for two and half years, still these people ignored it. They refused to respect parliament supreme court and state police and said they will do any thing as it is their freedom. Nation has won and slave Sikhs of foreign countries have lost big. Now India knows how to treat these people when they try to visit our mother land .

  3. The situation was very well handled by the Modi administration.

    These so called ” protestors” are not farmers, on Hindi Kisans.

    These are kulaks, landowners, who get the farming done by landless labour imported from Bihar, Eastern U.P.

    Those land less labourers are the farmers, tilllers of the land.

    They are exploited mericlessly by these punjabi semi feudal thakurs.
    The demonstraors are out for fun.

    By allowing the rally into Delhi, these so called farmers git exposed, and their move has backfired.

    There is a rush to distance themselves from the crimes.

    Groups are already abandoning the camps.

    They are now just individual criminals, who know they will be caught and punished one by one.

    Any other action by the Administration would have given the Congis- kejriwalites, Marxists, a free run.

    The wind has been taken out of their sails.

    • ‘The situation was very well handled by the administration. ‘ Are you daft? Didn’t you see what they did at Red Fort? They tractor terrorists desecrated the very symbol of Indian freedom! ! Ha! Where was 56′ chest then? More like a 56’ inch waist line!! Even an ordinary state government would have handled the situation much better. The least the HM can do us to take responsibility and resign.

      • This post is from a jehadist across the border. Read every word, which comes from madrasaa training. They always use hindu names while criticising Modi and this pattern is visible in comments column in all Indian sites. They don’t know difference between feet and inches.

  4. Shaheen Bagh was diffrent and President Trump was visiting India and his event was getting world wide coverage . The center’s patience was meaning full. Imagine few hundred people entering the raj path and one or two blowing them selves or throwing pipe bombs at VIPs. Any chaos during the republic day event would have hit the headlines all over the world. Now we know who were all the traitors and who were the leaders who were asking them to all anti national acts . Imagine police firing on protesters and killing few. A massive communal riot would have taken place and hundreds would have died. Home minister is taking action and many will end up in jail soon. posting Prashant Bhushan photo with some one now after he did some anti national act has zero meaning. Prashant Bhushan has photos with Terrorists from Jammu Kashmir and other places. Center’s patience and willing to accommodate the farmer’s concerns is appreciated by majority .

  5. Very balanced thought by Sree Iyer. Regime totally failed to address the issue of farmers and trying to paint the agitation as bad by using words like “elements”, “Khalisthan” “so called farmers” etc. too woo it’s foolish voter’s base for electoral gains.

  6. After 60 days of sitting at the borders the stale mate had to be broken. After doing same thing over and over again there never can be a different result. Not allowing the tractor rally would have been politically imprudent.
    It was obvious that the agitators were bent on violence. The call for sticks and use of tractors as weapons was the way to achieve it.
    With such superior weapons the alternative could only have been firing and use of vehicles heavier than tractors possibly tanks, if used the result would have been a disaster exactly where the agitators wanted it to be.
    Now we need a law that prevents any weapon or vehicle in the protest. The protestors have be less lethally armed than the police.

  7. Sad to see PGurus joining the ranks of Modi bashers like congress, commies, jihadis, liberals etc.
    Is it a sign that Dr. Swamy is once again preparing to switch sides?

  8. I am shocked!! to say the least. How can you share the old picture of Deep Sidhu with Modi and not the recent video interview clip with Barkha Dutt where he clearly states that he was never part or supporter of BJP and was only supporting Sunny Deol (BJP MP) during the election as Sunny is also an actor? I never in my wildest dreams expected this from PGurus. You should tell the truth, but the complete truth and not the half truth.

    There are several such flaws in this article. I have only pointed one. This whole article is terribly ill-conceived. I don’t agree with what happened in Delhi and how it was handled (right from the start), but you have to be completely fair. When you show the tweet of this rascal Bhushan, its you duty to show that Deep himself admitted he was never with BJP or supported Modi-Shah. The least I expect from PGurus is to rectify this mistake in the next article ASAP.

