Rahul Gandhi’s comments on #NationalHerald case an insult to democracy

Rahul Gandhi's comments on #NationalHerald case an insult to democracy
Rahul Gandhi's comments on #NationalHerald case an insult to democracy

New Delhi, Dec 12

Union Minister for Human Resource Development Smriti Irani on Friday slammed Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi for his comment that “National Herald case is vendetta coming out of the Prime Minister’s Office”, calling it an insult to democracy.

“There can’t be a bigger insult to our democracy. Judiciary and Democracy don’t function at someone’s comfort,” Irani said addressing a session at ‘Agenda Aaj Tak’ being organised here in the city.

The statements being made by Gandhi show that if the “Judiciary doesn’t kneel before the Gandhi family, parliament won’t be allowed to function”.


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  1. This is pure gooda-giri by Congress rather by RaGa. Look at the events.
    (a) When the issue surfaced in 2012, he challenged Dr.Swamy to take him to court and threatened defamation.
    (b) When the lower court issues summons, no fuss made but simply approached high court.
    (c) Tried all tricks to delay the case
    (d) When high court judgement came, initial reaction was to go to SC.
    (d) In between challenged the Govt to take action against him, asking Namo to show courage and 56″ chest
    When the time has come for RaGa to show courage he is crying foul and vendetta.
    So long talking about doing good to people but stopping parliament from functioning.
    Amazing is the ways of Congress and its leadership. HRD Minister is correct in her assumption


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