Reply to 2nd Rejoinder – the scurrilous message posted by Shri Sowriraja Iyengar

The inference is clear – if the Prime Nominee was driven out, the “field” would be open for such other “self-appointed” candidates

2nd Rejoinder - to the scurrilous message posted by Shri Sowriraja Iyengar
2nd Rejoinder - to the scurrilous message posted by Shri Sowriraja Iyengar

Our first piece of work on Srirangam Andavan Ashram is about – Are business interests taking over the religious institution it can be accessed here ‘Part 1 – Srirangam Andavan Ashram’. The second part pertains to the reply by Srirangam Andavan Ashramam replies to PGurus post, rejecting allegations which can be accessed here ‘Part 2 – Srirangam Andavan Ashram replies to PGurus’. The third part is again a reply by the Srirangam Andavan Ashraman, Reply to the rejoinder published about the current issues concerning Srirangam Andavan Ashram can be accessed here ‘ Part 3 – Srirangam Andavan Ashram’s reply to PGurus’, This part is an official reply to the letter dated 05-08-2018 posted in PGurus.

Dear PGurus,

Srimathe Sri RangaRamanuja Mahadesikaya Nama:

Thvaiyee rakshathee rakshakai kimanyaihee… Nruharae 

When the Almighty protects, does one need any other’s protection?

We refer to the letter by Shri U. Ve. Sowrirajan Iyengar Swami, published on 05-Aug-18 in your website, and state this by way of reply:

i) There was no “sacking” of Shri U. Ve. Veeraraghavachariar Swami from the post of Srikaryam, there was only a communication of the fact that a Srikaryam being only an agent for the yathi, ceases to function as such upon the passing away of the yathi.

ii) Even this communication we were constrained to issue only because of the continued activities of the said Shri U. Ve. Veeraghavachariar Swami obstructing the execution of the Will of the last pontiff HH Srimad Srimushnam Andavan (including, giving an assurance that he would make a certain other person as the Acharyan without having regard for the Will, imposing conditions for the Prime Nominee’s ascension to the Peetam, conferring with groups seeking to promote persons other than those nominated by HH Srimad Srimushnam Andavan, acting along with/supporting person(s) who said that HH Srimad Srimushnam Andavan’s Will should be torn up at His Brindavanam, making unfortunate remarks against the prime nominee, etc.) – we have explained these in a WhatsApp post to sishyas of the Ashramam and do not wish to state the same here in detail.

iii) With respect to the statement that an earlier Andavan Swami (HH Srimad Thirukkudanthai Andavan) made his Srikaryam the first member of his will-execution committee: HH Srimad Thirukkudanthai Andavan Swami constituted a Central Committee in June 1988 of which adiyen (RR) was a Principal Member even then. The Central Committee was entrusted with the combined responsibility of installing the successor and administering the affairs of the Asramam till the new Andavan Swami took over. The then Srikaryam Swami, Shri Madhavachar Swami was one of the members (not the first member). The then Srikaryam Swami was also the last choice Swami amongst the 5 nominated to succeed HH (i.e. if none of the first named 4 Swamis consented).The very fact that the HH Srimad Srimushnam Andavan wished and chose not to do so (i.e. not to appoint Shri Veeraraghavachariar Swami in any capacity, in his Will) speaks for itself – indeed, the above-mentioned actions of Shri Veeraraghavachariar Swami only seem to highlight HH Srimushnam Andavan’s astute perceptiveness.

iv) With respect to the repeated motivated campaign that the Will is bogus: the fact of the existence of the Will was mentioned even during HH Srimad Srimushnam Andavan’s lifetime, in February 2018, to the very same Shri U. Ve. Veeraraghavachariar Swami (who then was the Srikaryam); further, respecting the fact that he had been HH Srimad Andavan’s Srikaryam, the contents of the Will were disclosed to the said Swami on 20-Mar-18 (the day after HH Srimushnam Andavan attained Paramapadham) and a copy of the Will was also handed over to him on 23-Mar-18 which the Swami took after comparing  with the original; these facts have been acknowledged even by the said Swami in an audio message which is in the public domain – to cry hoarse now and attempt to carry on a vilification campaign that the Will is bogus is plainly pointless;

v) Much innuendo has been directed at the composition of the committee: we may state here that it consists of prominent sishyas who consider themselves fortunate to have been in a position to serve the Ashramam and at least 3 Andavan Swamis, over the last 40+ years; we sincerely believe that HH Srimushnam Andavan had  reasons to choose the persons he did as his Will-executors and entrust to them (as against persons who/whose relatives could themselves be hoping to occupy the Peetam) the matter of ensuring the ascension of the next Andavan Swami in line with his wishes – we leave it at that;

vi) On the same note, it would have been appreciable if the author of the letter under reply, Shri U. Ve. Sowrirajan Swami, had disclosed that he is one of the persons aiming to become the next Andavan Swami; in fact, he was one of the signatories to a most inappropriate “letter” addressed to the Prime Nominee on 24-Jul-18, stating that prime nominee was unfit for the post as he did not have “anvayam”, that he should withdraw on his own, etc. Further, one of the prime movers of the so-called “Shishyas Sabha” i.e. Shri Krishnakumar Swami, is the brother of another person (Shri U. Ve. Aravamudhachar Swami) aspiring to be the next pontiff. Shri U. Ve. Aravamudhachar was the Swami who ‘declared’ that HH Srimad Andavan committed Droham to the Asramam lineage by nominating Shri Velianallur Narayanachar as His Successor & that ‘he’ will fight that.