  9. What would be the thoughts of foreign investors and companies after seeing the continuous lawlessness in the capital city for one reason or the other? I doubt they’d consider India as a safe nation to invest a lot of money – no doubt they can do some investment to try and test the water, but serious investments as they did in China, I feel would potentially be driven away.

    The inaction can have far-reaching consequences. You don’t have to shoot the protestors; there are other not-so-conventional ways to break the back of such protests, if one is really interested.

  10. Since the author professes to be a fan of the game of cricket, a cricket analogy could help him understand (perhaps): Sometimes, when the ball is moving a bit, the offside field is kept open to tempt the batsman to drive a good length-to-full pitched ball, with the possibility that there will be an edge and a catch. By allowing the tractor rally, the government left the field open for the unruly elements of the farmers as well as non-farmers to break the law and resort to violence. Now the so called farmers and their supporters are “out” and the law (as in criminal) will take its course and the government can legitimately shut this protest down.

    The BJP government at the Centre did goof up by not going on a “consultation-cum-Public Relations” offensive between the passing of the Ordinance (May 2020) and passing of the laws (Sep 2020). They did not do that, and allowed the protests to gain momentum. At least now they have a chance to correct their mistakes.

    • Follow what happened post-Delhi riots… Many FIRs were filed but from what I hear, they are leaky and badly drafted and will not stand the rigor of test in a court. Why can’t the government file FIRs properly? And when AAP party members are caught with incitement and illegal weapons, why is their honcho still roaming free? Many conversations found between Taher Hussain and Arvind Kejriwal on the days leading up to the riots. Post-Covid, now all the asli desis have left their illegal hutments to go back to their native places, leaving the space for the illegals. Why could they not do a thorough cleansing of these places once the migrant workers left? Ask these questions of your MP and send us a copy of your email to them and we will publish it.

  11. Modi and Shah are cowards and useless. They could not stop the anti CAA protests, which then became Shaheen Bagh protests and ultiamtely Delhi riots which killed 52 people who are all Hindus. This farmer’s protest is also based on the same template. Modi is just a talker and not doer.

  12. For a change Modi Shah duo played its game well. Now the so called farmers’ protest is totally discredited and it will wither away soon. Sometimes no action is better than taking some meaningless action. If police acted sternly the opposition would have cried foul. Now the culprits in this drama are the bogus farmers.

  13. Usually my views are always in sync with pgurus. But here I disagree. Yes, there was a riot like situation, Yes, the police looked inequipped, Yes, there is loss of life and property, Yes, We have seen this play out over and over again.
    The government here had the following options:
    1) Ban the rally and have the narrative set “democracy in danger, hitler etc”
    2) Beat them black and blue and possibly kill a few (MOST RECOMMENDED BY ISI, KHALISTANIS AND URBAN NAXALS)
    3) Allow the rally, manage it as best you can without getting provoked and importantly DONT KILL, i.e. give them a reason. (Insult to the flag should not have been tolerated)

    Govt. chose the last option. What has transpired now is the actual seditionists, urban naxals and other anti social elements will be tracked, grouped and strategically dealt with. It’s the same common actors.
    They now have the ability to ban and track all the foreign investments, they now have the support of the sikhs, who are patriotic and remorseful about what has transpired.

    It was be a shame is Modi and Amit Shah Ji don’t come down with an iron hand, I’m sure they will, they just couldn’t risk republic day with loss off life. That would have been a narrative to live with for live and a constant fault line to be exploited by our neighbors. It’s a free flow thought, ignore typos and hope it makes sense.

  14. one sided reporting by Pgurus . Even opponents r praising the restraint shown by DP. they same farmer portrayed water canons as firing from 76.2 mm guns. How else protester’s true color come out if u don’t let them hv farmers parade. Jitange ja marange. either we will win or die. was their slogans in meetings. Pgurus pull up your shocks.


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