AAP workers caught in a massive Scam of Odd Even rule Reveals RTI

The AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) must explain the difference between the collected and remitted amounts from the previous two Odd-Even experiments

The AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) must explain the difference between the collected and remitted amounts from the previous two Odd-Even experiments
The AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) leaders Kejriwal and Sisodia

With the Delhi Government withdrawing from Odd-Even experiment again after the National Green Tribunal’s (NGT) slap, shocking details emerge that in previous two Odd-Even experiments huge money was siphoned to ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) volunteers. The RTI replies of Delhi Police which collected the fine from the violators of Odd-Even experiment days and Delhi Government’s Transport Department which received and remitted the money into the treasury shows that around Rs.94 lakhs (9,400,000) were siphoned to the AAP workers.

Delhi Police in the RTI reply said they collected Rs.66,36,000 and Rs.80,78,300 from the violators as fine in the 15 days each Odd-Even experiment in January and April 2016. Delhi Police clearly says that the entire money was, on a daily basis, transferred to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi Government’s Transport Department. The shocking reply from the Transport Department says that they remitted Rs.36,02,000 and Rs.17,60,000 respectively into the Treasury during these periods.

See the table below showing difference of fine in the RTI replies by Delhi Police and Transport Dept:

Last two Odd-Even experiments
Delhi Police Transport Dept. Difference
Jan 1-15, 2016 Rs.66,36,000 Rs.36,02,000 Rs.30,34,000
Apr 15-30, 2016 Rs.80,78,300 Rs.17,60,000 Rs.63,18,300
Total Rs.1,47,14,300 Rs.53,62,300 Rs.93,52,300

Both RTI replies received from the Delhi Police and the Delhi Transport Department are published below this article showing that around Rs.94 lakhs were given to AAP volunteers for 30 days campaign and propaganda for the failed Odd-Even experiment, which helped the Taxi operators like Uber and Ola to flourish in Delhi.

This shows that AAP was misusing the public funds and siphoning them for their party activities. This is a clear case of misuse of authority by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Cabinet Ministers in charge of Finance and Transport. The fine was collected by Delhi Police and remitted to Delhi’s Transport Department and there is a clear difference of Rs.93,52,300. This difference needs an explanation and a CBI probe. Why were volunteers posted to educate the people in Delhi? Are car owners in Delhi illiterate? Was the Odd-Even formula a drama to enrich the party coffers and party workers?

The RTI replies from Delhi Police and Transport Department is published below:

Delhi Police RTI reply
Fig 1. Delhi Police RTI reply
Delhi Transport RTI reply
Fig 2. Delhi Transport RTI reply
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