Sree Iyer on Pakistan, Uighur Muslims in China, Malaysia, Saraswati Valley Civilization and more…

After Modi's electric speech in Houston and the UN, Pak has found Turkey and Malaysia to cheer for them. Should India be muscular in its approach to these two countries too? Why are US Congressmen/ women writing to their UN rep about Kashmir now? And much more...


  1. Karma, Sri Iyer, Karma. Malaysian Hindus are left to cater for themselves and the only escape for a Malaysian Hindu is if he converts to Islam and he gets to become a constituitonal Malay. The Malaysian constituion says that a Malay or Bumiputera (Son of soil) is one who fulfills 3 criteria: 1. Speak in Malay 2. Follow Malay culture 3. Professes Sunni Islam. Many Hindus under hardship are converting and enjoying the special status., while Hindus who chose to remain Hindus are literarily treated as 3rd Class citizens; the second class being one with wealth such as the Chinese. There is no scope of a government job unless one is ready to work 10 times harder to carry the lazy Malays. All government posts are filled by almost 98% by the single Malay race of the Hindu converts. No head of government nor the PM can be of any other race but Malay. It is a tough life in Malaysia and we are looking for direction and support from Hindus in India. The only hope is from Modi and BJP. Hindu unity is a key and even India is only now struggling to shed the hold that the Congress had put on India.


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