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Lootyen Elite – Your benefactors despise you

A memo to Lootyen elite, from Rahul to Shashi Tharoor to Mani Shankar Aiyar to Sitaram Yechury to Barkha Dutt: the western elite and...

My Letter Series: Dear Pakistan, Truths & Untruths That Need Straightening...

Delusionally, he still believes that his cricketing achievements would be enough to have all doors opened for him J&K is burning, you claim. People are...

BJP should not underestimate Rahul Gandhi – most wars lost since...

In the din of the twitter world, one thing that I noticed that we cannot forget the lesson of history. Tweet by: RVAIDYA2000‏ I repeat:RaGa is...

After linking RSS to Mahatma’s murder, Rahul Gandhi begins to feel...

It can be assumed that the case will take its own time to be settled and Rahul Gandhi can make merry until then Rahul Gandhi...

Who is the Complan Boy?

A keen contest has developed between RaGa and PraRo on who will be the Complan Boy!

Is Congress drawing parallels between RaGa and Aurangazeb?

Are they justifying dynastic succession by drawing parallels between Rahul Gandhi (RaGa) and Aurangazeb?

Who needs Eratosthenes when we have RaGa

Eratosthenes, the “Father of Geography" is probably wondering how Gujarat can be three times the size of Earth!

RaGa and Raavan Leela

Rahul Gandhi's latest gaffe...


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