Should minorities get impunity?

USCIRF is definitely fanning some dangerous fires in our own backyard.

Should minorities get impunity?
Should minorities get impunity?

It will be possible only by not focusing on any specific religious group to either favour or punish. They should truly strive to establish Religious Freedom for all globally.

While Democrats established that they are a party of illegal immigration and coddling anti-Semitism, Republicans are setting new trends in international relationships and trade policies.

The Trump Administration was the first in realizing the importance of establishing a friendly relationship with India in South East Asia. It extended its full support for India during the Pulwama terror attack and played a vital role in the release of Major Abhinandan from the Pakistan Army.

While it’s no news that Democrats are leaning extreme left in their ideologies and social constructs; are there a few Republicans who, in their zealous and fanatic religious approach, are seriously damaging the best efforts of Trump Administration and placing Americans’ future in jeopardy? I seriously think that we voted some wrong people to the office who do not focus on the bigger picture and instead stay on a single track. They have a minimal understanding of how their actions will come to bite them. They fan the fire that’s waiting to blaze in our backyard.

 It is time for Americans to wake up and realize that the US is not for grabs by famous and rich socialists or religious fanatics

USCIRF must call it both ways!

Let me give you an example of how USCIRF is ruining this country. The intended International Religious Freedom and their approach to monitoring religious freedom around the world are impacting the lives of Americans. Our constitutional rights are being slowly altered by political and social constructs via minority appeasement. The indulgence of USCIRF and its new IRF Commissioner Tony Perkins, who made recent news sensational only because it was about a Muslim who was lynched, illustrate this point.

The news might be authentic but there is also another side to this fact. In 2019 alone, there are over 250 documented cases of sex crimes and lynching against Hindus by jihadis. Why is it not a concern for USCIRF?

This is where I want to remind our Second Amendment Rights in the USA which is all about self-preservation or self-defence. What about the countries that do not allow their citizens to possess any arms for their self-defence? What should be their self-defence? Often it is the village/mob that comes together to protect each other. Can we take away people’s right to self-defence in the name of minority protection or impunity? Should self-defence be considered a crime? Let the law decide. Since when did Americans stop believing in the legal system and the famous dictum, “Innocent until proven guilty?” Why minority appeasement has become a top priority for Americans? Should minorities get impunity?

USCIRFʼs 2019 Report is appalling.

Although USCIRF mentioned other religious minority groups, they kept their focus on protecting the Muslim population globally. World Islamophobia was well orchestrated and established in their entire length of the report. Officials like Perkins open the doors elsewhere intentionally or unintentionally and Democrats grab it and rampage the same in the US for political vantage. Congresswoman like Ilham Omar is a classic example for her antisemitism or exploiting the loopholes in the system.

USCIRF is definitely fanning some dangerous fires in our own backyard. USCIRF must be dissolved. It is time for Americans to wake up and realize that the US is not for grabs by famous and rich socialists or religious fanatics. Time to focus on electing the people who will fight for and defend the constitutional rights of one and all. It will be possible only by not focusing on any specific religious group to either favour or punish. They should truly strive to establish Religious Freedom for all globally.

I am glad I am a Hindu, the only reason USCIRF flashed on my activism radar. I urge Americans to join the movement and fight against religious inequality.

God Bless America!

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Manga Anantatmula a Hindu activist, serving as a Senior Advisor for Political Outreach for (American Hindu Coalition) AHC, which represents five million American Hindus in the US.
She serves as a (Board of Director) BoD for Asian American Coalition for Education fighting for Equal Education in K-12 and discrimination against Asian students in the admissions of Ivy League Schools in the US to establish “race-neutral” admissions. She is also the Director of Outreach, Infinity Foundation.
Manga Anantatmula


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