CAA: A small step towards Humanity

This humanitarian step is great which was ought to be taken decades earlier but it is better to be late than never.

CAA: A small step towards Humanity
CAA: A small step towards Humanity

The CAA is certainly a small step in the right direction but it needs to be broadened and the government should introduce a new bill for protection and easy return of people of Dharmic community from anywhere in the world

Lately, the government passed the Citizenship Amendments Act (CAA) by which the naturalization of refugees of minority religions viz., Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, and Christians, who took refuge in India before 2014 due to religious persecution from neighboring countries viz., Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, was expedited [1].

Why the law

First, it is important to understand why the act is important and justified, which is due to the following reasons.

a. Promises

Founding fathers of independent India like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, etc., and various contemporary political leaders gave assurances and also appealed in Parliament to provide refuge to persecuted people of the religious minority from Pakistan and Bangladesh [2a][2b]. Therefore, not honoring their promises would be a sign of huge disrespect towards them and their freedom struggle.

b. Liaquat-Nehru pact

The Liaquat-Nehru pact was a bilateral treaty signed between India and Pakistan, under which equality, security, freedom, and equal opportunity were assured to religious minorities along with other provisions like punishing people of communal crimes, returning of looted assets, etc [3]. India, due to its cultural ethos ensured such rights of minorities but no such endeavours were seen in the counterparts despite the formal agreement. The failure to protect such fundamental human rights created this need to bring this action.

India is the world leader in giving refuge to persecuted people like Tibetans, Jews, descendants of Muhammadji, Sri Lankan Tamils, Ugandan Hindus, Parsis, Baha’i etc.

c. Persecution

The neighbouring Islamic countries instead of providing equality and security to religious minorities, facilitated the deplorable forceful conversion through killing, raping, kidnapping, torturing and false accusations of blasphemy [4]. The state officially helped this program through various legal systems like recognition of heinous forced nikah of underage girls, blasphemy law and not even recognizing marriages of Hindu till 2017, etc [5]. This created such a toxic atmosphere that the non-Muslims are socially ostracized, treated like animals, considered untouchables and are assigned menial jobs [6] [7a][7b].

This brutal persecution and exploitation along with destruction and desecration of almost all the Dharmic religious places have led to a massive number of religious minorities to flee and take refuge in India [8]. The same is reflected in census numbers where the share of non-Muslims in Pakistan declined from 25% to 5% whereas, in Bangladesh, it declined from 23.2% in 1951 to 9.6% in 2011 and in Afghanistan, it declined from 7 lacs to just 7000 [9] [10]. Such consequences are unavoidable where bigots and barbarians like Aurangzeb, Ghazni, Ghori, Timur, Abdali, etc., notorious for slaughtering, torturing, enslaving and raping innocent unarmed civilians are celebrated as heroes.

d. Right to return

India is the cradle of Dharmic faiths like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism and is thus a natural motherland and place of origin of Dharmic people. If people of the Dharmic community are persecuted for their beliefs anywhere in the world then the first place they would seek help and refuge in India as it is the place where their identity comes from. Even international law guarantees everyone’s right of voluntary return to or re-enters their country of origin and it is formulated in several modern treaties and conventions, most notably in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the 1948 Fourth Geneva Convention.

Today, there exists no Dharmic nation where the Dharmic community numbering one and half billion could seek refuge in case of religious persecution. India being the birthplace of Dharmic faiths has civilizational responsibility towards its adherents and should facilitate their dignified return.

e. Betrayal

All people of undivided India had a role in the independence of the nation. But unfortunately, after the partition of India due to the Muslim League party’s obsession to create an Islamic nation, all the non-Muslims on those parts were left to be persecuted. Non-Muslims in spite of voting against partition were stuck with Pakistan as it was unpragmatic for people on both sides to leave their homes, lands, and businesses and move to unknown lands. Their struggle for independence went in vain as their plight got even worse than what it was in British rule and it would be betrayal with them to not allow them dignified return.

f. Humanity

India is the world leader in giving refuge to persecuted people like Tibetans, Jews, descendants of Muhammadji, Sri Lankan Tamils, Ugandan Hindus, Parsis, Baha’i, etc., since ancient times and this step is just the continuation of that great humanitarian tradition. We, due to our cultural values have given refuge to persecuted people of different religions and therefore it becomes even more important to extend it to those who naturally belong here.


