Rahul is an evil for India

Rahul has a long way to go into understanding how different departments in the government operate

Rahul is an evil for india
Rahul has a long way to go into understanding how different departments in the government operate

Rahul is obsessed with is to become the country’s Prime Minister for which he could one day light a bonfire of our Constitution in Jantar Mantar. He is actually an Evil with capital “E”

Rahul is not a mere Baba or Pappu. He is also not only “a buffoon, the biggest buffoon of the country” as dubbed recently the Telangana Chief Minister. Perhaps he is not merely the Ignoramus Colossus of India who does not know either the intricacies of economics or the morals of politics.

This action by Jaitley threw the Congress MP’s Press meet assertion into the gutter. However,  Rahul did not slander his lying MP who saw an invisible Jaitley talking to Mallya in the Central Hall of Parliament

The one thing he seems obsessed with is to become the country’s Prime Minister for which he thinks nothing of tearing a Presidential Ordinance at a Press conference and for which he could one day light a bonfire of our Constitution in Jantar Mantar.  He is actually an Evil with capital “E”.

The events of the last fortnight this September are indications of that nomenclature.

Early in that evil fortnight, he had been publicly caught by the nation for not disclosing his Directorial status in his Income Tax return of 2010-11, years ago. But there was no remorse or shame from his side.

Instead, he first brought an MP of his Congress party to a Press briefing of his with the intention of making the man say that Arun Jaitley, our Finance Minister, had met Vijay Mallya, the notorious bank defaulter, for 15-20 minutes on annual Budget day of March 1, 2018, and struck some kind of a deal for letting him escape to London the next night, bag and baggage.

Imagine how Mr Evil did not care, how much shame this unproven statement about a “deal” between two Rajya Sabha members might bring to the entire stature status to our Parliament’s elite House. And remember it came from the same man who requested the Delhi High Court to ensure that our media was not conveyed his failure to disclose a vital parameter from his own filed Tax Return.

Quickly after that “Evil” Press meet, Jaitley showed the cast-iron proof of his tight diary schedule for March 1, when he was not at all present in the Central Hall of Parliament; and remember that, earlier issued a public clarification by Jaitley that he had met Mally in the Rajya Sabha on March 1 for a maximum of 40 seconds.

This action by Jaitley threw the Congress MP’s Press meet assertion into the gutter. However,  Rahul did not slander his lying MP who saw an invisible Jaitley talking to Mallya in the Central Hall of Parliament.

Or was Rahul’s charge of NaMo’s interference with those two CBI notices another outright lie?

Instead of slandering his own lying MP and apologising to Jaitley, Rahul chose to slander Jaitley yet again. And roped in the Prime Minister as well.

In a Tweet reported on the front page of  Mumbai’s “Free Press Journal” newspaper dated 15th September 2018, Rahul said “Mallya’s Great Escape was aided by the CBI by quietly changing the “Detain’ notice to him to one of ‘Inform’. The CBI reports directly to the PM. It is inconceivable that the CBI in such a high profile, controversial case, would choose to issue a lookout notice without the approval of the PM.”

The above Tweet, pointing the gun straight at our Prime Minister, once more shows the highest possible indiscretion of Rahul Evil. There is no reason why he did not bother to gather and reveal some proof of what a big derogatory remark he was making. The basic thing he ought to have done was to first talk discreetly and diplomatically to the CBI Director, Anil Sinha, who held that highest CBI office when the two CBI Look Out Circulars were issued before his retirement on December 2, 2016.

Or was Rahul’s charge of NaMo’s interference with those two CBI notices another outright lie? Remember, he had lied when he said – in Parliament—that, in a personal meeting, the President of France had denied to him that the NDA Government’s Rafale Deal for fighter Jets was a secret one. Oh, how on earth can some outright liar be elected as our motherland’s PM?

And, readers, Rahul(like dozens of our ill-read journalists) does not know that the Home Ministry’s designation for a so-called Lookout notice is “Look Out Circular” (LOC); this is so because a LOC is NOT issued to any single human entity, but is “circulated” to the many law enforcement and investigative agencies.

In any case, the controversy of two LOCs being issued to Mallya is essentially so much hogwash. Why?

Because, while it is true that the CBI issued two different LOCs, the fact is that none of them was warranted. Let’s sort out this fully because those details tell a story of their own and include a critical fact that everyone seems to have missed.

The undisputed facts about the two LOCs have been issued. A reputed magazine reported as follows. and they run as follows:

(i) On October 16, 2015, the CBI, which was probing allegations of financial irregularities against Vijay Mallya, issued a notice saying that the liquor and airline tycoon should be detained if he tried to leave India

(ii) On November 24, 2015, the CBI issued a fresh LOC against  Mallya. This notice said that the only action to be taken in case Mallya reached any port to leave India was to simply inform the CBI and let the businessman continue on his travels.