vii) The inference is clear – if the Prime Nominee was driven out, the “field” would be open for such other “self-appointed” candidates. This above-said letter was sent despite their assurances given on 22-Jul-18 that the Prime Nominee would NOT be disturbed for a week. (the Prime Nominee’s video clip – wherein he stated that he had been disturbed by continuous interferences and that he would communicate his decision in a week’s time – was played out in an open meeting, and had also been attached to our earlier rejoinder).

viii) About the assets of the Ashramam: the financial integrity of each member of the committee is well-known, and there is no necessity to dilate on this or to respond to defamatory statements;

ix)  Finally, we may say this: being older in years, we truly see those who have created the present situation as but younger brothers in our family, and in that fraternal spirit, we request adherence to the Vedic exhortation – sathyam vadha, dharmam chara [speak the truth, follow dharma]

Acharyan Thiruvadigalae Sharanam

Daasan RR,

R Rajagopal, Chairman, NEC

On behalf of Will Executors & National Executive Committee

Team PGurus


  1. Please solve the matter as soon as possible ,try to solve out of court by giving respect to natural justice and without insulting anyone

  2. The brahmin community in Tamilnadu is a small percentage of the Hindu population. Among them the Sri vaishnavas are only a part. Even among them, the followers of Sh.Andavan Swamy are only a section. Now due to infighting between two groups unfortunately dirty linen is being washed in public. The solution to this should come from the community itself. What can Pgurus or the readers do in this case?
    The people concerned on both sides should sit together and find an amicable solution early. Otherwise they will become a laughing stock in front of those waiting to ridicule the Hindus, particularly Brahmins.

  3. It’s high time we take over the ashramam and free it from the ridiculous clutches of business men and retired bureacuracts. How can a committee with no religious scholar run the Ashramam? This committee or NEC, whatever name it is, needs to be dissolved. The shishyas of the Ashramam have respect only for the Vedic scholars and the question of bhavishyat Acharyan needs to be dealt with only by them. Period

  4. NEC has been writing mails to make allegations and insinuations only . No attempt is being made to engage Vidwans and shishyas about steps to install bhavishyath acharyan.. They should not discredit every bhagavatha in the ashram and try to assume a larger role for themselves …

    Having failed to find a successor as per the purported will , they should now step back and let the Vidwans And Srikariyam swami take over …Magnanimity is the need of the hour and not mud slinging … There is no need to discredit every learned scholar by name calling and alleging that they aspire to be the next Aandavan …The committee needs to understand that they have no religious sanction . They need to display Srivaishnava lakshanam and bhaavam in all deeds and actions – this is missing this far …Why can’t the committee call for a meeting of all shishyas at Srirangam periya ashramam and close this issue ? Or will they continue writing letters forever ?

  5. Only Vedha Patasalah educated people are eligible to discuss..self proclaimed wealthy Swamy RR must be out of this selection. We can scrap the purported will. All sishyas can assemble n elect one as this is acceptable practice. In any case the same set of people cud have coerced the HH Srimushnam Andavan Swamy not to designate a junior successor….Idhu very much sadhyam…that is why he kept silent God….Lord there is dispute purported will can not be executed. Why the will was not publicised on mukthiday to all assembled..HH can not execute a will to give kashayam…kashayam can not be given by a non living mukthi adaintha person…legally inappropriate .lineage lost. ASSET PROPERTY IS THE DANGER IN ANY SANYASIS ADMN…WE ARE SEEING SINCE 2005. Finally Andavsn Ashram is not like Pachsysppa Trust….legal battle of 240 years ended in British amazing for western education n to destroy our Sanathaba Dharma…we can not fight like chengalvaraya or Pachsysppa etc where it was private property. As long as Andavsn Ashram remained in less wealth it was divine….inimel…..sabash sariysna pottinnu PS Verappa solramadhiri….na irukku

    • Namaskarams, kindly clarify, what role does ex SriKaryam sri U.Ve. Madhavachariar swamy play in the current events? Is it true that the ex SriKaryam swami was ostracised by HH Srimushnam Andavan swamigal and not allowed to enter the Ashramam premises? If so, why is this swami taking so much interest in guiding the ashrama sishyas now? Does it not appear similar to Dinakaran’s attempt to usurp ADMK after demise of Jayalalithaa while she had kept him ostracised during the last years of her life?


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