Rahul Gandhi gets a good lesson from Smriti Irani

Rahul gets a lesson from Smriti
Rahul gets a lesson from Smriti

Off late, Rahul Gandhi has taken all his concerns about the Modi Government to Twitter. Ever since Rahul Gandhi joined Twitter, he has been at center of both sarcasm and critics who have taken him for a ride.

Yesterday, Rahul Tweeted about the Modi Government, slyly referring to them as the Nazi regime. The Tweets came in light of Rohith Vemula, and only God knows for what reason he is raking this issue out of nowhere! He said that the Modi Government is clamping down on the voices of several people like Rohith Vemula, much like how Hitler used to clamp down on his critics during the Nazi regime.

This is what he Tweeted:

Smriti decided to give him a lesson!

As soon as Rahul Gandhi made this series of Tweets, he stirred a hornet’s nest on Twitter. Several people were questioning Rahul Gandhi about his cheap remarks about the Prime Minister. Indeed, his remarks are an insult to the temple of democracy in India.

However, Union Minister Smriti Irani decided that Rahul Gandhi must be taught a lesson. She gave it back to him, with a mix of sarcasm (which Rahul probably didn’t understand).

She drew reference to the emergency where the Congress has clamped down on all those who dared to open their mouths and speak a word against Indira Gandhi and her failed governance.

This is what Smriti Irani Tweeted:

Smriti has had a bright career under the Modi Government. She was first in charge of the Human Resource Department Ministry and later during a cabinet reshuffle, got the Textile Ministry. More recently, after the elevation of Shri Venkaiah Naidu as the Vice Presidential candidate, Smriti was given additional charge of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry too.


  1. Poor chap he doesn’t seem to realise that tweets more suits him that our PM, hope someone from CONgress party have courage to let king(RAGA) know he has been naked for a while, he appears to be determined not to stop till he gets his father and grand father naked

  2. Smriti Irani, been out of circulation after that initial burst of grace from the supreme leader. Looks like she is back as her lordship has bestowed his kindness on her again. She deserves a new certificate.

  3. Rahul Gandhi is so ignorant of facts that are affecting the nation that one can not help pitying him. His lack of original thinking, and natural wisdom virtually makes him an idiot of sorts to be ridiculed and belittled all the time. Individuals, even in the opposite camps in India must be Nationalistic first, to become eligible and meaningfully accepted to comment on things. In Rahul’s case it is fools paradise every time he opens his mouth. What a Shame.

  4. Rahul must be sent to a very effective psychiatrist. Sooner it is done better will it be for him as well as Congress. Even if that is not effective he very much deserves a treatment similar to one given to a mentally retarded human creature.


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