(iii) This was done, sources within the CBI told India Today TV, since the October 16 look-out circular had a “mistake”. The notice was issued by the CBI’s Mumbai unit and an officer there ‘mistakenly’ ticked the checkbox meant for detention while filling out the look-out notice, the sources said.

(iv) The mistake, apparently, came to light only on November 23 when Mallya was to leave India for a day-long foreign trip.

(v)When he reached the airport, the Bureau of Immigration, which is tasked with regulating the inflow and outflow of passengers at ports, called the CBI to ask whether the October 16 look-out notice should be executed, the sources said. The CBI told the agency: No.

(vi) The October 16 look-out circular had a mistake, the CBI explained. On November 24, the day Mallya was to return from his foreign trip, the agency issued the new circular.

The sources said that the CBI did not want Mallya detained as the businessman was cooperating with the officers investigating the allegations against him. And so, the new CBI look-out circular merely asked the Bureau of Immigration to “inform it about Mallya’s departure and travel plans”.

(vii) After his November 23-24 trip, Mallya once again travelled abroad in December. The sources said that Mallya kept the CBI in the loop about his travel plans. Mallya, however, did not inform the agency about the last time he left He has not returned since and is currently in London where a court is hearing India’s request to extradite him back home. (https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/vijay-mallya-cbi-look-out-circular-diluted-1338741-2018-09-13)

Below is the finale of the LOC story.

On September 13 the CBI’s “error of judgement” system was published. It said that the change in a 2015 Lookout Circular against liquor baron Mallya from “detain” to merely informing about his movements was an “error” in judgement because he was cooperating in the probe and there was no warrant against him.

The above-underlined words in Italics constitute the most crucial issue of a LOC. Sadly, it has been ignored by journalists and all others concerned.

The crux of a LoC lies in the Home Ministry’s seven-page Office Memorandum of 27th October 2010. It is based on two Delhi High Court verdicts. For the benefit of readers, this is attached here as downloaded from the Internet.

Lookoutcircular 27042017 EXISTING NORMS by Neha on Scribd

The most important point of this above Memorandum is 7(a). It says “Recourse to LoC can be taken by investigating agency in cognizable offences under IPC or other penal laws, where the accused was deliberately evading arrest or not appearing in the trial court despite NBWs and other coercive measures and there was the likelihood of the accused leaving the country to evade trial/arrest.” (IPC denotes Indian Penal Code, and NBW denotes Non-Billable Warrant.)

The issue of the cognizable offence stated above in  7(a) is reiterated in the said Memorandum’s 8(g) which says, “Recourse to LOC is to be taken in cognizable offences under IPC or other penal laws.”

Hence the CBI’s “error of judgement” is itself wrong. The non-issue of a Warrant of Arrest should have been the only cause of not detaining or arresting Mallya.

And let it be understood that being a Willful Defaulter of a Bank loan is not considered a crime – as yet. As “Business Standard” said in one of its reports “At present, there is no specific law for legal action against Wilful defaulters. Banks initiate action against such accounts under laws like the SARFAESI Act.” “(https://www.business-standard.com/article/finance/all-you-need-to-know-about-wilful-defaulters-116022400481_1.)_ Hence, no “wilful defaulter” can be the subject of Look Out Circular for unless he has also committed a cognisable offence under a penal law of our country. QED.

Will Rahul “Evil” understand this? Or will his Mumma have to bring Sam Pitroda from the USA to coach him on all such issues? After all, this Uncle Sam seems to be the friend, guide and philosopher in the Gandhi entourage.

1. Text in Blue points to additional data on the topic.
2. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Arvind Lavakare has been a freelance writer since 1957. He has written and spoken on sports on radio and TV. He currently writes on political issues regularly. His writings include a book on Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

His freelancing career began in "The Times of India" with a sports article published when he was a month shy of 20 years of age. He was also a regular political affairs columnist first for rediff.com for five years or so and then shifted to sify.com. He also wrote extensively for niticentral.com "till it stopped publication."


  1. At a recent panel discussion to launch a book of essays by a senior lawyer and Congress spokesperson, Abhishek Singhvi, I pushed the speakers to define what “secularism” is. Singhvi’s introductory chapter identifies secularism as the first principle of Indian democracy. As a philosophical notion of diversity and a constitutional guarantee of equality, of course, I entirely agree. It is what makes India unique and wonderful.

  2. Congress is evil. Sonia has manipulated every limbs of democracy-the legislature, executive, judiciary to serve her nefarious activities.Born to rule , dynasty has ruled with a puppet P.M. Coalition “dharma” enabled every party to loot unquestioned. All the parties cooperated in this grand design. Sharad Powar, Mayavathi, Mamata, Mulayam Singh, Laloo Yadha, the Dravidian parties had their share of booty. All bloody scoundrels now stand naked. What unites them enlightened is self interest. Time has arrived for reckoning. All of them deserve to be jailed. In China, they would have been hanged.