After the passage of the act, instead of celebrating this humanitarian move, there has been massive violence where the public properties were damaged, trains and buses were burned, the temple was vandalized, Dharmic symbols were desecrated, stones were pelted on cops, innocent citizens were harassed and students were restricted from taking exams [11] [12] [13][14][15][16][17][18][19]. Various xenophobic, bigoted, Hinduphobic, communal and seditious slogans like “Hinduon se Azadi”, “Jinnah wali Azadi”, “What is my relation to you; there is no God but Allah”, “Kaafiro Se Azadi” were shouted at different protest sites [20] [21] [22][23]. Even the senior member of Congress party expressed his concerns over the communal nature of the protests and he in return received massive backlash like been called a majoritarian bigot for pointing that out [24] [25] [26]. The Organizer of Shaheen Bagh protest was also found giving seditious speeches by appealing to protestors to cut the northeastern part from the rest of India and inciting protesters based on fake propaganda like people being killed and detained in Assam [27] [26] [29]. People were incited based on disinformation like blaming policemen of burning buses. The violent and communal nature of the protest was also pointed out by PM and he also appealed for peace [30]. Later the protests took the ugly form of communal riots where the IB official was found barbarously murdered and AAP party councilor Tahir Hussain was booked for alleged involvement in it, who was also caught in videos along with mob attacking people with huge stockpile of petrol bombs, acid packets, stones from the terrace of his house, at the time when the US president visited India to internationalize the whole issue[31][32].

Any Dharmic nation in the world will grant complete freedom of conscience and the world will certainly be much better placed instead of such terrorist countries where people are persecuted for not adhering to the non-scientific worldview


The act which was earlier supported by Congress and Left parties are now opposed by them. But after the successful passage of the act in parliament, it was opposed to streets through protests and violence. The objections by them seem to be raised either due to incompetency or mischievousness, as discussed below

a. Inequality

The first objection raised is that it is discriminatory and promotes inequality with Indian Muslims. This is nothing but a strawman argument. The principle of equality ensures that two Indian citizens aren’t discriminated against because of differences in beliefs, race, class, etc. as it denies them equal opportunity. But since this act doesn’t apply to any Indian then how could it promote inequality. In other words, how could any Indian claim be a victim and how their right of equal opportunity would be affected by this act. For example, could helping religiously persecuted people like Tibetans in the past be called an attack on pluralistic and egalitarian values of our Constitution? Western countries also provide refuge to persecuted Christians but are never accused of discriminations [33].

b. Hindu nation

The second argument raised against this act is that it’ll make India Hindu nation. By this, if they’re implying that the rights of Indian Muslims would be undermined if India becomes a Dharmic nation then this argument is also without any merit. The respect for freedom of conscience is the fundamental belief of Dharmic society and that is also the reason that India adopted an egalitarian constitution even when India was partitioned on the basis of religion. Even in the past amid the Islamic invasions where millions of Dharmic people were persecuted for refusing to convert to Islam and their religious places and universities were demolished, still, the regions ruled by Dharmic rulers never seek retribution from their Muslims subjects like in India today and their freedom of conscience was protected.

