Sree Iyer on the removal of Swamy & other efficient leaders from the BJP national executive council

An Executive Committee that does not function - and from this moribund committee, some leaders are removed. Yawn... is it? But as they say in the heartland, where is the bhaji, paaji? Each individual's "commissions" and "omissions" explored and explained in this must-watch video!


  1. Sree Iyer Ji, I am not at all surprised on the news item for instance Dr.S.Swamy was also removed from the BJPs’ 80 members NEC which seldom met in 25 months, Magadarshak Mandal and Swadeshi Jagaran Manch vanished and VHP was put under low flame burner and PM abolished Planning Commission to strengthen himself as a Vishwa Guru, using his ministers as “clerks” except Nitin Gadkari. Dr.S.Swamy or any other competent persons were lost race to become MoF in June 2014 itself. RSS/BJP used 24/7/365 Dr.S.Swamy to chase scamsters only! Dr.S.Swamy shot himself on foot twice too!! His RS membership gets expires in June 2022. A national thug Sharad Pawar is PM Modi’s political Guru needs no explanation on the removal of Kiriti Somiya/Suresh Prabhu to name a few! Maneka and Varun are to add up BJPs MPs tally in LS!! PM and HM know that ‘numbers games” is important!

    Govts of PVN Rao, AB Vajpayee, UPA Govts 1.0 and 2.0 have had respect for experts, intellects and allowed them to play a role in nation building unlike now! BJPs IT cell is the four Vedas yelling loud speaker!

    During 2013 journalist asked former PM MMS about prospects of Gujarat CM Modi becoming PM. MMS said if Modi becomes PM it would be “a disaster and one day history will prove him right” ! One need not speak on declining economy, high employment rates, frequent Chinese intrusions, breaking backbone of MSMEs, adhoc foreign policy with poor staff, PMCares is in Trisanku, pushing 23 Crores lower and middle class under BPL, in India 95% of the business is un-organised and GST does not suit and internal security is as bad as during UPA Govt 1.0 and 2.0. There is no space for debate either in the parliament or in the Cabinet only one man that too a school dropout takes all the decisions. Amidst QUAD/ AUKUS where is India?

    Inherited rotten System, massive UPA Scams and NPAs were ignored except few due to political expediency! Who benefited most from PM Modi…late former MoF Arun Jaitley friends in Cong-I and BJP funded industry.

    Only “headlines management’ has become the order of the day! In fact PM Modi is “all in One PM”…… All BJP ruled state CM cum PM. Gyan Ganga is not needed but Vaitarini full of turncoats and corporate politics are preferred! What can we say on the incumbent Government of Denials? RSS/BJP does not like educated men leading the country. Branding PM has reached ugly phase.

    Every week CJI Ramana gives good “course corrective headlines”!

  2. Sree JI namaste. A non performing commitee got a new birth with new faces. Nothing wrong there. Dr swamy is still an MP and a special adviser to bjp national executive committee. He can meet and discuss any subject with any body at short notice. The party respects him a lot. Others will soon find some posts where they can contribute in a big way. It is a blessing Varun Gandhi is removed as he was very unpopular in his constituency and was not competent to hold any post at the center. Maneka gandhi is a liability. let us give chances to new leaders, nation is changing. How much these people removed can influence the forth coming elections in UP Punjab and other places?


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