RVS Mani on the antecedents of Fareed Zakaria of CNN

Fareed Zakaria was accused of plagiarism and miraculously escaped being fired from CNN. RVS Mani traces his antecedents and his anti-Hindu bias and why


  1. What do you expect from a muslim anchor/reporter irrespective of whether he/she is a educated person. In Delhi it is clear that CAA protest is just a trail run of what is going to come. If you see muslims went to a relief camp (even though as you said 70% of east delhi pop is muslim) just to project world wide that muslims are prosecuted. Real patriots should be really be worried as what is to come. Lets be clear, there are a lot of break india forces out there, both internal and external. External is feeding money and internally traitors are helping them. Internal traitors dont understand that if india falls, they will loose too badly as any person who wins will first get rid of the traitors.


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