Any Dharmic nation in the world will naturally grant complete freedom of conscience and the world will certainly be a much better place instead of such terrorist countries where people are persecuted for not adhering to the non-scientific worldview. India is an inclusive nation because of the deep ingrain of such Dharmic values and not because of some document as no document is effective if the ethos of people is not aligned with it.

c. Inclusivity

The third argument raised is that the bill is not inclusive as it doesn’t cover every kind of persecution like on the basis of caste, religion, sexual orientation, etc. This is a weak argument as it implies that you can’t take any good step unless its scope is global. Although we are compassionate towards all the persecuted people and our record also indicates the same but we need to be practical as such steps could only be taken after considering all the aspects especially security and burden on our society.

d. Secularism

The fourth argument raised is that the bill is not secular as it doesn’t include Muslims from these countries. However, it is extremely trivial to understand that the act is about providing refuge to the victim community and not to the perpetrators of religious persecution. Also, this act does not apply on Indian citizens where we could discuss the application of secular laws.

e. Victims of Sectarian violence

The fifth argument raised is that the bill doesn’t cover people of minority Islamic sects like Shias, Ahmadis, etc. who are the victim of sectarian violence from these countries. Although India acknowledges and is empathetic towards their sufferings that could not be the basis for opposing this act for several reasons. The first reason is that the bill is regarding the victims who suffered due to the failure of the Liaquat-Nehru pact. Second, such a step would also raise controversy as it will raise the question mark over the basis of the country whose founder was Shia himself and who declared that they don’t want to live with Hindus. The third is the practical aspect of this move as it is beyond India’s capacity to provide refuge to around 4-5 crores non-Sunni Muslims in Pakistan. Regardless, the humanitarian thing India could do in this regard is to help the community raise their issue in the UN and help them to create a separate nation for their safety.

f. Disenfranchising Indian Muslim

The last argument raised is that the bill in combination with NRC will strip the citizenship of Indian citizens. This argument is also without merit for several reasons. First, PM has already given clarification that no decision on the nationwide NRC has been taken so far. Second, no such bill will stand the scrutiny of the judiciary. Third, it has been assured by various political leaders that the citizenship of Indian Muslims will never be affected. Lastly, even amid objections to potential NRC, there is still no basis to oppose this humanitarian act [34] [35].

There has also been a failure of the government to promote this humanitarian move as it hasn’t been able to receive as much global applaud as it should have.

Real agenda

It is natural to think that when it is absolutely clear that this act doesn’t even apply to Indian citizens then why it is opposed. It seems that there are various groups who are objecting to achieve their objectives. First natural opposition is from Urban Naxals who are Hinduphobic and anti-nationals and who also had problems when India retaliated after Uri and Pulwama attacks, who supported people who chanted seditious slogans like “Bharat tere tukde honge inshallah”, opposed unfurling of national flags, opposed revocation of Article 370, delayed Ayodhya hearing, never raised issue of persecution of Kashmiri Hindus, tried hatching Hindu terrorism conspiracy, planned to project 26/11 attacks as Hindu terror, etc [36] [37] [38] [39] [40] [41]. The second opposition is from those religious extremists who are against any obstruction to conversion program in neighbouring countries. The third opposition is from Modi’s opponents who want some issue to target the government. Fourth opposition is from those political parties who want to misuse this act to create fear in the mind of the Muslim community through disinformation like by inducing irrational fear of revoking the citizenship of Indian Muslims so that it results in polarization and they remain their vote bank. Fifth opposition is from those ISI proxies in India who want this bill to be relaxed in such a way that it allows easy infiltration of terrorists in India like when they pushed for settlement of Rohingya in India in spite of knowing them to be a security threat [42] [43].


The CAA is certainly a small step in the right direction but it needs to be broadened and the government should introduce a new bill for protection and easy return of people of the Dharmic community from anywhere in the world. The government should also raise the issue of religious persecution and violation of Liaquat-Nehru pact in the UN and expose the country for their despicable human rights record and for having nuclear weapons in such hands. It also needs to sign a pact with these countries to allow safe passage of remaining people who want to return.

There is also been a failure of communication by the government to promote this humanitarian move as it hasn’t been able to receive as much global applaud as it should have. The government should have also used this opportunity to expose those fake human rights organizations who work against India and who have hardly ever expressed their concerns over religious persecution in Pakistan, Kashmir, etc.

The security aspect of the expanded refugee program should also be considered to avoid its exploitation like in Europe [44]. There is also the possibility that some people could try to sneak by faking their religion. To prevent this, any subsequent conversion should negate citizenship as the person could have instead converted and stayed in his homeland.

