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RVS Mani says arson incidents selectively targeted at the non-Muslim community

References - Delhi HC issues notice in pleas seeking FIRs against Swara Bhasker, Amanatullah Khan, Harsh Mander, RJ Sayema and Owaisi brothers - 28...

Propaganda Machinery cut to size by the high powered panel of...

A high power panel of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court dealing with cases of Juvenile justice has cut to size the propaganda machinery,...




This article is an attempt to provide some additional inputs, esp from the perspectives of MSMEs and the unorganized labour.

Covid-19 Lockdown Exit Strategy: Suggestions to State & Central Governments: Part -1

Comparing India with the US and other countries and fearing that we are going to have a huge spurt in deaths is fear-mongering. The Central...
Hindus should temporarily prefer a total social and economic distancing from the Muslims and their businesses because the onus of winning the trust of the Hindus lies with their behavior

How to deal with Novel Corona Jihad – Time for National crackdown

Novel Corona Virus – Origins Ever since the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) was detected in November 2019 in the province of Wuhan in China, it...