RVS Mani says arson incidents selectively targeted at the non-Muslim community

In a pre-planned attack which resulted in an Intelligence Bureau officer getting killed, the modus operandi appears to have been to target members of the majority community and go after them and their establishments says RVS Mani.


[2] Delhi HC issues notice in pleas seeking FIRs against Swara Bhasker, Amanatullah Khan, Harsh Mander, RJ Sayema and Owaisi brothers – 28 Feb 2020, Bar and Bench 


  1. To Sree Iyer,
    Sir, you have exposed the media house like NDTV & also Mr P Chidambaram on money laundering & misuse of power. Could you please expose two particular journalist Barkha Dutt & Mr Sardesia who have been spewing venom after venom on Hindu community. Both journalists would have been personally involved in many quid-pro quo activities with Congress & other leftist friends. Please expose them so that they are kept in dark.

  2. All patriots must act now and request the center to come up with establishment of fast track courts to investigate hawala cases and loots by Sonia parivar Chidambaram Abduallas, Mayavati and many others asap. These courts must work every day and must be able to give verdicts with in six months. let the nation know how much these people have looted and how poor people have been hurt by these looters.

  3. You are right 100% Sir. This is the history of Nehru Indira Rajiv-and now Sonia congress. Have we forgotten the dozens of communal riots in Gujarat for sixty years after which Congress rule came back every time? what happened in 84 and how Rajiv got a massive mandate. They have decided to go back to old tested formulaw of starting riots, hurting the majority community, uniting minorities and attacking all who represent the Hindus openly. we have seen zero communal riots since 2002 in Gujarat. No riots in UP since YogiG took power. let us punish ruthlessly all who were involved. let us educate the people about the dirty anti Hindu anti India agenda of Congress and Minorities with the help of leftists.

  4. What Mr. Mani stated is true. One thing is certain, the attacks started once Trump arrived in Ahmedabad . No hindu member would have planned this riot. Those Muslims killed, must be by retaliation of Hindus. Why will Hindus burn their proud country when a foreign leader is in India. More over the preparation for riot was on for at least two months. This will come out in investigation.


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