This humanitarian step is greatly delayed which was ought to be taken decades earlier but it is better to be late than never. This is a step towards upholding justice, humanity, promise, and decency. India should have also taken initiative to protect people like Asia Bibi, Rimsha Masih, etc. and give them citizenship. Opposing such a humanitarian step indicates the sign of inhumanity, xenophobia, bigotry, Hinduphobia, and hate.

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1. Text in Blue points to additional data on the topic.
2. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

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  1. India had 550 principalities at the time of independence. Each kingdom has its own king/queen and was free to consider its neighboring kingdom as a friend or a foe or a vassal. The historicity of India being considered as one nation is non-existent. If someone talked about Bharath varsh in ancient times, there is no proof that this concept is really ancient or was a latter addition and even if it was a latter addition, what actually Bharath Varsh meant is a subject of interpretation. India followed the concept of nation state that came into being in Europe and other parts of the world wherever it came into being. If life were to have started in Africa and homo sapiens moved from Africa to India from there moved to central asia, middle east and europe, then people from these regions are all from the same stock. World is moving towards a concept of single nation and its evidence is in the formation of the European Union. Brexit is an aberration caused by hyper-nationalism. In India, it is not muslim invaders problem that they were allowed to enter and settle in India. If people considered India as a nation, every kingdom should have got united and driven out the invaders. The situation now is muslims in India are son of the soil and religion is personal. Hindu Mahasabha was in coalition governments with the Muslim League in Sindh and North West Frontier province before independence. The muslim league had provincial governments in all of Pakistan, united punjab and the whole of Bengal. The people of India entrusted the Indian National Congress to lead the independence movement and not the Hindu Mahasabha. Till Jinnah’s political ambitions got the better of him that made him call out for partition much more vigorously than ever before by anybody, Hindus and Muslim fought together for Indian independence. As Hinduism is a way of life and is not a regimented religion, there was no way Congress leaders could have thought of building a Hindu nation. We must remember that we had several Hindu kingdoms and no nation. Religion as the basis for the creation of a nation is deeply flawed. This was reinforced further when Bangladesh came into existence. Now it is stupid to say that as Pakistan was formed of muslim people, we will follow them and form a Hindu nation. Movement of people across the border could not have been anything but voluntary. Some Hindus and Sikhs decided to stay in Pakistan as they probably did not want to leave their land and wealth. If these people are getting persecuted, India should raise their plight at International Forums and at best give them temporary shelter and work towards their re-settlement in their original countries. Instead CAA was brought in to paint a picture of India being mean minded before the whole world. Finally no logic to explain CAA can be convincing. It all boils down to one simple question. Can Religion be one of the “Constitutional Parameters” for Indian Citizenship? Any attempt to answer this question will show how deeply flawed CAA is. The main aim of CAA is to create a generation of vote bank for BJP.

  2. Very good article. The anti-CAA agitations and the riots are being sponsored by Pakistan. India needs to expose this to the world (FATF may be interested).

    Indian intelligence agencies and police forces are inadequately funded and trained. As a result they are not very efficient. The government should have nipped all these protests in the bud with cogent points like the ones presented in this article. Shaheen Bagh “protestors” have caused massive loss to businesses. The damage to public and private property is worth hundreds of crores across the country. In a democracy people should have the right to disagree and protest, but that does not give these people the license to cause damage and loss to others. The government should have been more proactive in putting an end to these protests based on vicious lies. Lastly, India continues to be portrayed in a negative light in the Western media (who are on the side of urban naxals and Islamists). There is no strong rebuttal and fact checking from the Indian government. Ambassadors and High Commissioners in various countries aren’t doing there jobs. It is frustrating to see a noble action by the government get painted in such negative light.

    • Your concern for the nation is appreciated.kindly do not cast apprehensions on our intelligence or police. They are humans working under a faulty system created by us and every one of us is accountable. The intelligence give inputs but how can it be implemented when there is interference by politicians and courts.