    • True, we are still ” Intolerant” to the truth and being too “Respectful” of the “Opinions” of the World; which is detrimental to our Nation’s Safety and Interests. Bharatha Matha ki JAI. JAI HIND. Vange Matha ram.

  3. BJP are too soft on RAGA. In fact if Vajpayee wouldn’t have interfered, when RAGA was detained at BOSTON airport for an illegal act, present situation would have been different. Congress has international support among politicians, media and academician. BJP must start a filthy tricks department, to throw muck on its opponents.

  4. Whatever your reservations, you must treat RG with a little more dignity. I can see nothing in the article that justifies the adjective ‘evil’.

    Congress party thinks it fit to project RG as their leader. That should be good enough for us to accept.

    This whole article is in poor taste.

  5. Please see the way the Times of India reports. Every alternative day they give front page cover to Pappu without fail. When the biggest health scheme was launched by PM, instead of giving priority for this pro poof scheme they reported in 5/6th page on the same day pappu was on front page?
    The TV of times group are acting as if they are against pappu and team. The print of Times shows they are pro pappu. In case any body wins 2019 they want to be on winning side only.

    • What is so great about that scheme? I think this country is sleepwalking into a trap. This scheme, mark my words, will benefit the corrupt and the looters. Go figure how.

      • So pappus comment on Rafel or what ever was important for every citizen of this country and know his very golden view so it will come in first page. Where as the health insurance for every body was not important according to media and you?

        • Everybody? Who says that? The reported health insurance is for some %.. not all. It is an American con, no?

          Who paid the insurance? To whom? Where will the money come from?

          You have no idea about corruption. Try to read a little more, preferably non- bhakti literature.

  6. Congress was able to corrupt in last 70 yrs minds of millions . These corrupt hold good position on govt . When police , judiciary and finance dept get corrupted you can get any thing with money . Gandhi’s are loaded with money , only honest media can save the country otherwise corrupts and , converts will burn the nation . God bless India we have still few great souls .

  7. Targeting & shouting at PM is still acceptable. Pappu becoming or wanting to become PM of India is a disaster & he is totally acceptable. The Pappu should be instructed that he should first go through the qualification process of standing in panchayat elections.

  8. Most of the time the Congress spokespersons in the media adopt aggressive posture against PM and BJP so brazenly without any valid evidence and the media also indirectly seems to encourage the same for reasons not difficult to understand. On the other hand BJP representatives present their view point in a matter of fact fashion which is not effective to drive home their point of view. Talk shows in the media apart, it is time that the Modi govt. takes strong action against the corrupt and slander mongers and book them straightaway for their illegal and criminal acts, by speeding up the prosecution process which is want the people voted them for.

  9. India got independence from British in 1947. Yet, to this day, the slave mentality has not gone.
    An impression is being created with the help of presstitutes that Indians want Rahul Gandhi (of dubious citizenship even) to head us in 2019. If that were to happen, it will be the biggest blot on 1.25 Billion of us Indians, even worse than the British occupation of our country.

    We must reiterate that the 1.25 Billion Indian populace do not need any Colonialist power / European to rule us; we are capable of that ourselves; Therefore we do not need this Italiano-British (anything but Indian) dumbo to lead us. More such articles need to be written and widely circulated.

  10. Guys, come what may, vote for Modi in 2019… We have to defeat these evil forces, who are trying to destroy hinduism and our country..

  11. Nicely written article with good data points. Pgurus earlier published an article on who was responsible for CBI converting the detention to lookout notice. It gave an impression that PMO and FM was involved in this act.

  12. Much of what has been said about RG is correct. But the BJP for reasons best known has not reacted sharply enough to his barbs. In other words they seem to be answering him instead of holding him by the scruff of the neck. His British Citizenship issue has not been highlighted enough.. So also the corrupt deeds of PC and others which can put him on the back foot. Even in NH case where he really is on the mat the BJP does not seem to be driving home the advantage. Rafale deal his lies have not been countered effectively and makes BJP appear defensive. 2G case flop is going to haunt them severely in the days to come.

  13. Please note how the exPM was killed with Old both went within a short span. What conspiracy was there in the Bofors arms deal all know very well, please inform Pappu not to play with fire because he will jeopardize his mom and sister & their life will be at stake. Arms dealers are ruthless, and they didn’t leave Hollande. He was forced to make that statement and nothing can be said in the global market. It can be the Russian, Italian, oligarch or US or French manufacturer. I am really concerned that greed by this Italian family may lead to unknown hardships to our Defence dept.

  14. Fx trading,commodity trading ban with immediate effect. Conduct investigations. Once the culprit brought in to books.and preventive&corrective action,assured future trading can resume,similar way nse,sebi should suspend trading till the investigation.


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