      Take sequence of operation after CAA act. Suddenly a jehadists mob burns buses and hide in Jamia campus. When police take action, they are demonised by section of media, panellists, activists,anti Hindu politicians, celebrities etc. These people’s contribution to Indian economy is zero and they are of parasite nature. Who are the reporters of western media ? Mostly with Indian background providing fake news for money.

      Hindus are extremely self centred, lack brotherhood and worst are opposition parties led mostly by colonial mindset Hindus who fall at the feet of wahabi followers.Further the govnt is to be blamed for white washing atrocities by invaders . Even Germany is transparent on nazi atrocities , while genocide against Hindus is suppressed.

      Never trust any Islamic nation for genuine support. Malaysia thrives on Indian tourists and palm oil imports and watch their support for Pak. Worst is the case of Iran, where the head is gun carrying mulla and when Iranians were starving due to sanctions, indians supplied rice and took special permission from US to buy oil. India should immediately stop importing oil and kimia dates from Iran.

      My advice to educated Hindus, stop blaming govnt, they have enough talented advisers, learn from burqa clad women at an illegal squatting in Shaheenbagh as to what ideology they follow and how united are ALL Muslims in abusing PM and HM. In such a scenario, wii Gandhigiri and democracy works ?

  3. This land Bharat is referred as hindustan ( land of Hindus) so I cannot understand the objection you of people who keep saying that this will become a Hindu nation etc when for centuries it was identified as Hindustan the geographical entity where Hindus live

  4. Another thing PGguru!!!India existed before Gandhiji and Nehruji and continued to exist till date and also in future to come. There is no doubt that india got independence due to self less contribution of these great men. But so is the contribution with the lives of so many brave indians who struggled before them. It so happened that british understood that they have plundered enough, that india has awakened, that indian soldiers got a taste of what a war is. So they understood it’s the best time to leave. These great men who you call as founding fathers of India were living that time and got the credit for their selfless, dedicated service to the nation. This caricature and narrative that’s being built up that India started existing after it was formally founded after independence is the ones that’s destroying our heritage and make us feel bad abt out past. It’s the one which makes an average Indian look the west with awe. It’s this attitude that make the dharma destroyable. So if u r concentrating on preservation of our dharma, then we have to be unapologetic about it even though we may hurt the image of the great founding fathers a little bit. This is not to minimize their contribution, but the dharma existed before them and continue to exist even after onslaught by the converts and their money power.
    Pg guru should rather concentrate on energising the animal spirit in dharma. We should create values in it. We should polish it much better and defend it rather vigorously. We should rather be making those who r not Hindus think whether they have lost something/ inferior. Simultaneously making them accept the dharma.
    But this sort of intellectual discourse in an environment when media shamelessly beats the hindus, just bec their share holders are abrahamics, is welcome.

  5. Good that pg guru is coming out with such articles. But what is the guarentee that others will not misuse this provision and come as Hindus and after coming here redeclare as muslims. The law that indian parliament should enact is that-
    1. no govt should allow a religious community to occupy together in 1place and live there. Jobless govt officials should me made to move around and make provisions to redistribute those who r clubbed together. It’s this cattling which brings in fanaticism for getting a better identity among equals of one religion living together.
    2. No religious community should be allowed to practice religious activity out side their religious places other than celebrating festivals. This should include no distribution of pamphlets in open places, other religious places etc.
    3. Issuing permission for building new religious buildings should be limited based on population and not for few people. There is no place for homes for common man. So no luxury for Gods or godmen needed.
    4. No place for building concrete structures after burying bodies. The corona scare has proved beyond doubt that cremation-burning is the best form of doing away with dead bodies, preventing possibility of contamination.

  6. There was no need for this article, had India been declared a Hindu nation in 1947 and implemented exchange of Muslims with Pak as recommended by Ambedkar.

    It is not late, implement UC Code and impose 2 child policy. Any muzzie destroying public property to be deported to ANY Muslim country of his choice. There are many Gaddar Hindus, who should be packed to Pakistan.
    Also for every Hindu driven to india, 5 Muslims to be deported to Pakistan.


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